Wama Underwear Review

About Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear Review

Wama Underwear sells organic and sustainable undergarments for men and women.

The small yet mighty pioneer in the hemp clothing industry is attempting to change the fast fashion industry by reducing textile waste with their Wama hemp products. Soon, there might even be Wama hemp pants and t-shirts! 

The brand has nearly 8.5k followers on Instagram and they have been featured in National Hemp Association, Business Social Compliance Initiative, and Green America. 

This Wama Underwear review will take you through an overview of the brand, their best-selling products, pros and cons, and customer feedback, to help you decide whether these undies are worth switching to. 

Overview of Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear Review

Wama Underwear was founded in 2017 after Shakib Nassiri learned about the benefits of hemp. With fast fashion, the second biggest polluter on this planet, Nassiri had an organic solution. 

The name comes from two Chinese words: Wa and Ma (“surprise”, and marijuana or “hemp”). Nassiri says, “we all stink and carry the most bacteria down there, hemp just made sense to me.” 

As hemp production takes up only 3% of the water traditional cotton uses, one pair of the briefs can save around 121 days of drinking water

Some other benefits of hemp include:

  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Odor-fighting properties
  • Becomes softer every time you wash it
Wama Underwear Review

The brand also has a blog on their website where they explain where to buy hemp and its many beneficial qualities.

Wama Underwear is manufactured in China, the world leader in hemp textiles. The company has partnered with small family-run organic farms and helps to improve the lives of their factory employees through fair wages and safe work environments.

There are clear positives to hemp clothing, but some downsides as well. Check out the pros and cons list to find out more: 


  • Organic, sustainable, and comfortable undergarments for both men and women 
  • Vegan and biodegradable materials
  • Hemp fabric is breathable, anti-bacterial, and anti-odor properties 
  • Products don’t shrink in the wash 
  • All suppliers sign a Supplier Code of Conduct, minimizing labor exploitation 
  • Afterpay payment option for orders between $35-$1,000
  • 20% off your first order
  • Available worldwide 
  • Canada flat rate shipping of $15
  • Free shipping & returns in the US
  • 90-day return policy for a full refund


  • Ordering undergarments online is tricky for sizing 

Become more environmentally conscious and comfortable with the best-selling underwear, bras, and accessories offered at Wama.

Be advised that all products other than the Hemp Pouch Bag come in Black, Wama Green, or Hemp colors, can be bought with Afterpay, and are made of:

  • 53% Wama hemp fabric
  • 44% organic cotton
  • 3% spandex

Each pair of the women’s underwear from the brand can also be purchased individually for $20 or in packs of:

  • 3: $57
  • 6: $108
  • 10: $160

Whereas any of the men’s underwear comes for $24 individually with bundles of:

  • 3: $69
  • 6: $132
  • 10: $200

Wama Women’s Underwear Review

This Wama Underwear review will take a look at some bestsellers from the women’s panties, thongs, and bras category. We’ll review the cost, color options, and what customers think.

From a Wama sleeping in panty to an everyday bralette, there’s a fit and style for everyone! 

Wama Thong Underwear Review 

The Thong Underwear is a comfortable alternative to your usual thong. With a flexible, low-rise waist, these are meant to provide comfort and breathability without restriction.

One customer noticed how they helped her with chronic UTIs. “I noticed such a difference in not only how comfortable I was, but also in how much they helped to calm my discomfort.

Wama Hipster Panties Review

These Hipster Panties are an eco-friendly fashion take on an undergarment staple to keep you comfy for sleep or even for the gym. 

Hipster panties have a habit of morphing into thongs throughout your day. Wama has designed their panties to prevent that. One reviewer said, “I am genuinely surprised with how nicely these fit, a solid pair of underwear, well made, and fit true to size.”

Wama Bikini Underwear Review

Wama’s Bikini Underwear has breathable fabric that effectively wicks away moisture, which makes these bikini panties ideal to wear under workout clothes, or to go swimming in. 

Sitting at a low/ mid-rise, the bikini stays in place no matter what you throw on top. 

Wama Boy Shorts Underwear Review

Do Wama girls wear boxers? No, but they do rock the Boy Short Underwear. These will give you full coverage and comfort during the busiest of days. These boy shorts will also help prevent chafing and protect all the right areas. 

Wama Triangle Bralette Review

The Triangle Bralette is the one you grab to wear every day because it’s just that comfortable. From the cut to the adjustable straps and the absence of the underwire, this bralette will let you breathe deeply without feeling constricted. 

No stiff padding means that you can wear it under any blouse, its double-layered hemp fabric provides ample support and saves you from boob sweat. 

The Triangle Bralette retails for $38. At this time, Wama Underwear only offers it in Black. You can also bundle in packs of:

  • 3: $109
  • 6: $209

Wama Men’s Underwear Review

This Wama Underwear review will give you the scoop on the best-selling men’s underwear from the brand. Whether you prefer boxers briefs, classic briefs, or trunks, the brand has you covered. 

Wama Men’s Boxer Briefs Review

The Men’s Boxer Briefs are a fitted, longline boxer designed for ultimate snugness. The longer version of trunks, with the same great fit, these briefs are guaranteed wedgie-free. 

These boxer briefs will keep you feeling fresh and dry. Unlike regular cotton products, these only get softer with each wash, and last for years. 

Wama Trunks Underwear Review 

Trunks Underwear is the go-to drawers of many. These form-fitting, short line undies with a flexible waistband help you move around freely.

