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About Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch is a men’s lifestyle company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Its unique mission–creating long-lasting, more-responsible menswear– has consistently managed to grab media attention. Taylor Stitch has featured in noted publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Daily Beast and Entrepreneur. They’ve got a fan base on social media with over 148k followers on Instagram, so they’re a brand to be reckoned with. 

This Taylor Stitch clothing review will help you decide if the brand lives up to its promise by taking an in-depth look at its products, how customers rate them, promotions offered, where you can get your hands on Taylor Stitch, and more.      

Overview of Taylor Stitch

The story behind Taylor Stitch is kind of a life lesson. It started with three men: Michael Armenia, Michael Maher and Barrett Purdum, who struggled to find shirts that fit them right. With no shirting experience or the money, the trio turned to the country’s oldest family of shirt-makers to learn from the best. Don’t know what you’re doing? Talk to people who know more than you. Humility.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, co-founder Michael Maher described how they were spared no lesson on construction—from fit and balance to the importance of French seams, to why 22 stitches-per-inch matters on a shirt (yes, it apparently does). In 2008, after years of tailoring and fitting, Taylor Stitch was finally ready to venture into the market.   

Taylor Stitch clothing review
Michael Armenia & Michael Maher

Even when Taylor Stitch was in its beginnings, the brand was touted to disrupt the fashion industry by pioneering new ways to source, sew, and sell. The concept behind Taylor Stitch clothing is to build products that wear in, not out, and get better with age. In short, the opposite of fast fashion. 

Recognizing the market need for sustainable clothing with minimal impact on the planet, the production of garments from Taylor Stitch involves significantly less water, a smaller carbon footprint, and the products are made to last for a decade and more. Taylor Stitch clothing is made with recycled and regenerative fiber, which helps in lowering water usage and doing away with chemicals and pesticides which harm workers and pollute rivers.

Taylor Stitch Clothing Review 1

So, does Taylor Stitch live up to its promises? This Taylor Stitch clothing review answers that question in depth, but you can catch the highlights here:  


  • Durable clothing made for the long haul
  • Offers clothing for every occasion, from denim and chinos to pants and suits 
  • Customers can buy made-to-measure or custom shirts
  • Unwavering focus on sustainable clothing with limited environmental impact 
  • Clothing with repair and replace guarantee
  • Customers can choose between purchasing ready-made clothing or crowdfunding new designs (more on this later)
  • Free shipping and returns throughout the US


  • Product costs remain on the pricier side despite production move to China 
  • Limited retail stores available
  • Customers report inconsistencies in sizes and measurements, delayed responses from customer service
Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch has an array of shirts, jackets, blazers, coats, knits, denims, footwear and accessories including belts, wallets and caps on its online store. The best way to describe their designs is classic and rugged. This brand is for men, not boys. It’s mostly cool, understated neutrals and guys posing in nature. 

This Taylor Stitch clothing review will showcase some of its bestsellers, and you’ll get a better sense of their style. 

Taylor Stitch Shirts Review

Taylor Stitch clothing review

From button-down collars to casual tees, Taylor Stitch shirts are timeless staples for any wardrobe, built from environmentally friendly fabrics and made by manufacturers, who the founders describe as “responsible.” Designed to look and function just as well in the city as they do in the outdoors, Taylor Stitch, which dubs itself as a shirting company, promises its customers that its line-up of shirts are made to withstand wear and tear. 

Their repertoire may be limited and colors mostly solid, but their attention to details is impressive, to say the least. The Taylor Stitch collection includes everyday oxfords, tees, chambrays and denims, which cost between $45 and $125. Every warp and weft rolled out of a Taylor Stitch manufacturing unit has a story– a story of people, places and the planet.

This Taylor Stitch clothing review will explore some of the products and the stories behind them. 

The Jack Everyday Oxford 

With its slim, tailored fit and classy look and feel, The Jack Everyday Oxford is a laid back staple. It looks especially chill with the cuffs rolled up. The Jack has a shorter length and it’s designed to be worn untucked, to go with that casual air. The 100% organic cotton shirt features a triple button collar and a rounded chest pocket for show (you could put something in it, but it’s mostly just a style element).

The Jack Everyday Oxford is a Taylor Stitch essential, for good reason. It’s available in black, blue, white, charcoal, army green, and straw for $98.

