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About Mizzen and Main

Mizzen and Main Review

Mizzen and Main merge comfort and function with style and professionalism. Their line of performance shirts, pants, and jackets boasts breathability, stretch, and sweat control. 

The brand has been celebrated in The New York Times, Inc., and Men’s Fitness, among many other noteworthy publications, and has an impressive following of 74k on Instagram. 

Endorsed by pro golfer Phil Mickelson and the NFL’s David Vobara, Mizzen and Main have a strong reputation in the sports community. 

If you’re looking for smart, functional, professional attire, this brand may be the one for you. But before you add all of their gear to your virtual shopping cart, take a read through this Mizzen and Main review to get the low down on the brand and their best-sellers. 

We’ll also talk about customer opinions, promotions, and more to help you shop with confidence. 

Overview of Mizzen and Main

Mizzen and Main Review

After witnessing a congressman and cohorts show up late to a meeting with sweaty armpit stains, Kevin Lavelle couldn’t help but wonder if there was a way that unfortunate look could be avoided. 

He thought if only there was a way to get the same function and performance out of cotton work shirts as we do in workout gear so sweat stains, odor, and daily discomfort could be a thing of the past. 

His idea turned out to be incredibly straightforward, as he essentially took the same fiber technology fitness apparel uses and transformed it into office-appropriate wear. 

A few smart tailoring choices, effortless style cuts, and classy patterns later, and in 2012 Mizzen and Main was born. 

Located in Dallas, Texas, the brand is on a mission to “combine comfort and flexibility with fit and style for the modern man on the move.” 

Before we get into some of the brand’s amazing apparel, this Mizzen and Main review will give you a rundown of their pros and cons: 


  • The brand has created some stunning, versatile apparel, including shirts, polos, pants, belts, and much more
  • Shirts wick away sweat, negate odor, and are wrinkle-resistant
  • Offers trim and athletic fits for shirts and pants
  • Customers say shirts stay tucked in all day and do not restrict movement 
  • Mizzen and Main sale section has a great selection of discounted products
  • Tons of deals and discounts
  • Ships internationally
  • Free USA returns & exchanges
  • Financing options available with Klarna


  • Some customers have issues with the fit and materials of certain items

Mizzen and Main’s workwear is made from the same material your favorite workout shirt is, but just by looking at it, you’d never tell the difference. This material means that you’ll sweat less throughout the day, move more freely, and seldomly need to retuck. 

Does the brand’s apparel hold up to its claims? We’ll explore that throughout this Mizzen and Main review, but first, take a read through some of their most popular picks below. 

Mizzen and Main Shirts Review

Mizzen and Main Review

Need to look snazzy yet functional at your next big event? Check out these wrinkle-resistant, long-sleeved shirts that have back darts for a crisp, polished look. 

Mizzen and Main Leeward Formal Dress Shirt Review 

Ill-fitting dress shirts tend to give the wrong impression. Bagginess around the arms and chest just looks sloppy and slouchy under a blazer. 

The Leeward Formal Dress Shirt hugs your body comfortably, creating smooth lines that tuck neatly into pants and won’t crinkle under a suit jacket. Smart details like a curved hem, convertible cuffs, and a point collar make this the ideal shirt for fancier occasions. 

Try the Leeward Formal Dress Shirt in light blue mini check, white, or light blue solid for $125

Mizzen and Main Leeward Dress Shirt Review 

Contouring to your body, the Leeward Dress Shirt has a slim, but breathable fit thanks to its performance fabric. Quick-drying and slightly stretchy, this shirt will move with you throughout the day instead of constricting you as other slim-fit shirts can. 

The light blue square print gives a little variation from your everyday solids, matching well with darker ties and navy or grey fitted suits. 

The spread collar makes this shirt a great choice for tieless occasions too, giving it a more relaxed look – plus, it’s actually on sale right now for $69, normally $125

Mizzen and Main Polos Review

Mizzen and Main Review

Polo shirts blend comfort with function, allowing for more movement and breathability. You’ll read about the brand’s customer favorites when it comes to polos below. These products are made from antimicrobial performance fabric that wicks sweat and destroys odors. 

