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Ridley Review

You can infer some products’ quality based on their country of origin alone. Sushi-grade tuna shipped straight from Japan will always taste better than whatever grilled water sushi experiment your sister forced you to eat for dinner.

In that regard, you can safely assume that Ridley makes some of the highest-end bicycles available, as they are the biggest bicycle manufacturing company in Belgium.

Belgium is, of course, one of the world’s cycling epicenters. So, if Ridley is the big bike kahuna here, they have to be doing something right.

But you know what they say about assumptions. To not make a donkey out of yourself, read through this Ridley review to learn everything necessary before you set out on a country-wide cycling excursion.

Overview of Ridley

Ridley Review

Ridley founder Jochim Aerts grew up around bicycles. He was enamored by them, but also dissatisfied. He wanted to revolutionize the cycling industry.

So in 1997, he founded Ridley, but it wasn’t until 2001 that the company truly made waves. They invented the conical headset, a staple in the world of cycling. 

As the most popular bike manufacturer in one of the best cycling countries in the world, Ridley’s pedigree speaks for itself. They lead the industry by using field-collected data and vigorous wind tunnel testing to develop aerodynamic bicycles. 

Before this Ridley review enters the nitty-gritty, let’s take a quick pit stop and discuss the company’s highlights:


  • Top-of-the-line bicycles built with cutting edge technology
  • Wide assortment of customization options
  • 5-year bike warranty
  • The Sizing Tool on their website simplifies the bike selection process
  • Pleasing visual designs
Ridley Review

Don’t scratch your head wondering if Ridley sells anything other than bikes. They’ve specialized in creating bicycles for any terrain or sport. 

This Ridley review found that the company produces road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, e-bikes, and by this point we wouldn’t be surprised if they revealed blueprints for a bicycle with space-traveling capabilities.

All of the items featured in this Ridley review can be customized based on color, groupset, crank length, frame design, and more. 

Ridley Bikes Review

Where else would we start this bike showcase than with their best-selling products? What, you thought we were going to begin at the starting line? 

Buddy, this is a competition, and these bikes are looking to come in first. This Ridley review would be remiss not to draw inspiration from the company’s dedication to optimal performance.

Ridley Road Noah Aero+ Review

The Ridley Road Noah Aero+  is the latest in the company’s line of Noah cycles. They were originally designed as sprinting bikes but have been reformulated into multifunctional cycles.

But if you think that means these bikes are any less aerodynamic then you must’ve fallen too many times without wearing a helmet (we kid, always wear a helmet, though). They’re still made with speed and fluidity at the forefront.

Weighing only 18lbs, this product is both lightweight and comfortable. It has a carbon frame and lowered, comfortable seating. 

You can get your own for $6,494 in the Shimano Ultegra groupset. There’s an SRAM Force eTAP AXS version as well but it costs more.

Currently, the Ridley Road Noah Aero+ is only available in XXS.

Ridley Gravel Kanzo Fast Review

Let’s say you’re looking to get a bit muddy, but don’t want to tarnish your prized sprinting bike with its skinny wheels and dainty frame. You’re going to want to sit down when you hear about the Ridley Gravel Kanzo Fast then. 

This gravel and road bike is meant to slice through any weather conditions, meaning it’s all-purpose but tough. It boasts disc brakes and a carbon frame. 

This bike is available in two naturalistic colors, white or off-green, to reflect its rough and tough design. 

The Base SRAM Rival 1 HD groupset starts at $4,162 but is also available with these other groupsets.  

  • SRAM Rival 1 HD Shimano GRX800 1x11s 
  • Campagnolo Ekar 13s 
  • Shimano GRX Di2 1x11s 
  • Shimano GRX Di2 1x11s (fortified with the company’s Classified shifting tech)

And no matter if you’re big or small, the Ridley Gravel Kanzo Fast will cover you, as it’s available in all sizes.

Ridley Cyclo-Cross X-Ride Disc Review

For as much fun as cycling can be, it’s easy to be off-put by the high entry barrier owing to exuberant bike prices. Thankfully, the Ridley Cyclo-Cross X-Ride Disc presents a more affordable cyclocross alternative. 

Its sleek red and white design could have you looking like The Flash, in that you’ll be whizzing by everyone else with the Speed Force’s velocity. 