These anti-bacterial trunks will boost your confidence, knowing you look as suave as you feel. Strut your stuff without stressing about underwear bunching in your pants.

Wama Men’s Briefs Review 

Wama Underwear’s Men’s Briefs are another green take on a classic cut, giving you coverage and support while you walk around your apartment pants-free.

These Men’s Briefs are the brand’s highest rated underwear, allowing people to shop clean while making a measurable positive impact on the environment. 

Wama Hemp Pouch Bag Review 

The Hemp Pouch Bag is a clever addition to your wardrobe of earth-friendly garments and underwear. Whether using them to store your Wama undergarments or to keep precious items safe during travel, these versatile bags are up to the task. 

Show off your bag and strike up a conversation about how sustainable hemp farming practices use 18% less energy than cotton.

Measuring in at 9.5” by 12” and made up of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, the Pouch Bag sells for $15. When the brand eventually makes some, you can carry Wama hemp socks with it, too! 

Wama Underwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Wama Underwear Review

The relatively new brand hasn’t received a ton of press yet. Still, they have a fanbase of repeat customers who were pleasantly surprised with their initial purchases.

Overall, customers are pretty impressed with Wama Underwear, especially when it comes to quality and sustainability. On the brand’s website, there are 1,000 reviews and 87% of them are 5/5 stars.  

Comfort, softness, and breathability are common themes echoed throughout the reviews. Customers love that they’re helping conscious consumers transition to a green wardrobe, “while giving us products that last.” 

A customer on the brand’s site wrote about the Bikini Underwear‘s quality and the brand’s sustainable practices:

“Can I give them 6 stars? I’m so proud to write one for a small business that’s making a difference on Mother Earth. These are the BEST, comfiest, softest, undies I’ve ever worn…If you’re on the fence about trying them, do it!”

On Judge me, the brand received an average of 5 stars out of 62 reviews with customer sharing, “Bought these for my husband. He loves them! The band is soft and comfortable and the fit is loose. These are made of excellent quality knit hemp. Love the black-green combo of colors.”

Best Hiking also reviewed the men’s options and weighed the brand on material, comfort, and functionality eventually providing an insightful, and mixed, verdict. On one hand, they stated that Wama underwear is a great option for every day:

“Wama makes great everyday apparel which is not only functional but also environment friendly.”

But on the other hand, they noted some of the brand’s key faults in design including,

“for hiking and sports there are better options out there. The Wama underwear simply absorbs too much moisture and dries too slowly to be efficiently used for activities that make you sweat.”

Is Wama Underwear Worth It?

Wama Underwear Review

This Wama Underwear review weighed customer opinions, the brand’s mission, and the quality of their products in order to determine that yes, this line of sustainable undergarments is worth switching to

The vegan business is making strides towards a cleaner environment for future generations, one pair of hemp panties at a time. Visualizing a measurable positive impact helps customers feel good about their purchase, and the price is right for the quality. 

They offer free shipping in the U.S. and discounted shipping in Canada, and their products are available worldwide.

Even if there’s ever a problem with fit, the brand offers a full refund on the first purchase so that you can try again with a different size or style of undergarment. 

Based on some of the customer reviews, it is also worth noting that you should order a size up for optimal fit and you should use these undergarments for everyday, light activities and not for a workout.

Customers agree Wama Underwear is a brand worth supporting for its cause alone. “The comfortable briefs are just a bonus.” 

Wama Underwear Promotions & Discounts 

Wama Underwear Review

This Wama Underwear review discovered that shipping is free in the U.S. and Canada is offered a flat rate of $15

You can also save 20% on your first purchase. The prompt for this discount appears on their website when you add an item to your cart. To use it, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Enter your email address 
  2. Check your email for a coupon code
  3. Apply the code at checkout to save 20% 

Note that this code excludes the purchase of packs. Wama promotions and discounts are also delivered through their email subscription, so keep an eye on your inbox for future savings! 

Where to Buy Wama Underwear

You can buy Wama Underwear on the brand’s website,, which is where you can also find their full list of U.S. stockists. They also have retail partners in Canada, U.K. Uruguay, and Australia. 


  • AzuraBay
  • The Zodiac Hemp Co.


  • Cloth-es (UK)
  • Cañabis Protectio (Uruguay)
  • Get Hempified (Australia) 
  • Hemp store (Australia) 


What sizes does Wama Underwear have? 

The brand carries sizes XS to 3XL in women’s garments and XS to 4XL in mens. You can find a comprehensive Wama Underwear size chart on their website.  

What is Wama Underwear’s Shipping Policy?

Wama offers free shipping for U.S. customers, and a flat rate of $15 for Canadians. 

Shipping price and times for international orders are calculated at checkout, varying between order sizes and destinations. Customers are responsible for taxes and duties. 

What is Wama Underwear’s Return Policy?

For your first pair of Wama underwear, you are entitled to a full refund and a new pair.  

All other returns must be unworn, unwashed, and in their original packaging. You have 90 days after receiving your order to send back any items. 

Wama asks that you reuse the polymailer that the garments were originally sent in. Return postage will be provided for U.S. orders, while international orders are responsible for covering any return shipping costs.

How to Contact Wama Underwear

If you have any questions beyond this Wama Underwear review, get in touch with the brand in the following ways: 

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Twitter: @wamaunderwear 
  • Contact Form and Live Chat on their website 

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