The Beard Club Review

About The Beard Club

The Beard Club Review

The Beard Club is a subscription box for men offering products to help you grow and maintain a luscious, healthy beard with minimal effort.

Operating out of its New Jersey office, this one-stop online store for the bearded saves time, energy, and money by offering products for your facial fur at your doorstep.

If you are still with me reading The Beard Club review, you probably fall into one of those categories: You have a mane you’re struggling to tame, or you have a scraggly stubble you’re grappling to grow out. The Beard Club beard kit can help you with both.

So, besides the marketing, what is it about The Beard Club that has so many men marching to its call? To find an answer, I combed through multiple customer reviews online and trimmed out fluff from ads to bring you this The Beard Club review, which will help you decide if this is your last stop for a healthy beard.

Pros and Cons

The Beard Club Review

Before going deeper in the service, pricing, and more, let’s break down some potential pros and cons of The Beard Club:


  • Wide range of products: The Beard Club offers a diverse range of grooming products, which allows customers to choose the products that best suit their needs and preferences.
  • Good quality: The products offered by The Beard Club are generally of good quality and have received positive reviews from many customers.
  • Good customer service: The brand has a reputation for good customer service, including responsive and helpful support and easy returns and exchanges.


  • Expensive: Some customers may find The Beard Club’s products to be expensive compared to similar products offered by other brands.
  • Strong fragrance: Some customers may find the fragrances used in The Beard Club’s products to be overpowering or unpleasant.

How Does The Beard Club Work?

The Beard Club Review

First off, The Beard Club does not offer one-time orders without signing up to be a club member. Here’s a breakdown of the sign-up process:

  1. Create your customized Beard Box by selecting products from The Beard Club’s official website or choose from among the brand’s popular kits
  2. Continue creating your account by providing your shipping address and billing information
  3. Your Beard Box, with beard care products and any one-time accessory selected, will be shipped
  4. Your subscription will be automatically renewed and billed every month and you’ll receive a shipment

If customers would like more products sent before the scheduled delivery date, they can update their subscription. You can also modify, pause, or cancel the subscription at any point.

So, how does The Beard Club do it? That’s why my The Beard Club review is here. The company curated its kits into three categories: Growth kits, Trimmer kits, and Grooming kits.

Each of The Beard Club kits contains a combination of the brand’s products–oils (The Beard Club’s best seller), moisturizers, shampoos, balms, body wash, wax, and tools (trimmers, combs, razors, and beard scissors)

The Beard Club Growth Kits

The Beard Club Review

For this The Beard Club review, I looked into the subscription Growth kits, including The Starter Kit, The Advanced Kit, and The Ultimate Kit.

The Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is the ideal, cost-effective way to kick-start your growth journey with its combination of Growth Vitamins, Growth Oil, and a free Beard Comb.  

The Growth Vitamins, which come in a bottle with 60 pills, contain more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals, such as Biotin and MSM, known for their positive effect on hair growth. They also contain Zinc and Vitamin D to support healthy testosterone.

The Growth Oil comes in a 1 oz bottle and is a blend of healthy oils such as Castor and Coconut Oil. The oil, when applied topically, strengthens roots, thickens hair, and eliminates itch while softening skin and split ends.

Priced at $33, there’s a reason why this kit is among The Beard Club’s top sellers. There are plenty of The Beard Club beard before and after photos to prove how effective the products are.

The free comb (made from solid Pearwood and with wide teeth) is a thoughtful addition to the kit that complements the other products well.

The Advanced Kit

If you’ve tried The Starter Kit, and you quite like the result, it’s time to level up with The Advanced Kit.

A lot of growth and a bit of grooming is how customers describe The Advanced Kit, which includes Beard Growth Vitamins, Beard Growth Oil, Beard Growth Vitamin Spray,  Beard Shampoo, and three free gifts with your first order to keep your beard game strong. 

The Growth Vitamin Spray, which comes in a 1 oz bottle, is a blend of nutrients and oils like Biotin, Bamboo, Vitamin D, Peppermint, and Lavender Hydrosol. This exquisite cocktail will help you keep your fuzz hydrated all day.    

With its all-natural blend of Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera and natural oils like Coconut, Castor, and Jojoba, The Beard Club’s Beard Shampoo is specifically formulated to clean and condition beards. That’s not all: it also detangles, moisturizes, and refreshes your beard while keeping the follicles healthy and dandruff-free

A key feature that emerged is its comprehensive packaging and the inclusion of the free gifts: a mustache comb crafted from Sandalwood, a beard brush made with Birchwood, and a beard brush designed with Pearwood. At $59, the kit is a steal for a killer stubble.  

