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GoHenry Review

Learning about personal finance at a young age is fundamental for developing a healthy relationship with money later on in life. In the classroom, kids are being taught about algebra and functions, not budgeting and money. That’s where GoHenry comes in. 

GoHenry teaches kids vital money skills through its app and kids’ debit cards. The app also has features for adults to help manage allowances and create flexible boundaries. Whether you’re a kid, teen, or parent, you can learn valuable financial skills through the brand’s features. 

This UK-based brand has been featured in notable media outlets such as Fortune, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2021 they even got recognition from Newsweek as being one of the 25 best phone apps to help manage your finances. If that wasn’t enough, GoHenry also has a booming community of over 31.9k followers on Instagram. 

If you have a child or teen and want to educate them on the value of the dollar, then I recommend you keep reading this GoHenry review. I’ll take you through the brand’s most popular services and features, customer reviews and ratings, and frequently asked questions. 

Overview of GoHenry

GoHenry Review

GoHenry was co-founded in 2012 by Louise Hill and Dean Brauer in London, UK. Between allowance and paying for online games out of their pocket, the duo knew there had to be a better way to teach their kids financial literacy. Since they couldn’t find it, they decided to create it.  

Named after its first 11-year old customer, the brand was founded and funded by parents through equity crowdsourcing campaigns on Crowdcube. In 2016 and 2018, GoHenry broke world records with how much they raised. 

GoHenry’s goal remains straightforward: “We’re on a mission to make every kid smart with money.” Now that you have a better understanding of the brand’s background and concept, in this GoHenry review I’ll go over some of its main features: 


  • Educational and interactive quizzes and videos for kids 
  • Input chores and kids can get paid as soon as they complete them 
  • Flexible parental controls and real-time updates 
  • Over 45 card designs to choose from 
  • Personalization options are available 
  • Excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot 
  • Low monthly cost 

GoHenry has age-appropriate options to help kids and teens learn about finances. Through a combination of their debit card and resources on their app, you’ll get a bang for your buck by supporting this brand. Your kids will have the chance to learn important life skills as well. 

Up next in this GoHenry review, I’ll take a deeper look at the available card options for youth, friends, and family. 

GoHenry Card Review

GoHenry Review

Now that money is primarily spent and managed online, it’s not a bad idea to educate your young one early about how to use money-tracking apps. GoHenry offers a great app through the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Parents and children can access the app to learn about where they’re spending their money, how to save, and how to invest—critical skills that will be very useful when kids grow up. 

Your kids will also have access to interactive games and quizzes that make learning about a seemingly boring topic more fun. Every time your child masters a new skill, they’ll earn points and badges which will help motivate them to continue their progress. 

You also have some control over your child’s spending and can block or unblock accounts at your leisure. As a convenient bonus, you can assign chores and pay your child’s allowance directly through the app. 

The best part? The app is free to download. Once your child has their debit card, you can download the app as a companion. 

GoHenry Card Review

Are you ready to set up a GoHenry card? The brand offers different card options which vary, depending on age. That can sound overwhelming but not to worry, my GoHenry review will guide you through the brand’s most popular offers. 

GoHenry For Parents & Kids Review

It’s never too early to instill healthy spending habits. The For Parent & Kids option gives parents and their children the tools to learn about money through a debit card and app, like ones adults use to manage their finances. 

As your child matures, the features on the app also grow with them. When they complete modules and educational games and quizzes, they receive awards and badges. Kids will also have the choice between 45+ card designs to make the adventure even more exciting. 

As a parent, you’ll be able to monitor your child’s spending and set flexible boundaries. You’ll get notifications each time your child spends money—giving you an inside look at how your child is spending their money, if they’re saving, etc. 

Friends and relatives can choose to add money directly to your child’s account. This is a handy feature for birthday and holiday gifts as it keeps everything online and in one place. 

The For Parents & Kids debit card, app, and money missions costs $4 per month. At the time of this GoHenry review, the first month is free. 

GoHenry Benefits for Teens Review

As your child becomes a teenager, the GoHenry app adapts to their needs. Usually, teenagers are starting to gain an idea of the concept of money, with many starting to earn their own income through part-time jobs.

The Benefits for Teens allows your child to learn and earn. It features a direct deposit setup which they can take into their first job. They’ll also be able to make savings goals for future trips, college tuition, etc. 

