Marmot Jacket Review

About Marmot

Marmot Jacket Review

Marmot is best known for selling high-quality tents and sports apparel. The outdoor gear company states that they’ve designed a collection made “for the mountains” and that they’re misfits in the industry. 

Before the actual founding of the company, Marmot’s gear was used in a Clint Eastwood movie and a National Geographic documentary called Journey to the Outer Limits. They also have a solid following on social media, as seen by their 435k follower count on Instagram.

In the market for some climbing apparel? This Marmot jacket review can help you out. Keep reading as we share details about the company, its bestsellers, policies, and more, so you can decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Marmot

Marmot Jacket Review

Before meeting Tom Boyd, David Huntley and Eric Reynolds had discovered the perfect way to avoid their university classes in Alaska. The year was 1971, and they’d just started the Marmot Club—capturing the “spirit of community and inclusion” while combining their love for mountain climbing. 

To join the group, you had to conquer a peak with another Marmot member. Those who succeeded in this initiation mission were instantly granted the ‘President’ title, along with every member of the club! 

Eric and David then began developing their own jackets and outdoor gear. In 1971, they paired up with Tom and founded Marmot Mountain Works. Not long after that, a custom order for Clint Eastwood’s The Eiger Sanction came in…and the rest is history. 

Marmot was the first outdoor clothing company to use GORE-TEX in its attire. After that, they continued to reach new heights with a women’s gear collection, other lightweight fabrics, tents, and sleeping bags. 

Now that you know more about the California-based company, this Marmot jacket review will look at some pros and cons.


  • Marmot’s has a solid reputation for selling high-quality apparel 
  • Good selection of outdoor equipment for men, women, and kids 
  • Offers a lifetime warranty and repair program
  • Financing options available with Afterpay
  • Free standard shipping and returns on all orders
  • Generous 60-day return policy


  • Only accepts orders within the US 
  • Expensive gear 
Marmot Jacket Review

Taking on the outdoors requires some serious preparation. So, let’s browse through some Marmot gloves, sleeping bags, jackets, and more, to help you shield yourself from the elements. 

In this review, we’ll share more information on Marmot clothing and outdoor supplies, such as pricing details and special features. As a side note, all of their products can be financed through Afterpay.  

Marmot Jacket Review

The company has many durable, warm jackets available for winter. They also carry gear for year-round mountain climbing. WIthout further ado, let’s get this Marmot jacket review started with some customer faves. 

Marmot Men’s EVODry Clouds Rest Jacket Review

The Men’s EVODry Clouds Rest Jacket is ideal for mountain climbing. The 3-layer waterproof material will ensure that you stay dry during rainy weather, especially if you’re going to be camping out for a few days. 

The Marmot rain jacket is also one of the company’s most sustainable jackets. It is free of perfluorinated chemicals that are commonly found in other waterproof fabrics. But, it still features a water-repellent finish with seam taping and leak-proof protection. 

To get the best fit possible, the Men’s EVODry Clouds Rest Jacket is designed with a drawcord hem and Velcro cuffs. You can purchase it in black or navy blue for $300. For ultimate protection, we recommend pairing it with waterproof pants. 

Marmot Men’s PreCip Eco Jacket Review

If you’re looking at other environmentally-conscious options, we suggest checking out the Men’s PreCip Eco Jacket. It’s made from recyclable nylon fabric, and the water-repellent finish is PFC-free. This ensures that the jacket lasts you throughout years of adventures. 

This Marmot PreCip jacket also features some heat-releasing PitZips for ventilation, and the chin guard effectively wicks moisture to keep your skin dry. Additionally, once the day is done, you can tuck this lightweight jacket away into its own pocket—making it a space-saver when you’re packing up. 

The portable Men’s PreCip Eco Jacket retails for $120. You can get the grey and navy versions on sale for about $60

Marmot Women’s Montreal Coat Review

For those facing a harsh winter ahead, the last item in this Marmot jacket review can keep you warm and toasty while trekking around the city. You’ll get excellent protection with the Women’s Montreal Coat with its water-resistant fabric and stylish down-filled design. 

The long Marmot Montreal Coat is easy to dress up or down. Plus, multiple interior and exterior pockets add to its functionality. You can shove your hands into those fleece-lined pockets and skip the extra sweater.

For some extra flair, the hood comes with some synthetic fur ruff. (If you’re not into that, you can simply detach it.) The Montreal Coat comes in 8 different colors and is available for $285. Men, a similar version for you would be the Marmot woton jackets. 

Marmot Tents Review

Now that we’re finished with the apparel part of this Marmot jacket review, let’s take a peek at the camping gear category. In the next section, we’ll cover four of the most popular 2-3 person tents. Don’t forget to grab your mitts and s’mores kit! 

Marmot Tungsten 2-Person Tent Review

The Tungsten 2-Person Tent is ready to shield you from wildlife at a moment’s notice. It features two D-shaped doors and has a free-standing design, so it’s quick to pitch if you’re caught in a downpour. Offering extra headroom, it’s perfect for you and your camping partner. 

