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About Mapiful

Mapiful Review

Mapiful allows you to frame those memories and accomplishments in a meaningful way. This online poster company offers customers a chance to customize their own wall art. 

From modern to minimalistic, buyers can peruse through a broad collection of stylish designs- including line drawings, astrology, text print, or map. 

With a following of over 375k on Instagram, Mapiful has also been spotlighted by several online magazines, including Insider, Real Homes, Marie Claire, and Traveller. 

Looking to cement your moment in time? Perhaps this brand can transform that vision into reality. 

Keep reading, as this Mapiful review will provide an in-depth commentary on the company, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Mapiful

Mapiful Review

Sentimentality and technology, you’d think these two wouldn’t go hand in hand. Co-founder Edvin Brobeck, alongside his three other friends, thought otherwise. 

Deep in an intriguing conversation about design and maps, the 4 came to a solid agreement: our most pivotal moments deserved to be preserved for life

With the conclusion that posters served as a great way to show off meaningful points in time, the idea for Mapiful was born in 2015. 

Established in Stockholm, this Swedish-based company offers a series of beautifully designed templates for customers to choose from. By selecting an outline, buyers can input their own styles and elements to make unique Mapiful personalized wall art. 

Ever since their debut, Mapiful has more than 100 printing facilities worldwide with over 250k clients under their belt. 

The brand is also committed to conserving the environment. For instance, Mapiful art posters are made out of sustainably sourced paper, allowing the company to decrease their carbon emissions by up to 67% per purchase.

This company also has an online magazine where they share articles dedicated to interior design and re-decorating. 

“We exist to inspire you to celebrate how far you have come in life, and for you to be excited for the future. We believe memories to be part of an overall journey that should be celebrated everyday,” via a statement made by Mapiful map art. 

Mapiful Review

Before we really get into this Mapiful review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • Mapiful has a variety of custom posters and frames to choose from 
  • Their products are made out of sustainably sourced paper
  • Offers a side blog dedicated to interior design advice  
  • Provides Klarna as an alternative payment option
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Free shipping worldwide 


  • Does not accept returns 
  • Pricier compared to other retailers 
  • Doesn’t offer complete customization. Customers must choose from their collection of templates 

Product Review Guidelines

Mapiful Review

The traditional scrapbook is a thing of the past. Let’s face it, family albums are destined to sit on the bookshelf for ages. 

Instead of flipping through a series of half-glued photos, Mapiful allows you to frame those cherished memories and accomplishments with pride. And yes, that means no more paper cuts or wasting money at your local photo shop. 

The company offers a wide variety of stylish Mapiful wall posters templates to choose from. This includes line art, map prints, zodiac signs, star charts, and text scrolls. 

Once you’ve settled on a design, it’s up to you to add your own personal touch. It’s worth noting that most customers use this online poster service to cement important dates, such as anniversaries or birthdays. 

Need a quick refresher on how to make your own Mapiful custom wall art? Don’t worry, we’ll provide a brief rundown of their step-by-step process. 

  1. Choose from their 5 available templates. This includes designs such as the city print maker or the Mapiful vintage maps collection
  2. This will take you to their editor page. From there, customers can customize their wall art
  3. Once you’ve finished your design, add it to the cart
  4. Unless you prefer a plain design, customers can choose from a collection of available frames they have on their website 

For those who never did well in art class, Mapiful provides a great selection of pre-designed templates on their website’s ‘inspiration’ tab. This includes a variety of beautiful prints, such as the ‘Day you became my daddy’ poster and the ‘Valentine’s Day Star Map.’ 

Already got a design in mind? Let this Mapiful review spotlight a few of their best-selling templates that could unleash your artistic side. 

Mapiful Make a Map Review

There’s no need to channel your inner Monet or Van Gogh, but it definitely helps in situations like this. Fortunately, this online poster service takes care of the ‘Picasso-ing’ when it comes to design and style. 

From star charts to hip urban prints, let’s go over a few of their customer favorites. 

Mapiful Town Map Maker Review 

The ol’ memory lane; for most people, it unearths a series of pleasant childhood memories. It’s the place where you grew up, had that first kiss, or went to school. 

For those who find themselves miles away from their origin story, the Town Map Maker enables you to own a little piece of home without having to buy another plane ticket. 

