Modani Furniture Review

About Modani Furniture

Modani Furniture Review

Living on a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste. Modani understands the limits that money can place on home furniture and décor so they offer up modern pieces for the contemporary home. Filled with a variety of products from living room sets to outdoor lounges, Modani has it all for reasonable prices.

Followed by over 71.8k on Instagram, this brand is making a name for itself when it comes to affordable and stylish furniture for new homeowners (and even some celebrities!). While they haven’t quite made national news, Modani Furniture has been featured in articles by Forbes, The New York Times, and has even been seen on HGTV.

Our article is all about finding the truth and if the deals are as good as they seem. This Modani Furniture review will be heading into the details, searching through products, customer ratings, and service to determine whether this brand is worth the investment.

Overview of Modani Furniture

Modani Furniture Review

Designer décor is at the heart of Modani Furniture, giving customers a chance to shop modern, traditional, art deco, and more — all in one location for lower prices. Working with a variety of materials from wood to silk, this business aims to be a one-stop shop for new homeowners.

Founded in 2007 by a furniture designer, Steven Athea, and two real estate agents, Nathan Cohen and Yonel Fellous, the inspiration for their brand struck during the recession. While everyone else was scrambling with the financial crisis, Athea shifted his focus to create affordable but stylish furniture pieces and hit success. 

Modani wants home décor to be personal again, offering an expansive range of styles to suit everyone. Whether looking for rustic and homey or sleek and modern, Modani wants customers to have a stylish option rather than thrifting and hand-me-downs to choose from when furnishing their first home.

Modani Furniture Review

Before moving into all the products and details, let’s take a brief look at some of the highlights of this company:


  • Expansive range of furniture and home décor 
  • Exclusive designs 
  • White glove delivery service
  • Affordable pricing
  • Virtual room designer
  • Financing available 

Sound good so far? Let’s get a bit deeper into the topic by checking out some of their best-selling products. This brand is all about service, so whether shopping in-store or online, customer representatives are happy to help guide buyers through the drama that tends to come with furniture shopping.

Modani Furniture Review

Modani Furniture Review

We’ll be honest, this Modani Furniture review covers a lot of ground when it comes to the products available. We’ve picked some of their more popular pieces to showcase, but be aware that this article barely scratches the surface when it comes to their complete inventory.

Modani Furniture Kobe Sectional Sofa Light Gray Review

We had to start off this Modani Furniture review with the Kobe Sectional Sofa Light Gray for shape and color alone.

Who doesn’t love to lounge on a sectional sofa? Especially when that sofa is plush with a soft foam support system that relaxes against the body. That sounds like heaven.

This three-seater has a chaise lounge created by an ottoman on one side to really let you kick back and relax after a long day. Whether lounging for a movie night or a quick nap, these polyester and foam cushions are ready to help reach that restful state we all desire. Supported by a sturdy wood frame, this sofa is ready to help conquer the longest of naps.

At the time of writing this Modani Furniture review, this sofa is on sale for $1,997 rather than the regular price of $2,620.

Modani Furniture Cameron Extendable Dining Table White Review

Anyone who wants to upgrade from eating at desks or above the sink needs a solid table to sit and enjoy their meals. Enter the Cameron Extendable Dining Table White.

The best part of this table is in its name – it’s extendable. That means not only does it save space the majority of the time, but for those bigger dinner parties or games nights, all it takes is a slight tug on both sides of the table, and they separate, raising the extension into the middle. No extra storage or movement, just a quick one step and things are all in place.

In addition to its helpful sizing, this table shines with its tempered glass tabletop. Shimmering in place next to the stainless steel legs and chrome frame, this piece is all about brightening the space and can handle up to eight people.

This table is currently on sale for $999 rather than its regular $1,090.

Modani Furniture Giorgio Bed White Review 

Spice things up in the bedroom with a frame worthy of the royals themselves. The Giorgio Bed White is all that’s needed to elevate your space.

Available in Queen and King sizes (additional $200 for King), this bed is all about having the space to breathe. Let’s not pretend we all enjoy being cramped against partners in bed while we sleep. This Queen gives room to turn without bumping up into one another.

It’s not just the extra sleeping space that this bed adds, its light colors also maximize the feel of your room. With bright white eco-leather as the upholstery of this frame, the whites and creams all come together for a soothing aesthetic where you can relax at the end of the day.