This Taylor Stitch shirt is not just another wear, it seems to be an experience for customers who own a piece. This reviewer captures the sentiment of most people who have left feedback on the website for The Jack Everyday Oxford: “I’ve found the shirt I will live in for the rest of my working life, and when I retire, I’ll wear it for gardening (it will almost certainly last that long),” posted Arthur.

The California Everyday Chambray

With its custom powder coated metal buttons and fabric that is soft on the skin, The California Everyday Chambray is another favourite among customers. This Taylor Stitch shirt with a casual California collar is 100% organic cotton and comes in smart shades of blue and charcoal.

This is perfect for those out there who aren’t fans of grooming but want to look suave, nevertheless. Here’s your chance to transition seamlessly from work to weekend. The shirt is easy to iron as it has no pleats. It can slightly pinch your wallet though, at $118. Customers do say the The California Everyday Chambray is worth it, and if you feel like you’ll wear it regularly, it’ll definitely pay off in style and value.

The Heavy Bag Tee

If you’re focused on minimizing your carbon footprint, The Heavy Bag Tee is the way to go. Made with upcycled and recycled yarns of Cotton and Polyester, which are shredded and respun, this Taylor Stitch shirt is made without water. Here’s a grim fact: If made conventionally, a single piece of this t-shirt would take a whopping 1,200 gallons of water. That’s equivalent to the daily water consumption of eight households!  

This Taylor stitch shirt comes with and without a single chest pocket, and is available in tons of colors: Natural, Navy, Slate, Cypress, Heather Grey, Dusty Sky, Dusty Teal, Black, Vintage California and Retro Block Print. The The Heavy Bag Tee is priced at $45. Pair it with jeans and a leather jacket, and you’re gold.  

The Heavy Bag Henley

Taylor Stitch Clothing Review 2

Cut from the same fabric used to make The Heavy Bag Tee, The Heavy Bag Henley is twice the weight of a standard cotton t-shirt but is much softer. Customers who bought this tee say it feels like a gentle, cozy sweater. It’s 50% thicker than a regular shirt, so substantial without being bulky.

With its long sleeves, cat-eye buttons and three-button half placket front, this Taylor Stitch clothing is popular for its snug fit. This tee shirt is available in Navy, Natural, Heather Grey, Cypress, Fatigue Brown and Fatigue Green. The The Heavy Bag Henley is a solid match for khakis, priced at $68.

Taylor Stitch Pants Review

Taylor Stitch clothing review

From camping to everyday wear, the Taylor Stitch pants collection is all about craftsmanship. They offer an array of chinos, denims, camp pants and chore pants, all within the $98 to $128 price range. Not bad for good quality pants, but definitely not cheap.

As part of this Taylor Stitch clothing review, we’ll now look at some of the brand’s more popular pants and see if they fit right, according to customers.

The Democratic Chino

The Democratic Chino is pretty popular among Taylor Stitch clientele. Made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex, these Taylor Stitch pants are comfortable with just a hint of stretch. Men with well endowed calves don’t seem to be big fans of the cut though, as they are tailored more for slim-straight fit.

These pants are rated highly for quality and design. The great thing about chinos is that they can be dressed up our down. You can go from the office to the bar in the The Democratic Chino. They’re elevated, but not dressy.  They’re available in Ash, British Khaki, Olive, Navy and Coal for $98.

The Democratic Jean

The Democratic Jean offers all the benefits of traditional denim — its texture, look and tensile strength. Besides the fabric itself, what sets this Taylor Stitch denim apart is its minimal impact on the environment during production. From the customers’ side, the product is popular for its attention to details, durability, comfort and the softness of the fabric (100% organic cotton).     

You have the choice between different versions of the jean—from the everyday denim and to the vintage Yamaashi Orimono Recover Selvage, which has a unique blend that gives it a distinctive look and feel. On all versions, the cuffed look reigns supreme. The Democratic Jean costs $98 in the everyday style, and the Yamaashi is $228.

Taylor Stitch Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Taylor Stitch clothing review

As part of my research for this Taylor Stitch clothing review, I surfed the internet to feel the pulse of customers off of the website. While most reviews praised Taylor Stitch clothing for its durability and style, the biggest points of contention among customers are its pricing, customer care, and occasionally, quality issues. 

When Taylor Stitch moved much of its production to China in early 2018, many of the brand’s long-time loyalists were up in arms. Discussion websites like Reddit were abuzz with debates on the brand’s pricing remaining the same despite the move.