By choosing this Mapiful make your own map template, customers can input the address of their hometown. From there, the software will generate a clean, line art design based on your coordinates

Designers can also customize the headers or change the theme. This includes a variety of gorgeous styles, such as the Humble print or the Sky map.

After choosing the poster size, customers can choose the orientation of the poster itself. Best complemented with a sturdy frame, cement your hometown in style with the Town Map Maker for $59

Mapiful Map Poster of London Review 

Hungry to explore the streets of Piccadilly or Oxford? Honestly, us too. We can’t wait until the pandemic blows over. Until then, the Poster of London template can help you stay motivated and hopeful once those borders open up. 

Showcasing a detailed sketch of England’s capital, this stunning Mapiful city map maker outline will make for a gorgeous addition to any bedroom or living room space. 

Customers have the option to add their own personal touch to this wall art. If you have any fond memories of this glorious city, we recommend logging in a memorable coordinate. 

This may include that wild night spent on Soho or that exact place you proposed to your partner in Buckingham Palace. The possibilities are endless. 

If you’re not a fan of black and white, customers can choose from a variety of offered colors such as Playroom and Nautical. Ideal for sentimentalists and hopeful travelers, the Poster of London costs a cool $59

Mapiful Map Poster of Oslo Review 

If your heart belongs in Norway, but your bank account says otherwise, opt for the more cost-effective alternative with the Poster of Oslo template. This gorgeous diagram features a line art sketch of this famous capital complemented with text and coordinates. 

Offered in 3 different sizes, customers have the option of choosing one of each measurement – you know, for if you really miss the Kongeriket Norge. 

We suggest adding a memorable location within this Mapiful my poster wall template. How about that romantic streetwalk in the Grünerløkka neighborhood? Or perhaps that eye-opening visit to the Bygdøy Peninsula? 

From anniversaries to proposals, to nostalgic backpacking trips with your friends, this wall art can help you remember all those good times. 

With choices such as Asphalt and Gaia, customers are offered a wide selection of stunning themes. If you have a particular color palette in mind, Mapiful provides a great variety of available hues for this wall art. 

Meant as a perfect addition to those polaroid pictures and tourist souvenirs, the Poster of Oslo is priced at $59

Mapiful Map Poster of World Review 

Created for aspiring travelers and accomplished backpackers alike, the Poster of World enables you to showcase your love for adventure. While it’s offered in portrait, we suggest opting for the landscape version in case some countries get cut off. 

Displaying a slightly worn, rustic vibe, this wall art will make for a gorgeous addition to any bohemian-inspired home.

For wannabe travelers, we recommend getting this Mapiful map design frameless. This allows you to easily mark off those unexplored places.

If you’re an airplane-regular, we suggest opting for a bigger version of this wall art. This gives customers enough room to stick polaroids, airplane tickets, or other pieces of memorabilia onto this poster. The more you personalize this wall art, the better.

Other than the Nautical print, customers can choose from a variety of different styles and colors. For instance, if you’re a fan of city nightlife, perhaps it’s best to opt for the Asphalt print. Offered as a way to cover up that blank space on your wall, the Poster of World costs $59 at checkout. 

Mapiful Map Poster of Stockholm Review 

Sorry Ikea, the Poster of Stockholm offers a more stylish design compared to your collection of available artworks. While it doesn’t come with frozen meatballs and easy-to-assemble furniture, this stunning wall art can make you remember that last trip to Sweden. 

In terms of styling tips, this Mapiful review recommends framing it with a small country flag as an added touch.

Customers have the freedom to input any coordinate they’d like. To give readers a bit of inspiration, it could be that spectacular walk down in Stortorget Square or that Drottninggatan cafe where you first ate surströmming with your friends. 

No matter the location you choose, make sure it’s never forgotten by framing this beauty in place. 

This Mapiful make a map template is offered in three different sizes, including 12”x16”, 20”x28”, and 28”x40”. Available in either portrait or landscape, say hej to the Poster of Stockholm wall art for $59

Mapiful Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mapiful Review

It’s an understatement to say that the brand only gets a handful of positive reviews. This Mapiful review found that Trustpilot holds a whopping 1,657 testimonials with an impressive grade of 4.6/5 stars

A majority of buyers were quick to praise the brand’s fast shipping methods and their helpful customer service team. Others were quite happy with the quality of their posters, as they came in a stunning, high-resolution print.

