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Nanit Baby Monitor Review

About Nanit

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

Nanit specializes in baby monitoring technology. When you become a new parent, you want nothing but the best for your baby, which is why this company created a smart baby monitor that keeps tabs on your baby’s breathing, sleep, and growth.

One of the most special features is that you can keep track of every important milestone digitally. This aspect has helped generate a lot of buzz for the brand, and Nanit now has over 77.5k followers on Instagram.

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

The brand has also been supported by numerous media outlets. In 2018, The Bump awarded Nanit the title of Best Overall Baby Monitor and Time Magazine named its product as one of the year’s Best Inventions. Nanit has also been featured on Babylist‘s 2020 Best List and The Today Show.

With so much buzz around the company, you’re probably wondering whether or not its products live up to the hype. In this Nanit baby monitor review, I will explore the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Nanit

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

Nanit blossomed out of what many parents felt they needed: a product that fused modern technology with the centuries-old desire to keep our little ones healthy and safe. Tor Ivry, Andrew Berman, and Dr. Assaf Glazer got together to develop a product that they hoped would make raising a baby a bit easier for both new parents and seasoned veterans.

After launching Nanit in 2016, the team set off on their mission to support parents. The company’s innovative products help connect parents to their baby by allowing them to be more in tune with their child’s development and general well-being.

With Nanit’s revolutionary baby monitor, smart sheets, and other technological products, parents can track their baby’s breathing, height, weight, sounds, movement, and more. The data connects to the Nanit App, where parents can access the information whenever they would like to.

In 2019, e-commerce expert Sarah McCollum Dorsett joined the Nanit team as the CEO. The company now operates from its headquarters in New York City, NY.

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

Now that you know more about the brand and how it got started, my Nanit baby monitor review will go over some higlights:


  • A respectable range of smart products, including a camera, sheets, clothing, and accessories
  • Products allow parents to track their child’s health and development, such as weight, height, breathing, movements, sleep patterns, and more
  • The device also tracks the humidity and temperature of the room
  • In-crib devices are made with special patterns that the camera reads, so there is no digital technology in the crib with your baby
  • Data is accessible via a user-friendly phone application
  • Access to a digital baby book that saves memories and can be shared with friends and family
  • Can listen to your baby when using other applications on your phone
  • Sends alerts to your phone when something is wrong
  • Gives off lower radiation levels than other household products like TVs
  • Personal information cannot be hacked

Can You Use Nanit Without A Subscription?

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

The Nanit cameras come with a one-year subscription to Nanit Insights. This subscription entails access to sleep tracking, analysis, tips, dashboards, and any saved video history.

You can also upgrade your subscription to Insights Premium or Insights Unlimited, which will give you access to more features and storage space. If you opt for a 30-day stored video history, you’ll have to pay $100 per year, whereas if you’d rather unlimited storage history, you’re looking at a subscription of $300 per year.

Fortunately, parents have the option of using the camera without subscribing to a plan. You’ll still have access to a live camera feed and receive updates and alerts. If you’re unsure whether you should splurge or not, you can always try out the subscription for 30 days to see if it’s worth it.

Nanit Pro Review

The Nanit Pro products are designed to provide parents with peace of mind when putting their babies to sleep. The Nanit Pro is recognized as the only baby monitor device that gives you insight into your baby’s overall growth and development. Each device comes with a Nanit warranty period of one year.

Let’s steer this Nanit baby monitor review into some popular Nanit Pro products.

Nanit Pro Camera Review

The Nanit Pro Camera is a smart baby monitor that features 1080p so that you can have a crisp, crystal clear image of your baby sleeping in their crib. This product is more than your average baby monitor, though. It is designed to keep you in the loop with your baby’s health, providing you with helpful updates on their sleep, growth, and breathing patterns.

This smart baby monitor features personalized sleep coaching. It monitors your baby’s patterns, then provides personalized sleeping tips that will hopefully give your little one (and yourself) a more restful sleep.