This bed is currently available for $1,599 (regular $1,750).

Modani Furniture Gilly Dining Chair Yellow Review

Pop some color into the plain neutral tones of the dining room with the Gilly Dining Chair.

This fun, yellow chair is all the color needed to liven up a room. Enter sunshine, bright days, and sunflowers. No matter the weather outside, these chairs flash back to the warmth and sun of summer, and who wouldn’t want that in their lives every day?

With a mix of polyester and wood making up this comfortable seat and frame, the crowd won’t be leaving the table in a rush after finishing the meal. Sorry to say, but everyone will be settling into these cushioned seats for further conversation, making your table a hotspot for socializing.

Grab this chair while it’s on sale for $249 rather than its regular $299.

Modani Furniture Carnot Coffee Table Clear Review

Those looking for something that screams elegance can look to the Carnot Coffee Table to elevate any room.

Right off the bat, we have to say the real seller here is the diamond-like appearance of the table legs. From every angle, this gem-like shape shines through, emphasized only by the bright gold of the frame. Focus really falls to this frame as the tempered glass tabletop allows a perfect glimpse through to the modern design at all times.

Make your living room fit for a king (or queen) for $650.

Modani Furniture Lenox Office Desk Review 

We wanted to end this portion of our Modani Furniture review on a professional note, which is why we saved the Lenox Office Desk for last.

Following the pattern of modern furniture featured in this review, this stark white desk is all about sleek edges and a clean-cut look. Combining the desk top and side with a short cabinet of drawers built into the side, this desk has all the storage and tabletop space with less of the clutter.

The fun part about this piece is that it can also be configured into an L-shape or have an additional filing cabinet. That means it’s easily personalized to fit the space, making it match the environment at a moment’s notice. Whether enjoying a large workspace or a single table under the window, this desk does it all with its options.

Currently, this desk is on sale for $699 rather than its regular cost of $790.

Who Is Modani Furniture For? 

Modani Furniture Review

Modani helps new homeowners find that ideal furnishing without looking like they went to IKEA. While this brand is always happy to help out those who have owned for years, just moved, or anything else, their real goal is helping individuals find their personal decorating style without breaking the bank.

From young adults to elderly individuals, anyone can appreciate a good deal on furniture – especially with the way prices are now. With the mixture of modern and traditional options on the market, there’s something for everyone’s style.

Modani Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Modani Furniture Review

It’s not the easiest thing to find Modani Furniture reviews online, but we managed to track down some customer ratings that give a glimpse into the reputation that follows this brand. 

Starting off with Bird’s Eye and their 4.8/5 stars based on over 330 ratings, we can say that this business comes in strong with their customer reviews. Customers are amazed by the options available for sleek styles in a lower price range than competitors on the market. Crafted from solid materials, these pieces seem to hold up against the test of time.

One Modani Furniture review stated, “I bought the Bergamo sectional and extension in 2015 and the couch has held up wonderfully over the years. No sign of poor craftsmanship and it’s one of the most beautiful and comfortable couches I ever sat on. Great build quality, leather and cushions have held up great, no dry leather or sun damage as of yet.

Modani Furniture Review

Celebrating their style and quality, multiple customers are thrilled by the variety that this brand represents. Featuring modern and traditional styles, there’s something for everyone and workers are happy to help guide buyers into an area they’ll love.

I love love everything in Modani. Ashton Williams helped me tour the whole store, and she is so knowledgeable about everything. If I could, I would literally buy the whole store. Bravo, Modani!!!

The physical and online stores are both known for their product range, but service really doubles up when it comes to their physical locations. On Yelp, these stores have 4.3/5 stars based on over 190 ratings. Customers not only like the prices and products, but the staff that fill these locations are more than loved.

One happy Modani Furniture reviewer posted, “The reason we have kept going back to the store is because of their modern design with reasonable price and their wonderful services. Both their sales team and manager are friendly and very patient with our questions that make us feel like going back to the store and continuing to shop for what we still need.

Modani Furniture Review

Many comment that they “…love Modani furniture. We always come back for new pieces. The staff is so helpful and very professional.” Judging by the hundreds of positive experiences on other sites, we’re apt to say that most people find their service to be more than acceptable.

Even on Reddit, this brand finds positives from the public. On a post questioning other people’s experience with the brand, one satisfied user replied, “The sofa was comfy and the build quality was good but most importantly the price was right.

