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Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

About Hello Yumi

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Hello Yumi is on a mission to bring babies freshly-made, organic, and nutrient-dense foods. Hoping to make parenting in a healthy way easier, the brand offers subscription plans for your little ones between the ages of 6 months and 2 years.

With more than 200k followers across Facebook and Instagram, parents are definitely taking note of this unique service. Plus, its ability to make mealtime less stressful has earned the brand features in reputable sources like Goop, Forbes, Business Insider, The New York Times, and Vogue.

Hello Yumi was also given a Clean Label Project Purity Award from the Clean Label Project. Its products were tested by the outside source to ensure they’re free of toxic ingredients and metals.

Is this baby food subscription service a good fit for you and your family? This Hello Yumi baby food review will help you make that decision. We’ll introduce you to the brand, its story, and some of its top-selling food options—so keep reading to learn more.

Overview of Hello Yumi

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Evelyn Rusli and Angela Sutherland were disappointed by the lack of healthy pre-made baby foods on the market. Grocery store shelves typically feature products with year-long expiration dates and unclear ingredients. While making blends at home is a healthier option, it can be incredibly time-consuming for the modern parent.

So, Evelyn and Angela set out to make a difference, launching Hello Yumi in 2014. Their mission was, and still is, clear: to provide all parents with “nutrition-first meals and snacks for babies and toddlers with enriching content tailored to every developmental milestone.

Hello Yumi meals are made fresh in the brand’s LA kitchens. The preparation is much the same as you would do at home and there are no short-cuts or processed purees like the run-of-the-mill stuff.

The company prioritizes three values: real food, real science, and real good. The brand’s team performs an extensive amount of research when putting together their recipes to ensure that each meal offers the correct nutrients for your little one’s age.

Plus, Hello Yumi only uses safe and non-toxic ingredients. Everything is high-quality, organic, and performs an important role in the meal, whether that’s providing necessary fiber or iron.

Finally, the Hello Yumi brand aims to do good for the planet. Going beyond serving up nutritious meals, it also reduces food waste and offers recyclable packaging.

Now that you know more about that brand and its mission, this Hello Yumi baby food review will cover the pros and cons:


  • Varying texture stages help babies transition from milk to real food
  • Multiple flavors available at each stage
  • Made with100% whole and fresh ingredients
  • Free from chemicals, preservatives, and added sugars
  • Pediatrician and nutritionist-formulated meals
  • Free of common allergens (The big-8: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, crustacean shellfish, wheat, and soy)
  • Free shipping


  • Some babies did not take to the food
  • Hello Yumi price is expensive
  • Produced in a facility that also processes peanuts

The brand offers a multitude of different textures and flavors that are tailored towards different ages. Up next, this Hello Yumi baby food review will take you through how the subscription works, as well as some of the available options.

How Does Hello Yumi Work?

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Hello Yumi is a meal delivery service for babies. Offering clean, organic, and kosher blends, snacks, and bites, this brand ensures your little one is getting their daily nutrients, without any toxic chemicals, preservatives, or metals that are found in alternative meals.

The company whips up its food in its kitchen before delivering them straight to your door. The quality is similar to what your baby would receive if you were making these meals yourself with fresh and organic ingredients, but Hello Yumi does all of the work for you.

Customers will place an order for their desired amount of jars. The chosen amount will depend on how much you are supplementing your child’s food with another source, such as breast milk. Your Hello Yumi buy options are 8, 16, or 24 per week.

Then, you will select the stage your child is at. Hello Yumi created the stages to help parents choose foods that are appropriate for their little one’s age. Here’s an overview of the different stages, the intended age for each stage, and what the consistency of the food is:

  • Stage One: single-ingredient purees for babies 6+ months old
  • Stage Two: same as above, but a thicker consistency
  • Stage Three: two-ingredient blends for babies 7+ months old
  • Stage Four: multi-ingredient purees for babies 8+ months old
  • Stage Five: textured purees with seeds and grains for babies 9+ months old
  • Stage Six: morsels of food that your baby of 10+ months can pinch between their fingers
  • Stage Seven: bite-sized solid foods for babies 11+ months old
  • Stage Eight: fruit leathers and puffs snacks  for babies 11+ months old

Within each stage, there are multiple flavors and ingredients to choose from. By using your Hello Yumi login, you can customize your order and add your child’s favorites at any time.

The brand also offers two different boxes: the Chef Series and the Milestone Plan. This Hello Yumi baby food review will introduce you to both options in the following section.

