Vegamour Hair Serum Review

About Vegamour

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Tired of hair extensions and faulty strip lashes? Perhaps it’s time to give Vegamour a shot. Based solely online, this beauty brand holds all the goods when it comes to hair wellness

Vegan and all-natural in formula, the brand has garnered an impressive reputation for their effective products, with Allure, InStyle, Glamour, and Teen Vogue all featuring a Vegamour hair serum review. They also have a following of over 177k on Instagram. 

For those on a glow-up journey, sit back, relax, and read on for more information on this holistic and effective hair care company.

This Vegamour hair serum review will provide some insight into the brand, their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Vegamour

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Contrary to popular belief, not all cosmetic brands spawn from a cold, industrialized factory. Hailing from the picturesque valley of Vermont, founder Dan Hodgdon found peace in nature. 

With generations of dairy farmers in his blood, he had a knack for observing (and appreciating) the symbiotic relationship between plants and the environment. 

Aside from farm life, Hodgdon had an interest in the beauty industry. And so, in 2016, he decided to combine 2 of his lifelong passions into a viable business opportunity. Established in the starry city of Los Angeles, Vegamour made their debut to the world. 

This cosmetic brand focuses primarily on hair wellness, as they offer lash serums, brow enhancers, shampoos, and conditioners. 

Vegamour states that their formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and science-backed. Clean and sustainably made, they only use botanical ingredients within each haircare recipe. The brand also offers a side blog dedicated to self-care, health, and lifestyle tips. 

“We study the power of nature through the lens of science to bring you the ultimate in total hair wellness & beauty for a lifetime of happiness,” via a statement made by

Before we really dig deep in this Vegamour hair serum review, let’s go over some of the brand’s pros and cons: 


  • A variety of cosmetic products to choose from, including serums for hair, lashes, and brows, as well as edible hair care gummies
  • All Vegamour products are vegan, sustainably sourced, and ethically made 
  • Their ingredients are natural, organic, and devoid of harsh substances 
  • The brand is entirely genderless. Anyone can use their products 
  • Subscription plans available for each of the formulas 
  • Provides Affirm as an alternative payment option 
  • Free shipping on orders $50 or more 


  • Some customers write of shoddy customer service
Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Hands up if you’re part of the thin hair club. For those lacking in the volume and length department, Vegamour offers a natural way to help promote body and growth

From scalp treatments, brow fillers to lash serums, this beauty brand only uses the best ingredients within their formulas. That means saying no to parabens and sulfates and yes to scientifically-backed botanicals.

They also sell a line of supplemental gummies on their website. Vegan and cruelty-free in formula, this Vegamour hair serum review will spotlight a few of their best-selling antidotes. 

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Sorry, Danny DeVito. We love your work, but we’re not too keen on that hairdo. Intended for those who aren’t meant for the balding lifestyle, this beauty brand offers a variety of growth serums for lashes, brows, and thinning scalps. 

To give you a taste of what they have in store, let’s take a look at a few of their most popular products down below. 

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum Review 

It’s time to face reality. Prayer and miracles will get you nowhere when it comes to treating baldness. Instead of relying on hope, the GRO Hair Serum utilizes the power of science to help treat those thinning patches. 

Considered a more holistic way of treating hair loss and alopecia, this nifty antidote uses vegan phyto-actives to do most of the legwork.

Key in rehabilitating those sullen follicles and roots, this formula does wonders in encouraging volume and length. According to a Vegamour study, users will see a dramatic increase in hair density of up to 52%

Hailed by Refinery29 and Glamour as a revolutionary product, the Gro Hair Serum costs a cool $52

Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum Review

Take it from Snoop Dog himself. Use weed every day with the GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum, that is. Enhanced with full-spectrum CBD, this antidote is specifically formulated to penetrate the deepest levels of your roots. 

In terms of other Vegamour ingredients, botanicals such as concentrated mung bean, red clover, and curcumin are also added in. 

Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, users are treated to a nourishing hair treatment that’s chock-full of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Considered essential for promoting length and volume, opt for the ‘green party’ with the GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum for $68

Vegamour GRO Hair Foam Review 

There’s nothing more frightening than a slimy hairball in the shower. And no, it’s not because it bears a striking similarity to a house spider. To ensure those locks stay on your head and not in the drain, the GRO Hair Foam can help prevent fallout. 

Made to feel like a luxurious mousse, this decadent cream promotes hair density and volume while keeping those ends strong and healthy.

It’s formulated with red clover, curcumin, and red clover, 3 essential ingredients for providing nutrients to your roots. Offered as a Vegamour for men or women product, the GRO Hair Foam is priced at $52

Vegamour Scalp Detoxifying Serum Review 

Let’s not kid ourselves. Snowflakes melt, dandruff stays. For those who produce a ‘flakey’ blizzard after one simple hair shake, the Scalp Detoxifying Serum can help prevent those whiteout snowstorms from forming. 