Mizzen and Main Wilson Long Sleeve Polo Review 

When you want to be a little more casual but still need to look professional, the Wilson Long Sleeve Polo will do the trick. It’s a long sleeve polo shirt in a cool slate blue color that’s structured well and tucks into pants nicely. 

Made from a blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester, this shirt dries quickly and keeps odors at bay. Wrinkle resistance and four-way stretch keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day, whether that’s at the office, a ball game, or Saturday morning soccer. 

This Mizzen and Main polo is on sale for $65, down from $80

Mizzen and Main Blazor Review

Mizzen and Main Review

Below, you’ll read about the brand’s coolest blazer: a trim-fit, breathable, and stretchy jacket perfect for all occasions. Proving performance doesn’t mean compromising on looks, this Mizzen and Main blazer is a year-round staple. 

Mizzen and Main Lavelle Blazor Review 

Have you ever put a blazer on and felt utterly constricted? As if your range of movement is limited and you feel like you’re restricted to a robot arms position only? 

Meet the Lavelle Blazer, a dark navy 2-button, single-breasted jacket that you can actually move around in – you know, like how good clothing is supposed to let you do. 

Speaking of performance, this fitted wool and spandex jacket gives a close fit but just the right amount of stretch and allows tons of airflow. 

It’s slightly lined, but with cooling-tech fabric your body heat won’t get trapped in, meaning you’ll sweat less and look more professional. If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit, try the Mizzen and Main standard fit Blazer, now called Classic fit. 

Look good and feel good at the same time for $298 (was $350). 

Mizzen and Main Chinos Review

Mizzen and Main Review

Classy. Effortless. Comfortable. What a good pair of pants should be, and everything you will find in the brand’s best-selling chino below. 

Mizzen and Main Baron Chino Review 

Chinos have an effortlessly cool look about them. Laid-back but professional, they’re an American style with a lot of history, dating back to 1898 when they were worn by American troops stationed in the Philippines. 

Today, they don’t scream “military”, but they do have structure and certainly command attention. The Baron Chino is a modern take on the traditional, made from moisture-wicking material that won’t wrinkle. 

Sitting at your natural waist, these Mizzen and Main pants come in either Athletic or Trim fits, suiting those who like things to fit a little looser or a little tighter. 

Available in navy, sand, olive, and ash grey, these solid print pants are a versatile, polished option that can take you from the office to the bar to early morning park strolls. 

These Mizzen and Main chinos are $98

Mizzen and Main Henleys Review

Mizzen and Main Review

Henleys are your best friend when it comes to comfort. But the brand’s classic Henley transforms your go-to for comfort into something you may find yourself reaching for again and again for its looks and performance too. 

Mizzen and Main Fairway Hooded Henley Review 

There are days when you need to look dressy and others where comfort takes priority. The Mizzen and Main Henley proves that comfortable can be stylish at the same time. 

Pull this cotton, modal, and polyester hoodie on for active days. Its super-soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric holds up well during sports, wicking away moisture so you don’t feel sticky. 

The hood is a nice touch for chilly nights, so pull the cord to tighten it up if things take a breezy turn. 

The Fairway Hooded Henley comes in light gray, light blue, navy, and charcoal Heather, versatile colors that have a casual look and give you a break from typical black. 

Promising no pilling, this Henley hoodie is $88

Can Mizzen and Main Shirts Be Tailored? 

Mizzen and Main Review

Mizzen and Main shirts are made to have a tailored feel. They hug your body with just enough breathable stretch to give you comfortable wear without looking saggy or baggy. 

For this reason, the Mizzen and Main dress shirts cannot be tailored. Refer to the size guide to make sure you get a proper fit. If you like things a little looser, opt for a standard/classic fit versus trim. 

How Do You Wash Mizzen and Main Shirts? 

Mizzen and Main Review

Performance shirts have a bit of stretch to them, and for this reason, you may be worried about shrinkage. If so, don’t be, because Mizzen and Main shirts are easy to clean and promise never to shrink if cared for properly. 

Read through the steps below to see how easy the process is:

  1. Set your washer to delicate
  2. Make sure you’re washing with cold water
  3. Hang dry (never tumble dry – we mean it!)

Who Is Mizzen and Main For? 

