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Eton Shirts Review

Eton Shirts is a fine men’s shirt company based in Sweden. Its collection of premium dress shirts, casual shirts, soft-washed and formal shirts are designed by artists and made by experts from the finest fabrics. Eton shirt-makers strive to recreate classics from the past and seamlessly weave them into contemporary fashion.    

Eton Shirts is featured in multiple publications, including notable ones like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The New York Times, British GQ, and Esquire magazine. What began as one store in the small village of Gånghester nearly a century ago is now a globally established brand with a fan base of 119K followers on Instagram. 

Steeped in history, there’s much to discover in this Eton Shirts review. What makes this brand exceptional, and why do customers swear allegiance to it? How did Eton Shirts survive a war and The Great Depression? This Eton Shirts review provides an in-depth look at the brand from its founding, highlighting some bestsellers, customer feedback, promotions, and more.

Overview of Eton Shirts

Eton Shirts Review

Tracing the beginning of the brand for this Eton Shirts review was like poring over a book on World history. It started in a humble kitchen in the quaint village of Gånghester in Sweden in the 1920s, when a certain Annie Petterson began sewing dresses. Her husband David joined her fast-growing business after The Great Depression forced him to close down the family sawmill. 

Originally called Syfabriken Special (Specialized Sewing Factory), the brand was rechristened Eton Shirts in the 1950s, inspired by the elite Eton College in England. When the shirts were introduced to the British market, the English also found the initial brand name quite a mouthful.  

In the early 90’s, Eton Shirts produced the world’s first non-iron shirts in 100% cotton. While this Eton Shirts review can’t independently fact-check this claim, the selling point worked among customers: 600 non-iron shirts were sold at Harrods within the first week of their introduction. 

Flash forward to today, and Eton is now a global brand with its shirts sold in more than 1,500 stores in over 50 countries, with flagship stores in Frankfurt, London, New York and Stockholm. Who owns Eton Shirts? After being family-owned for more than eight decades, Eton was bought by Swedish private equity group EQT Partners in 2016. 

Eton Shirts review

You might be wondering, where are Eton Shirts made? Most of the brand’s collection is made in Romania, Estonia, Macedonia and Lithuania, while the company’s pricier (and superior quality) DnA shirts are made at the company head office in Gånghester.

Shirt manufacturers routinely boast about how they make the “highest quality shirts” with the “best fabrics” without really delving into what makes them the best. Eton is no exception here. Eton’s creative director Sebastian Dollinger has gone to town claiming Eton Shirts are among the finest in the world. 

So, what makes these shirts truly distinct? Based on my research and customer reviews, this Eton Shirts review will guide you into taking an informed decision because… Eton shirts are not cheap. We’ll tell you if the buy is worth the pinch. 


  • Global and historical brand recognition 
  • High quality fabric 
  • Crease-resistant shirts made from 100% extra long staple cotton
  • Uses materials that are safe to humans and environment 
  • Wide variety of shirts on offer, from eccentric prints to corporate-approved classics
  • Offers four different fits 
  • Free shipping (with the exception of the US and Canada)
  • Free returns


  • Expensive
  • Collar stays cannot be removed
  • Customers complain of poor stock management
Eton Shirts review

Eton Shirts has something for everyone and a dress for all occasions, from business casual to  tuxedos and button-ups for working from home. These shirts come in different fits (slim, contemporary, super slim, classic and custom made) and categories (flannels, denim, polo, printed, French cuff and overshirts).

Eton Shirts is distinguished for its range of white shirts, which includes a selection of collars, fabrics, textures and innovative woven micro patterns. Whatever the occasion, there’s a white shirt to match it. The Signature Twill is an Eton staple with its perfect blend of comfort and style, while the minimalistic Herringbone Twill, another essential, reflects Eton’s traditional roots with its lustrous sheen and texture. Match the retro-inspired Blue Flower Twill Shirt with a pair of khakis and aviators and exude comfortable elegance.

Roll down those sleeves and lead a boardroom, roll them up and you are all set for a quiet dinner date at an upscale restaurant. This Eton Shirts review will explore some of the brand’s top-selling items and find out what makes them popular.      

