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Aura Review

We often hear about the necessity of practicing safe sex, but how often are we told to practice safe scrolling? I’m not talking about installing parental controls on Google searches here. 

How often do you wonder whether your information is safe through all the different websites you buzz through on an average day?

If I’ve piqued your curiosity then say hello to Aura. The company offers digital protection plans that can keep your financial, browsing, and password information safe. They also boast over 750 committed followers on Instagram.

In my Aura review I’ll dive into how the company formed, how their prices break down, what’s included in their plans, and what their customers have to say so that you can decide whether they’re worth holding the keys to your digital identity. 

Overview of Aura

Aura Review

In 2014, Hari Ravichandran found out that his credit information had been stolen. This could’ve been a decisive blow. There are plenty of people who have given up all hope on digital banking after having their information compromised.

Thankfully, Ravichandran was built differently. The company founder transformed his pain into a drive to find out how his information could’ve been stolen.

His search led him to the conclusion that digital security is flawed for the most part. The marketplace was filled with obtrusive, Kafkaesque machinations that confounded clients more than they did provide security. 

So, Ravichandran founded Aura in 2014 as a way to make internet security approachable and reliable. The current Aura team is filled with experts in the fields of identity and personal security. 

Their services are so dependable that they’ve earned the trust of massive companies like Katzenberg. And this support doesn’t come in the form of lip service and a pat in the back. No, Katzenberg invested over $200m into Aura. 

Aura Review

That’s a lot of Ms! But it demonstrates that Aura must be doing what they aim to do, and doing it well.

Let’s find out what else Aura does well by entering the highlights section of this Aura review:


  • A range of different plans that provide varying levels of financial and digital protection
  • Free trial period
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on all yearly plans
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Available on iOS and the Google App Play Store

Aura offers a total of 6 different plans broken down into a few categories. Included are their individual plans, whose prices I’ll cover in the next section of this article, and their family plans, which provide protection to more people at a slightly higher price.

Aura Services Review

Regardless of which of these best-selling Aura plans you select, I want to tell you that they all fall into a few price categories. They are as follows:

  • Basic individual plan, $10 per month
  • Total individual plan, $20 per month
  • Ultimate individual plan, $30 per month

All of these prices reflect the monthly price if you sign up for a year-long membership. They each come with different perks like VPNs, antivirus protection, and 24/7 customer support.

Additionally, they are all liable for coverage under Aura’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

Aura Identity Theft Protection Review

Aura Identity Theft Protection Review
Aura Identity Theft Protection

While doing my research for this Aura review, I was delighted to discover that this plan is the #1 rated identity theft protection plan by Identity Theft Protection Review. 

But certification isn’t enough to designate this Aura identity guard as being worth your while. Instead, it’s everything that the Aura Identity Theft Protection can provide to you that should make you feel safer online.

Alongside 24/7 customer support and a $1m identity theft insurance policy, this protection plan offers convenience and safety. It can alert you if anyone hacks into any of your social accounts like Facebook, YouTube, or even NetFlix.

This is one of the Aura services that can store all of your passwords in an encrypted bank. This eliminates the need for you to write them down because you can select them from a drop-down box anytime you need to sign into a service.

Finally, the Aura Identity Theft Protection also monitors your Social Security Number and banking information for any abnormal activity, then alerts you if they find anything fishy.

Aura Financial and Credit Fraud Protection Review

Aura Financial and Credit Fraud Protection Review
Aura Financial and Credit Fraud Protection

If someone steals your credit card information it’s oftentimes not just to buy a candy bar. With someone else’s life savings at their fingertips, criminals will usually ball out on the biggest purchases.

Time is of the essence when it comes to credit security. That’s why it’s a blessing that Aura Financial and Credit Fraud Protection notifies you about any changes in your credit activity up to 4 times faster than their competition.

Additionally, this plan can provide you with monthly reports about your credit score. It’ll also let you know if they have found any eye-brow-raising activity coming from your credit account, like purchasing four jetskis in the middle of December. 

That way, you’ll be extra covered against potential credit fraud.

Aura Device & Network Protection Review 

Aura Device & Network Protection Review
Aura Device & Network Protection

Although the past three years have been dominated by news reports of another, more dangerous virus sweeping the globe, there’s still the very real threat of computer viruses to worry about. 

Malware, phishing, and trojan horse viruses haven’t disappeared; they’re just better at hiding. The Aura Device & Network Protection doesn’t care though. It can protect you from viruses you forgot even existed in the first place. 

The service also provides VPN encryption, which masks your IP address—keeping you safe from hackers trying to access your information through public wi-fi networks. 

That’s not the only thing you can do with a VPN, but I’ll let the YouTube Nord VPN ads explain the other potential uses when you eventually encounter one.

The Aura Device & Network Protection also blocks your computer from entering suspicious websites that the service believes are phishing scams. Although I’m not living in the days of LimeWire anymore, dangerous downloads still abound.

Aura Family Review

Aura Family Review
Aura Family

While the plans I just covered in this Aura review are available as either individual or family plans, the Aura Family is (predictably) only available under the company’s family pricing model.

These plans support up to 10 people and come in three different options, the Basic Family, the Total Family, and the Ultimate Family. Here’s how their prices break down if you subscribe for an annual membership:

  • Basic Family Plan, $17 per month
  • Total Family Plan, $29 per month
  • Ultimate Family Plan, $39 per month

The Basic Family Plan includes the Aura Basic Identity Theft Protection coverage. 

The Total Family Plan includes the Aura Basic Identity Theft and the Financial Fraud Protection plans. 

Finally, the Ultimate Family Plan includes the Complete Identity Theft, the Financial Fraud Protection, and the White Glove Resolution.