Mizzen and Main Review

Mizzen and Main makes comfortable work and play clothes for men. The brand has a more polished style, but their collection functions like athletic apparel. A great choice for those who move a lot throughout their day, or who want more out of their office garb. 

Ideal for men 30-60 years old, this Mizzen and Main review found that the brand offers mature looks for the sophisticated man – no baggy hoodies here. 

Comparison: Mizzen and Main vs. Taylor Stitch   

Mizzen and Main Review

To help you see the differences between the brand and one of their competitors, we decided to do a quick comparison. Below, you’ll read about what sets Taylor Stitch, an LA-based men’s lifestyle brand, apart from this review’s subject. 

Taylor Stitch is a sustainable brand that makes durable men’s clothing. They have an expansive selection and offer custom creations. 

Ranging from apparel to accessories like hats, wallets, and belts, the brand has a laid-back feel, with their products appearing more comfy-casual than sophisticated. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two brands is that Taylor Stitch is not afraid of wrinkles. In fact, their products are advertised with them! 

Giving a more lived-in look right off the bat, if we were to categorize this brand, we’d say it’s for a tradesman, where Mizzen and Main would be for the active office worker. 

Hefty boots, leather, and thick, loose-fitting jackets, the Taylor Stitch line is no stranger to comfort, which is what makes these two starkly contrasting brands almost similar. 

As you’ve seen outlined in the product section of this Mizzen and Main review, their collection is more fitted, offering comfort by way of performance fabric rather than roominess. 

Comparing prices, the Mizzen and Main Lavelle Blazer and The Gibson Jacket by Taylor Stitch (their closest item to a structured blazer) are quite different. The former costs $350 (now $300) and the latter clocks in at $200 (normally $250). 

Dress shirts vary slightly as well: Mizzen and Main’s is $125 and Taylor Stitch’s is $100. The main difference between these brands is in regards to style. One has a more laid-back, casual feel, where the other is classy, office-appropriate, and polished. 

To learn more about Taylor Stitch check out our full Taylor Stitch Clothing Review.

Mizzen and Main Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Mizzen and Main Review

The brand’s apparel looks great, it reads great too, but how does it hold up in everyday life? If you’re interested in finding out, keep reading this Mizzen and Main review. 

Ahead, you’ll read the results of a thorough web search for the most helpful customer reviews that shed some light on what the brand’s apparel is really like. 

We hit up Reddit first to see if there were any strong opinions about the brand. We found one thread that spoke about the fit of the trim and athletic versions of Mizzen and Main shirts. 

While the original poster found some issues with the fit of both shirts, another user chimed in, “you can’t beat the professional look of a crisp white M&M leeward while not feeling restricted or sweaty. I’ll never go back to cotton dress shirts again.” 

Other users enjoy this about the brand’s shirts as well, noting less sweat throughout the day

As for the original poster, he wrote that the “trim fit shirts also have a very trim shoulder,” and the standard/classic fit’s “waist is quite large.” This would make it tough to find a perfect-fitting shirt from Mizzen and Main

Now let’s check out how Mizzen and Main clothing is rated on their website. Take a peek at the rating snapshot below because we’re about to do a deep dive later on: 

  • Leeward Dress Shirt – 4.6/5 stars, 445 ratings
  • Leeward Formal Dress Shirt – 4.5/5 stars, 229 ratings
  • Baron Chinos – 4.9/5 stars, 116 ratings
  • Wilson Polo – 5/5 stars, 22 ratings
  • Lavelle Blazer – 4.7/5 stars, 59 ratings

We’re going to take a closer look at the Leeward Dress Shirt to see how it holds up on the brand’s claims. 

One buyer wrote, “it is the most comfortable, form fitting shirt, for an athletic built frame, I have ever worn. The shirt remains tucked in, even with an abundance of movement especially in my profession where I am moving in all directions.” 

There’s no doubt this shirt is pricier than others on the market. For it to be worth the price, it needs to have outstanding performance, and apparently, it does. 

So if it holds up well to movement and fits great, what could possibly be the issue? Well, according to customers, certain details are of “poor” quality, but the largest issue is the fact that the white one is see-through

One negative Mizzen and Main review reads, “you can see right through the shirt. It looks ridiculous and [I] had to return. No way it could be worn out.” 

