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MEL Science Review

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MEL Science Review

MEL Science delivers safe, informative, and fun hands-on physics and chemistry experiments to your door each month. Geared towards kids and teens aged 8-16, the subscription-based service also includes VR classes, live lessons, and tutoring.

The kid’s program has been revered in the world of science, called “exciting and ambitious” by Chemistry World. It has also been featured in a heap of other science-based publications like Science Magazine and C&EN.

MEL Science has an incredible following of 1.5 million on Facebook and has won several awards including:

  • Bett 2020 Innovator of the year
  • The EdTech Awards 2020 Best VR/AR solution
  • The VR Awards 2020 VR education and training of the year
  • HICOOL 2020 2nd prize

Need to know more about this program and stat? Take a peek at this MEL review. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the program and how its courses work, what customers think, and more, to help you decide if it’s something worth looking into for your kid.

Overview of MEL Science

MEL Science Review

In a world where STEM learning will set your kid up for success, making learning fun and enthralling is key. MEL Science was created by Vasily Filippov in 2014 after he created science experiments for his own kids at home.

With his own kids, Filippov chose to conduct real science experiments, more than just the kind with vinegar and baking soda, although, you may find an erupting volcano among the program’s lessons—can’t beat a classic!

He took the real glass, quality ingredients, and most importantly, the patient time he spent with his kids, and bundled them into a monthly subscription box for children around the world to enjoy. Each one is packed with fascinating experiments and projects accompanied by easy-to-follow, thorough instructions.

The London-based startup is made up of a team of talented professionals who hold more than 10 PhDs in science, but who also have a few inquisitive, growing minds on their hands at home.

Ready to jump right in and find out what this program has to offer? You’ll discover it all in just a few scrolls, but up next in this MEL review, you’ll find some of the brands highlights.


  • Quality materials included in every set
  • Award-winning program
  • Thorough instructions, live lessons, and tutoring
  • Get five VR lessons for FREE
  • Chemistry sets are available in 48 countries
  • Free shipping for most locations
  • 100% happiness guarantee
MEL Science Review

With this award-winning company, you’re getting access to over 100 hands-on experiments and projects alongside tutor sessions and live lessons taught by real science teachers. In the next section of this MEL review, we’ll walk you through how the subscription process works before introducing you to the program’s course offerings.

How does MEL Science Work?

MEL Science Review 1

MEL Science is about exploration, discovery, and fun. You have three course options to pick from for your kid(s):

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. VR/AR Science

MEL is subscription-based, and with the first two options listed above, your child will receive 2-3 experiments in their monthly box. The other is virtual, so you won’t need any physical supplies except the VR headset.

The program works as a subscription only. Right now, you can’t buy kits individually.

We’ll get into the fine details about each course in the next section of this MEL review, but below, we’ll run through how the subscription process works.

Once you’ve decided which program your child would like, all you need to do is hit ‘Subscribe’ at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Can’t decide on a course? We have good news—you can pick a mix.

You’ll be taken to a plan page, offering your subscription in Monthly, 3-Month Prepay, and 9-Month Prepay options. The longer you commit, the less you pay.

From there, you’ll enter your email, shipping, and billing details, and your kid’s first MEL science kit will be on its way. Each box will contain 1-3 Physics or Chemistry experiments, with chemistry kits stocked up with enough supplies to complete the experiment twice.

Along with your physical MEL Science kits, you’ll also get digital access to VR/AR lessons, along with the option to watch live webinars led by science teachers, and free access to the app.

Did your kid just join a new club or wants a break during the summer? No problem. You can cancel your Mel Science subscriptions at any time and start it back up when you’re ready.

Who Is MEL Science For?

MEL Science Review

Technically, MEL Science is for kids and teens aged 8-16, but its VR programs can be enjoyed by anyone. Along that same line of thought, all of the courses can be enjoyed by kids of any age, and parents often enjoy completing them alongside their children.

MEL Science can be used for a number of reasons: if your kid has an affinity for science, if you’re looking for a fun and informative after-school project, or if you’re a teacher (homeschool or not) that simply wants a quality experiment to use in lessons.

Choosing the MEL Science homeschool route but you’re not well-versed in physics and chemistry? That’s ok. The kits come with thorough instructions and you can even sign your child up for science tutoring with a professional for a deeper understanding, making MEL Science kits doable for all families.

