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SlideBelts Review

Have you ever had to compromise on a too-loose or too-tight belt hole? Or make your own hole with a knife or pair of scissors? Those of us who wear belts regularly have all been there–either constantly pulling up our pants, on the edge of discomfort, or risking looking unprofessional for the sake of finding the right fit.

SlideBelts was created to resolve this issue. Their belts don’t have holds, so you get the perfect fit every time. With sewn-in notches on the underside of the belt, the buckle will catch the notches to secure it at the right spot. With most belts ranging up to fit a size 48” waist, you’ll have more than 30 sizing options to find your perfect fit. Excess material? Just trim the belt to your desired length. 

Right now, you’re probably questioning why belts weren’t built like this sooner. The truth is, this kind of belt has been around for a while–just not readily available in the US. They’re called ratchet belts, and though they don’t traditionally have a polished look about them, SlideBelts was born to make this happen.

Founded in 2007 and funded by a Kickstarter campaign, founders Michelle and Brig bring to you a better belt, offering it in 4 classic materials to go with your looks for work and play. 

You’ll find everything you need to know about their collection ahead, along with feedback from customers, details on deals, and more. Let’s kick things off with the highlights.


  • Unique ratchet belt without belt holes
  • 4 premium belt strap options
  • Available in a range of classic colors
  • Variety of buckle designs
  • More durable than belts with holes
  • More than 30 size options
  • Also sells watches, wallets, and key organizers

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SlideBelts Review

SlideBelts Review

SlideBelts offers 4 different types of belt straps with an assortment of buckle options including classic, patriotic, and survival styles. I’ll walk you through a few of their best-selling styles below to give you a better idea of what they’re like and if they’re the right fit–and with more than 30 notches on each belt, they will be. 

SlideBelts Survival Belt 2.0 Review

Love the wilderness but need a belt that can keep up? The Survival Belt 2.0 is a classic ratchet belt without holes. Made with a heat-resistant, waterproof, and incredibly durable material, this flexible belt is abrasion-resistant, UV-protected, and easy to clean–and I haven’t even told you about the tools included in the buckle yet!

The buckle itself snaps onto your belt strap with ease. This means you can swap up this buckle to other straps if you would like. To access the tools, you’ll need to lift the lever, helping you stay safe as there is AUS-8 stainless steel cutting tool inside, along with a fire starter, bottle opener, and LED flashlight. With a metal alloy face for weighted balance, not only is this belt useful, but it looks great too. 

Available in 5 different neutral colors, you can get it on sale right now for $120–it’s normally $129.

SlideBelts American Flag Belt Review

One of the brand’s most popular designs, the American Flag Belt fits up to  48” waist and comes in black, mocha, white, and navy color options with a graphite or gunmetal-toned buckle. With a 1.25” strap width, it fits all kinds of belt loops and is made from faux leather that’s durable but looks just like leather. 

Go ahead and show your love for your country with this patriotic style. Get yours on sale for $51 (was $55).

SlideBelts Full Grain Leather Belt Review

The brand’s highest-quality real leather belt, the Full Grain Leather Belt comes in 9 different colors and fits up to a size 44” waist. With a unique dual ratchet buckle, this sleek design can be worn with casual or dress clothes and have a 1.25” strap width. 

Full grain leather is the highest quality of leather there is, so you’ll enjoy a natural patina as it ages that will make it supple and slightly richer in color. Grab this good-looking, classic style on sale for $64 (normally $69)

SlideBelts Canvas Belt Review 

You can’t beat the durability of a canvas belt. This one is made with a woven blend of cotton and polyester, finished with a vegan leather backing and a faux-leather tip. This isn’t your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill Canvas Belt though. Equipped with the brand’s unique dual ratchet buckle, it has a 1.25” strap width and the buckle comes in gunmetal and matte black colors. 

Change the buckle for a square design for an even more unique look. The belt strap itself comes in a range of other tones as well if you feel like deviating from everyday black. Grab this style for $41–it’s normally $45. 

Who Is SlideBelts For?

