Bellroy Wallet Review

About Bellroy

Bellroy Wallet Review

Bellroy products are designed for all things carried. Fashioned specifically to cut a sleek silhouette, Bellroy’s signature wallets, cases, bags and key covers offer up functional and practical solutions when carrying around the necessities. This Bellroy wallet review will touch upon all key elements of the brand and its products, so that you–the customer–can rest assured you’re making an informed purchase decision. 

Overview of Bellroy

Bellroy Wallet Review

Bellroy’s story begins at a kitchen table in Bells Beach Australia. It was the early 2000s and a group of friends were protesting the bulkiness of their wallets. Fed up with the wallet options available at the time, they put their creative heads together and designed their own unique and streamlined version.

In 2010, they released their very first product: a slim wallet designed with fewer layers and better card access. And so, the Bellroy brand was born.

Carrying it forward, since 2010” is Bellroy’s motto–since that time, the brand has continued to evolve, currently offering an array of high end products as this Bellroy wallet review will prove.


  • Bellroy wallets are made using premium quality leather
  • All fabrics are sustainable
  • Many Bellroy items feature RFID protection which safeguards users from a specific type of card-skimming theft
  • Items all come with a 3-year warranty
  • Bellroy offers free worldwide shipping and also delivers to PO boxes
  • The company website features a size comparison tool, showing various currency dollars in relation to the product 


  • Certain Bellroy products in select colors are no longer available, though they still appear on the company website 
  • Bellroy’s travel wallet fits all passports except for German and Irish
  • Express shipping options are unavailable in some locations
  • No way for customers to contact by telephone 

Bellroy Billfold Review 

Bellroy Billfold Review

Bellroy knows that, despite what the name suggests, billfolds actually carry more than simply bills. Their leather billfolds boast surprising storage capabilities while remaining true to their signature sleek and minimalist design. 

So you need to carry bills and credit cards, not to mention coins and business cards. Throw in your passport and some train tickets while you’re at it because Bellroy’s got you covered. Ranging in price from $57-$217, Bellroy billfolds fit the bill–as well as everything else you’ll need. 

Bellroy Hide and Seek 

The Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet is aptly named, thanks to a practical design that keeps items you’ll need on a regular basis separate from those you require less often. The Hide and Seek easily fits up to 12 cards, features 4 quick-access slots as well as a covert coin pouch.

The most noteworthy aspect of this Bellroy Hide and Seek review is its state of the art RFID protection. Radio-Frequency Identification is an unfortunate yet common method of modern identity theft, in which thieves use chip readers to skim card numbers from unsuspecting individuals. By inserting a specialized mesh within the leather of their products, Bellroy provides their Hide and Seek customers with added security.

Available in a high or low option depending on currency size, the Bellroy Hide and Seek is offered in two distinct styles: Classic for $82 and Designers Edition for $150

Bellroy Low

If you’re looking for the practicality of a full-sized billfold in a compact yet luxurious package, the Bellroy Low Slim Wallet is a solid option. Designed to carry shorter currencies such as US or Australian dollars, this slender and diminutive billfold gets the job done without stretching out your pockets.

Believe this Bellroy Low Down review when we tell you that big things come in small packages. This little leather number is capable of storing up to 12 cards and flattened bills within its 3 accessible slots and out-of-sight pocket. Priced at $72, the Bellroy Low offers plenty of bang for its buck.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Another popular item we’ll delve into for this Bellroy wallet review is the Slim Sleeve in leather. Don’t underestimate this pocket-sized wonder: despite measuring in at a scant 95mm x 80mm, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet carries up to 12 cards, offers 2 quick access areas, a pull tab compartment, and storage for folded bills.

Load it up and you’ll be impressed at how the Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet maintains its trim shape. The Bellroy Slim Sleeve comes in Classic Style for $99 and Designers Edition for $127.

Bellroy Note Sleeve

The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is the brand’s most popular billfold, and it’s obvious why: cash, coins and up to 11 cards can all be neatly organized while remaining a slim and streamlined presence in your back pocket.

Now let’s get into some specific features within this Bellroy Note Sleeve review. For starters, the Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet is both stylish and practical, offering smooth access to daily use items and a pull-tab storage option. Also on deck is a coin pouch which easily doubles as a business card protector. Saving the best for last, the Note Sleeve comes equipped with top-of-the-line RFID protection as well.

