Artpix 3D Review

About Artpix 3D

Artpix 3D Review

Artpix 3D enables you to preserve your memories in time. Best known for its custom crystal engraving service, this online brand uniquely displays sentimental memorabilia such as family photographs, fingerprints, and wedding portraits.

Garnering a steady following of over 103k on Instagram, Artpix 3D has also been headlined by several media outlets, including Parade and Entertainment Online.

Looking for that great, heartfelt gift? Perhaps this brand can offer you a few inspirational ideas. Stay tuned, as this Artpix 3D review will take an inside look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s worth checking out.

Overview of Artpix 3D

Artpix 3D Review

Consider Artpix 3D the digital version of the classic Renaissance painting. Instead of posing for hours on end, this nifty online service requires a single, high-resolution image of you or your loved ones.

Compared to flimsy, scrapbook photos that are at risk of damage, Artpix 3D’s crystalized memorabilia allows customers to freeze their memories in place. Think of its products like snow globes, but without oil and water.

This American-based company specializes in custom engravings. From family photographs to encasing fingerprints, customers can choose unique ways to display or wear their favorite moments, keeping them close to their hearts.

According to the brand, Artpix 3D’s mission is all about capturing pivotal moments: “We want to make it easy for you to create a custom gift for every birthday, graduation, and anniversary that comes your way. Our online personalization process is simple and convenient, leaving you free to focus more energy on spending these important occasions with your loved ones.

Currently led by acting CEO Roman S., the brand made its official debut in 2017. It is based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Before we dive deeper into this Artpix 3D review, let’s go over some highlights.


  • A variety of custom engravings to choose from
  • Offers customizability in terms of submitting photographs and fingerprints
  • Has a side blog dedicated to gift-giving advice
  • Provides Afterpay as an alternative payment option
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews
  • Multiple active sales, no Artpix 3D promo code needed
  • Quick shipping times
Artpix 3D Review

If you’re not adept in painting, Artpix 3D takes care of the creative process when it comes to gift-giving. Customers can choose to cement their photographs or fingerprints into an eternal crystal, rather than the more traditional family portrait or metal locket.

The brand also sells accessories such as key chains, necklaces, lighting bases, cleaning kits, and greeting cards. And, customers can choose from different gift wraps to further personalize their orders.

Dust off that special space on your shelf, as this ArtPix 3D review will highlight a few of the company’s best-selling options that you may like.

Artpix 3D Crystal Pictures Review

It’s time to transfer those iCloud images into a tangible memory. This online service allows customers to import their own photos into the system. From there, the experts back at Artpix 3D will cement the picture into a glass crystal.

Buyers can select from multiple different shapes, including a rectangle, square, heart, diamond, and an iceberg. Customers can also opt to add a light-up stand to their orders, ranging in price from $19-$59.

This Artpix 3D review will spotlight two of its winning designs to help spark some inspiration.

Artpix 3D Crystal Rectangle Review 

Do you ever wish you could freeze your memories forever? In case of birthdays, first-time events, or (sadly) last moments with your loved ones, the Crystal Rectangle model can help cement those pivotal seconds, ensuring they’ll live a lifetime.

Featured as part of the Artpix 3D glass picture collection, this option promises a clear-cut image. This package also includes free 2D to 3D conversion, personalization, and complimentary background removal.

Customers can opt to make their final product in portrait or landscape orientation. To buy the 3D Crystal Rectangle, you must choose a given size. We’ll provide a condensed list of a few options and corresponding prices down below:

  • Small (fits 1-2 figures): $89
  • Medium (fits 1-3 figures): $119 (originally priced at $129)
  • XXL (fits 1-6 figures): $239 (originally priced at $299)

Artpix 3D Crystal Diamond Review 

In order to make a house a home, you need to add a touch of sentimentality. In place of abstract paintings that usually have no meaning, the Crystal Diamond cube can immortalize those special memories in a clear-cut resolution. Offered in either 2D or 3D, this option features a beautiful, gem-shaped paperweight.

We suggest sending in a photo of your grandparents or your children. That way, you can cement their spirit without the worry of age. Part of the Artpix 3D crystal pictures collection, the Crystal Diamond cube is offered in three different sizes:

  • Small: currently out of stock
  • Medium: currently out of stock
  • Large (fits 1-5 figures): $199 (originally priced at $249)

Artpix 3D Picture Keychains Review

Don’t opt for any fuzzy miniature or enamel print. Carry that sentiment wherever you go with the brand’s custom collection of keychains. Offered in different shapes, this Artpix 3D review will look at some customer favorites within this category.

