Calyx Flowers Review

About Calyx Flowers

Calyx Flowers Review

Flower delivery is a high-pressure job. Relied on to make occasions even more special, or bring peace to loved ones in times of need, orders need to arrive on time and in perfect shape. For moments like those, Calyx Flowers has become a trusted name in flower delivery since opening in 1988. 

The family-owned business offers a gorgeous array of flowers, plants, and holiday arrangements, using blooms and greens from eco-sustainable farms. With a fantastic reputation among customers, many have relied on the business for decades.

Does family-owned really mean better? And can you trust this service too? All of your questions will be answered in my Calyx Flowers review. I’ve dug deep into the roots of the brand to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Overview of Calyx Flowers

Calyx Flowers Review

Calyx Flowers was established in 1988. That little fact alone should tell you how successful they are. What started at a small flower shop in Yarmouth, Maine has developed into a blooming business delivering across the US.

Now owned by Mark Ranalletti and his wife Kathryn, the business is completely family-owned. And you can tell. Customers say that its flowers are some of the most spectacular they’ve seen, only outdone by its customer service.

Customers choose Calyx Flowers for those two facts, along with its reliable delivery and a wide variety of flowers and plants.

Dedicated to giving you the best service possible, their extra-special blooms are grown around the world in places natural to them. For example, the brand’s orchids come in from Florida, their roses are grown in Colombia, and their wildflowers are shipped in from California.

Now that you know a little more about the brand and the folks behind it, I’ll move my Calyx Flowers review right along. The highlights are up next.


Calyx Flowers Review
  • Family-owned online flower delivery service
  • Wide selection of buds & blooming flowers
  • Established plants
  • Expertly crafted holiday arrangements
  • Excellent customer service
  • Sale section 
  • Deals & discounts available
  • Speedy delivery

Calyx Flowers operates completely online, swapping its storefront for a virtual shop that’s filled with elegant and breathtaking blooms, flowers, plants, and arrangements. You can shop by type or occasion, or choose the monthly gift option to send flowers on a schedule. 

Coming up in my Calyx Flowers review, I’ll tell you more about their flowers and plants so you know exactly what to expect when ordering. Let’s dive in. 

Calyx Flowers Products Review

Calyx Flowers has a spectacular array of flowers, potted plants, and holiday arrangements perfect for any occasion. Your flowers will arrive in a bouquet or vase while your plants come in a wicker basket or hand-painted cachepot.

Shipped in bud and bloom form, they make an impressive gift that continues to bloom over time. I’ll tell you all about their best-selling selections next. 

Calyx Flowers Blush Pink Rozalea Plant

Gifting orchids is a grand gesture, but often, the receiver has a hard time keeping them alive. The Blush Pink Rozalea Plant is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to fuss over a plant. While it has a dainty delicate look, it’s actually quite a hardy plant.

Your bush will arrive at 12”-14” high planted in a grow pot. Take your pick of a woven wicker basket or hand-painted cachepot, and enjoy the bud and bloom spectacle that arrives at your door. The Blush Pink Rozalea Plant rings in at $64-$74.

Calyx Flowers White Calla Lily Plant

This tender calla lily plant is one for the books. It’s simply striking in any home, bringing a sense of peace to your reading room, entryway, or bedroom. The White Calla Lily Plant is a plant, not an arrangement, so yours will arrive in a 6” growers pot that’s inside a hand-painted cachepot.

If you’d rather have something with a more natural look, opt for the woven wicker basket. An established plant, the calla lily will be 20-22” in height and will have both blooms and buds. This makes it an elegant gift for a friend. Gift it for $69-$74.

Calyx Flowers Starlight Orchids

You can’t get a more elegant flower than an orchid. Exotic and unique, the Starlight Orchids bouquet makes a big impression whether it’s on your boss, wife, or mother-in-law. As one of Calyx Flowers’ debut designs, its limited availability makes it even more special.