SlideBelts Review

SlideBelts is for men and women who want a more durable belt that stays looking polished for longer. Without holes, the leather doesn’t get worn out as fast and is much more easily adjusted to fit your waist. With options that fit up to a 48” waist, these versatile, adjustable belts come in high-quality leather, canvas, and vegan leather to fit every lifestyle.

SlideBelts Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SlideBelts Review

You’ve read about the details of the belts so far in this SlideBelts review, but it’s important to read about customers’ experiences with them too. In this section, we’ll dive into the feedback from the brand’s website, Amazon, and Trustpilot to see what these belts are really made of according to those who have bought or tried them. Let’s take a look at some ratings from first.  

  • Survival Belt: 4.8/5 stars, 713 reviews
  • Faux Leather Belt: 4.9/5 stars, 5,141 reviews
  • Full Grain Leather Belt: 4.9/5 stars, 3,740 reviews
  • Canvas Belt: 4.9/5 stars, 1,707 reviews

Of the Survival Belt 2.0, one customer wrote, “I work in the “Deep South” (below I-10) it’s hot and humid, leather nylon etc belts and your pants get wet and stretch with perspiration, and movement. The Slide Belt with its 1/4 inch increment latches and impregnated construction will not stretch, and keep your trousers up in place if need be will snug up in a single tug! Seems like $$$ yet worth it.

Of the Full Grain Leather Belt, another shopper said, “I’m on my third buckle and second belt. The first buckle took a beating. My carelessness. I wore it daily for casual and working around the house/car. It finally got scuffed up and I ordered a new buckle. Then ordered a new belt and buckle. The original belt looked as [good as] new after 2-4 years. The buckles are rugged and a little heavy.

From the reviews on the brand’s website, it’s clear that the majority of shoppers love the SlideBelt, but there are a few kinks. I feel like these belts are critiqued much harder than regular belts, but also, the brand has been through many different designs and is constantly evolving its product. With that said, the 

On Amazon, the classic SlideBelts have a 4.1/5 star score and 5,649 global ratings. Here’s a look at the snapshot: 

  • 5 stars: 57%
  • 4 stars: 17%
  • 3 stars: 8%
  • 2 stars: 9%
  • 1 star: 8%

One shopper said, “Great product, bought for my husband and he loved it so much we got one for my dad as well. Fits both of them (ones 32 pant and the other wears 46) just trim to fit! The only problem is that sometimes the buckle gets loose but it is very easy to reattach.”

Feedback on Amazon was similar to that on the brand’s website, so let’s take a look at one more source for good measure. On Trustpilot, SlideBelts has an overall score of 4.⅘ stars among 3,068 reviews. 

SlideBelts makes high-quality belts and buckles. The customer service is first-class and efficient. I own several belts for all occasions. Additionally, I have given these belts as gifts to many friends, for which, they now swear by them as one of the best inventions for everyday use,” wrote one customer. 

From all the feedback I found for this SlideBelts review, shoppers say the brand has excellent customer service and they love their belts much more than they like regular belts. All in all, SlideBelts appears to be an incredibly decent company with excellent products.

Is SlideBelts Legit?

SlideBelts Review

SlideBelts is as legit as they come. I’ve read they have great customer service and didn’t come across any issues with shipping or returns. From what I can see, they’re a stand-up company that’s honest and fair.

Is SlideBelts Worth It?

SlideBelts Review

Anyone who wears a belt knows the struggle of finding the right fit. I like that SlideBelts can be adjusted by ¼” increments. This varies greatly from the average belt with loops spaced about an inch apart. What’s more, without holes, SlideBelts won’t have the worn-out, unprofessional look that leather belts so often have–they stay polished-looking for longer. 

Something else I like? Their belt strap options. From the highest quality of leather out there to options for those who would like to stay away from leather altogether, it seems this brand has thought of everything. 

Order just one belt and you can adjust it easily. Order a few and you can swap the buckles and straps. I love the versatility of this design, plus, the Survival Belt 2.0 makes a really cool gift. 