MEL Science Products Review

Ready to jump into the world of science? To help you better understand what’s involved with each of the brand’s three courses, we’ll outline them all for you below.

MEL Science MEL Physics (8-14+) Review

Physics is all about building working projects of common devices, helping kids to understand how they work. Kids will get to explore projects like a Vacuum Chamber, an Electric Motor, and Laser Lightning, assembling each device and enjoying watching it work.

Physics involves a little problem solving too, but to help out, they’ll have access to live lessons, video tutorials on the app, and the ability to join in on online lessons alongside a tutor.

Every month, your box will include 2-3 physics experiments packed with literally everything your kid will need to complete them. Everything is bright and shiny with new hardware and components, and you’ll get more than 20 kits throughout your course.

Your first physics box will come with both the app and VR access, and throughout your subscription, you get access to over 30 virtual reality lessons—just a friendly reminder that the VR headset isn’t included with your course.

Subscription plans for MEL Science Physics (8-14+) start at $26/month.

MEL Science MEL Chemistry (10-16+) Review

Feel like a real chemist with this introductory chemistry course. Your first shipments will contain your MEL Science Starter Kit, a lab set with all of the basic supplies you’ll need to conduct experiments over the course, including:

  • Safety glasses
  • Solid fuel burner
  • Tablet stand
  • Macro lens
  • Virtual reality headset
  • Borosilicate glass beaker and flask

Sending over 20 kits throughout your course, you’ll receive 2-3 experiments in each delivery with experiments that range from Fire Foam to Chemical Reefs and Carbon Snakes.

These are real experiments, and you’ll be dealing with real chemicals, but all Chemistry kits have been approved as safe under US and EU regulations. To make things easier, your tablet will also guide your child through MEL Science experiments, telling them exactly what to do at each step.

With this particular course, you’ll also get to experience molecules and crystals in 3D with your tablet and VR headset and study with professional teachers for added guidance.

The MEL Chemistry (10-16+) course starts at $26/month.

MEL Science MEL VR Science Simulations (8-99+) Review

Did you know that virtual reality learning can improve a child’s grades by 23%? VR is totally immersive, exposing them to completely interactive worlds. With the MEL VR Science Simulations course, you’ll get access to over 70 lessons that teach in a way that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

This course combines both Physics and Chemistry lessons that follow school curriculums. Each lab lesson is around 3-7 minutes, and you’ll encounter topics like Atoms in Solids, how to Build a Molecule, and Crystallization.

Perfect for classroom teaching, this course allows instructors to switch into Teacher Mode to take control of the lesson.

What makes the VR Science Simulations course really cool, is that it lets kids do experiments they wouldn’t be able to otherwise—trust us, there’s no science class out there teaching kids how to build an atom!

Get started with MEL VR Science Simulations (8-99+) by emailing [email protected] with your interest.

Comparison: MEL Science vs. ClassVR

MEL Science Review

Considering it’s been scientifically proven that kids who are taught with VR achieve higher grades, it comes as no surprise that more than one program offers classroom VR learning. In this section of our MEL review, we’ll be doing a quick comparison between our featured brand and ClassVR, a company dedicated completely to virtual reality learning.

If decorated is what you’re looking for, ClassVR certainly fits the bill, showcasing its numerous awards won over the years proudly on its site. MEL Science has racked up a few itself, and the biggest way these two brands differ is in what they offer.

ClassVR is strictly virtual reality, offering headsets, training, and lessons for classrooms around the world. In addition to VR science-based programs, our featured brand ships Physics and Chemistry hands-on crates that teach kids through physical methods.

ClassVR is also only for classroom use, and you’ll need to get a quote to find out how much it will cost for your school. MEL Science can be purchased for class and home, offering more flexibility.

Is one way better than the other? We all learn differently, which is why we appreciate a brand that does both, but we also think it’s cool that ClassVR creates lessons for all kinds of subjects including Geography, Science, and even English.

MEL Science Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

MEL Science Review

MEL Science is an incredibly popular, award-winning company. Based on what we’ve learned so far, the acclaim is warranted, but we still want to hear from customers to find out what they enjoy about it so much.

In this section of our MEL review, we’ll show you our results after a thorough web search for helpful feedback, listing ratings and comments from the brand’s Facebook page, Trustpilot, and an in-depth review on Organic Chemistry Explained.

We’ll start at home base, with the brand’s Facebook page that holds a 4.4/5 star rating awarded by 931 customers.