Aura Customer Service Review

Aura Review

How often does an article get to touch upon a company’s customer service? I’m lucky that I have an easy job ahead as I continue with this Aura review, considering how rock solid the brand’s customer service appears to be.

Aura offers around the clock, 24/7 customer service 365 days a year for all customers based within the United States. That means you can contact them at any hour over any issue regarding your digital security. 

Additionally, the brand provides you a $1m identity theft insurance policy that should cover any associated court and legal fees, wasted wages, or other damages that come from identity theft.

Who Is Aura For? 

One of the greatest poets of our time, JROC, unwittingly summarized the necessity of digital security when he said, “It could happen to you, cause it happened to me.” of course, he was talking about his mother walking in on him in a passionate moment of self-love, but it speaks to the ubiquity of identity theft.

Anyone and everyone who operates in the digital sphere – which, in 2022, is literally everyone who is potentially reading this Aura review – could make use of Aura’s services.

Aura Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Customer protection is nothing if the customer isn’t actually protected. That’s just flagrant mismarketing. While it’s always important to consult with customer scores to see if companies practice what they preach it’s doubly, if not triply, important when you’re considering credit protection agencies.

So, this section of my Aura review will tackle what customers said about the brand to determine whether they can keep your information as safe as a titanium-bilayer bicycle helmet.

The Aura website features offerings akin to a rotating rotisserie chicken in the form of a feast of customer testimonials. Though there isn’t a cumulative average, most of the reviews featured on the Aura website gave the service 5/5 stars.

There were a few common elements that popped up in many of these positive reviews. The first one that I noted was that the service was incredibly easy to set up. One happy customer said that they were “Very impressed with the extent of coverage and ease of setting up the account.

This review also highlights another Aura aspect that customers loved: the depth of security the brand provided. Buyers felt that they could depend on Aura because of how much the brand considered in terms of security. 

One customer felt so safe in Aura’s hands that they (ironically, of course) hoped that they would never even need to rely on the service. They said, “Setup and purchase were pretty easy. Hope I never have to use it. Confident in the product.

That’s a strange sign of approval, but it makes sense. Much like how you want your antiperspirant to be so effective that you forget you’re wearing it, buyers often felt that Aura kept them safe enough that the thought of security fraud slipped their minds entirely. 

Elsewhere, Aura earned similar praise from customers. They have a 4/5 stars average score from more than 40 pieces of customer feedback on the iOS App Store.

These are the things that customers loved most about Aura according to the iOS reviews:

  1. Excellent call-center service
  2. Restored customers’ faith in digital security
  3. The Mobile VPN was reliable and fast

Some customers unfortunately found the Aura app to be a tad buggy. They complained of infrequent crashes and other technologically-related issues. However, the app is being updated on a regular basis, so it’s likely that many of these issues have already been resolved.

Finally, I peered over at Aura’s scores on the Google Play Store. There, many customers reported similar feelings of security to those I spoke of earlier. 

One 5/5 star review felt that the Aura app was of unmatched quality: 

This is a great app! I am so glad that my personal information and my identity is fully covered. It allows you to get coverage with Mac and Windows, as well as IOS and Android.. It is an amazing app that allows one to program it with all of your information. So far, I have had no issues with it.

I’ll wrap up this portion of this Aura review by summarizing what it is that customers appreciated the most about Aura. They loved how detailed the company was in regards to the depth of their coverage, how simplistic it was to protect their identity, and the peace of mind it provided them.

Is Aura Worth It?

Aura isn’t a street gang charging storefront owners premium under the guise of “providing protection services.” They’re a reputable service founded by people with a genuine interest in people’s digital well-being.

The fact that so many customers feel so much safer after signing up for Aura proves to us that this company is worth looking into. 

To conclude this Aura review, it’s worth considering what you’re currently doing to keep your online browsing safe and secure, and looking into what you can do to better protect yourself.

Aura Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of this Aura review, unfortunately I couldn’t locate any promotions or discounts. The brand does offer a 14 day risk-free trial that is worth looking into, though.

Where to Buy Aura 

Maybe because it’s such an exclusive offer, or maybe it’s because Aura is an online-only service, the only place that you can purchase Aura protection is through the company’s website,, the Apple iOS store, or the Google Play App Store.


Who owns Aura?

Aura’s owner is Hari Ravichandran, the same man who founded the company back in 2014. He was inspired to create the brand after finding himself the victim of credit theft and realized that he wasn’t the only person whose information had been violated.

What is  Aura’s Privacy Policy?

Aura only need to collect as much information as legally necessary in order to facilitate their services. They will ask you for information that goes beyond what is useful to the company and will never use any of your provided information for anything other than delivering you the highest quality of protection available. 

What is Aura’s Refund Policy?

An increase in your confidence may lead you to believe that you don’t need any form of cyber security and you’d like to cancel your Aura membership. Who knows why; maybe you won the lottery and feel that you now have too much money. 

Whatever your reasoning may be, you can request a refund by calling Aura at 1-855-712-0021. You can also manually cancel your membership through your Aura account membership portal online. 

However, I noticed that the company only provides customers 60 days post-payment to cancel their memberships. That gives you around two months to figure out whether Aura is right for you.

How to Contact Aura

That wraps up everything I had to say in this Aura review. If by any chance there are still some questions floating around your skull that pertain to the credit-protection company, then it’s best you reach out to them directly.

Oh don’t be shy, I’m sure that they love speaking with customers. If they didn’t then why would they bother attaching a few dependable contact lines through which you can speak with an Aura customer service representative?

Here are the best ways for you to contact Aura:

  • Shoot them an email at [email protected]
  • Give them a ring through the telephone at +1 833-552-2123

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