All in all, I think SlideBelts are worth it–but I’m not the only one to think so. They have thousands of reviews that say so too.

SlideBelts Discount & Promotions

SlideBelts Review

While scoping out the brand’s site for this SlideBelts review, I saw that they have a Bundles and a Last Chance section. This is where you’ll go to find deals. Their Bundles will give you a couple of bucks off your purchase while the Last Chance section has some seriously great deals. Heads up: The products in the Last Chance section are discontinued so once they’re sold out, they’re not coming back. In other words, if you like what you see, don’t wait on it.

On top of these deals, SlideBelts also offers:

  • 10% off when you join their mailing list. Just enter your email in the pop-up from prompted and a discount code will be sent to your inbox
  • 5% off the Survival Belt 2.0

Where Can I Buy SlideBelts?

SlideBelts Review

I found some of the brand’s products available on Amazon, but to shop the full collection and take advantage of deals, I recommend heading to


SlideBelts Review

What is the difference between full-grain leather and top-grain leather?

SlideBelts offers both full-grain leather and top-grain leather belts. Here’s a quick comparison to show you their differences:

  • Full-grain leather is super strong and durable, it comes from the top layer of the hide right below the hair and has all of the tightly packed grain. This means scars, natural marks, and scrapes are sometimes visible on the leather. As full-grain leather ages, it will develop a rich patina–which means that it will slightly change color and become more supple. 
  • Top-grain leather does not develop a patina. It’s the second highest quality leather you’ll get, split from the top layer of the hide and then sanded. Top grain is more durable than genuine leather, but not as durable as full-grain. You’ll notice that this type of leather is softer than full-grain.

Are your buckles interchangeable?

All of SlideBelt’s buckles as interchangeable with their belts. This means you can mix and match your belt straps and buckles. The brand does not recommend changing buckles daily though as it will wear down the strap quite quickly.

My belt is too long, what do I do?

Each belt is made to fit up to a 48” waist, except the black and mocha brown genuine leather belts which fit up to a size 44” waist. SlideBelts are designed to be cut down, so if your waist is smaller than this, don’t worry, I’ve included the brand’s directions here and the process is pretty easy. Your belt comes with a sizing guide that explains which marking you should cut for your size. If your belt is still too long after you make your initial cut, follow these steps:

  1. Take off the buckle
  2. Measure ½” from the edge where the buckle was attached
  3. Cut the leather where you measured
  4. Trim any loose threads
  5. Put the buckle back on
  6. Try on the belt
  7. If it’s still too long, repeat the process

What is SlideBelts’ Shipping Policy?

SlideBelts offers a couple of shipping options for US residents including standard and express shipping. Delivery times range from 3-8 business days and range up to about $20. It takes 1-2 business days to put your order together, so be sure to order your belt at least 10 days ahead of time if you need it for a specific event.

SlideBelts also offers international shipping, but they can’t guarantee a delivery date. 

For International Orders, shipping time is often unpredictable. We can make no guarantees as to the actual ship date.

What is SlideBelts’ Return Policy?

SlideBelts will accept returns of unused, undamaged, and unaltered items within 45 days of purchase. Assessing returns on a case-by-case basis, they aim to always be fair. To get started with a return visit the returns page. Once the brand has approved your return request, you can send your items back to the following address:


5272 Robert J Mathews Parkway

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Use the same package the item arrived in or a padded envelope. If SlideBelts made a mistake on your order, they’ll cover the shipping. If they didn’t, you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

How to Contact SlideBelts

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this SlideBelts review, you can get in touch directly with the brand between 8 am and 4 pm PST by calling (888)SLIDE-11. Alternatively, you can use the contact form or check out the Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions.

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The teeth on back of the buckle to support the actual belt SUCKS in the mesh fabric constantly disconnects from the belt the second you push against it…it holds well with the leather but not the mesh nylon fabric…the plastic backing SUCKS also because of no gripping power…you might want to think about making the teeth that holds the buckle to the belt sharper, more of a point that actually penetrates and not just grip.

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