In regards to the convenience of the kits, one MEL review read, “the kits are excellent, and they include everything you need but would never be able to find on your own.

That same buyer continued to mention the brand’s stellar customer service, and how the kits have helped her kid possess a real passion for science. Great kits are one thing, but great customer service to back it all up is next level.

Next, we headed over to Trustpilot to see if we could find out more about what’s involved in the courses. The brand’s profile showed a 4.4/5 star score from 501 users and the following snapshot:

  • Excellent: 72%
  • Great: 9%
  • Average: 6%
  • Poor: 4%
  • Bad: 9%

Browsing through the many 5-star comments, we found one MEL review that read, “We loved the kits and how simple the instructions were to follow and how prepared all of the supplies were.”

Organization is key when it comes to science experiments, and detailed instructions are the difference between success and failure.

In search of something a little more informative, we turned to a blog called Organic Chemistry Explained, on which the blogger, a Chemist, wrote a MEL review after ordering the kits for his son.

He began, “As a lifelong chemist and a passionate educator, I’m really impressed with these kits.” He continued to talk about the interesting nature of the experiments—much better than the simple ones he did as a child—and remarked at the “real glassware…and…real, ‘fair dinkum’ chemicals.

There are other kid’s science kit brands on the market that offer chemistry crates, but MEL Science kits are more complex, and as a result, will be more enthralling. The more interested kids are, the more they retain, but that’s true for people of any age, too.

All in all, MEL Science kits are smart, age-appropriate, fun, and informative. Kids look forward to receiving their experiments each month, and so do parents.

Is MEL Science Worth It?

MEL Science Review

While writing this MEL review, a few things have come to our attention: the brand’s diverse, immersive courses, it’s great value, and how much kids and parents like it.

Just browsing through the kits made us want to stir up some concoctions and tinker with electronics, proving that MEL kits are thoughtfully crafted and look legit—they’re not just some cheap cardboard, plastic, and vinegar.

With 2-3 kits per month for Physics and Chemistry programs, the kits are well worth the money and the quality of materials inside each one make them greater value than competitors.

Coupled with lessons taught by real scientists, access to the app for free, and kits that include enough to do the experiments twice, we think MEL Science more than deserves all of the awards and praise it has received and that it’s, of course, worth the buy.

MEL Science Promotions & Discounts

MEL Science Review

We searched high and low for deals during this MEL review and found that the brand offers free shipping for most countries as well as five free VR lessons for those interested in subscribing to the VR Science Simulations program.

Where To Sign Up For MEL Science  

MEL Science Review

Ready to start your kid’s science adventure? Head right to and choose which program you’d like to sign up for, then hit ‘Subscribe.’


MEL Science Review

Can teachers use MEL Science?

Definitely. MEL Science VR lessons are designed to be led by teachers, and the Physics and Chemistry kits can be used in the classroom as well. For School & Bulk orders, request a quote through the brand’s website.

Are MEL Science experiments safe?

MEL Science kits have been lab-tested and comply with EU and US safety regulations approving them for home use.

Can I cancel or pause my subscription to MEL Science?

Yep, anytime you like. Canceling your subscription operates like a pause, as you can reactivate it when you’re ready. To cancel, head to log in to your MEL Science profile and click, ‘Cancel Subscription.’

Is there a MEL Science app?

There sure is. The MEL Science app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone or tablet.

The app gives you access to experiment guides, video explanations about experiments, and daily science facts. It’s completely free with your subscription.

To which countries does MEL Science ship?

It depends on the program you choose. Physics sets only ship to the US, whereas Chemistry sets are delivered to 48 countries including the USA, Canada, UK, and the EU. For a full list, check out the Terms and Conditions page on the brand’s site.

What is MEL Science’s Shipping Policy?

For the Chemistry and Physics programs, MEL Science delivers 2-3 crates per month that will arrive around the same time every 30 days. Shipping is free for most countries, but there may be a small fee added on to your monthly payments for others.

What is MEL Science’s Return Policy?

This MEL review learned that with all of the brand’s programs, you have the option to cancel any time. Plus, your first crate is covered by a 100% happiness guarantee.

If you have prepaid for 3 or 9 months, you’re free to cancel, but MEL Science is unable to refund your money for any of the months you do not wish to receive shipments.

How to Contact MEL Science

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this MEL review, you can get in touch with the brand by using any of the contact methods listed below:

Looking for more ways for your kids to learn? Then check out these other educational subscriptions for children:



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