Including white dendrobiums and Calypso mokaras, you’ll enjoy these multi-blossomed stems which bloom from top to bottom. Each stem measures about 16”-18” and you’ll get 15 per bouquet. Choose a glass or decorative vase, or go au natural. Prices range from $149-$169.

Calyx Flowers Fresh Evergreen Garland

Forget plastic garland. It’s overpriced anyway. Bring nature indoors this season with the Fresh Evergreen Garland. Measuring 24’ long, it’s the perfect choice for your mantle, but could look just as stunning on a staircase handrail.

The garland is a mix of beautiful greens and reds, crafted with eucalyptus, variegated holly, and pine cones, artfully placed among noble fir and cedar sprigs.

Feel free to add your own finishing touches, or nestle a few flameless candles among their lengths. You can get the Fresh Evergreen Garland for $149 just in time for the holiday season.

Calyx Flowers Holiday Deer Potpourri

This is the most precious arrangement I have ever seen. The Holiday Deep Potpourri looks stunning and smells wonderful, filled with the lovely scent of pine, lilac, and lavender, along with balsam, clove, and apple.

It makes for the perfect piece for your entryway table or an office gift to kick off the season. 

This set comes with two deer. One is kneeling, measuring 14” high while the other stands tall at 16”. Hand-crafted in the USA, this sweet selection can be yours for $69.

Calyx Flowers Winter Rose Bouquet

The Winter Rose Bouquet is giving me major Beauty and the Beast vibes. It’s full of rare red Freedom roses and Deep Purple roses, accented with burgundy hypericum berries for a bright pop of festive color in your home. 

Pittosporum greenery fills out the arrangement and is a nice change up from regular fern. Each stem measures 15”-17” and there are a total of 23 per bouquet.

To capture the essence of the holidays even more, go with the gold-decorated vase. Glass vases or no vases at all are also options. Order yours for $129-$140.

Who Is Calyx Flowers For? 

Calyx Flowers Winter Rose Bouquet

Calyx Flowers has a wide variety of bouquets and plants for any occasion. Because they’re grown on eco-friendly farms, you may like them even more if you want a little sustainability with your stems.

Calyx Flowers Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Calyx Flowers Review

Online flower delivery often comes with a lot of questions. Will my roses arrive intact? How do I know my potted plant won’t be damaged in transit? Because of that, this section of my Calyx Flowers review is perhaps the most important. Here, I’ll showcase some real customer experiences.

While Calyx Flowers doesn’t have an overall rating on its website, it does show a handful of customer comments. One customer wrote: “I am impressed with every aspect of Calyx; the high-quality flowers, the meticulous packaging process, and the best problem-solving resolution experience I’ve ever had.”

That’s the difference when choosing a family-owned business over a big corporation. Choosing Calyx means that not only will you receive high-quality products but they provide excellent customer service as well. 

The next Calyx Flowers review we’ll look at comes from the Better Business Bureau. There, the brand scored a B+ overall and an average of 3.89/5 stars from 29 ratings.

“I have received Calyx Flowers many times from my daughter and have always enjoyed them! I appreciate them even more this year! When my flowers were damaged in transit they quickly shipped out a gorgeous new plant,” one customer wrote in their Calyx Flowers review.

Another said: “Their customer service is consistently flawless as are their flowers which are stunning each and every time and last forever. But it’s the customer care that does it for me. They go above and beyond every time. This is why they are the only place I use.”

On Google, the brand scored 4.6/5 stars from 17 shoppers. One user wrote: “I absolutely love sending flowers from Calyx. I always receive comments from my clients that they are so beautifully put together and last longer than other bouquets. I also love their customer service! Thanks to Kap and the team for all that you do! I can’t wait to send my next gift of flowers.”

There are quite a few comments about Calyx Flowers going above and beyond the call of duty, and it looks like they truly want to make their customers happy. It’s clear that they have excellent customer service, and it was nice to read that often the owner steps in to resolve complaints and speaks to customers on the phone.