Hello Yumi Milestone Plan

Your baby’s first giggle, first steps, and first words are all important milestones. But, so are the different foods they’ll be trying. The Hello Yumi Milestone Plan works with your child’s development to prepare them for solid foods by gradually changing the textures of their meals.

As the company’s most popular plan, Hello Yumi will help tailor your deliveries to meet your baby’s changing needs. When you sign up, you’ll have to provide a bit of information about your little one—namely their birthday. Then, the brand will match them up with a food stage texture.

For example, a 6-month-old will be matched with Stage One or Stage Two. Both options are single-ingredient blends, but the second one features a thicker consistency. The items on the Hello Yumi menu for this week in the second stage are Beet, Black Bean, Pea, Raspberry, Mango, and Purple Sweet Potato.

You will receive new food weekly. This plan diversifies your baby’s palette at a young age and introduces them to new flavors, textures, and nutrients that are vital to their development. Throughout the course of the plan, your child will have been introduced to 100+ flavors.

And, each stage offers different nutrients that are integral to that age. For example, at nine months, your child will need lots of copper and magnesium. So, Hello Yumi ensures that its Stage Four and Stage Five foods feature a sufficient amount.

As your baby grows, he or she will move up the different stages. You can make changes to your weekly delivery—whether to the flavor, texture, or amount—before the cutoff on Tuesdays at midnight.

Hello Yumi Chef Series 

If mom and dad are big foodies, you might want to start your little one on that journey with the Hello Yumi Chef Series plan. The brand partners with master chefs around the world to create unique and gourmet baby food recipes.

If baby food could win Michelin Stars, Hello Yumi would. There are two different chef-created boxes available that can be purchased at any time.

The Chef Blends Box is perfect for your baby that has reached at least the fourth stage of the Hello Yumi guide. Available for $16, it features three delectable purees:

  • Jon & Vinny’s Polenta Mushroom Bolognese (two servings)
  • Chef Beverly Kim’s Pat Juk (one serving)
  • Chef Malcolm Livingston II’s Sweet Potato Cheesecake (one serving)

On the other hand, the Chef Bites Box is for babies of at least 11 months of age. It features two different bite-sized snacks that your little one will enjoy. For $16, per serving, this box includes:

  • Chef Beverly Kim’s Broccoli Lentil Bites (two servings)
  • Chef Malcolm Livingston II’s Banana Bread Bite (two servings)

Customers should note that if you opt for the Milestone Plan, the chef-created dishes are available at the appropriate stage there, too.

How Much is Hello Yumi?

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

There are multiple factors that determine how much your Hello Yumi subscription will cost, namely how much food you order and how often you want to pay.

Generally, the brand offers three different options in terms of quantity: 8, 16, or 24 jars. Meanwhile, there are two different ways to pay: monthly or weekly. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of each option:

If you choose to pay on a weekly basis, you’ll pay $35-$90 per order:

  • 8 jars: $35, or over $4 per jar
  • 16 jars: $65, or roughly $4 per jar
  • 24 jars: $90, or under $4 per jar

If you pay monthly, you can save $7-$18 on your weekly cost. Your options are:

  • 8 jars: $28, or under $4 per jar
  • 16 jars: $52, or over $3 per jar
  • 24 jars: $72, or $3 per jar

Alternatively, single-purchase products range in price. The featured Chef’s boxes are $16 each. And, the brand’s vitamins are $30-$33 for a 30-day supply.

Hello Yumi Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Healthy and freshly-made baby food delivered right to your door every week? That sounds pretty convenient, but this Hello Yumi baby food review wanted to see what customers were really saying. So, we sourced testimonials from the brand’s website, My Subscription Addiction, and Mas & Pas.

On the Yumi baby food website, it has earned a 4.6/5-star average from more than 1k customers. Here, parents report satisfaction with the flavor options, timely deliveries, and convenience that the service offers. Take this glowing example:

As a busy working mom Yumi has been such a lifesaver! I feel good about what my babe is eating, it’s conveniently packaged for on the go and he’s getting really adventurous! Customer service has always been exceptional, and I love how easy it is to pick what goes in the box. I wish I’d known about Yumi for my older son.

While another parent loves that the weekly deliveries mean she can spend less time in the kitchen: “As much as I enjoy making my own baby food, I don’t always have the time. Yumi is convenient, super tasty and I love the quality of the ingredients. I know my little one is getting the nutrition she needs and I don’t have to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.