This camera also tracks your baby’s height from their crib, allowing you to see their growth each day. You’ll also get access to a digital photo album that automatically stores every milestone and precious moment, allowing you to look back and share with loved ones.

In addition to helping you keep track of your baby, this monitor checks the temperature and humidity of their room. You can set up updates for when these numbers fall outside of your desired range. You can also talk to your baby through the two-way audio feature.

Most importantly, the Nanit Pro provides parents with a sense of peace, knowing they can stay connected with their baby 24/7 through motion monitoring. You can purchase the Nanit Pro Camera for $299.

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System Review 

The Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System will have you well equipped with everything you need to get your baby’s sleeping situation under control. This bundle features four items:

  • Nanit Pro Camera
  • Multi-Stand
  • Breathing Brand
  • Smart Sheets

With these products, you will have unlimited access to a live feed of your baby. With the Multi-Stand, parents can take their Nanit Pro Camera on vacation, to grandma’s house, or anywhere they might want a clear picture of their baby.

The Breathing Wear and the Smart Sheets provide more insights on your little one. The Breathing Band is wrapped around your baby’s chest and provides details on their breathing as they sleep, including how many breaths they take per minute.

Meanwhile, the Smart Sheets feature a special pattern that is recognized by your monitor. This special pattern helps the app provide an accurate measurement of your baby’s height.

This complete set by Nanit will reduce stress knowing your baby is resting comfortably. You can purchase this bundle for $449.

Nanit Breathing Wear Review

With the Nanit Breathing Wear products, you don’t have to worry about technology in your baby’s crib. These products are compatible with your Nanit Pro or Nanit Plus baby monitor. They work together to monitor your baby’s breathing pattern and notify you if any motions are unfamiliar or not detected.

Now, let’s go over some popular Breathing Wear products.

Nanit Breathing Band Review 

The Breathing Band is a fabric band that is soft and comfortable enough to fit over your baby’s pajamas. This product features a custom pattern that is designed to pick up subtle movements. By reading your baby’s actions, this product will know when to alert you.

This HSA/FSA-approved product is secure, with fabric that stays put. The Breathing Band is also feather-soft, without any sharp or pinchy edges. Plus, it is machine washable and made with 100% cotton. No matter your baby’s sleeping position, this breathing wear will track their motions.

You can purchase the Breathing Band in sizes small or large. The one-pack is $20 and the three-pack is $40.

Nanit Breathing Wear Starter Pack Review 

The Breathing Wear Starter Pack is the easiest, most efficient way to get started with Nanit breathing wear. This bundle includes a size small Breathing Band and a size small Nanit Swaddle

This starter pack gives you a chance to explore the brand’s products and see how it works for you and your baby. Your baby’s comfort is the top priority, so you can see whether they prefer the Band or the Swaddle.

Both of these products are non-intrusive with no additional or unnecessary sensors in your baby’s crib. Instead, they feature a special pattern that your Nanit Pro or Nanit Plus reads as your little one moves. You can buy this starter pack for $40.

Nanit Swaddle Review 

The Nanit Swaddle has the same idea as the Breathing Band, just offers a different design. Working with both Nanit cameras, the Swaddle wraps around and conforms to your baby’s body. Your baby will feel warm and snug, which can help them sleep even more comfortably.

The benefits of using the Swaddle include all-night comfort, giving babies a nice therapeutic sleep. It also prevents their startle reflexes and ensures that your little one will sleep on their back through the night. Lastly, you can trust that your baby’s temperature will remain consistent throughout the night.

You can purchase the Swaddle in either a one-pack or three-pack with the option of sizes small or large. The one-pack is $25 and the three-pack is $50.

Nanit Sleeping Bag Review

The Nanit Sleeping Bag is made with the same fabric design and motion-sensing technology as the other Breathing Wear options. This product is the perfect step up from the Swaddle for when your baby starts rolling in their crib. The Sleeping Bag comes in sizes small, medium, and large.

