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Fat Brain Toys Review

About Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys Review

Fat Brain Toys sells a vast range of educational toys for children aged 1 to 13. These are not boring toys you would normally find in a kid’s toy box, but expertly crafted educational ones that strike a perfect balance between fun and educational

The primary audience for Fat Brain Toys are kids, but they do offer a large selection of toys for teens and adults. 

If we look at the company’s social media presence, their popularity is evident with over 136k likes on Facebook and 72.6k followers on Instagram. Even Business Insider, Forbes, and Businesswire have written about their products praising their fun but developmental qualities.     

Our Fat Brain Toys review will enlighten you by highlighting some of the best toys, promotions, customer ratings, and educational features this brand is selling. We’ll answer any questions you may have about this company and if it’s worth it to buy their products for your kid(s). 

Overview of Fat Brain Toys

Fat Brain Toys Review

As we alluded in the beginning of this Fat Brain Toys review, the company’s mission is more complex than you think because these are not your average toys in stores. The company prides itself in selling toys that enhance the emotional and intellectual experience of your child

Founded in 2002 by Mark and Karen Carson, the company grew from an idea their son, Adam, suggested. Their first foray into the business started from the basement of their home and has grown into having headquarters in Elkhorn, NE, with a distribution center located in the nearby city of Omaha.

To Fat Brain, a toy should present a challenging, safe, and developmental purpose with a side of fun added in. Family matters a lot to the company and they want their products to inspire creative thinking in a wide range of kids. 

Before you buy from this company, this Fat Brain Toys review will first show you the advantages the brand has to offer:   


  • Gift registry 
  • Detailed online catalog 
  • Special needs toys
  • Educator’s discount 
  • Flat rate of $5 (continental US only)
  • Award-winning toys
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Affordable 
  • Membership rewards
Fat Brain Toys Review

Who wouldn’t want their child to have fun while developing necessary skills they can use later in life? We bet your interest is piqued in what sort of products this toy company creates, so let’s take an in-depth look at some of the products sold in our Fat Brain Toys review. 

Fat Brain Toys Review

We have already set the stage in our Fat Brain Toys review, so now it is time to reveal the stars of the show. There is no way we could have included the thousands of toys sold by this brand, so we have picked the best-selling ones. We think your kids will get countless hours of stimulating fun out of these hand-picked toys.   

Fat Brain Toys Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game Review

This toy is several small painted wooden ladybugs hiding a series of colorful objects. Can your child find the matching pair? The Fat Brain Toys Ladybug’s Garden Memory Game challenges your young child’s mind in this matching game. 

This toy is recommended for kids aged 3 to 5, but we’re sure anyone can still have fun with this brightly colored game. Through this hands-on game, your child is practicing their gripping, hand-eye coordination, and memory abilities. 

The toy even has varying difficulties through its swappable double-sided picture cards. This way your kid will get hours of enjoyment from this game as they match colors, shapes, numbers, and more.

The toy includes the following components: 

  • A game board
  • 5 double-sided picture cards 
  • 20 wooden ladybugs

The game has a choking hazard warning for kids under the age of three as the ladybug game pieces are smaller in size. 

The Ladybug matching game costs $25, and comes with a few add-ons like a $5 reusable gift bag option. 

Fat Brain Toys InnyBin Review

This toy is a colorful cube with bright elastic bands on its side where you push in & pull out a series of shapes. The Fat Brain Toys InnyBin baby toy will be enjoyed by your toddler as they perfect their grasping and hand-eye coordination — every push and pull is easily achievable by the child. 

This InnyBin is so good it was a finalist for the Toy of The Year in 2020 by the Parent’s Choice Foundation Review. Its straightforward design and interactive nature makes it an appealing toy for any baby. The cube is also quite indestructible and made of baby-safe plastics. The elastic bands are strong, ensuring this baby toy is beyond safe in the hands of your small child.

 The InnyBin comes with six 3D shapes: 

  • Pink Fat Brain logo 
  • Purple diamond 
  • Green triangle 
  • Blue cube 
  • Yellow sphere 
  • Orange flower

The InnyBin has six surfaces with two of the walls having a crosshatch of elastics and the other four walls act as entry points for the objects to be pushed and pulled through. Watch your child enjoy solving this hands-on puzzle while learning how to control their hands and fingers.

The InnyBin costs $25, and comes with the option of a $3 reusable gift bag.          

Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Review 

Next up in our Fat Brain Toys Review is one of the coolest items in the company’s catalogue. With this toy, your child will pick up a gear-shaped disk and watch it spin down a long screw-shaped pole as it glides to its resting place. The Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain is a satisfying mini-game for a child aged 0-3 years old where they will play with it again and again. 

The toy is perfect for teaching your child about the relationship between cause and effect as the order they place the colored gears determines which order they will come off the pole. They can also make a choice to remove them manually or pick up the pole to see them all slide off. 

They will also learn that they can manipulate the speed of the spinning disc with their hand or let gravity do its thing. Imagine that, a toy that teaches them the scientific concept of gravity, pretty fancy indeed! 

Each removable gear has two colors and when it spins down the pole it is quite eye-catching, teaching them focus and patience at the same time. 

The SpinAgain comes with the following: 

  • Corkscrew pole 
  • Sturdy base 
  • Six gears that come in fun rainbow colors plus magenta, teal, and lime 

The SpinAgain costs $30, and comes with the option of a $3 reusable gift bag.  

Fat Brain Toys 2-in-1 Musical Jump ‘n Toss Review

The Fat Brain Toys 2-in-1 Musical Jump ‘n Toss game comes with two different play modes for one person or double the fun for two. The games you are getting are: a jumping game and a moving ring toss. 

The jumping game moves a long horizontal brightly colored stick attached to a vibrant ladybug in a circle to music. This game encourages your kids to play with others and take turns jumping over the bar. And if they get tired of jumping, then change it up and build the ring toss game. 

On the back of the spinning ladybug, the poles can be attached to the holes as pegs. Now you have a fun ring toss game that challenges your kid’s dexterity and will probably even yours!      

The 2-in-1 Musical Jump ‘n Toss comes with the following components:

  • Spinning ladybug base (two speeds) 
  • Different musical themes
  • Eight poles
  • 12 rings (green, blue, and yellow) 

The game requires three AA batteries which are not included. The Jump ‘n Toss costs $26 with the choice to gift wrap it in a reusable bag for $3

Fat Brain Toys Animal Block Puzzle Review

Charming, simple, and lovingly crafted, the Fat Brain Toys Animal Block Puzzle is a great way to teach your child about the different animals using a classic jigsaw puzzle. 

This kid’s jigsaw puzzle comes with 11 animal friends: 

  • Hippo
  • Elephant
  • Alligator 
  • Porcupine
  • Toucan 
  • Fox
  • Rhino 
  • Giraffe 
  • Lion 
  • Koala 
  • Aardvark

The puzzle fits together with or without the stenciled picture frame included with the puzzle, so you can challenge your child to build it without the guidance. Expect your kid to learn about shapes and colors while developing the skills to overcome obstacles with this beautiful puzzle. 

The Animal Block Puzzle comes at a great price — only $13! And you always have the option of getting a reusable gift bag for $3.     

Fat Brain Toys Bilibo by MOLUK Review

The sky’s the limit with the Fat Brain Toys Bilibo by MOLUK. Give this toy to your child and watch them as they harness their imagination by inventing games and uses for it. The toy is a simple rounded plastic bowl that looks like an empty turtle shell, just big enough for a child to sit inside. 

The Bilibo could be used in all kinds of games or play — sliding it across the ground, wearing it as a hat, or even pretending to be a turtle. Let your kid’s mind run wild with creative possibilities. The toy is made of high-density plastic, so it is designed to endure bouncing and no amount of standing or jumping on it can crack as there is no weight limit. 

Buy more than one and see what else your kid can come up with or maybe buy one in each color? 

The Bilibo by MOLUK comes in: 

  • White 
  • Black 
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Red 
  • Yellow 
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple

Fat Brain Toys recommends this for children aged 2 to 7 and sells it for $28.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Review

Whether you poke it or press it, the Fat Brain Toys Dimpl is a fun-filled experience for your baby or toddler. The soft plastic bubbles are made of malleable silicon and are held in place by a durable baby-safe plastic frame. Playing with the Dimpl is literally as easy as pressing a button! This tactile toy will stimulate your child’s motor skills. 

When you press one of the five vividly colored bubbles, it pops out the other side of the toy. Your baby will delight in this unexpected and tactile game! This toy is perfect for keeping your child focused on a single task, possibly for hours.  