If a storm cloud does approach, the Tungsten has “easy pitch” poles with color-coding. There’s also adequate storage space for your gear, as the tent is complete with interior pockets and a lampshade pocket. 

Pick up this heavy-duty Marmot Tungsten 2P Tent for just $214

Marmot Tungsten 3-Person Tent Review

Adding an extra person to your crew? The Tungsten 3-Person Tent has just enough room for the three of you. In addition, the tent’s poles are pre-bent, which helps create more space in the interior. So, you can easily relax after a long day on the mountain. 

The Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent also comes with the same color-coded easy pitch clips and poles for easy setup and a vented fly for extra protection from the elements. It has all of the same perks as the Tungsten 2P, just with a bit more room for an additional pal. 

You can get the Tungsten 33P for $279

Marmot Limelight 2-Person Tent Review

The Limelight 2-Person Tent is a dream come true for frequent campers. Its vertical walls allow for some serious sleeping room, and the clip increases the interior space for relaxing. Like the other Marmot tents, this one comes with easy-pitch equipment for a hassle-free setup. 

The tent also features leak-free rain protection and vents for breathability. Once you’ve blown out the bonfire, tuck your headlamp into the lampshade pocket for some mood lighting. Ghost stories, anyone?

This tent is sold out at the moment, but would run you about $269 at checkout. While you’re waiting for it to come back in stock, check out the Marmot Limelight 3P and see if a friend wants to join the trip.  

Marmot Fortress 3-Person Footprint Review

The Fortress 3-Person Footprint is a must-add accessory for a Marmot 3P Tent. Made to fit underneath your tent, it acts as a protective layer against rocks, sticks, and scuffs. The company recommends using it with the Fortress, but it could even work with the Limelight 3P. 

Set up is fairly straightforward, as the Footprint features stake-outs at the corners. The extra protection will serve you well and ensure comfort during your cool-down time. Who wants to roll around on dirt after an exhausting day spent hiking?

The Fortress 3-Person Footprint will run you about $47.  

Marmot Sleeping Bags Review

No hiking expedition is complete without some cozy bedding. With that in mind, the Marmot sleeping bags and accessories will keep you comfortable during those chilly nights. Bringing a cuddling buddy along is optional. 

Marmot Never Summer 0° Sleeping Bag Review

If you’re daring enough to trek sub-zero climates, the Never Summer 0° Sleeping Bag is your new best friend. It’s down-insulated and water-resistant, so you can stay warm and dry during the adventure of your lifetime. 

Want to give your feet some TLC? The wraparound foot box includes a heater pocket for extra coziness. This sleeping bag also comes with a drawcord hood and a two-way zipper with a draft tube. This traps heat and limits its loss as well. 

In case it gets a little too toasty in there, remember to use the secondary zipper for ventilation. The Never Summer is also designed with pockets and a storage sack for your convenience. This cozy bag sells for $301

Marmot Strato Pillow Review

If you want to bring the comfort of home wherever you go, pack Marmot’s Strato Pillow. It’s ergonomically designed to give your head and neck the proper support while you’re sleeping. 

Additionally, this inflatable pillow can compress into a portable pouch–so that’s one less thing to worry about when you’re struggling to zip up your backpack.  

The Strato Pillow is made from durable polyester with welded seams for security, and the soft laminate backing won’t irritate sensitive skin. You can pick yours up for just $25

Who is Marmot For? 

Marmot Jacket Review

Marmot’s target demographic includes adults who love the outdoors—mainly mountain climbers and frequent campers. The brand also carries an apparel line that can be worn by men, women, and kids. You can take the whole family on a ski trip this winter after donning their heavy-duty gear! 

Additionally, the brand has created some environmentally sustainable items. There is Certified Down used in the Marmot down jacket, for example. Anyone trying to be mindful of these factors might appreciate the brand’s efforts. 

Comparison: Marmot vs. Patagonia

Marmot Jacket Review

There are many companies to choose from when browsing outdoor apparel. So, what makes our featured brand stand out? This Marmot jacket review took a look at Patagonia to lay out all the details for smart consumers. 

First, we’ll take a look at the similarities between Marmot and Patagonia: 

  • These are both reputable brands founded in the 70s
  • Both offer outdoor apparel and gear 
  • Similar price ranges 
  • Warranties are available at both stores

The two brands seem almost identical on the surface. But, we found some key differences as we dug deeper: 

  • Marmot jackets are lightweight and made for rain
  • Patagonia offers products for other sports, including surfing and fly fishing
  • Patagonia has local websites for international customers
  • Patagonia hasn’t set a time limit on returns

Ultimately, Marmot sells gear for climbing, camping, and hiking. Patagonia provides items for those activities, plus a few additional ones. Both brands manufacture high-quality outdoor apparel and gear for similar prices. So, which one catches your eye?