The Sleeping Bag features a 360-degree view of your baby’s breathing as the motion-detecting fabric wraps around their body. There’s also plenty of room for your baby to move their hips and legs freely within the bag. You also have easy access to check and change your baby’s diaper through the two-way zipper mechanism.

You can purchase the Sleeping Bag in either a one-pack or two-pack. The one-pack is $35, and the two-pack is $60.

Nanit Travel Pack Review

If you’re constantly on the go, the Nanit Travel Pack might be for you. This pack includes the Nanit Multi-Stand and Nanit Travel Case, making traveling a lot more convenient. Whether you’re going on a vacation or just visiting family, you can take your Nanit everywhere to make sure you never miss a motion.

The Nanit Travel Case comes equipped with customized compartments that fit your Nanit camera, power adapter, and multi-stand. The hardshell case is protective and padded inside to keep your devices safe. The case design is super slim and sleek, allowing you to slide it in your purse, diaper bag, carry-on, or luggage.

You can purchase this Travel Pack for $80.

Nanit Multi Stand Review 

The Nanit Multi-Stand is designed to give you a better view of your baby’s room, check in on your baby when you’re not around, and travel with your monitor.

Parents can easily pick up this accessory and move it to the nursery, bedroom, living room, or wherever else your baby moves. This attachment is perfect for when your little one gets a little bit older, allowing you to keep a close eye on their solo playtime or toddler bed. It provides a 130° view no matter which room it is in.

The Multi-Stand is sold separately for $49.

Nanit Floor Stand Review 

The Nanit Floor Stand is an attachment for the Nanit monitors that gives you the option to switch your view. This Floor Stand provides an overhead view of the crib without needing to be attached to the wall or ceiling. Parents can easily pick up that stand and move it to get the perfect view of their baby.

For safety, it also features cable management to keep any loose wires away from your baby. Plus, it is tall enough that your little one won’t be able to reach it.

For $125, the Floor Stand is a great way to customize your Nanit experience.

Nanit Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

Though the brand’s products sound impressive, I wanted to check out Nanit baby monitor reviews from customers to see what they really thought about the brand.

From the information I sourced from the Nanit website, Trustpilot, and Amazon, I’ve learned that the products work extremely well for some parents, but not for all. Let’s take a look at the findings.

On Amazon, the company’s products are grouped by cameras with accessories and breathing items with sheets. Both groups share ratings and have exceptionally high averages:

  • Monitors and accessories: over 4.4k ratings and an average of 4.6/5 stars
  • Smart Sheets and Breathing Wear: over 1.6k ratings and an average of 4.7/5 stars

Overall, customers agree that the Nanit Pro is easy to use, provides a clear picture, and helps parents keep a closer watch on their babies. One customer also notes how seamless the setup process is:

First, I was really impressed with the setup experience. The app walked me through every single step and the whole process only took a few minutes. Once I had it up and running, I couldn’t believe how clear the video was – it’s HD quality, even in night vision. The motion and sound alerts are super clear and without any delay.

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

Similarly, another reviewer notes that the Insight subscription is secure and well worth the money: “The insight membership truly is worth it because you can track your baby’s sleep progression. It breaks everything down in videos and you can make notes and add family members to the live feed… Nanit also has a very tightknit security system which was one of the main reasons why we decided to go with Nanit

On the brand’s website, only some of its products have customer reviews. Nanits’s Breathing Wear and camera accessories are generally well-received:

  • Swaddle: 42 ratings and an average of 4/5 stars
  • Breathing Band: 89 ratings and an average of 4.4/5 stars
  • Multi-Stand: 42 ratings and an average of 4.5/5 stars

One 5-star rating on the Swaddle states that the customer loves how high quality and durable this product is: “We’ve come to love all things nanit and these swaddles are no different… Overall, these are very good quality (as with everything nanit makes), the zipper is durable, and the size is perfect for our little girl.”

Other reviews show that parents and grandparents agree that the company’s products bring them peace of mind when their little ones are sleeping.

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

Overall, the majority of parents who try Nanit’s products feel that they provide peace of mind because they help keep their babies safe.