Light Blue Twill Shirt – Signature Twill

This Light Blue Twill Shirt – Signature Twill is a detailed classic design piece cut from Eton’s most popular crease-resistant twill weave. This dress shirt is available in super slim, slim, contemporary, and classic fit. It’s crease-resistant with cutaway collars and stays sharp round-the-clock. Match this shirt with a pair of black pants or khakis and transition effortlessly from week to weekend. 

You’ve got color options with this signature shirt. It’s also available in white, navy, off white, pale purple, and light pink for $250. If you’re into some flair along the collar and cuffs, the Light Blue Shirt – Blue Floral Details comes in super slim and slim fit, in a white version as well, for the same price.

White Royal Oxford Shirt

Famous for its soft hand feel and sartorial look, the White Royal Oxford Shirt is an Eton essential with its unique texture, elegant draping and durability. Available in slim and contemporary fit, this is a smart-looking button down. Match it with a tie and a double-breasted suit for a suave corporate look, or opt to pair it with a suede jacket and white sneakers for the weekend. 

If you like the style and fit aren’t sure of investing in more white shirts, you could choose Eton’s Royal Oxford Shirt in other colors: light blue, black, pale pink, orange and yellow. This versatile piece is available for $175.       

Dark Navy Filo di Scozia Cotton T-Shirt

Knitted in Italy, manufactured by Sweden and worn at your local tavern or your neighbourhood park, the Dark Navy Filo di Scozia Cotton T-Shirt has travelled far. It’s knitted from Filo di Scozia yarns and double mercerized cotton and is popular for its softness and silky feel that gets better with wear. This jersey-style staple with a crew neck collar can be dressed up or down. Thrown on an unlined suit and a pair of sneakers for a dressed-up yet casual look, or keep it simple with denims. 

For a slim fit, the brand recommends choosing your regular size. For a slightly more relaxed feel, size it up by one. Be wary, customers say it’s hard to get one that fits right, but if you are among the lucky few, then there’s nothing like it. The Dark Navy Filo di Scozia Cotton T-Shirt is available in white, grey, cedar, yellow, and black for $225.

Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirt

Eton’s Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirt helps you relax with its crease-resistant flannel fabric. Stay sharp all day with the Herringbone Flannel’s button-under collar and classic weave. This style is available in slim and contemporary fits. If you like its collar, you’ll love its single cuffs as well. If the color isn’t for you, there are shades of red and grey to choose from as well.

Unbutton the Navy Herringbone Flannel Shirt and wear it with a trim suit to up your contemporary-cool business look, or match it with a pair of chinos for a sophisticated casual look. The striking color, in particular, makes this one my personal favorite. Get this slick look for $285.

Light Grey Piqué Shirt

Light Grey Piqué Shirt Eton Shirts review

It’s hard to stand out in casual attire, but not if you’re wearing one of Eton’s piqué shirts. With its button-under collar and long sleeves, the Light Grey Piqué Shirt is 3cm shorter than an Eton business shirt. The Piqué weave features cotton yarns characterised by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. This gives the material a subtle pattern and texture that can only be seen up close. 

The Light Grey Piqué Shirt, which also comes in black, has rounded single cuffs and a slim fit. While light grey is a highly adaptable color, if you feel like a more adventurous shade, there are 19 others to choose form. Do Eton shirts shrink? While most Eton shirts only have minor shrinkage, the piqué shirts have a natural shrinkage of up to 5% after the first wash. Eton recommends customers to stretch/reshape the shirt when wet. Now, that’s some maintenance, but customers say this $235 shirt is worth it.   

Navy Grenadine Tie

That’s enough shirt talk. Let’s get down to ties. Eton’s Navy Grenadine Tie is 100% silk and made in Italy. These ties are handmade and woven in the Italian village Como on traditional wooden looms for a soft handle and rich texture. Now that explains its $195 cost. Who said ties are for corporates and the tuxedoed? This one goes as well with casual denim shirts as well.     

Custom Made Shirts

Customers can also personalize their Etons to suit their preferences. Eton Shirts currently has on offer 62 items that can be perfected in both design and fit. You can choose a shirt by visiting the website and adjust the width of the chest and waist. The company also offers a variety of collars (button-under, cut away, extreme cut away) and cuffs. You can also adjust the length of your sleeves by comparing it with how your standard shirts fit.    