Formulated with willow herb, baobab extract, and marula oil, this antidote provides a daily dose of nutrients, vitamins, and phyto-actives to help rejuvenate damaged roots.

Efficient in removing buildup, this formula can also “prevent future damage by providing a semi-permeable barrier.” Best paired with the Vegamour Shampoo for a more thorough wash, the Scalp Detoxifying Serum rings up to a total of $38

Vegamour Revitalizing Scalp Massager Review 

Why should dogs have all the fun? Treat yourself to a relaxing rub with the Revitalizing Scalp Massager. Offered as a small, hand-held device, this nifty tool comes with several round-toothed prongs. 

Not only does it feel good on the scalp, but it can help boost hair health. It can also work in treatments and creams, such as the Vegamour Volumizing Hair Serum 3 Pack.

As a side note, customers can use this product on damp or dry hair. Dyed in a cute, blush hue, the $18 Revitalizing Scalp Massager can be your go-to tool after showering. 

Vegamour GRO Hair Serum 3 Pack Review

That special event is only a few months away. Unfortunately, your hair isn’t cooperating when it comes to volume and length. For those in a time crunch, make sure you get those voluminous results before the deadline with the GRO Hair Serum 3 Pack

Ideal for encouraging hair density and growth, this best-selling formula is considered a much cleaner alternative compared to the ‘cracked egg’ method.

Devoid of parabens and carcinogens, this at-home antidote helps you stay clear of glue-ins, tape-ins, and sew-ins. With results that come as fast as 90 days, the Gro Hair Serum 3 Park is at a bargain at $138. This is compared to its original price tag of $156 when bought separately. 

Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum Review

Oh, Cara Delevingne, how we envy that full-browed look. Fortunately, there is a simple way to achieve those carpet-ready ‘arches.’ The GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum helps to fill out those thinning areas without the need for pencils and powders. 

Infused with full-spectrum CBD and phyto-actives, this handy antidote helps to encourage growth and density over time.

According to a study conducted by the brand, customers will see a 94% increase in volume after using this Vegamour eyebrow filler. 

Offered with a nifty applicator, the GRO+ Advanced Brow Serum rings up to a total of $88

Vegamour Pure Marula Oil Review

Pure Marula Oil can be considered the skincare equivalent of virgin olive oil. I mean, you put it on everything, including salads, hummus, bread, or as a base for fried dishes. While this formula isn’t recommended for eating, it does offer the same level of versatility. 

Used for skincare, nail maintenance, or in tandem with the Vegamour vegaLASH Serum, this antidote provides a subtle gloss to promote strength and hydration. 

Partnered with Southern Botanica, this product is sustainably and ethically sourced from Namibia. In terms of manufacturing, Vegamour uses a special cold-pressed technique to help extract all of its hidden benefits. 

Enhanced with antioxidants and fatty acids, the Pure Marula Oil costs just $58 at checkout. 

Vegamour Hand Sanitizer Spray Review

As the pandemic continues to loom on, essentials such as face masks and disinfectants will remain commonplace until things return to normal. For the time being, the Hand Sanitizer Spray acts as your purse-necessity during shopping trips or public events. 

Vegan and cruelty-free by nature, this product is made out of 75% isopropyl alcohol to help kill viruses and germs. 

Don’t worry, this disinfectant won’t leave your hands dry and crusty. Ingredients such as aloe vera and marula oil are tossed in to help keep those palms hydrated. 

The best thing about this product is that 20% of each sale will be donated to the Project Angel Food organization. The Hand Sanitizer Spray is currently offered in 3 different options:

  • 6 oz: $16 
  • 2 oz: $6 
  • 2 oz (3 pack): $16 

Does Vegamour have CBD?

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

It should come as no surprise that the cosmetic industry is dipping its toes in the hemp industry. According to their website, Vegamour offers the “world’s first collection of CBD products meant for lash, brow, and hair growth.”

This includes formulas such as the Gro+ Advanced Vegamour Lash Serum and the Scalp Detoxifying antidote. For those looking for an in-depth commentary on how CBD affects hair growth, we suggest heading over to their helpful blog for additional information. 

Does Vegamour cause weight gain?

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

If you’re not caught up on the latest in ‘hair care’ vocabulary, let this review provide a brief crash course. When it comes to treating baldness or alopecia, drugs such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Aldactone are commonly prescribed to help cover those thinning spots. 

While we won’t get into the specifics on how these medications promote growth, it’s worth noting that each of these pharmaceuticals carries a list of side effects. 

For instance, Spironolactone is known to induce headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Some patients reported a significant increase in weight gain, but there is no proven study that correlates these two activities together. 

As an added note, Vegamour states that they don’t use any of these drugs within their products. Because of this, their formulas are said to not have any known side effects. 

What happens if you stop using Vegamour?