Artpix 3D Keychains Review

Let’s be honest. Keychains usually get a bad rep when it comes to gift-giving ideas. More often than not, they don’t offer much of a wow factor. With that being said, Artpix’s collection of custom key pendants may help you win the ‘best present’ award at the next big-time celebration.

Customers can choose from three different models, including a heart, square, or rectangle. In terms of personalization, you can also select to make the image 2D or 3D.

Designed to fit a maximum of 2 people, this Artpix 3D picture keychain can commemorate your grandparents or your children whenever you miss them. Settled on getting a custom pendant? Let’s peruse through the available sizes.

First up, the square or square options are:

  • Small: $39
  • Medium: $44 (originally priced at $49)
  • Large: $59

And the costs for the different rectangles are:

  • Small: $29
  • Medium: $35 (originally priced at $39)
  • Large: $49

Artpix 3D Picture Necklace Review

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Well, in this case—it should be around the neck. Offered in two different shapes, this Artpix 3D review will go over the brand’s best-selling necklaces within this section.

Artpix 3D Necklaces Review

Eat your heart out, Rose. There’s a chance that you have second thoughts in throwing this sentimental beauty into the Atlantic waters. Designed to be worn as a stylish accessory, customers can choose from two different pendants within Artpix’s Necklaces collection.

Offered in a heart or rectangular shape, buyers can fashion their favorite memory wherever they go. This Artpix 3D picture necklace is designed to accompany a max of two figures, even in its 2D form. In order to get a crystal clear image, the brand suggests submitting a close-up photo. We’ll provide the prices for each available option so readers can compare:

Heart shape:

  • Small: $39
  • Medium: $44 (originally priced at $49)
  • Large: $59

Rectangular shape:

  • Small: $29
  • Medium: $35 (originally priced at $39)
  • Large: $49

How does Artpix 3D work?

Artpix 3D Review

Ordering a custom engraving is as simple as 1, 2, 3. But for those who need a step-by-step guide on how to use this service, this Artpix 3D review will outline the instructions for readers to follow:

  1. Select your crystal. This can range from glass paperweights, necklaces, keychains, or wine stoppers.
  2. Upload your photo onto the program. It’s best that you choose an image that’s in high resolution. Customers should know that the company accepts JPG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, and BMP.
  3. Add text to your engraving. It offers five different font options.
  4. Place the quantity and hit checkout.

Is Artpix 3D real?

Artpix 3D Review

Yep! Artpix 3D is a legitimate custom engraving service. We’ve uncovered thousands of reviews on Trustpilot, Amazon, and its Facebook page. For an in-depth analysis of what customers think about this online brand, we’ll cover that in the following few paragraphs—so stay tuned!

Who is Artpix 3D for?

Artpix 3D Review

Artpix 3D seems to cater to the older demographic. While anybody can request a crystalized photo, its intended audience leans towards parents or grandparents. With that being said, if you find yourself drawn to glass knick-knacks or framed pictures, there’s a chance that this online service will pique your interests.

Aside from demographics, Artpix 3D is for anyone who’s looking for a heartfelt and sentimental gift. If you aren’t savvy about painting or making crafts, this online service takes care of the hard work while you sit back and relax. It’s also a great option for those who don’t have much time on their hands, as it shaves hours off shopping.

Comparison: Artpix 3D vs. 3D Crystal

Artpix 3D Review

When it comes to competition, Artpix 3D and 3D Crystal don’t hold many differences in terms of product variety. Both services offer the same shapes of paperweights, keychains, and necklaces. Aside from inventory, we did find some variations in cost and personalization.

For instance, ArtPix 3D comes at a more affordable price, as smaller engravings cost under $100. 3D Crystal charges upwards of $150 for its tiniest option. In terms of customization, the competition requires customers to pay more for text, digital previews, and backgrounds. On the other hand, the Illinois-based company offers a lower fee, with the addition of free inscriptions.

Artpix 3D Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Artpix 3D Review

Snap that perfect photo—this Artpix 3D review found an overwhelmingly positive response towards this online service. Ahead, you’ll find comments and ratings from Trustpilot, Amazon, Yelp, YouTube, and its Facebook page that reveal key details about this brand.