Want something a little more personal? Add a monogram to your Eton Custom Made Shirts. You can choose between placing it on the cuff or the front of the shirt. Eton’s customizable shirts are priced between $225-295, available in a variety of colors (blue, green, grey/black, off-white/brown, pink/red, purple and white), patterns (checked, dotted, floral, geometric, herringbone, micro print, motif, plain, striped) and materials (fine twill, flannel, Royal Oxford, poplin and fine twill stretch). Holy options.

Eton Shirts Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Eton Shirts review

There’s no other way to put this: Customers love Eton Shirts! While there’s an occasional gasp over the price tags of these shirts, there’s little debate on their quality. A majority of customers gave Eton shirts great to excellent ratings on TrustPilot. A lot of Eton Shirts’ customers are long-time loyalists, like this one: “I have been an avid Eton fan for many years. Their shirts are my favourites for casual and formal business attire. They are wrinkle-free – which make them perfect for business travel!”

Few seem to stop at owning a single Eton piece. Take this Eton Shirts review: “Yes, they are expensive but well worth the cost and will stand the test of time. I own maybe 20 of them and am always complimented when wearing them,” said a Reddit user. 

The biggest pullback for Eton is its customer service. A lot of customers on Reddit complained about poorly informed store staff, shipping delays and delayed returns. Poor stock management is another recurring issue. When I visited the company’s website for this Eton Shirts review, I found a lot of shirts were out of stock. 

Eton shirts are also high maintenance. The buttons on some of them are a bit more stylized, which makes them more delicate. Hand the shirt over to a dry-cleaner and you could have it returned with cracked buttons. You would do well to visit Eton Shirts’ website which devotes an entire section on how to take care of an Eton shirt.  

Are Eton Shirts Worth It?

Eton Shirts review

From my research and customers’ feedback, this Eton Shirts review’s verdict should be obvious by now: Yes, Eton Shirts are worth it. These shirts are time-tested and the brand’s attention to detail is impressive to say the least. People who own Eton shirts vouch for the quality of fabric and their durability. If you like an Eton shirt, most of the time, you end up loving the brand. 

That being said, the prices of Eton Shirts are not accessible to everyone. I would personally wait for a sale to acquire a piece of Eton. These shirts are a bit of an investment, but based on what customers say, it’s a worthwhile one!

Eton Shirts Promotions & Discounts 

Eton Shirts review

Unfortunately, there is no Eton Shirt sale at the time of this Eton Shirts review, but watch out: the brand slashes cost by up to 70% during the sale period. Eyeing a particularly exquisite piece from Eton? Save the link and wait for the sale period. I found no Eton dress shirt sale, but those come up as well.

Where to Buy Eton Shirts

Eton shirts are available online through the company’s official website,

You can also get them at one of its many global outlets. Visit Eton Shirts’ website to locate a store near you.


How do Eton Shirts fit?

This Eton Shirts review gives you the downlow on sizing for their Super Slim, Slim, Contemporary, Classic, and Relaxed fit shirts:

Eton Shirts review
Eton Shirts review
Eton Shirts review

What is Eton Shirts’ Shipping Policy?

Eton Shirts ships globally, and in general, it takes about 5 business days for delivery. Shipping within the EU, the UK and Norway is free, while the shipping cost to the US is $25 and Canada is $30

As soon as an order ships, customers receive a tracking ID via email. If you sign up for an Eton Shirts login rather than order as a guest, you can log into your account and track the package that way as well.

What is Eton Shirts’ Return Policy?

Customers can return any item purchased at Eton Shirts within 60 days from the delivery date, and returns are free. Just make sure to use the return label and fill in the return document. Eton Shirts at this time is unable to handle returns that are not connected to the company’s e-commerce store, If you have a return to a physical store, you need to visit the store in order to make a valid return.

The average sending takes a few business days depending on where you are when you’re leaving the return shipment. In general, it takes up to 5 business days from the day the parcel reaches the company’s warehouse for the return department to arrange returns. During the sale period, this may be extended to 14 business days.

How to Contact Eton Shirts

If you have lingering questions after this Eton Shirts review, you can contact customer care from Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM (ET) at +13473386350.

You can also email the company through Eton Shirts’ official website by filling out the contact form. 

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Customer service at the stores is awful. Aldo the guys running these stores are just terrible. Poorly manged by the people responsible for their retail operations.

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They used to be good, but recently it is going down to Chinese webshop level

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