Planning a trip overseas? Your teen can use their card anywhere in the world without having to worry about foreign transaction fees. Also, you won’t have to worry about your child overspending or going into overdraft as their account is FDIC-insured for protection. 

You can get the Benefits for Teens for $4 a month, with the first month being free of charge. 

GoHenry Benefits for Friends and Family Review 

Keep relatives connected with your child’s financial goals through the Benefits for Friends and Family. They’ll be able to stay in the loop with what your child is learning and join in the journey, empowering them as they grow up. 

As well, the Giftlinks feature allows relatives to easily send e-gift cards through the app, with over 30 different design options. No need to spend time going to the store and picking out a paper card. Relatives and friends can promptly transfer the gift on your child’s special day. 

Kids can choose a gift they want and put it on their wishlist for others to see. When the day comes, they can unwrap the gift through the app and follow up with a thank-you message. 

The Benefits for Friends and Family is free with the monthly purchase of the service. 

GoHenry Debit Cards Review

Do you remember when you got your first debit card? This is a monumental moment that symbolizes financial independence—along with lots of responsibility. GoHenry Debit Cards are available in over 45 different options where you’ll find styles ranging from sports logos or puppies to biodegradable cards for the next Greta Thunberg. 

A kids’ debit card is more practical and safer than carrying cash. If the card gets lost or stolen, parents can easily block it from being used. You’ll also be able to put limitations on how much your child spends. 

In a society that is becoming increasingly cashless, your child can tap their card at the register as if it was a credit card. Alternatively, the card comes with a chip and PIN which can be found in the app if your child forgets. 

Debit Cards come free with your GoHenry monthly subscription. 

GoHenry Features

GoHenry Review

So, what makes this brand so special? I’ll include a list of key features in this GoHenry review: 

  1. Money missions: an in-app feature that allows kids to learn about money through interactive games and quizzes.
  2. Split the bill: allows kids and teens to split payments with their friends. 
  3. Schedule tasks and chores: easily input chores and pay your child when they complete them. 
  4. Selective spending: choose where your child can spend their money. 
  5. Real-time notifications: get notified whenever your child spends money. 

How Does GoHenry work?

GoHenry Review

The service works quite simply and similar to how an adult would bank. The kids’ debit card can be used like any other, either by tapping the card or entering a PIN number. Plus, parents and children can see where their money is going through the phone app. 

Unlike a debit card from a typical banking institution, GoHenry cards come with lots of educational games and tools to make learning about finances fun. As your child gets older, the app offers resources that evolve with them. 

Who Is GoHenry For? 

GoHenry Review

GoHenry is for kids aged 6-18. The brand offers debit cards and its companion app for a low monthly rate. Parents who have children and want to teach them the importance of being financially savvy will enjoy GoHenry features. 

As a bonus, the app and debit card is very inexpensive. For the price of your monthly latte, your child can gain access to a plethora of empowering financial resources and skills. 

GoHenry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

GoHenry Review

Onto the most informative part of this GoHenry review—what their customers really think about this service. Before you sign up for a Gohenry subscription, I suggest sticking with this review and hearing what customers have to say about the brand. 

All in all, many parents report being satisfied with their monthly GoHenry subscription. They mention the brand’s kids’ debit card and app are useful, informative, and educational. 

On the Trustpilot site, a vast majority of customer reviews speak highly of the brand’s functions, features, and affordability. Out of 1,710 reviews and a 4.1/5 star rating, one happy customer wrote: “I am not rich. But I can easily do this and have done this for two years with our daughter who is 9. It really teaches good money sense.” 

Another satisfied reviewer on Trustpilot commented: “This app is very awesome. Easy to use and figure out. My daughter likes that I pay her allowance through here and she likes having her own card with money on it. It makes her feel more responsible too!”

GoHenry Review

Are the benefits worth the monthly cost? Many customers say they are. Out of 17,175 reviews and 4.91/5 stars on Smart Money People, one great review said: 

“Over the last 4 years, GoHenry has become an integral part of our family’s finances. Our children have been empowered with the responsibilities of earning, managing and saving money. It has been a tremendous agent in their financial education, in addition to all the benefits the card provides […]”

With 3.9/5 stars out of 5,472 reviews on the UK Trustpilot site, one ecstatic client remarked: “I now give weekly pocket money to 4 of my 6 grandchildren. They love their independence with their own card and are keen to know who has saved the most!”

