VERB Hair Products Review

About VERB Hair Products

VERB Hair Products Review

VERB makes professional hair care user-friendly and affordable. Their line of color-safe, cruelty-free products is completely free of sulfates, parabens, and gluten.

VERB has a following of 118k on Instagram and 30k on Facebook. This VERB hair products review found features on the brand in Who What Wear, Racked, Teen Vogue, Allure, Buzzfeed, and many other notable media outlets. 

This VERB hair products review will take an in-depth look at the brand, their bestselling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if this is the right care for your hair. 

Overview of VERB 

VERB Hair Products Review

Michael Portman, owner of Birds Barbershop and co-founder of the VERB hair company, created the brand as a solution to the ever-increasing price tag of salon hair products. 

His barbershop is dedicated to giving customers quality, and for many of his customers, ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and gluten aren’t acceptable—and neither are products that are tested on animals, or mess with a fresh color job. 

With this inspiration, Portman banded together with his Birds partner Jayson Rapaport and their mutual friend Claire Moses to create VERB in 2009. Operating out of Austin, Texas, VERB has products available in select salons across the country, as well as Sephora. 

This VERB hair products review will now note the brand’s pros and cons. 


  • Made with natural ingredients containing no sulfates, parabens, or gluten
  • Salon quality at affordable prices
  • Color-safe and cruelty-free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • 10% off when you subscribe to their mailing list
  • Money-back guarantee on any items that do not work for you


  • No international shipping 

VERB Hair Review

Ranging from kits specially designed to bring shine, hydration, and bounce to curly hair to miracle oils and hairsprays that may become your new best friend, VERB salon quality hair products are designed to deliver professional results for an affordable price. 

This VERB hair products review will now survey some of the brand’s bestselling products. 

VERB Styling Cream Review 

Frizzy hair creates the kind of volume you don’t want. That may be just a personal opinion, but it’s no lie that out-of-control hair can give you an unkempt appearance, and in certain situations we’d rather it stay sleek and smooth-looking. 

VERB Styling Cream gives hair a subtle hold while taming frizz and smoothing down wild-looking strands. At the same time, natural ingredients like Abyssinian seed oil bring lustre by locking in moisture, while green tea extract adds antioxidants and protects against damage from pollution

Get definition, shine, and shape with the VERB Styling Cream for $18. 

VERB Purple Mask Review 

There’s nothing quite like that icy tone our stylist can give us in the salon. But after a few weeks, that iciness turns to brassiness, and our head looks more yellow than we’d like. 

The Purple Mask works to reduce brassy tones in blonde, grey, and silver hair, helping it get its purest color tone. It also brightens and hydrates hair, using natural ingredients like açai extract to provide moisture and antioxidants and sunflower seed extract to nourish.   

This VERB Purple Hair Mask will give you that salon-fresh look without a trip to your stylist. Say goodbye to brassy hair for $18. 

VERB Hydrating Mask Review 

Due to the nature of the beauty industry (or even our own personal preferences), we keep bleaching, straightening, and applying heat to our hair to achieve the look we want, which makes it brittle and damaged over time. When hair is overprocessed, dry, fragile, and dull, a good mask reigns supreme. 

The Hydrating Mask swoops in to restore hair to its natural softness. This vegan VERB hair mask uses natural ingredients like babassu oil to hydrate and nourish, while glycerin makes sure that that hydration stays in place. 

Use this weekly to bring shine and moisture back to your hair. The Hydration Mask goes for $18. 

VERB Ghost Oil Review 

Customers love the VERB Ghost line of products for their weightless feel and the way they make hair soft, defined, and manageable. Made with moringa oil, Ghost Oil saturates hair with essential nutrients, smooths frizz, and adds shine, while powerhouse bamboo extract makes hair stronger

This vegan formula works for all hair types, and gives you miraculous results with just two or three drops. Grab this VERB Ghost Oil for $18. 

VERB Strong Hairspray Review 

Hairspray can be a girl’s best friend, but also her worst enemy—it’s like that one “friend” you’ve known since high school who’s always secretly plotting your demise. Hairspray can make hair brittle, weak, and breakable, not to mention all the toxins that come along for the ride. 

