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California Baby Review

About California Baby

California Baby Review

Whether new to the world or someone who’s been riding the wave of life for decades, we all suffer the same struggle of dry skin. That’s why California Baby came to the market over 20 years ago. 

Working with natural ingredients and solutions, this brand is all about producing skincare products for babies, kids, and even adults to keep life smoothing and comfortable at any age.

The coverage for this brand isn’t sparse. Featured in Vogue, PopSugar, Motherly, and more, there’s a reason this business has over 29.6k followers on their Instagram. They’ve made a name for themselves and followed through in product quality with every new release.

In this California Baby review, I won’t be swayed by coverage. I’m putting in my own research to check out products, prices, ratings, and more to determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of California Baby

California Baby Review

Soothing the skin and worries of parents, California Baby came to market in 1995 to create a world of natural, plant-based products for children of all ages. 

Beginning with founder Jessica Iclisoy’s own concerns to find a baby-safe shampoo, this brand took off to establish themselves as a pure and sustainable solution that took note of every aspect of production from ingredients to distribution.

Now noted by over 80 pediatricians and dermatologists, this brand has made their sourcing and manufacturing practices open and honest for their customers. 

Using solar-powered facilities, naturally grown lavender and calendula, and a strict manufacturing policy to maintain quality, every piece of the puzzle is monitored for consistency.

Inspiring businesses like Whole Foods to create baby care departments, California Baby has made an impact on the world of infant and skincare. 

One of the first widely distributed plant-based brands in the world of personal care, this business has now turned their attention towards independent stores to support local businesses.

Continuing to put out new products, this brand refuses to slow down at any point, always working towards the next best thing. Their perseverance is just one highlight I stumbled upon in this California Baby review – check out the other great pros of the brand:


  • An expansive selection of natural skin products for babies
  • A little goes a long way
  • Works with independent stores
  • Collections for kids and teens
  • Sustainable solutions
California Baby Review

California Baby Calendula Cream Review

I had to start off searching through products with this brand’s award-winning and best-selling piece – the California Baby Calendula Cream.

Light and all-natural (like everything else with this brand), this product gained popularity for its soothing and moisturizing properties.

I’m going to give everyone a hint – this doesn’t just work on babies. Conquer any dry skin with the gentle sensation of calendula cream.

Plant-based and light in scent, this moisturizing cream combats the driest skin with ease. Quick to absorb into the skin, this non-greasy solution is perfect for everyday use on dry and irritating spots. 

Ideal for the face and body, this cream soothes the skin to provide the smooth skin we all desire in little time. Just a thin layer of cream applied daily will do the job.

Start small with a 2oz bottle for $17.

California Baby Products Review

Aside from their Calendula cream, this brand has a variety of items available for customers.

Taking a glance at some other popular California Baby products, I wanted to take a minute to highlight other soothing solutions to ease any anxious baby’s day.

California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo Bodywash Review

There’s nothing quite as soothing as that newborn baby smell, but that doesn’t mean baths don’t have to happen from time to time. Leave the skin fresh and clean with the assistance of Super Sensitive Shampoo Bodywash.

Working as both a shampoo and body wash in a single product, this piece keeps kids clean with ease.

Using a gentle solution to scrub the skin without any harsh chemicals or ingredients, this formula revolves around moisturizing the skin to maintain a healthy glow.

Plant-based in its ingredients, this product leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed after every bath, avoiding those frustrating dry patches that develop with the use of harsher soaps. 

Perfect for newborns or those with sensitive skin, this shampoo and body wash combo appears frequently in pediatric units for its gentle and allergy-free approach to hygiene.

Prices do range depending on the size, but my recommendation in this California Baby review is to try things out with the smallest size of 8.5oz for $12 before buying in bulk.

California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Ointment Review 

Every parent will know that the panic of diaper rashes comes frequently with squirming children. That’s why it’s important to be stocked with Calming Diaper Rash Ointment.

Soothing in stature, this ointment exists to counter the sore and aching pains caused by diaper rash. Leave behind the sight of a red behind and replace the crying screams with sighs once this vitamin-grade ointment has been applied.

Using coconut oil and licorice to soothe the dryness of rashes, this ointment secures hydration once applied to get skin feeling silky smooth.

Subtle scents of lavender and sage appear through the incorporation of essential oils that leave diapers fresh until the next change.

Soothe the skin and reduce redness with this ointment for $13.

California Baby Relief Eczema Cream Review 

The scratching pain of eczema doesn’t just appear in teens and older crowds – save babies the pain and frustration of these dry patches with Relief Eczema Cream.

We’re putting this one out there right away – this cream is for more than just babies. Using oatmeal, calendula, aloe, and more, this soothing solution eases the discomfort of dry skin for any age with a simple application.

Relieving the area of any flair-ups while reducing inflammation and itching, these natural ingredients present anyone suffering from eczema with a simple answer. 

Just a bit of cream applied daily will lock in hydration, reducing the pain and itching to a manageable state. 

Plus, I have to note the subtle lavender and sage aroma coming from the included essential oils. One whiff is enough to calm the soul while it calms the itching.

Grab a 2oz container for $20 or go big and get 4oz for $40.

Is California Baby Natural? 

California Baby Review

While I can’t claim that this brand is organic in my California Baby review, they do qualify as natural. Growing their own ingredients for the calendula and lavender solutions, this brand also avoids harsh chemicals and fragrances in favor of natural scents and oils.

All products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. This business doesn’t do any animal testing and maintains a natural, high quality in all products.

Who Is California Baby For? 