The Dimpl costs only $13 dollars, and will easily become your kid’s favorite toy.  

Who Is Fat Brain Toys For? 

Fat Brain Toys Review

Fat Brain Toys are mostly for babies and children, but parents and educators also adore the brand as they promote brain development and learning in kids. They let your child have fun and learn at the same time so this is a double win for both kids and adults. 

The company also sells toys for older kids or adults even though we did not feature any of those in our Fat Brain Toys review. We encourage you to check them out on their site if you’re interested. 

Fat Brain Toys Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fat Brain Toys Review

We now come to the customer rating section in our Fat Brain Toys review, so let us scour the internet and see how the company holds up under scrutiny.

First up, we have a happy customer on TrustPilot, “5/5 stars. I’ve shopped for grandkids from for the last 6 years. Not 1 complaint…Grandkids ALWAYS love the gifts for Christmas/Birthdays and other adults always ask where do I find these items.”  

Let’s roll on over to and see what someone else had to say, “I wanted to get educational gifts for my grandchildren this past Christmas…My grandchildren have given their gifts great reviews which makes me want to order from Fat Brain toys in the future.”  

If these reviews did not convince you then let’s head over to Amazon where their product has even more stellar reviews. Like this satisfied customer, “I bought this toy for a long-haul plane ride (12 hours) with a 15 month old child. It was the perfect toy as there were no parts to lose, and she loved it! It was just challenging enough to keep her occupied for small chunks of time.”

Another content reviewer said, “…When I first saw it my thought was “That’s it? Just gears that spin on a stick?”…Lemme tell you, not only was our two year old mesmerized by it after he opened it tonight for Christmas, but so was the entire family. My two year old loves it, my four year old loves it, I caught myself playing with it.” 

Here is brief summary of the ratings on some of the Fat Brain Toys products:

  • Dimpl: 4.8/5 stars out of 17,543 reviews
  • InnyBin: 4.8/5 stars out of 2714 reviews
  • SpinAgain: 4.9/5 stars out of 4650 reviews
  • 2 in 1 Musical Jump n’ Toss: 4.4/5 stars out of 293 reviews   

Is Fat Brain Toys Worth It?

Fat Brain Toys Review

Yes, this Fat Brain Toys review found the brand is worth it. For both the focus on educational development via your kid’s toys and for the reasonable cost of Fat Brain Toys products. Any parent looking for a toy that is more than just an item for idle hands will be happy with a worthwhile purchase from this company.

The toys are designed to be enjoyed for hours, so not only will your child benefit from the hours of playing with these brain stimulating games, but you can also enjoy the time to work on your own projects as well.

And this Fat Brain Toys review also found a lot of these games would be good for any aging parent who may be experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia. The colorful games and tactile puzzles can help many older people as fun brain exercises.       

Fat Brain Toys Promotions & Discounts 

Fat Brain Toys Review

Currently, you can enter a contest to win a $500 Fat Brain Toys gift card. You can also subscribe to a newsletter to receive exclusive offers and deals.   

Where to Buy Fat Brain Toys 

Fat Brain Toys Review

There are several places where you can buy Fat Brain Toys products:


Fat Brain Toys Review

 Who owns Fat Brain Toys?

Fat Brain Toys was co-founded by husband and wife team, Mark and Karen Carson, and was acquired by TOMY International Inc. in 2020.  

Where are Fat Brain Toys made?

Fat Brain Toys are made in several different countries and you can actually search the site by which countries the toys are made in. You can find the list of countries here

What is Fat Brain Toys’ Shipping Policy?

Though the company doesn’t offer free shipping, it does offer the following:

  1. Flat shipping of $5 to the continental USA with UPS
  2. International shipping will be calculated at checkout (duty fees are not included)
  3. They also ship to APO, DPO, and FPO
  4. In-store pickup is possible at their retail locations: Omaha, NE and Overland Park, KS

What is Fat Brain Toys’ Return Policy?

If you are unhappy with your order, you have 90 days to return the item. To start the return process, head to their Returns page and input your order number. You will then receive a return authorization number as well as a free return label (only applicable for the continental US). As always, the item must be returned in its original packaging and be in a ‘like-new’ condition. 

How to Contact Fat Brain Toys

If you still have questions about the brand, you can also reach out to the company through the following methods:

The customer support team is available:
  • Mondays to Fridays, from 8 am to 5 pm CST
  • Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm CST
  • Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm CST

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