If things get too fast for you, you should be able to rely on the product’s disc brakes, granting you more control in tumultuous weather conditions.

Collect your own for $2,518 in any size from XXS to L. 

Ridley Mountainbike Ignite SLX Review

The Ridley Mountainbike Ignite SLX has one goal in mind; hold you steady when the going gets tough. By that, this Ridley review means this product is based entirely around its handling.

The bike’s extra steering range can allow for greater control. It’s also been built to transfer power from the back of the bike to the front, potentially easing steep uphill climbs.

What’s more, this item isn’t particularly heavy due to its carbon frame but can remain stable even on the most perilous of treks. 

Although it’s only available in a large size, you shouldn’t dismiss the Ridley Mountainbike Ignite SLX. 

Grab your own for $3,975.

Ridley E-bike Kanzo E Review

Antonio from the Duchess of Malfi once said, “Ambition, madam, is a great man’s madness.” No offense to him, but this Ridley review has never read something so silly. Ambition is what drove Jochim Aerts to create this very bike company.

The Ridley E-bike Kanzo E looks to help you turn your cycling ambitions into reality. It’s a gravel e-bike with a 250W motor and 252Wh battery, but you can jack that motor all the way up to 400W if you need the extra boost.

The bike itself is stable, reliable, and powerful, with an aluminum frame that weighs 32lbs. It’s the perfect device for journeys where the only thing stopping you from reaching the finish line is your own human ability. So hop on this if you want to bike up the sides of Mount Doom.

It’s currently only available in small and large sizes online. However, if you fit either of those sizes, then you can buy your own Ridley E-bike Kanzo E for $4,547.

Ridley Triathlon Dean Review

The Ridley Triathlon Dean is built to attack, evidenced by its aggressive black and red color scheme. It uses the technology of higher-end performance bicycles in a more affordable package.

The bike was designed as a more budget-friendly option for time trial enthusiasts. As such, the bike’s two goals are to be as comfortable and as fast as it can be. 

So if you’re hankering to smash new times on the track while saving some money, get your own  Ridley Triathlon Dean for $2,623.

That is if you can fit on an XXS-sized bicycle because that’s currently the only option available. This Ridley review is a bit heartbroken too. 

Who Is Ridley For? 

Ridley Review

Ridley bikes are high-end devices informed by both laboratory testing and out-in-the-field results. As such, they’re suited for people wanting to get the most they can out of their bicycle.

Serious cyclists, triathletes, and mountain bikers are Ridley’s audience. That being said, don’t be shy about investigating deeper into what the brand offers if you’re looking for a solid set of wheels.

Ridley Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ridley Review

This section of the Ridley review will conquer the largest mountain a company must climb, customer feedback. Thankfully, there’s a bevy of informative testimonials to give you a clear vision of what to expect with a Ridley product.

The company boasts a high 4.4/5 star rating based on over 515 customer reviews on Facebook. The fans there loved the bikes’ handling and responsiveness. 

One 5-star review went so far as to say this about their Ridley bike. “Spectacular in aesthetics, behavioral and extreme situations. An extension of my body.

Others were happy to praise how light the Ridley X Fire felt. This customer recounts how they “bought a 2nd hand 2011 X Fire, and quite honestly it’s one of the best handling bikes I’ve ever owned, light, compliant, and something I could quite happily thrash around a cross course and trails around Wellington till I fall over.

Allow us to gear down as we change paths towards the customer reviews from MEC. There, the Ridley Fenix SL40 Bicycle 2020 – Unisex was rated 5/5 stars based on 3 customer reviews.

The reviews liked how well the bike handled, how comfortable it was, its braking power, and its speed. Some even said that it felt like a race bike.

Read how Ridley helped this man continue biking even into his twilight years: “Coming from an older all-carbon bike (which was professionally fit), this bike is much more comfortable and but still a fast dream to ride. I completed a 55 km loop which on my old bike would have been quite tiring but on this one, I still had tons of gas in the tank. The frame feels very efficient for an endurance frame and it’s easily 5 kph faster for the same effort.”

Here’s a piece of customer feedback for the statistics fanatics who might be reading this Ridley review. “I can say that this bike is without a doubt a dream to ride. Very responsive to power input, yet very forgiving on the rough stuff. The slightly relaxed geometry is a welcome relief for my almost 50-year-old back. The Shimano 105 hydraulic disk brakes are awesome. I had full confidence in their stopping power while coming off a high wood pass at a speed over 80 kph.