VERB Strong Hairspray is different. It not only smooths flyaways, but also makes sure your hair stays flake-free and brushable, without breakage. Infused with glycerin to add moisture and pro-vitamin B5 for extra body and vibrancy, Strong Hairspray is a friend for life for only $18. 

VERB Round Brush Review

It’s the opinion of this VERB hair products review that those who don’t like round brushes are those who’ve never used them, or not used them properly. Round brushes add bounce and body to your blowout, eliminating the need for a flat iron. 

Made with vegan-friendly bristles, this VERB Round Brush works on the same principle as a curling iron: it actually holds heat from your hairdryer, which creates extra volume and keeps your style in place. 

Have your brush ready and follow these steps provided by the professionals at VERB to give yourself a great blow-out:

  1. Apply Ghost Prep to your damp hair and section
  2. Take one section and place the head of your brush underneath the hair
  3. Brush upwards, lifting at the root
  4. Follow the motion with your blow dryer, applying light heat to the root
  5. Continue this process until hair is dry

Get started today with the Round Brush, available for $18

VERB No Bad Hair Days Kit Review 

The No Bad Hair Days Kit gives you three of the friendliest ghosts imaginable: the VERB Ghost Shampoo, Ghost Conditioner, and VERB Ghost Hair Mask, all packed with natural ingredients like green tea extract, moringa oil, and sunflower seed extract to give your hair a healthy dose of nourishment, moisture, and antioxidants.

These products do so much for your hair—add shine, increase elasticity, moisturize, detangle, and more—without a trace of buildup, excess oil, or heaviness. Use the shampoo whenever you wash your hair, but the mask just once a week. This power-packed VERB hair set is just $36 (normally $56). 

VERB “Seesters” Curl Holiday Kit Review 

Curls can be temperamental, and finding the right products that can give them definition, shine, hydration, and bounce can be quite a challenge. No one likes dry hair, but dry curly hair can have a real tumbleweed thing going on (this VERB hair products review speaks from experience). 

Of course, if tumbleweeds are your thing, go ahead and rock that look. But if not, the Seesters” Curl Holiday Kit is here to clean those curls up. This kit gives you five great VERB Hair Products for curly hair: Curl Shampoo, Curl Conditioner, Hydrating Mask, Ghost Oil, and Ghost Dry Oil

Optimizing potent natural ingredients like babassu oil, moringa seed oil, and shea butter, these products enrich hair with essential fatty acids, and moisturizes and detangles to give you hydrated, smooth, and manageable curls. You can get the “Seesters” Curl Holiday Kit for $63 (down from $99).

VERB Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

VERB Hair Products Review

We checked out VERB hair care reviews on the company website, Reddit, Sephora, and Influenster to see what users had to say. 

A post on a VERB hair products Reddit thread gave a rave review to the brand’s entire product line. “I SWEAR by Verb products. They’re pretty affordable and the Ghost oil saved my hair after a bad bleach job…I use their Ghost shampoo and conditioner too. I highly recommend!”

VERB Ghost Shampoo is rated 4.9 stars based on rankings from 775 users on One 5-star review praised the product’s professional-looking quality: “Since switching to this shampoo (and conditioner), my hair is softer and healthier looking. Even my hairdresser commented on it.” 

Also on the brand website, the VERB Define Curl Cream pulls in an average of 4.7/5 stars from 364 ratings. One commenter enthused about the shape and bounce that the cream gave to her hair.

Where do I begin? This is the god of curl cream. I have never had such a good curl cream that worked so well and kept my hair curly. It’s definitely my go to and it should be yours too! 10/10 would buy again,” she wrote.

On Sephora, 438 ratings of the VERB Hydrating Shampoo produced 3.8/5 stars. One customer who loved the product commented on both its cleansing and restorative effects

I have long, thick, dry, damaged, straw-like hair. After only one use my hair feels hydrated and clean…doesn’t strip hair and leaves it feeling soft, bouncy and squeaky clean,” she recounted.

Over at Influenster, VERB Ghost Oil pulls in an impressive 4.8/5 stars from 1,295 testimonials. One customer who had a great experience with this product was particularly amazed by the great texture it produced. 