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is available in two leather styles: Classic at a cost of $79-$82 and for a more luxurious touch – the Designers Edition for $180.

Bellroy Card Holder Review 

When it comes to this Bellroy wallet review, billfolds are only the tip of the iceberg. Bellroy also designs a series of professional and elegant card holding products.

Featuring high end leather, Bellroy card holders provide a larger service to their users than their name implies. Besides carrying cards, they have space to include folded bills, coins and even a SIM card. Ranging in price from $52-$105, there are currently 6 types of Bellroy card holders to choose from:

  1. Card Pocket
  2. Card Sleeve
  3. Micro Sleeve
  4. Card Holder
  5. Zipped Set
  6. Studio Set

To keep this Bellroy wallet review on point, we’ll review three of Bellroy’s top-selling card holders.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve

The most popular of all the Bellroy card holders, the Micro Sleeve provides quick and easy access for up to 4 cards. Because Bellroy is one step ahead of their customer’s needs and wants, they’ve also added a centrally-located pocket–ideal for holding money as well as 2 additional cards.

Storage is a key selling point for the Bellroy Micro Sleeve, but so is its slender build and tailored leather accents. The price point for this piece is $60.

Bellroy Card Sleeve 

Not to be outdone, the Bellroy Card Sleeve has the slimmest silhouette of all Bellroy products. Yet its containment capabilities only add to this item’s wow factor.

This trim case is not only the ultimate business card holder–it also easily doubles as a full-time wallet for anyone interested in reducing their pocket bulk. It holds 8 or more cards in front or back storage and also includes a convenient pull-tab pocket. The Bellroy Card Sleeve sells for $52.

Bellroy Card Pocket 

Taking pride in their strides toward pocket streamlining domination, the leather Bellroy Card Pocket is another personal best for the brand. Designed to hold 15 or more cards, the Card Pocket is Bellroy’s most compact item, clocking in at 103mm x 66mm. 

Despite the petite appearance of the card pocket, there’s extra space for coins, tri-folded bills and even a SIM card. Zippered for added protection, the Bellroy Card Pocket goes for $57.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

Bellroy knows that when it comes to travel, organization is everything. Their travel-ready cases are designed to keep even the most chaotic of travellers neat and well-ordered. As this Bellroy wallet review will show, essential travel items are kept secure and within easy reach for customers using the signature travel wallet.

Bellroy Travel Wallet

It’s no wonder our over-packed wallets are bursting at the seams when we prepare to travel. We’ve got to carry our passport, cash, a few cards, maybe even a pen for good measure. But jam-packed wallets are a thing of the past when the Bellroy Travel Wallet comes into play. All this and more fits snugly inside its soft leather interior.

Sturdy yet compact, the Bellroy Travel Wallet is designed to hold more than 10 cards. It also features a hidden compartment for extra cash, 4 easy-reach slots and a micro-pen with refills. Since the last thing you want to worry about during your travels is theft, the Bellroy Travel Wallet offers peace of mind with its RFID protection. All this and it fits easily into your pocket. Not bad for $109.

More Bellroy Accessories  

In this Bellroy wallet review, keep reading for a sampling of other signature accessories available from the Bellroy brand.

Bellroy Key Cover 

Key covers may have a tired and boring reputation, but not when it comes to the Bellroy brand. Designed to hold between 2 and 8 keys (depending on the product), the keys hinge out Swiss Army knife style as you require them, and are kept out of sight the rest of the time. Tailored and slim, these leather covers not only organize keys but keep them separate from other valuables. Bellroy offers 4 key cover models with a price range of $42-$102.

Bellroy Notebook Cover

Write your notes in style using Bellroy’s stylish leather Notebook Cover. Available in a variety of colors, this classic yet modern product includes a pre-loaded notebook and pen. While it easily contains most small notebooks, alternatively it can be used to carry up to 2 passports. This is a pretty versatile piece for $90.

Bellroy Backpacks 

With up to 20L storage capacity, the Bellroy Classic Backpack is ideal for carrying your valuables including laptop, phone and keys. Durability meets comfort in this design which features a water-resistant storage compartment, comfortable shoulder straps, and a quick grab handle.

