Bombfell Subscription Review

About Bombfell

Bombfell Subscription Review

Bombfell is a men’s personal styling and clothing subscription service that pairs customers with high-end brands. From labels you love to colors that suit your skin tone and designs that flatter your body type, Bombshell delegates a personal stylist who listens to who you are and curates clothing that suits your taste.

If you think their selection is a bomb, keep it. If not, fret not. You can always send them back free of cost with no questions asked. Now, that’s a windfall. This Bombfell subscription review found their personal styling boxes featured in multiple media publications, including Time, The Wall Street Journal, Business Inside, TechCrunch, ABC News and CBS, not to mention Youtube channels that have unpacked the boxes, literally and figuratively.

Bombshell forayed into the business long before its current competitors. The brand’s following on social media mirrors the support and trust it has won over the years: Bombfell has 158k followers on Facebook and 66.1k on Instagram. That’s a clear sign of a hit. Or, is it?

This Bombshell subscription review will give you the answer by taking an in-depth look at the brand and presenting a selection of its bestsellers, customers ratings, promotions, and more. In short, we’ll help you decide if the brand is quite the bomb it claims to be and if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Bombfell 

Bombfell Subscription Review

A degree from Harvard prepared best friends Jason Kim and Bernie Yoo to take on the world, but it hadn’t prepared them for choosing the right clothes to fit in. The duo found themselves dragging their more fashionable friends and family along to select their wardrobe, only to find themselves in the same fix a couple of years later.

Unlike some of us, they didn’t just wallow in faded and dated clothes. They chose to act. In 2011, Kim and Yoo teamed up with fashion expert Sarah Lee to start a subscription service that helped men keep their wardrobes updated and relevant. Bombfell NYC was born.        

Bombfell asks you to think of it as a friend who knows all about your sizing and style preferences, and who sends you branded clothes to try on every month based on your taste.

What makes Bombshell unique is that they cater to different types of men; the man who dislikes shopping or is too busy to pick out clothes, the man who wants to step up his style and revamp his wardrobe, and the man looking for fashion advice.

Based on my research on the brand and customer reviews, here are the highlights of this Bombshell subscription review:


  • Offers a dedicated online personal stylist
  • Items based on exact measurements, body type, skin tone, etc.
  • Personalized clothing options
  • 7-day clothing try-on period before you’re charged
  • Flexible ordering: monthly outfits are the default, but can be changed to on demand
  • Free shipping and returns

How Does Bombfell Work?

Bombfell Subscription Review

This Bombfell subscription review will trace the journey of Bombfell clothing from the store to the box to your closet.   

  1. Bombfell thoroughly quizzes you on your typical wear on a weekday (Athletic/Leisure, Business Casual, Casual), your height and weight (it took me quite a bit of convincing to step on that darn weighing machine), pants and shirt sizes, fitting (tighter fitting, more relaxed), and body shape (wider in stomach, chest equals to hips, chest wider than hips).
  2. Next, you choose the stores you usually shop from (Bombfell’s website has a list of 16 stores), the style you wear, and your preferred budget for a range of items (t-shirts, shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, sweaters, jackets, socks, and underwear).
  3. Bombfell uses ‘human-in-the-loop’ artificial intelligence, which takes the data from the quiz to generate recommended style picks.
  4. A Bombfell stylist then uses the information to handpick items.
  5. After the style picks are made, you’re given a preview with 48 hours to amend the items to your liking, communicate with the stylist, and get style tips.
Bombfell Subscription Review

If you subscribe for Bombfell’s monthly service, you get a box every month comprising one outfit (and maybe an accessory). Once the items arrive, you have 7 days to try them on before deciding to keep them. If you don’t like an item, you can send it back using the shipping label provided. You only have to pay for the items you choose to keep.

For customers who don’t want a subscription, Bombfell offers products that are hand-picked by their in-house stylists, which can be purchased directly from their online store.  

Bombfell Personal Styling Box

Bombfell Personal Styling Box
Bombfell Personal Styling Box

There’s a party you’re looking forward to. You see yourself in a dashing outfit, but you can’t quite picture the details. All you have is a vague idea. An idea is a good start for Bombfell to dress you up.