The verdict? During this GoHenry review I saw lots of glowing reviews from parents all over the US and UK. Many parents say they love the app’s features and kids also take joy in using their debit cards. There were a few minor complaints about the cost, but they were very scarce in comparison to the brand’s positive feedback. 

How Much Does GoHenry Cost?

GoHenry Review

GoHenry is very affordable, costing only $4 per month. Not to mention, the first 30 days are completely free

Is GoHenry Safe?

GoHenry Review

At first, it may seem a little frightening to give your child access to a debit card. But it’s also good to teach your children the value of money and how to spend it consciously.

That being said, after all the research I’ve done for this GoHenry review, it appears that the brand is very safe. Parents have access to the child’s account and can monitor their spending as well as choose where they can spend their money. 

GoHenry vs Greenlight

GoHenry Review

If you’ve been in the market for a kid-friendly debit card, you may have stumbled upon other brands in the industry—with one such brand called Greenlight. Next in this GoHenry review, I’ll briefly compare GoHenry vs Greenlight so you can determine the more suitable choice for your family. 

GoHenry and Greenlight are both prepaid debit cards for kids. They have many of the same features, such as allowing parents to set spending limits and control where they’re spending while offering them financial education. 

However, one of the most notable differences is that Greenlight allows kids to invest their money in stocks and kid-friendly EFTs, whereas GoHenry does not. If this is something you want your child to learn at a young age, then Greenlight may be the option to go for.

In terms of cost, Greenlight charges $5 per month for up to 5 five kids. GoHenry charges $4 per month per child. So, if you have more than one child, then you’ll get a better value with Greenlight. 

Is GoHenry Legit?

GoHenry Review

Yes, GoHenry is a legit company. They’ve been in business since 2012 and have a growing community of over 2 million users. 

In doing my research, I didn’t find any red flags to indicate otherwise. 

Is GoHenry Worth It?

GoHenry Review

GoHenry gives kids financial independence and resources to empower youth to be more financially literate. Since personal finance isn’t a mandatory class in school, this app can help kids get ahead and be prepared for the future.

For this reason alone, I’m going to conclude this GoHenry review by stating that the brand is definitely worth your buy. 

GoHenry Promotions & Discounts 

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any promotions and discounts being offered on GoHenry’s website. However, I’d suggest signing up for the brand’s weekly newsletter to be informed of any future deals. 

Where to Buy GoHenry

You can purchase a GoHenry subscription directly through the brand’s site, or through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


GoHenry Review

Who owns GoHenry?

GoHenry is owned by fintech entrepreneur Louise Hill. The brand is based in London, England.  

How do I cancel my GoHenry card?

Not using your GoHenry account as much as you thought? You can cancel at any time. 

To do so, contact customer service through phone or email. Once your account has been canceled, you’ll have a three-day period where you can reactivate your account, in case you change your mind. You’ll receive any remaining funds to your bank account within 7-10 business days. 

What is the minimum age to use GoHenry?

GoHenry recommends kids as young as 6 years old can make an account and use their services. 

Where can GoHenry be used?

Parents have total control over where GoHenry can be used. Places such as Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon, and restaurants are popular destinations for kids and teenagers to use their debit cards.

What is GoHenry’s Privacy Policy?

GoHenry collects the following information: 

  • Identification (name, age, birthday, etc.)
  • Contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) 
  • Financial information 
  • Technical information
  • Transaction information
  • Demographic information  
  • Location 

The brand uses this information for advertising purposes, research, communication, to provide you with services, legal purposes, and for resolving issues.

GoHenry uses advanced security systems to make sure your information is protected. They do not, under any circumstances, sell your information to third parties. 

What is GoHenry’s Refund Policy?

As mentioned above, once you decide to close your account, the remainder of the funds will be transferred back to your debit account. The brand notes that you will receive your remaining balance within 7-10 business days

How to Contact GoHenry

I hope you found everything you were looking for in this GoHenry review. If not, it’s best to get in touch with the brand via: 

  1. Live chat
  2. Phone: (877) 372-6466
  3. Email: [email protected] 

GoHenry’s hours of operation are 9 am to 5 pm EST, every day. 

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