Is Calyx Flowers Worth It?

Calyx Flowers Review

After all things considered, it’s clear that this business is worth choosing. They’re known for their quality, and more so, their customer service. I love their flower and seasonal selection, but also the fact that they use flowers grown on eco-friendly farms and are family-owned and run.

Calyx Flowers Promotions & Discounts

Calyx Flowers Review

Flowers are the one product you don’t often see on sale, yet Calyx Flowers often holds promotions for their bouquets and plants. At the time of writing my Calyx Flowers review, I found these great deals:

  • They have a sale section.
  • Get a Calyx Flowers coupon for 15% off when you sign up for Luxury Rewards.
  • You can also shop for Monthly Programs and enjoy 10% off every order.
  • Right now, they also have a Black Friday special going on, giving you 15% off sitewide when you use code BLACKFRIDAY2022 at checkout.

Where to Buy Calyx Flowers

Calyx Flowers Review

Ready to order? Head over to and pick out your perfect bouquet. Once you’ve selected your preferred vase, enter your delivery address and your flowers will be there in no time.


Calyx Flowers Review

Who owns Calyx Flowers?

Mark Ranalletti and his wife Kathryn own Calyx Flowers. The company is now completely family-owned. 

Where Does Calyx Flowers Ship To?

Calyx Flowers ships within the continental US only. Here’s what else you should know about the policy:

  • They cannot deliver to Hawaii or Alaska at this time.
  • They send all of their orders via FedEx Standard Overnight shipping for more delicate flowers while they send more stable flowers with 2-Day Air.
  • Preserved flowers are sent through FedEx Ground.
  • FedEx delivers up to 5:00 pm for businesses and 8:00 pm for residences.

Does Calyx Flowers Include Care Instructions With The Products?

They do. Care cards are included with every order and if you need additional tips, you can find them online. I’ll include a few here for good measure:

  1. Once you open your bouquet and ready it for a vase, pour warm water in the vase, not cold. Cold water can shock the flowers.
  2. Cut your stems diagonally under water and use garden shears when possible.
  3. Keep your flowers away from extreme hot or cold temperatures, as well as direct light and drafts.
  4. Add fresh water to your flowers daily and re-cut the stems every other day.

If you receive roses, you’ll be walked through what calyx and corolla flowers are. The flower’s calyx is the outer protective petals that you will remove, and the corolla is the inner petals that attract pollen. There’s a lot that can be learned through Calyx’s guides, so I suggest checking them out.

What is Calyx Flowers’ Privacy Policy?

No matter what website you use, as soon as you land on a page, certain information is collected. Websites cannot collect additional information or place cookies on your device unless you consent to them. 

If you do accept cookies, that means that Calyx will track your use patterns while on their website to help them learn from them. This includes which pages you are interested in, how long you spend on each page, and the website you go to after you visit their site.

If you decide to use Calyx’s services, then they will ask for additional information. For example, to create an account your email address is required, and to place an order they will need a name, address, and billing information. 

Calyx uses a third-party service provider to place its ads around the internet. This means they collect information about your visits to, but no personal information is collected during this process, just your IP address and browsing habits.

If you have any questions or wish to remove your data from Calyx Flowers, email and let them know. Keep in mind that retracting certain information means you will no longer be able to use their services. For example, they cannot make a delivery without your address.

Will The Plant Be In Bloom When It Arrives?

Calyx Flowers ships their flowers in both bud and bloom form. That way, you get the beauty of your bouquet right away but your bouquet will continue to bloom and look beautiful for longer. The company packages its flowers with care to ensure all flowers arrive in great shape.

How to Contact Calyx Flowers

Calyx Flowers Review

If you still have questions after reading my Calyx Flowers review, you can get in touch with the brand by calling 1-800-800-7788 or emailing [email protected].

Prefer the old-fashioned way? You can send a letter to Calyx Flowers, Inc., U.S. Route 1 #305, Suite 7, Yarmouth, Maine 04096.

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