I’m sad to give a lowish review to TS. The style has always been good, but it used to be SLIGHTLY pricey and made in the USA with good quality… but now it’s half and half on quality and made in China,” read a Taylor Stitch clothing review on Yelp. 

Taylor Stitch justified the move saying they had outgrown their US vendors and had to consolidate manufacturing with partners overseas, but that the move had not compromised the quality of their products. How do Taylor Stitch shirts fit? There were quite a few complaints from customers on inconsistencies in sizing and measurement, as well. 

Customer reviews were particularly effusive in their praise of the Taylor Stitch feedback system. When customers complained about their painfully slow customer service, the reaction was immediate, and the result was for all to see and experience. 

I had the minimal wallet in brown and have absolutely loved it. Over time with standard wear and tear, the pockets began to stretch….Since I loved the wallet so much, I messaged them to see if there was anything they could do. They are sending me a replacement wallet free of charge. Another Taylor Stitch clothing review read onYelp, “this customer service is amazing.”

Is Taylor Stitch Clothing Worth It?

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Personally, I am among a growing breed of customers who make purchasing decisions based on the desire to preserve rather than accumulate. While style is important, I also care about the ethical processes involved in the making of the clothes I wear. This is where Taylor Stitch clothing scores, even if it comes at a price

The brand ensures fair wages and benefits to its workers and uses sustainable cotton, including recycled and regenerative fibers wherever possible, in its clothing. Such practices are difficult to keep up in an increasingly competitive market and requires patronage. Taylor Stitch is clearly part of a movement. The brand is challenging the status quo, even if it means falling in line sometimes (the production move to China, for example). 

Although there are complaints, no brand is perfect, it’s clear in this Taylor Stitch clothing review that most customers are satisfied with the brand.

Taylor Stitch Promotions & Discounts 

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch offers a 20% discount on your first purchase if you sign up to receive their emails. If you sign up for an account on the brand’s website, you get a 5% discount on all purchases through The Common Club. Customers also have the option of offering a friend 20% off their purchase and earning $20 when they spend over $100.

Through its Workshop initiative, customers can be a part of the production process by crowdfunding products before launch and getting a 20% discount once the funding goal is reached and the Taylor Stitch product is manufactured and delivered. 

At this time, I couldn’t find a Taylor Stitch promo code or Taylor Stitch discount code. 

Where to Buy Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch clothing review

Taylor Stitch has two retail stores in San Francisco at Valencia St. and Chestnut St. Customers can also buy their products through their website,


Taylor Stitch Sizing

The founders of the brand suggest buying your jacket size. For example, if you wear a size 40 jacket, buy a size 40 shirt. This Taylor Stitch clothing review includes size charts for you:

Taylor Stitch clothing review
Taylor Stitch Shirt Sizing
Taylor Stitch clothing review
Taylor Stitch Pants Sizing

Taylor Stitch Shipping Policy

All US-based Taylor Stitch orders get free shipping. For in-stock items, customers are issued a tracking number within 2 business days. You should expect your package within 2-4 business days after this.

Orders placed for Workshop items has a shipping fee of $6. These orders will be shipped during the estimated period noted on the product page. 

Taylor Stitch ships outside the US using either FedEx or UPS. The transit rates are contingent upon transit distance and the weight of the shipped item(s). Rates are not inclusive of taxes or duties.

Taylor Stitch Return Policy

Customers can exchange or return any Taylor Stitch product, including those purchased during site-wide sales (such as Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and New Year’s) for a full refund or store credit within 21 days of having received it. However, Last Call items are final sale and are non-returnable. 

To return Taylor Stitch products, they have to be unworn, unwashed, unaltered, free of stains and odors, and have their original tags affixed to be eligible for return or exchange.

To initiate a return:

  1. Submit your email ID on the returns page of the Taylor Stitch website. You will be emailed a direct link to process return   
  2. Click ‘Return Item for the item(s) you wish to send back
  3. Obtain return shipping label after selecting if you’d like to exchange for another size or return for a refund
  4. Refund will be initiated to your original method of payment as soon as the item reaches the company’s warehouse

You can also initiate returns and exchanges through your Taylor Stitch account. At this time, Taylor Stitch does not support international returns or exchanges. 

Contact Taylor Stitch

If you have questions that weren’t answered in this Taylor Stitch clothing review, you can contact Taylor Stitch via:

  • Phone: (415) 304-8208 from 9am–5pm Pacific Time PT
  • Email: founder[email protected] 
  • Mail: 290 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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