Is Nanit Worth It?

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

By now you may be wondering, is the Nanit Plus worth it? The company’s mission is to keep parents on track with their baby’s sleeping habits, patterns, and concerns by monitoring them throughout the night with safe technology.

I found thousands of positive customer testimonials that attest to the efficacy, helpfulness, and user-friendly designs of Nanit’s products. Most parents who own one of the brand’s monitors agree that it provides peace of mind because they know their babies are safe. Plus, if the camera sees anything that might be wrong, it will send an alert directly to the parent’s phone.

The brand’s add-on accessories also let you customize the information you receive, depending on what data you want to track.

Thousands of parents were extremely satisfied with the band’s products. The set-up process is very easy, so many customers did not need to contact its technical support.

If you are on the fence, the company offers a 45-day return policy, giving you a month and a half to test out the product to see if it works for you and your baby. This policy, along with the majority of positive testimonials, leads us to believe that the Nanit baby monitors are worth trying.

Nanit Promotions & Discounts 

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

At the time of this Nanit baby monitor review, when you purchase a camera and two add-on items of your choice, or if you order any three accessories, you will get 10% off your entire order.

Nanit also offers monthly financing with Affirm for as low as $28/month.

Where to Buy Nanit

Nanit Baby Monitor Review

You can purchase the company’s products directly from Other partnered retailers include Amazon, Best Buy, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Mamas & Papas, Babylist, Snuggle Bugz, John Lewis & Partners, and West Coast Kids.


Nanit Baby Monitor Review

What does the Nanit do?

The Nanit is a baby monitoring device that captures footage of your baby. Through this footage and other technological advancements, such as the Breathing Band, the Nanit analyzes your baby’s breathing motion, sleeping patterns, and growth. This data provides insight into your baby’s well-being through their movements.

Is Nanit safe?

While doing my research for this Nanit baby monitor review, I found that your IP address cannot be hacked when using the brand’s products, which ensures your baby’s footage and photos are safe and secure.

Additionally, the product’s wifi antenna is made to keep wireless signals away from your baby’s body. For reference, the Nanit emits less radiation than typical household electronics such as TVs and computers.

Does Nanit need wifi?

Yes. The Nanit products need to be set up through your smartphone or any smart home device, which requires a wifi connection. This wifi connection is essential to enable a consistent live camera feed.

Does Nanit use Bluetooth?

To set up your Nanit smart baby monitor, you’re going to need to pair the camera with your phone. Once you download the Nanit app, you’ll be required to turn on your Bluetooth and wifi. You’ll only need to use Bluetooth to set up the Nanit camera’s wifi connection.

Is Nanit compatible with Alexa?

Yes. The Nanit Plus camera is compatible with the Amazon Echo Show and Amazon Echo Shot. By simply asking, “Alexa, show me (baby’s name),” you will be able to see the live stream of your baby.

Does the Nanit monitor breathing?

The Breathing Wear line works with both the Nanit Plus and the Nanit Pro. Each breath-tracking product is designed with a special pattern. Your baby monitor watches this pattern for subtle movements to show how your baby is breathing. Should the monitor detect something is wrong, it will send an alert to your phone.

The Breathing Band is worn on top of your baby’s clothes. On the other hand, the Swaddle, Sleeping Bag, and Pajamas are full-body products. These items feature handy zippers that make changing you baby through the night easy.

Where does Nanit ship from? 

I have to report in this Nanit baby monitor review that the company’s website only ships to the US and Canada. Products are sent from its warehouse in California.

How long does Nanit take to ship?

Shipping times vary depending on which retailer you are using. When purchased from its website, orders typically take two days to ship. As for Amazon, shipping takes between three to four business days.

What is Nanit’s Return Policy?

If you’re not happy with your Nanit purchase, you have 45 days to return the product for a full refund. The company will provide you with a prepaid shipping label, which will be deducted from your refund total.

How to Contact Nanit Customer Service

If you have any questions after reading my Nanit baby monitor review, you can contact the company through:

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