Fully recommend,” one Trustpilot reviewer wrote. “I love the way that you can customize the maps to make it your own personal style. Great product and great customer service!”

Their Facebook page holds over 176 ratings with a general grade of 4.5/5 stars

“Both of the prints I ordered turned out amazing! I got a print out of both me and my boyfriend’s home towns. I received them within 2-3 business days and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you,” one customer wrote for the Custom City Map Print

Independent blogs, such as Brandi Raae and Cassie Croggins, also gave positive reviews towards the Mapiful map customizer. Both authors commended the service to be easy to use. 

Mapiful Review

Other highlights included their personalization feature, the array of stylish templates, and how beautifully the brand’s products fit with their home decor. 

“I really loved my poster and I feel like it is a great way to upgrade the style and look of your home while also telling a story and letting your space reflect who you are,” via a statement made by Cassie Croggins

In terms of negative testimonials, this Mapiful review uncovered a few online. Some Facebook users noticed discrepancies in delivery and packaging- as some orders arrived late and in poor quality. A couple of Internet bloggers complained about their expensive prices. 

“I ordered a gift a month ago. Though I have been in contact with their customer service team, they give me a new excuse every time as to why my purchase hasn’t been printed let alone shipped yet,” wrote one Facebook reviewer. 

While we acknowledge the small number of negative reviews, the results are in and they are fantastic! Mapiful receives international praise for the quality of their customizable products, not to mention their expeditious shipping.

Is Mapiful Worth It?

Mapiful Review

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your living space, this Mapiful review readily recommends this online service. From star charts to text scrolls, customers can choose from a wide variety of modern designs. 

Compared to other wall art prints that don’t age well, this company offers templates that are both classic and timeless. As a result, their products pair nicely with any home decor aesthetic. 

While Mapiful doesn’t offer complete customization for their posters, they do provide a reasonable amount of space to input your own personal touches. It allows you to work within a given ‘frame’ without the worry of overcrowding or making the overall design too messy. 

We also need to give credit to their ‘inspiration’ catalog, a helpful feature for those who don’t have a keen eye when it comes to making art.

Based on what we’ve seen so far in terms of customer testimonials, this brand checks all the boxes when it comes to delivery and helpful service. 

In terms of negative points, their posters are quite expensive, as compared to regular printing services if you decide to make one from scratch. 

Overall, if you’re not blessed with a steady hand or some sense of artistic expression, Mapiful could serve as a great option to help immortalize cherished moments and memories

Mapiful Promotions & Discounts 

Mapiful Review

This Mapiful review found out that customers can get 25% off if they purchase more than 3 items on their website. You can also receive 5% off your final order when subscribing to their newsletter. 

In terms of their refer-a-friend program, buyers can get $10 off their next order for every successful referral. 

Where to Buy Mapiful

Mapiful Review

Want to buy a Mapiful map? You can do so by heading over to mapiful.com. Customers can also find them on their Etsy page. 


Mapiful Review

Where is Mapiful based?

This Mapiful review found out that their headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Does Mapiful ship to Canada?

Absolutely! Aside from Canada, Mapiful also ships to Australia, the United States, Belgium, France, and other select countries. 

How long does it take for Mapiful to ship? 

This Mapiful review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on all orders. They deliver worldwide, including to Germany and Sweden. Depending on where you live, it may take up to 6 to 10 business days for packages to arrive. 

Customers can also choose other shipping options, such as Express and Priority delivery. To help monitor the status of your order, buyers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email. 

What is Mapiful’s Return Policy?

Unfortunately, Mapiful doesn’t accept refunds for their prints, but they can take back their frames. Customers have up to 2 weeks to request a return or exchange for this product. 

For inquiries related to damaged items or mistakes in printing, buyers should contact the brand for further instructions. 

How to Contact Mapiful

For questions unrelated to this Mapiful review, you can reach out to the company in 3 ways:

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Fill out their message form online 
  • Direct message them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

Looking for more wall based art? Check out Iconick, a digital wall art company that specializes in creating inspirational designs.

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