Customers on Reddit were equally as praiseworthy. They called the designs gorgeous while complimenting the bicycles’ longevity and return on investment value:

I have a Ridley X-Ride Cyclocross bike and love it! Lightweight aluminum frame, full carbon fork. Very sturdy in the crashes I’ve had while racing. There are no eyelets to mount fenders or panniers for touring, so it’s not the most versatile bike.

There isn’t a single piece of customer feedback in this Ridley review that sums up the brand’s appeal like this Reddit comment about the Ridley Fenix SL. “Still in love with this bad boy after 3200 km.

Reddit isn’t the only forum rife with crucial consumer feedback. Forum users at RoadBikeReview rated Ridley as a reliable company. 

In fact, many users there base their opinion of particular shops and bike riders on how they view Ridley. If a bike shop doesn’t stand by Ridley, it’s probably a sign that they’re a lackluster bike shop. Talk about brand power!

One short comment spoke about the company’s high standing. “Ridley is the highest rank in my book. They make legendary frames.

You’ve read enough customer reviews to get a good reading on whether Ridley bikes are for you, but it’s always important to know what experts have to say. We pulled some key insights from to investigate what the Ridley hubbub was like over there.

The site’s bike experts found Ridley products to be versatile. They complimented the solid frames and great aesthetics. The Ridley Fenix held an average score of 94/100 based on over 25 customer reviews.

This customer rated the item 90/100, then said in their review, “While not featherweight, it’s light enough to take to the high mountains, conquer the cobbles, and is even capable of delivering André Greipel to the line first in a bunch sprint.

This 80/100 product review was equally as complimentary. “In all, the Fenix SL is a damn fine machine at a good price. Its purposeful ride rewards powerful riders and it’s suited better to bigger stature pilots.

Of the few negative reviews, most were geared toward the company’s warranty. But, said warranty doesn’t cover consumer damages, and it’s possible that many of the dissatisfied customers did not understand that.

To recap, Ridley bicycles are reportedly responsive, sturdy, and fast. Yeah, we’re not surprised that they’re the largest bike manufacturer in Belgium either. You can pick your jaw up off of the floor any time.

Is Ridley Worth It?

Ridley Review

The vehicles we covered in this Ridley bikes review are not your training-wheel, baby’s-first-bike devices. They are machines explicitly designed to help you push your fitness.

That being said, Ridley smashes all of our expectations. Not only are their products extensively tested to maximize their results, but the endless customization features mean you can build your dream bicycle. 

Going back to what the customers reported, Ridley bikes are durable, versatile, and, maybe most important, a marvel to look at. You should be getting the quality you pay for by picking up your own Ridley bike.

Ridley Promotions & Discounts 

Ridley Review

This Ridley review sadly was not able to locate any promotions or discounts at this time. That being said, we recommend signing up for the company’s emails to be kept in the loop for future sales.

Where to Buy Ridley 

Ridley Review

Does restless leg syndrome have you itching to hit the trails? Pick up your own Ridley bike through any of these sources.

  1. The company website,
  2. Through one of the in-person retailers who carry stock. You can find them through the Ridley website’s Ridley Dealers page.


Ridley Review

Does Ridley ship internationally?

This Ridley review is happy to report that they ship internationally, but because each bike can be customized to a certain degree, it’s a case-by-case basis as to whether certain bikes are available in your country.

It’s best to check the website for the particular model that catches your eye.

Where are Ridley Bikes made?

Ridley bikes are made in one of the world’s cycling capitals, Belgium. All the customizations are made by the company themselves, ensuring that the utmost care is put into crafting your ideal bicycle.

What is Ridley’s Shipping Policy?

Each Ridley bike has its own shipping times and availability based on its color and size. Check out whether a particular model is available in your country by checking the model on Ridley’s website.

You’ll be in luck if Ridley has your desired product in stock, as they ship available items within a few business days.

What is Ridley’s Return Policy?

Since each Ridley bike has a 2-year warranty, it is eligible to be returned or repaired through the Return Goods page on the company’s website.

Additionally, registering your Ridley bike extends its warranty from 2 years to 5 years.

How to Contact Ridley

You can speak with the lovely people at Ridley through the chat function on their website.

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