Wow! I’ve been trying A LOT of new hair products lately and this is definitely in the top tier! My hair is super soft. My waves in curls are still defined and no gross crunchy feeling,” the user noted. 

Of course, into every pool of great ratings, a little rain must fall. Some customers had what sound like considerable issues with VERB shampoos, including tangling, dryness, and unpleasant texture.

It has made my hair more tangled than it has ever been…my hair gets greasy much faster after using,” one customer said of the Ghost Shampoo. A few users had similar comments about the look and feel of greasiness after using the Ghost Oil.

Over at Sephora, another user complained about the Hydrating Shampoo: “Once I started using this shampoo I could literally rip my ends off they were so dry. Even trying to focus it on the scalp, the mid section of my hair would knot and tangle after rinsing.”

What to make of stories like this? They’re certainly offset by all the other great comments about the products, but there are definite patterns in the negative reviews, especially about issues like greasiness. 

This VERB hair products review could trot out the old saying that “not all hair care products are going to be right for everyone,” and that’s true. But if you’re on the fence at all, may we also suggest taking advantage of the VERB hair samples on their website so you can try the products before committing to a larger size.

Are VERB Hair Products Worth It?

VERB Hair Products Review

Taking everything into account, this VERB hair products review believes they’re worth the buy for several reasons. The company has created effective, salon-worthy products that can be bought for an affordable price. Some customers think that the cost is quite high, but in comparison to salon brands, the pricing is reasonable.

In addition to being effective (as you can see from the overwhelmingly positive reviews on various sites), VERB products also come in recyclable packaging, are cruelty-free, and do not contain parabens, sulfates, or gluten.

On top of the samples we mentioned above, VERB also has a great refund policy if you don’t like the results of any product you buy. This VERB hair products review can say confidently that they’re low on the consumer-risk scale. 

VERB Hair Products Promotions & Discounts 

VERB Hair Products Review

You can get a VERB hair promo code for 10% off your next purchase by subscribing to the mailing list on their website.

Where to Buy VERB Hair Products

VERB Hair Products Review

Access the full collection of hair products through the company website, A selection of hair care is also available through the VERB Hair Products Ulta page and at Sephora.

For a full list of salon stockists, head to Store Finder on their website. To ensure your products are legitimate, only buy from verified retailers. The VERB Hair Products Amazon page is not a legitimate seller


VERB Hair Products Review

Are VERB products vegan? 

Most VERB products are vegan. Products that are not vegan are as follows: Ghost Dry Oil, Ghost Dry Oil Disco Edition, Ghost Hairspray, Sculpting Clay, Forming Fiber, Strong Hairspray, Reset Clarifying Shampoo, Reset Repairing Mask, and Reset Sealing Mist.

Are VERB hair products natural? 

VERB Hair Products contain natural, active ingredients. They are water-based, vitamin-enriched, and free from sulfates, parabens, and gluten. 

Are VERB hair products gluten free? 

As stated above, VERB Hair Products are completely gluten-free. This is part of VERB’s commitment to using only the best ingredients for the best results.

Do VERB products contain silicone? 

VERB products do contain silicone. This VERB hair products review should point out though that the brand uses mainly water-soluble silicone, which prevents build-up.

What is VERB’s Shipping Policy?

VERB products ship anywhere in the US, with additional costs for deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii. Orders take 1-2 business days to process, and about 5-10 business days for delivery. Shipping costs are listed below:

  • 48 contiguous states: $8 or free for orders over $50
  • Alaska & Hawaii: $35

What is VERB’s Return Policy?

VERB hair products can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The only things that are not eligible for a return or refund are their Custom Sample Kits. 

You’ll need to contact customer service at [email protected], attach your receipts, and let them know why you did not enjoy the product. If you need to cancel your order, email that same address and VERB will let you know if your order has been processed yet. If not, they will cancel it for you. 

If you purchased your VERB product through a salon or at Sephora, contact the seller for more information on their return policy. 

How to Contact VERB

If you need any other information that this VERB hair products review did not include, you can reach out to their customer service team by emailing [email protected]. Customer service hours are Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm EST. If you’re interested in buying VERB hair products wholesale, contact them through this same email.

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