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Your hair won’t fall off if you stop using Vegamour serums. Once discontinued, users will no longer see any progress in growth and volume. After a certain period has passed, things will return to their normal state. This extends to their brow, lash, and scalp treatments. 

Vegamour Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Say goodbye to those costly eyelash or hair extension appointments. The brand is coming for their wig (no pun intended). This Vegamour hair serum review found that most of the best-selling products garner hundreds to thousands of rave reviews. 

For instance, the GRO Hair Serum holds over 2,000 testimonials with an average grade of 4.4/5 stars. Several buyers found this antidote effective in improving volume and length. Others shared their results by posting Vegamour before and after images on their website. 

“I’m 28 years old and lost most of my hair due to illness about a year and a half ago. I started using Vegamour this past spring and my hair is just about as thick as it used to be… I noticed a huge difference after 3 months,” one reviewer wrote for the GRO Hair Serum

Other Vegamour products are similarly evaluated on the brand’s website:

  • GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum: 4.4/5 stars out of over 800 ratings
  • GRO Dry Shampoo: 4.6/5 stars out of nearly 400 ratings
  • vegaLASH Volumizing Serum: 4.4/5 stars out of 480+ ratings
  • vegaBROW Volumizing Serum: 4.4/5 stars out of 275 ratings

Blog sites, such as Pies n’ Prose and Lady Alopecia, also left glowing reviews for Vegamour hair products. 

Both authors commended the brand’s use of natural and vegan ingredients. The writer for Pies n’ Prose was generally impressed with how much her hair grew in just one month. 

“For someone dealing with hair loss, thinning or slow growth, this is an absolute must. In just one month there are impressive results and that is something at least worth trying,” via a statement made by Pies n’ Prose

This Vegamour hair serum review uncovered a few unsavory testimonials online. Some customers and bloggers found their products to be quite expensive. 

A couple of Trustpilot users reported no drastic improvements after using their treatments, while others noted issues with delivery and customer service, especially when it came to trying to cancel a subscription.

One Trustpilot user detailed their negative experience: “I used their hair serum for 3 months as advised and did not see any effect… I then tried to make use of the advertised money back guarantee and emailed them 2x over the course of 2 weeks but never heard back from them.” 

Perhaps the brand is too confident in the effects of their products. While we’ve seen hundreds of positive reviews about Vegamour’s formulas, their customer service leaves much to be desired, even if their skincare works for most.

Is Vegamour Worth It?

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Does Vegamour work? Based on what we’ve seen far, they certainly earn an A+ when it comes to effectiveness. After combing through hundreds of before and after images, we found it quite tempting to try out their hair serums for ourselves. 

We also need to commend their use of natural botanicals, especially when compared to the chemically-ridden formulas that other brands offer. 

This Vegamour hair serum review was also generally impressed by the company’s level of transparency. 

Information dealing with sourcing, ingredients, manufacturing is made readily available on their website. This helps create a solid relationship between the consumer and the brand. 

If we were to nitpick, their products are relatively expensive and there are complaints about their customer service, as well as difficulties in canceling subscriptions. 

If you’re a true believer in quality over quantity, these aspects might not be deal-breakers. For those looking for a tried-and-true way of preventing baldness and thinning, this Vegamour hair serum review recommends checking out the brand. 

Vegamour Promotions & Discounts 

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Customers can save up to 25% on orders if they sign up for a subscription plan. They also have a rewards program where buyers can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks. 

In terms of their refer-a-friend program, customers can get $10 off their next order for each successful referral. You can also get 20% off your final purchase by inputting the Vegamour discount code: HELLO20 at checkout. 

Affirm is also available to help pay for your purchases in hassle-free installments.

Where to Buy Vegamour

Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Customers can purchase their products by heading over to You can also find them at select retailers:

  • The Vegamour Amazon store page
  • Sephora
  • Walmart


Vegamour Hair Serum Review

Do you have to use Vegamour forever?

It’s recommended that you use Vegamour products daily. By discontinuing the treatment, your hair is likely to return to its original state. 

Does Vegamour have side effects?

According to the company, there are no known Vegamour side effects when using their products. If you have any concerns with any of their formulas, we suggest contacting the brand for additional information. 

How long does Vegamour take to ship? 

This Vegamour hair serum review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on orders that total $50 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5. They also provide international delivery to select countries. 

Depending on your location, it may take days or weeks for the package to arrive. Instead of patiently waiting at the postbox, customers will be given a tracking number to help locate their purchase. 

What is Vegamour’s Return Policy?

Customers have up to 90 days to send back their products. Items must be in good condition to be deemed eligible. Unfortunately, Vegamour does not cover any affiliated shipping costs under their policy. 

To initiate this process, buyers can access the return portal found on their website. 

How to Contact Vegamour

For inquiries unrelated to this Vegamour hair serum review, you can reach out to the company through 3 methods of contact:

  1. Phone number: 213-325-5112 
  2. Email: [email protected] 
  3. Filling out their message form online 

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