Marmot Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Marmot Jacket Review

Now that we’ve gone through the Marmot jacket review let’s look at some customer feedback. We searched the internet for testimonials and found some on the main site, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau. 

The company does receive some criticisms on third-party sites, but we’ll talk about that later. Here’s the average rating for the products in this review from Marmot’s site:

  • Men’s EVODry Clouds Rest Jacket: 4.6/5 stars from 20 reviews
  • Men’s PreCip Eco Jacket: 5/5 stars from 7 reviews
  • Women’s Montreal Coat: 4.6/5 stars from 586 reviews
  • Tungsten 2-Person Tent: 4.6/5 stars from 161 reviews
  • Tungsten 3-Person Tent: 4.7/5 stars from 91 reviews
  • Limelight 2-Person Tent: 4.5/5 stars from 89 reviews
  • Fortress 3-Person Footprint: 4.8/5 stars from 13 reviews
  • Strato Pillow: 4.4/5 stars from 7 reviews

The Men’s EVODry Clouds Rest Jacket is loved by many customers. One reviewer writes, “Great 3 layer jacket. It might be a little thick for warmer weather, but for spring skiing, it’s perfect. The inside pocket is perfect for a phone.

Another reviewer praises the Marmot minimalist jacket, saying, “Great jacket, perfect fit, pockets are in the right place. Waterproof, breathable, comfortable, great for biking. Highly recommend it.” 

The ladies are also enjoying the Montreal Coat as one customer states, “So pleased with this purchase. It will be for those frigid Minnesota winters and trips to Tahoe. It’s stylish and functional. I love the fleece lining around the bodice and pockets. Plenty warm in -20 weather! I purchased an XL, and it fit true to size.” 

Additionally, Marmot’s camping gear receives rave reviews, especially the Tungsten 3-Person Tent. One happy camper says, “We have used this tent for 4 overnight outings in the Great Smoky Mountains and enjoyed everything about it. Excellent features with pockets and lantern holder. Keeps the bugs out, breathes well even with the rain fly on, and great value.”

Is Marmot Worth It?

Marmot Jacket Review

Being prepared is definitely important when embarking on an extended mountain climb or camping trip. Marmot offers trustworthy supplies that can protect you (and your group) from nature’s surprises. 

This Marmot jackets review has determined that the brand’s products are worth checking out. They carry functional and stylish apparel options, along with camping gear that will have your back for years to come. Additionally, they’re making efforts to be more sustainable going forward. 

Marmot Promotions & Discounts 

Marmot Jacket Review

Trying to save up for a Marmot coat? You can get 15% off your first full-price order when you sign to receive the company emails. Additionally, Marmot has a 60% off sale for their last season’s styles at the moment. 

Where to Buy Marmot

Marmot Jacket Review

You can get a Marmot vest directly from their website at The brand also has flagship stores in the US and its products are available at some sports apparel stores. This includes: 

  • Sport Chek (Canada) 
  • DICKS Sporting Goods
  • Amazon
  • Altitude Sports


Marmot Jacket Review

Where is Marmot Made? 

Marmot manufactures their products in Rohnert Park, California. They also make their products in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and several other countries. 

Does Marmot Fit True to Size? 

Marmot ski jackets fit true to size, but some apparel, including the Montreal Coat, may fit smaller. Some customers suggest sizing up to get a good fit. 

What is Marmot’s Shipping Policy?

Currently, Marmot is only accepting orders within the United States. Standard shipping is free, while 2-day and overnight delivery options cost $16 and $24, respectively. 

Below, this Marmot jacket review has compiled FedEx delivery times for readers: 

  • Standard: 2–7 business days 
  • 2-Day: 2–3 business days 
  • Overnight: 1–2 business days 

Customers will receive a tracking number once the order is processed. Shipping times vary depending on how far your location is from Marmot’s facilities in Reno, Nevada. 

What is Marmot’s Return Policy?

Marmot offers a 60-day free returns policy via FedEx. To initiate the process, head over to the company’s returns portal and claim your prepaid shipping label. 

The item must be in its original state, undamaged, and have tags attached in order to be eligible for a refund. Additionally, you need to have the receipt (or packing slip) plus your original payment method handy when completing a return. 

In some cases, the brand’s Warranty and Repair team will accept a damaged item past the 60-day deadline. This Marmot jacket review recommends contacting them directly for more information. 

How to Contact Marmot

We hope you enjoyed reading this Marmot jacket review. For any other questions, feel free to contact the brand’s customer care team via the following: 

Marmot’s office hours are Monday to Friday, 6 AM to 5 PM, PST. But, their Warranty Department is not available until 7:30 AM PST on weekdays.

Looking for more outdoor gear? Then check out Outdoor Master, a brand that encourages people of all ages and abilities to get outdoors, explore the world, and dive in headfirst with their affordable collection of high-quality gear.

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