This is, of course, an issue, but we wonder why it’s not mentioned more. If you do experience this problem, the brand recommends choosing the Spinnaker shirt instead as the fabric is thicker. 

It’s always a good idea to search for reviews outside of the brand’s website for variation, so we headed to The Modest Man to get a more in-depth opinion. 

The Mizzen and Main review, written by Tony Gorga, recounts his experience of trying the Leeward and Spinnaker shirts. He’s a self-proclaimed “small” man, standing at about 5’7” tall, and notes that the fit of the Spinnaker was much better for him than the Leeward

Of the Spinnaker, he said, “The arms, as you can see, are trim-but not tight. That added stretch allows you [to] move in fantastic comfort.” His text is accompanied by photos of himself wearing the shirts, and we can definitely see what he means. 

As for the Leeward, he wrote, “The arms are billowing out significantly,” and that it’s “simply too big for me. The shoulder seam sits where it should, but that’s about the extent of it.” 

This is interesting for a slim-fit shirt, but because the shoulders are where they should be, Gorga doesn’t need a size down. It’s just the way the shirt fits his size S frame. 

There’s no doubt that the quality and feel of Mizzen and Main shirts are great, but from what we’ve read, the fit may be an issue. This isn’t typical for all customers, but it is a common thread amongst negative reviews. 

Is Mizzen and Main Worth It?

Mizzen and Main Review

Mizzen and Main certainly have some high points, but based on customer reviews, we’ve learned that not every shirt is suitable for everybody. 

White seems to be a no-go for those with dark chest hair, whereas the Leeward line may not fit well on those with smaller frames. 

That doesn’t mean their shirts are not worth it, it simply means things fit and look differently on different bodies – like any piece of clothing does. The price of M+M shirts is quite high, but they are durable and last a long time when cared for properly. 

Men say they’re life-changing when it comes to comfort and negating sweat throughout their workday, so it sounds like it would be a good idea to have at least one in your closet for high-pressure days or big presentations. 

Mizzen and Main Promotions & Discounts 

Mizzen and Main Review

We think Mizzen and Main shirts are worth the price, but we sure won’t turn down a discount! See below for the current deals available on the brand’s website

  • Use Mizzen and Main coupon code MAINMAN3 to get $50 off your order of 3 dress shirts
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Free domestic returns
  • Become an Insider and get $15 off your next order over $125+
  • Sale section
  • Rewards program: Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Give a friend $50 off their first order – you get $50 off your next

Where to Buy Mizzen and Main

Mizzen and Main Review

You can, of course, buy Mizzen and Main directly from, but you can also find them at Nordstroms or one of the hundreds of retailers across the USA. Use their Store Locator tool to find the location nearest you. 

If you’re in Texas, Oklahoma, or Florida, pop into one of Mizzen and Main’s retail locations. 


Mizzen and Main Review

Who owns Mizzen and Main? 

The founder, Kevin Lavelle, owns Mizzen and Main

Where is Mizzen and Main made? 

This Mizzen and Main review discovered that the brand manufactures their apparel in Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. 

What sizes does Mizzen and Main have? 

Mizzen and Main offers trim and classic/athletic fits for their shirts and pants. See the below list of size ranges for the brand’s product line:

  • Shirts: XS-XXL
  • Blazers: 38-48
  • Pants/Shorts: 30-40W and 30-34L

What is Mizzen and Main’s Shipping Policy?

The brand ships within the USA and internationally. Domestic orders ship for free if they total over $100. All other costs are calculated at checkout and you’ll be able to choose from standard or 2-Day shipping options. 

What is Mizzen and Main’s Return Policy?

If you bought your Mizzen and Main item from one of the brand’s shops or at their online store, you can return it through their online portal. You have 30 days to make a return and 90 days to make an exchange. 

Domestic (USA) returns and exchanges are free. All others must be shipped back at your own expense. For your item to qualify for return or exchange, it must be:

  1. Unwashed
  2. Unworn
  3. In original condition
  4. With tags attached
  5. In its original packaging

How to Contact Mizzen and Main

If you need any other information that this Mizzen and Main review did not include, you can get in touch with the brand in the following ways:

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