In this section of the Bombfell subscription review, we’ll give you a sample of the items that are currently featured in the brand’s personal styling box. Let’s unpack a couple of them and see what they hold within. 

Lucky Brand Athletic Fit Pant

Lucky Brand Athletic Fit Pant
Lucky Brand Athletic Fit Pant

With its tapered leg and relaxed fit, the Lucky Brand Athletic Fit Pant is an all-season chino popular among those who have (or confident they have) an athletic build. Made with 72% cotton and a blend of fibers engineered to regulate temperature, these pants keep you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold.

Priced at $99, other features of these pants include a zip-fly, a ¼ slant pocket, two rear double-welt pockets, and a coin pocket. The number of compartments stitched into these pants is impressive, to say the least. The Lucky Brand Athletic Fit Pant comes in Sand, Monk’s Robe, and Laurel Wreath. Sizes range from 30×30 to 40×32. 

I’m no stylist, but if your Bombfell Personal Styling Box includes these chinos with a Henley, you’re bound to catch a couple of yearning glances your way when you don them. 

Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey Crew Neck LS Tee

Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey Crew Neck LS Tee
Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey Crew Neck LS Tee

Tired of shouting yourself hoarse about climate change and saving the environment? Why don’t you wear your statement instead? Rooted in eco-friendly practices, the Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey Crew Neck LS Tee incorporates organic and recycled materials wherever possible.

This made-in-USA product is a blend of 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton and 12% Rayon. Priced at $38, the tee is popular for its softness and comes in black. If you want to be associated with a brand that uses sustainable materials and has a limited carbon footprint, Alternative Apparel is your go-to label.

If you want to spend a weekend at home sipping hot chocolate and watch the fall colors or spend a quiet dinner with your family or friends, slip into this soft crew neck tee. You can also pair this versatile piece with a pair of Lucky Brand pants.        

Save the Duck Giga9 Down Alternative Jacket

Save the Duck Giga9 Down Alternative Jacket
Save the Duck Giga9 Down Alternative Jacket

My winter jackets are always banished to the tail-end of my chore-related priorities and are routine subjects of my procrastination. Need to wash them? Nah, too heavy, later. Have to pack them? Nah, too big, later. This is where the Save the Duck Giga9 Down Alternative Jacket scores for me.

Offered in attractive shades of evening blue and pine green, this water-repellent jacket is not just visual treats but also resilient, easier to care for, and quicker to dry. Shelled and lined with nylon and polyester, this jacket comes with two hidden hand-warmer pockets, two interior patch pockets, a logo patch, and packable bag.

Bombfell is currently offering a 25% discount on the Save the Duck Giga9 Down Alternative Jacket, marking it down to $133.50 from its initial cost of $178. If the puffer’s features are anything to go by, this is a sweet deal, provided you find a product in stock. At the time of this Bombfell subscription review, the jackets were sold out.

Surfside Supply Brushback Fleece Popover Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

Surfside Supply Brushback Fleece Popover Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt
Surfside Supply Brushback Fleece Popover Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt

Announce the onset of winter with the smart Surfside Supply Brushback Fleece Popover Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt. This lightweight and ultra-soft fleece from Surfside Supply is a godsend for those looking for the feel of fleece without the usual bulk.

Made with 97% rayon and 3% spandex, this modish piece features a ¼ zip, and ribbed hem and cuffs, available in navy and charcoal. Priced at $95, this Surfside Supply essential is for those who want to keep things casual while making a statement. 

How Much is Bombfell?

Bombfell Subscription Review

As mentioned earlier in this Bombfell subscription review, customers only have to pay for the clothes they keep. Bombfell’s average price per product is $79, with a fair amount of variation. When you sign up, you can decide your budget per item, and the Bombfell cost for your box will be set accordingly.

Bombfell charges $20 as non-refundable styling fee with each order, which includes a dedicated personal stylist, free shipping and returns, and convenient home try-on. If you choose to keep more than one item, you get a discount depending on the number:

  • More than 4 items: 20% off
  • 3 items: 15% off.
  • 2 items: 10% off

Bombfell Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bombfell Subscription Review

Bombfell prices are steep. Bombfell has its share of bungle-ups during returns. Bombfell even gets the measurements wrong occasionally. But customers love the brand. And here’s why:

 “I’ve been using Bombfell for six or so months now. I really enjoy the stuff I get. It’s high quality and fits well…. I get 2-3 items per month, and I generally keep at least one item. I love the convenience because everything they send is nice, and I generally hate shopping for myself,” wrote a customer in a Bombfell review Reddit.