Ultimate Growth Kit + Trimmer

At $115, The Beard Club beard kit, Ultimate Growth Kit + Trimmer can cause a dent in your household expenses, but once you unwrap the box and see your tried and tested products within, it’s a small price to pay. 

The Ultimate Beard Growth Kit contains all the brand’s products to support the growth of a healthy beard (Growth Vitamins, Growth Oil, Growth Vitamin Spray, and Beard Shampoo), along with an additional goodie: A PT45 Trimmer.

The Ultimate Growth Kit + Trimmer also comes with a folding comb for portability and a brown tweed travel bag with leather accents. 

Backed with a one-year limited warranty, the versatile PT45 Trimmer is perfect for your beard, hair, and body, and comes with a twist handle for 5 different cutting lengths and a rechargeable battery. 

The Beard Club Trimmer Kits

This Beard Club review looked into the brand’s popular trimmer packages including The PT45 Trimmer Starter Kit, The PT45 Trimmer Deluxe Kit, and The PT45 Trimmer Premium Kit.

PT45 Trimmer Starter Kit

The Beard Club’s PT45 Trimmer Starter Kit is perfect for the most unruly beards. The kit features the PT45 Trimmer with a LED display stand and 8 trimmer guides, paired with Beard Cream, Sandalwood Beard Oil, Growth Vitamin Spray, Beard Shampoo, and Sandalwood Beard Balm.  

Powered by a 7,000 RPM motor, the PT45 Trimmer is tipped with a silver titanium-coated ceramic moving blade and comes with a travel lock to prevent accidents.

The trimmer’s 3.7 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery has 3 hours of runtime per charge. No, this one isn’t just for your beard.

The Beard Club Review

The PT45 Trimmer Start Kit also includes a Sandalwood Balm (1 oz) made with a natural blend of Sweet Almonds, Orange Peel, and Amber Oils, which will help you style your beard without leaving a stiff residue. The Sandalwood Oil comes in a 0.5 oz bottle and is popular for its aroma and conditioning properties. 

The Beard Cream (2 oz), with its blend of natural Coco-Glucoside, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter leaves your beard soft and tamed. At $81, this multifaceted kit could be a sweet deal and an ideal Christmas gift. 

PT45 Trimmer Deluxe Kit

Owning a beard isn’t a fad for you. It’s a lifestyle. You preach it. People around you talk about it. Well, The Beard Club’s PT45 Trimmer Deluxe Kit is for you.

The kit includes the PT45 Timmer, Beard Cream, Sandalwood Beard Oil, Growth Vitamin Spray, Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo, Sandalwood Beard Balm, Beard Brush and its additional star: A Straight Edge Razor.  

The Beard Club Review

The Beard Club’s Straight Edge Razor, made in an attractive black, stainless design, is perfectly balanced and weighted for easy maneuvering.

It comes with 10 stainless steel razors. At $106, this kit has everything you need to grow, style, and maintain your facial hair and that jawline after your bearded days.   

PT45 Trimmer Premium Kit

The PT45 Trimmer Premium Kit has everything you need to grow a luscious beard that is bound to make heads turn. At $127, it’s packed with an extensive collection of products besides the trimmer.

The PT45 Trimmer Premium Kit comes with the PT45 Trimmer, Beard Cream, Sandalwood Beard Oil, Growth Vitamin Spray, Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo, Sandalwood Beard Balm, Beard Brush, Straight Edge Razor, Wooden Folding Comb, Sandalwood Mustache Comb, and a Travel Bag. 

The Beard Club Grooming Kits

Finally, I explored The Starter Beard Care Kit and The Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

Starter Beard Care Kit

Popping Vitamins and trimming beard fuzz is a lot of work. It’s time to pamper yourself a little with soothing balms and scented oils.      

The Beard Club’s Starter Beard Care Kit includes a Beard Shampoo, Cedar Beard Oil, Cedar Beard Balm, and Boar Bristle Brush. A Straight Edge Razor, 10 stainless steel blades, and a Black Leather Razor case are thrown into the mix for free

While many of these products feature in The Beard Club’s trimmer and growth kits, some of them are exclusive to the company’s grooming division: The Cedar Beard Balm and Cedar Beard Oil, for example. 

The Cedar Beard Balm, popular among those sporting a stubble, is a blend of natural ingredients that will help you fight the itchy phase when your beard is just growing out. It also provides hydration and conditioning for softer skin and beard. 

The Cedar Beard Oil minimizes beard itch by keeping your beard and skin moisturized and nourished with its blend of Cedar Wood Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.

Pamper yourself with the Starter Beard Care Kit, priced quite reasonably at $38.   

Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

The Beard Club’s Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit has everything you need to look, smell, and feel great without fretting too much over the cost. 

This beard grooming kit includes a Beard Shampoo, Sandalwood Beard Oil, Sandalwood Beard Balm, Beard Cream, Body Wash, Straight-Edge Razor, Boar Bristle Beard Brush, Beard Club Travel Bag, Folding Beard Comb, and Beard Scissors.

The Beard Scissors are made of stainless steel and have a silicone finger grip for precision. Don’t stop at just trimming your beard; match your sharp bearded look with a groomed mustache and trimmed nostril hair.   

The body wash included in this kit is made with a blend of Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Coconut.  At $79, this is a sweet deal for your beard, face, and soul. 

The Beard Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The Beard Club Review

While researching for The Beard Club review, it is clear that customers have given The Beard Club bead kit mixed reviews, with reactions ranging from skepticism to unrestrained plaudits. Does The Beard Club work?

Customers who’ve used The Beard Club’s products for beard growth vouch for them. On Amazon, of the 241 customer ratings, 55% have given The Beard Club’s Beard Growth Vitamins 5-star. Here is an objective The Beard Club review:  

It isn’t a miracle product. The process was slow. Still, I recommend buying it and trying it. No negative side effects and my patches are closing. I even smell better. Can’t say it will work for everyone but it is definitely worth trying.”

Customers are unanimous in their praise for The Beard Club’s beard grooming products, particularly the brand’s scented oil and balm.  

Is The Beard Club Worth It?

The Beard Club Review

As one of the most comprehensive subscription boxes for bearded men, with a variety of products at a reasonable price, I’d conclude this The Beard Club review by saying that the subscription is definitely worth trying.   

If you’re skeptical, start with The Beard Club’s lower-end kit, and work your way to other products. The brand’s flexible subscription also allows you to modify your monthly kit based on your needs and preferences.    

The Beard Club Promotions & Discounts 

The Beard Club offers a Rewards Program. Simply join, earn points, and redeem your points for special discounts and offers. You can earn points by simply:

  • Adding The Beard Club on Instagram (5 points) 
  • Signing up for The Beard Club (15 points)
  • Reviewing a product (25 points) 

Where to Buy The Beard Club

The Beard Club review

At the time of this The Beard Club review, I found a few purchase options:

  • Sephora 
  • The Beard Club Amazon
  • The brand’s website at 


Does The Beard Club help grow beard hair?

During my research for The Beard Club review, I found out that the brand offers products (pills and spray) that are a blend of vitamins and minerals to help you thicken and grow your beard. While the products have their share of skeptics, most customers who’ve used them vouch for their effectiveness. 

How long does it take for The Beard Club to ship?

The Beard Club will have your boxes shipped within 1-3 business days and your products should arrive within 7-10 business days from when it was shipped (8-16 days for Canadian shipments).

How do I cancel my Beard Club membership?

The Beard Club’s customers can skip a monthly shipment by logging into their account and under the ‘Next Shipment’ tab, click ‘Skip’ to skip one month. You could also click the ‘Edit’ option to change the shipment frequency in which you receive individual products. 

If you’d still like to cancel your subscription, follow these steps: 

  1. Log into your account and click on ‘Overview’
  2. Scroll to your subscription and click ‘Cancel Plan’

Even if you cancel your monthly plan, you will still be a part of the club, which means you have access to Beard Club merchandise, receive beard care tips, and be a part of the Rewards Program.  

If at any point customers need more beard products and would like to resubscribe, they can simply log back into their account and reactivate their old subscription. 

How to Contact The Beard Club

If you still have questions after The Beard Club review, you can write to them at [email protected], or send a message to their Facebook page. The company strives to respond within 2 business days.

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People have no knowledge of the fact that fast hair growth amino scalp therapy shampoos (of course with no sulfates, no parabens, no DEA) are even a thing. People can now experience longer hair and have more possibilities. Undoubtedly worth considering.

Whether you’re thinking about hair loss, hair damage, preventing scalp disorders, hair growth, hair and scalp care more often than not, almost the same principles apply.

As a rule of thumb, you have to steer clear of hair products and treatments that include chemicals like parabens, DEA or sulfates.

What is healthy for your hair is beneficial for your skin as well.

It goes without saying your content on this page is so accurate for various reasons. It steers away from the common traps and errors too many fall into- buying horrible alternatives. Thank you!

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I ordered a kit at Christmas and my starter kit with razor was shorted i only got a small bottle of cream, and a razor thought your kit had more in it but arrived right at Christmas so could send back in time so one gift was a disappointment. Will not be ordering more, or recommending this product.

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