Sustainably made, the Bellroy Classic Backpack is a blend of fabric and environmentally certified leather. The Classic Backpack is available in 2 styles: Second Edition at $90-$112 and Premium Edition at $187.

The Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus is even more popular: Environmentally-friendly to the nth degree, the Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus is made from recycled plastic bottles. Featuring water-resistant fabric, this backpack’s dual compartment design means a separate storage area for more valuable items such as laptops. The Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus is priced at $142.

Are Bellroy Wallets Good?

Bellroy Wallet Review

For this Bellroy wallet review, we scoured the internet for customer feedback. A series of complaints were brought up about the products. Specific gripes include:

  • Bag strap falling off after the second time using it
  • Product arriving in the mail with marks scuffing the leather
  • Tattered-looking wallet after only 6 months of usage
  • Overly stretched and damaged card pockets after brief use

Another popular complaint about Bellroy involves their lacking customer service. Many people experienced difficulties getting in touch with staff to initiate returns or exchanges.

Now that we’ve gotten the negativity out of the way, the good reviews I discovered far outweigh the bad. While researching for this Bellroy wallet review, I found that Business Insider Reviews listed Bellroy brand products as top-notch, describing how impressed they are by the brand’s advanced level of quality and attention to detail in design. Bellroy wallet Amazon reviews are positively glowing. With more than 1200 reviews posted, a whopping 70% are 5-star rated with only 8% falling in at 1-star.

Made with sustainable materials and luxurious leather, Bellroy wallets offer up practicality in a sleek and handsome package. In my opinion, your money is well spent on, and well contained in, all manner of Bellroy products.

Bellroy Promotions & Discounts 

Bellroy Wallet Review

The brand website features a Last Chance section where they sell soon-to-be unavailable products and Bellroy sale items at discounted prices. If you’re on the hunt for a specific Bellroy coupon, check back on their site regularly. 

Where to Buy Bellroy

Bellroy Wallet Review

All Bellroy products are fully available online at their main website:

Select Bellroy items are stocked at retailers across the globe. You can search for stores near you using the Bellroy store locator available on their website.

You can also find many Bellroy wallets and accessories on Amazon. 


Bellroy Wallet Review

Why Do Bellroy Wallets Look Worn After Extended Use?

A Bellroy wallet review revealed that the aging process is an intentional element of Bellroy product design. On Day 1, your leather is a “beautifully blank slate” and becomes worn over time. On Day 1000, it’s uniquely your own, “a tangible history of who you are and where you’ve been.”

Bellroy Shipping Policy

A big selling point found within this Bellroy wallet review is that the brand offers customers free regular shipping worldwide. While delivery times vary depending on location, shipments generally arrive within 3-28 days of processing.

For a fee, express shipping is an option for most worldwide locations although is unavailable for PO boxes located outside of Australia and Europe. For shipments to the US, UK and Australia, delivery time is between 1-3 days. For most other countries, delivery occurs within 2-8 days.

Once an online order is placed, Bellroy typically ships within 2 business days. For detailed shipping times and costs associated with express shipping, Bellroy has an Estimated Arrival Date Calculator located on their website under Shipping and Delivery Info.

Bellroy Return Policy

Before wrapping up this Bellroy wallet review, let’s go over return policy basics. All Bellroy products come with a 3-year warranty. For faulty or incorrect orders, a full refund (including the cost of return shipping) is provided so long as the items are returned within 30 days of delivery.

All other returns and exchanges must occur within 30 days of delivery but will not include the cost of return shipping. Refunds are credited to the original purchaser’s method of payment.

Returned or exchanged Bellroy products must be in new condition and original Bellroy packaging. In order to initiate the return/exchange process, contact staff via email: [email protected].

Contact Bellroy

As mentioned earlier in the Bellroy wallet review, the company doesn’t provide phone support to their customers. This is due to the fact they are a global support team, and often require translation services. Bellroy offers 24 hour customer service 7 days per week via:

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The design is beautiful but the quality is poor, especially for the price. My card sleeve is falling apart after a year or two, and Bellroy won’t replace it without proof of purchase. Who keeps receipts for more than a year for items like this!? It has their name stamped on it but apparently that’s not good enough. Their warranty is a con. Very poor and short-sighted. Customer satisfaction is clearly not high on their priority list.

Belroy is a failure
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I had my regrets why I bought belroys products and okease do not trust if they say they deliver because it’s not true!

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