The real selling point for this brand seems to come down to their pricing. No one can argue against affordable furniture. Backing up this point is a quality that many customers seem to stand behind, praising the sleek styles and quality materials.

Is Modani Furniture Worth It?

Modani Furniture Review

It wouldn’t be a Modani Furniture review without a final recommendation and, in this case, we’re saying this brand is one to buy, and it’s best for people who are on a budget.

Save money and start furnishing your home according to style instead of sales. It’ll make for a brighter and cozier space. Who doesn’t want that instead of hand-me-downs?

Modani Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Modani Furniture Review

The good thing about Modani is they seem to always be offering a sale. Whether acknowledging a holiday, a seasonal sale, or simply just running discounts for no apparent reason, there’s always a deal on furniture. To be kept in the loops about their promotions, it’s best to sign up for their newsletter.

Where to Buy Modani Furniture

Modani Furniture Review

The one downside about this brand? It’s really only available from their website. It’s not commonly listed from retail partners or third-party sites.


Modani Furniture Review

Who owns Modani Furniture?

Modani is currently owned and operated by the CEO Rafael Montilla.

Does Modani Furniture ship internationally?

Currently, no. Modani is only shipping within the US.

What is Modani Furniture’s Shipping Policy?

As this company is all about furniture, this means bigger deliveries involving freight or White Glove services.

Freight deliveries are made curbside where packages are dropped off at the end of the driveway. Customers must be present for the delivery to accept the package in question. The service ends once the customer is there to transfer ownership of the package, and it’ll be up to them to get all pieces inside and assembled.

For those who need a bit more assistance in the process, White Glove service is available (within a certain distance from the showroom). This means products are brought into the room, unwrapped, and all packaging is removed by the workers. Though Modani doesn’t include assembly in their White Glove service, they do include two flights of stairs for delivery.

All deliveries will be arranged 1-2 days prior to arrival. Customers will receive a call to figure out the timing of delivery so someone can be home to sign off and accept the package. All deliveries have a 2-4 hour window, so be prepared to book off an afternoon off as shipments are only made within the work week of Monday to Friday.

Any information prior to delivery will help the driver immensely, which means letting them know if you have any of the following:

  • Very narrow driveway
  • Dead-end street
  • Specific parking locations
  • Side door or garage delivery

All shipping costs and timelines are determined depending on the products ordered and the delivery location. These costs will be calculated at checkout, so be sure and glance at those before submitting the order.

Also – last thing to note in this section of the Modani Furniture review — don’t miss the delivery appointment! Any times missed will add charges and re-shipping fees to the account, so plan accordingly or risk extra costs.

What is Modani Furniture’s Return Policy?

Not satisfied with a purchase? It’s always a little trickier with large furniture to make that return, so we’re bringing out the details to guide customers on that complicated process.

First thing to note here is the cost. Return shipping fees are the same as shipping fees (dependent on location and item ordered), but there might also be additional costs. The brand’s policies are: 

  • Items sent back with its original packaging (in new condition) only require standard return fees.
  • Items sent back without original packaging will be charged a restocking fee of up to 35% (make sure to keep that packaging! And furniture must be in new condition).
  • Any damaged items won’t be accepted for a refund.

All returned items must be unopened and unused in order to receive a refund. Shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. And no clearance or sample items can be returned for refund.

Ready for the process? Modani isn’t too detailed regarding what the process is, but we’ve got the basic info to get customers going:

1.     Decide quickly if you like it as you only have 7 business days when your furniture arrives to request an exchange or refund.

2.     Reach out to customer service for a return request with the reason, order receipt, and preferably a photo of the piece (especially if requesting a return for damage).

3.     Customer service will follow up with information on arranging someone to pick up the piece (if it arrived damaged).

The final, and probably most important thing, thing to note here – unless products are damaged, all refunds will be issued as store credit. No money will be returned unless items arrive damaged and have no replacements available.

The return process appears complicated so it’s best to be sure you truly love the piece prior to buying it. 

How to Contact Modani Furniture

We wanted to end this Modani Furniture review on a good note and that means providing all the information required to get in touch with any questions. This business encourages contact and offers three methods:

  • Phone: 1-800-606-7319

Online contact form.

We know furniture shopping requires research and time, that’s why we’ve covered other top brands so you can have more options to choose from. Check them out below:

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