Trustpilot holds an impressive count of 35.9k testimonials with an encouraging score of 4.8 stars out of 5. We uncovered several inspiring stories of buyers receiving and giving their crystalized engravings in person. You should get a tissue box ready as you read this first example:

My dad lost his pupper and this popped up on my Facebook that evening,” one Trustpilot reviewer shared. “Not a second thought was given. I had to immortalize his Bolt with this. It’s absolutely beautiful. I purchased a 3D, large keychain. It lights up and is the perfect likeness of our little buddy.

We also came across a few sizable reviews on Amazon, Yelp, and the company’s Facebook page. To help keep things easy to read, we’ll provide their scores in point-form down below:

  • Amazon for the rectangle Artpix 3D photo crystal: 1,236 ratings with a 4.8/5 star ranking
  • Yelp: 17 reviews with a 4/5 star rating
  • Facebook page: 743 votes with a 5/5 star rating

According to a majority of reviews, several customers praised Artpix 3D for its beautiful engravings and crystal clear resolution. Others found their inscriptions to be quite detailed, given the price.

“Simply STUNNING quality product! My wife loved it and hasn’t stopped crying at how beautiful it is since she opened it. Thanks for making Mother’s Day special,” one Facebook user wrote.

A few YouTube channels, such as TheRealReviewz and Thenashaymcfadden, also had favorable experiences with Artpix. Both vloggers were impressed with the quality of their custom engravings. Other salient points included the lighting base, which acted as an important accessory in really highlighting the beauty of the glass disk.

“I would rate this rectangle with a 5 out 5. They did an amazing job with customizing (my order). It looks exactly like the picture that I uploaded, so I’m very happy with the results,” via a statement made by Thenashaymcfadden.

All in all, there’s no need to worry about the credibility of Artpix 3D. Due to thousands of rave customer reviews online, you’ll likely find yourself walking away with beautiful, custom engraving.

Is Artpix 3D Worth It?

Artpix 3D Review

If you’re looking for a unique way to frame up that old memory, this Artpix 3D review readily recommends checking this brand out. As we move onto the digital age, gift-giving is slowly becoming a corporate custom. There’s no time to think of a sentimental present, and the ones offered up are usually dull and uninspired.

At ArtPix 3D, customers can take gift-giving to a whole other level. Its collection provides an interesting assortment of paperweights and accessories that buyers can personalize. Plus, there are thousands of customer comments that attest to the quality and service offered.

And, since everything is handled online, clients can sit back and plan the rest of the big celebration as they wait for their present to ship. Overall, if you’re on the search for a one-of-a-kind keepsake that may result in a few tears, ArtPix 3D is the way forward.

Artpix 3D Promotions & Discounts

Artpix 3D Review

This Artpix 3D review found out that the brand is hosting a limited-time sale in which select engravings are up to 40% off and crystal copies are BOGO 50% off.

As of lately, we haven’t come across an Artpix 3D coupon code that readers can use on its website. To get updates on upcoming promotions, we suggest following the brand on its social media pages such as Instagram or Facebook.

Where to Buy Artpix 3D

Artpix 3D Review

Customers can place their orders by heading over to You can also find the company’s products on Amazon.


Artpix 3D Review

Where is Artpix 3D located?

This Artpix 3D review found out that its headquarters are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Where is Artpix 3D made?

According to its website, the company’s custom engravings are made in two locations in Illinois. This includes Elk Grove Village and Rosemont. If you’d like to reach out to the brand, it’s worth mentioning that both offices have the same telephone number.

What is Artpix 3D’s Shipping Policy?

As of lately, the brand is offering limited-time free shipping on all U.S orders. This Artpix 3D review is sad to report that it does not offer international delivery outside of the United States and Canada.

To keep your order safe, the brand will package each crystal in bubble wrap to ensure minimal damage. For those wondering where their packages are located, the company will provide a tracking number in a confirmation email.

What is Artpix 3D’s Return Policy?

Artpix 3D provides a 14-day window for customers to send back their products. According to the brand, it is not able to refund 20% of the design fee for each custom order. On top of that, buyers are responsible for covering any affiliated shipping fees. To initiate this process, you must contact the customer service team for further instructions.

How to Contact Artpix 3D

For inquiries unrelated to this Artpix 3D review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: +1 (855) 227-5861
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Filling out the message form online
  • Mailing address (production facility): 2250 Arthur Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, USA

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