The Hello Yumi baby food reviews on the brand’s own site were very positive, so we turned to independent blogs to get a clearer picture. First, Abby from My Subscription Addiction gave the service a try for her 4-month-old.

Abby found many things she liked about the brand. Mainly, that her son enjoyed the food: “He was very enthusiastic about the Yumi meals, especially the Japanese Sweet Potato and Pear… All in all, he did very well with the puree blends…. and I think after a month or so of purees, he might be ready for a more advanced stage of meals.”

Though she notes that the service is expensive, especially when compared to grocery store alternatives, the price might be worth it for the advanced stages. While parents could likely whip up the one or two-ingredient meals quickly at home, the more complex options would be tricker.

Finally, we turned to Mas & Pas, where the author readily recommends the brand. The article concludes: “The convenience of getting all of these benefits in meals delivered to your door with no extra work required seems to be one of the main reasons why parents chose Yumi.”

While the products definitely are expensive, it seems that most shoppers are willing to pay that amount for healthy foods made with organic ingredients. Multiple subscribers say that the convenience makes the cost worth it.

Is Hello Yumi Worth It?

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Hello Yumi organic baby food has been praised by many parents and disparaged by only a few. The amount of positive reviews completely surpasses the number of negative ones. So as a shopper, that makes us feel more comfortable.

There will always be people with something negative to say, but when the crowd leans towards the overwhelmingly positive side, that’s a good sign. There is always a chance that your little one won’t like something, but the company offers a ton of flavors with weekly opportunities to change things up.

Though the price is higher than what we see in grocery stores, the cost accounts for the natural and organic ingredients. Plus, many parents report that the cost is worth the time and effort they’re saving from the kitchen or having to go to the grocery store.

So, all in all, this Hello Yumi baby food review thinks that the brand is worth subscribing to. Especially if your baby is ready to start experimenting with more solid, blended, and pureed food options.

Hello Yumi Promotions & Discounts 

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Are you looking for a Hello Yumi discount code? Unfortunately, there isn’t an active code on the website. But, you can save money by opting to pay in monthly installments, rather than weekly.

Sign up for Hello Yumi

Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Are you looking to sign up for a Hello Yumi subscription? Well, you have come to the right place. Here’s a breakdown of the steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Hit “Get Started” on the homepage banner
  3. Fill in your personal profile details
  4. Select your meal type
  5. Select your pricing/frequency plan
  6. Checkout


Hello Yumi Baby Food Review

Who owns Yumi food?

Yumi food is owned by co-founders Evelyn Rusli and Angela Sutherland.

Is Yumi organic?

Yes. Yumi baby food is freshly made and completely organic.

Do you heat up Yumi baby food?

You can heat up Yumi baby food. But, it’s important to note that the plastic container the food arrives in is not microwave safe. So if you are looking to heat up the food, transfer it to a heat-safe container before putting it into your microwave.

Can you freeze Yumi food?

Yumi food can be frozen to prolong its shelf life. The food can last for two months in the freezer.

How long does Yumi food last?

Yumi food is good for one week in the fridge, two months in the freezer, and 24 hours once it has been opened.

How much does Hello Yumi cost?

For your convenience, we’ll provide a quick overview of the Yumi baby food costs. Here is a breakdown of each plan:

8 jars per week:

  • Billed weekly: $35 weekly
  • Billed monthly: $28 weekly (save $7)

16  jars per week:

  • Billed weekly: $65 weekly
  • Billed monthly: $52 weekly (save $13)

24  jars per week:

  • Billed weekly: $90 weekly
  • Billed monthly: $72 weekly (save $18)

How do I cancel my Hello Yumi subscription?

Canceling your subscription is easy. Simply log in to your account on the Hello Yumi app or website and navigate to your account settings. There, you will be guided through the cancellation process.

What is Hello Yumi’s Shipping Policy?

The brand ships anywhere within the contiguous United States. Shipping is absolutely free.

What is Hello Yumi’s Return Policy?

If you’re unhappy with your Hello Yumi organic baby food delivery, you have 24 hours to contact customer service to initiate a return. Your request will be assessed by the team and they will determine whether or not you are entitled to a full or partial refund. You may be required to send photo evidence, depending on your reason for returning your products.

How to Contact Hello Yumi

If you have any questions after reading this Hello Yumi baby food review, you can contact the brand via:

The company’s customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

Looking for more options? Check out Little Spoon, a brand that creates fresh, healthy meals for kids that are delivered to your door every 2 weeks.

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