Most Bombfell reviews Reddit were overwhelmingly positive, with subscribers noting that Bombfell’s service is an excellent value for the investment.  On customer review site Highya, Bombfell got an average of 4.6/5 stars, mostly for its quality, fit and value for the price paid.

Bombfell, which is BBB-certified, is particularly popular for its feature allowing customers to preview the items selected for them before shipping, something that most Bombfell competitors don’t have. Subscribers are also effusive about the convenience of having a professional stylist’s hand in their wardrobe.

Low points for Bombfell from the customers’ perspective were few. Most of them centered on issues like being charged despite returning products by the deadline and items not meeting expectations despite customers filling out a detailed questionnaire.     

Is Bombfell Worth It?

Bombfell Subscription Review

By now, this Bombfell subscription review’s verdict should be obvious: Yes. An emphatic one at that. Think shopping, and my joints and muscles fail me, and my mind draws a blank. So when Bombfell not just opened a door but also offered a personal stylist to guide me through my shopping experience, I lapped it up.

Besides, the brand features line-ups of some of my favorite brands. If you ask me, this is what bonanza looks like. Bombfell price is on the higher side, but based on my research for this Bombfell subscription review, it’s worth it. What works most for Bombfell is its unwavering commitment to quality, fastidious attention to detail, and customer-centric approach backed by tech and actual people.     

Bombfell Promotions & Discounts 

Bombfell Subscription Review

Unfortunately, there was no discount or sale at the time of this Bombfell subscription review. But keep checking the brand’s official website for details on price-drops. There’s currently no Bombfell promo code or Bombfell discount code.  

Sign up for Bombfell

An 0ctober 2020 update: Bombfell has closed its doors for good. The creators of Bombfell are sad to announce this:

Over the last decade, we’ve poured our blood, sweat and tears into building Bombfell and it is heartbreaking for us to have to deliver this message to you and close our doors. Your encouragement and support sustained us through it all, and it has meant everything to us to be there for you through your engagements, weddings, interviews and new jobs. Our lives won’t be the same without you.

Bombfell is no longer accepting new registrations, but will continue to accept returns and process refunds through October 31 for shipments already in progress.


How do you cancel Bombfell?

You can cancel your account via the account cancellation page on Bombfell’s official website, or email [email protected].

What is Bombfell’s Shipping Policy?

Bombfell currently ships only to locations within the US. The default option is to receive shipments on a monthly basis, but customers can change the frequency to once every two or three months, or only on demand, in their Frequency settings on their account dashboard.

Customers can also reschedule their next shipment in the ‘Orders’ page. Orders are shipped via FedEx or USPS, depending on the order contents and location being shipped to, and delivery times vary between 2-5 working days.  

What is Bombfell’s Return Policy?

Bombfell return processes are free, provided the items are unused, unworn, unwashed and undamaged. Tags (if applicable) should be intact. Returns that have not been shipped 7 days after delivery will be charged.

Returns shipped within 30 days of delivery will be refunded to your original method of payment. Returns shipped after 30 days and within 90 days of the delivery date may be returned for store credit, and are subject to a restocking fee per item of 25% of the retail price

A prepaid FedEx return label is included in every shipment. To initiate returns, follow these steps if your address is in the U.S: 

  • Click “Request Return” on the Orders page to generate a Return ID.
  • Write the Return ID on the original invoice included with your shipment and include the invoice with the clothes you’re returning. You can reuse the original box to send back the returns. Make sure the package is properly sealed.
  • Peel off the prepaid return label and attach to the package (be sure to cover the original label!).
  • Drop off at the nearest FedEx location.

How to Contact Bombfell  

You can contact a Bombfell stylist by writing to [email protected]. For issues related to shipping, returns and general queries contact [email protected].

No Bombfell customer service number was available at the time of this Bombfell subscription review. 

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