California Baby Review

Despite the name being California Baby, this brand actually works for a wide range of customers. Anyone with dry skin will benefit from the natural and soothing ingredients of these formulas. 

Packed with moisturizing and calming solutions, this brand is all about bringing softer skin to a diverse crowd.

I won’t lie – these products are excellent for babies with sensitive skin. However, I’d argue that anyone struggling with dry patches could use a bit of this brand to smooth things out and calm the areas of concern.

California Baby Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

California Baby Review

I have to say that in doing my research for this California Baby review, I found that the brand is well-favored by the public. 

The company’s own site shows 4/5 stars based on over 3,590 ratings. Customers on this platform seem highly impressed with the quality of products available in their line.

We’ve used organic healthy hand sanitizers from several other brands and this one from California Baby is the most sensitive and easy to use! The bottle design is more user-friendly than the others we’ve used, and the sanitizer is just much better formula for younger kids!

The best part about these formulas really comes from their universal use. While the brand itself is marketed for use for babies and small children, the products work wonders on all skin types and ages

Many comments in the California Baby review section note the change the formulas have made in adult lives. 

In addition to the moisturizing factor, the texture alone gives people reason to buy as “it’s been non-greasy, absorbs well and doesn’t fight with any scent that I may wear.

Outside of the brand’s own site, the company still seems to come across incredibly well. On Influenster they’ve gained 4.6/5 stars based on 270 ratings. 

Similar to ratings on other platforms, customer reports for this brand revolve around the hydrating and moisturizing properties prevalent in every product.

Growing their own ingredients, this brand’s prices do get a little steep, however, as one California Baby review notes, “a little went a LONG way. When I first saw the price, I was like ‘ehhh..’ but had heard nothing but positive reviews, and boy! am I so so glad that I got this.

The individual products from this brand seem to stack up with the overall company reputation. In fact, on Amazon, the California Baby Calendula Moisturizing Cream has 4.6/5 stars based on 1,125 ratings. 

Customers for this one seem to adore this product as “It works wonder on my itchy dry legs as well. [and has] the most comforting lavender smell.”

Working on babies, parents, elders, and more, this product is popular for a reason. Natural ingredients in a lasting product mean parents can rest easy in knowing that many others have “tried it, it worked and we’ve not gone back.” 

Take comfort in the fact that “The price is ok as it lasts a long time, it spreads thinly so goes a long way. Our 4oz tub lasts about a month with daily use.

Of course, their Calendula cream isn’t the only popular product this brand is known for. Other well-rated California Baby products on Amazon are:

  • California Baby Calming Shampoo and Bodywash: 4.7/5 stars based on over 365 ratings
  • California Baby Hair De-Tangler Spray: 4.3/5 stars based on over 205 ratings
  • California Baby Massage Oil Calming: 4.5/5 stars based on 110 ratings
  • California Baby Bubble Bath: 4.7/5 stars based on 105 ratings 

Winning the hearts of parents for their natural solutions and moisturizing properties, this brand seems to have established their name with ease in their decades on the market.

Is California Baby Legit?

California Baby Review

From all the research done for this California Baby review, I’m calling this one legitimate. I haven’t found any red flags surrounding the products or service. 

Some claim their products don’t work as well for them as others have reported, but with skincare products, it’s hard to find a universal solution so I’m not too concerned.

Is California Baby Worth It?

California Baby Review

The final opinion in this California Baby review – this brand is well worth the cost.

These products come from naturally grown ingredients with attention put on every step of the process. 

Moisturizing all skin types, these products seem to last weeks of steady use, smoothing the skin over time.

Calming for younger children and babies, these products also counter any rough skin for adults and teens to create a smooth and gentle touch. There doesn’t seem to be a downside to this brand.

California Baby Promotions & Discounts 

California Baby Review

At the time of writing this article, there isn’t really a California Baby discount code in use.

The only promo I could find was a subscribe and save combo in which those who subscribe to product orders can save 10-20% on the cost.

Where to Buy California Baby

California Baby Review

Until recent years, California Baby was partnered with a number of big-box stores such as Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart. Recently, they’ve made the switch over to focus on online sales and independent stores

Working with smaller retailers, the best way to find a location other than is to use their store locator online. Select products can also be found online through Amazon.


California Baby Review

Who owns California Baby?

California Baby is currently owned and operated by the founder Jessica Iclisoy.

Does California Baby ship internationally?

Absolutely. This brand proudly promotes their international shipping.

What is California Baby’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping with California Baby is incredibly simple – they keep things straightforward and steady for customers. 

All estimated delivery dates are calculated at checkout depending on location, but there are four delivery speeds available for US customers:

  • Standard shipping – $6 or free for orders over $69
  • Rush shipping – 1 business day
  • Express shipping – 2 business days
  • Same Day Delivery – same day (Southern CA only)

All fees will be calculated based on location for expedited shipping options, so keep an eye on that cost as you go. The checkout page will also provide customers a rough ETA for products and items all come with tracking once sent out for delivery.

What is California Baby’s Return Policy?

Don’t be discouraged if something isn’t working out. This brand offers customers a return policy within 60 days of purchase

Customers will receive full refunds for unopened products and store credit for items that have been opened or used. Any store credit issued comes with no expiration date, so feel free to use it whenever.

The process only takes three simple steps:

  1. Contact customer support with the intent to return
  2. Print out the prepaid shipping label (at no extra cost)
  3. Ship back the product (original packaging preferable)

Watch for that refund within the following two weeks. Should a refund or store credit not be issued within two weeks, reach out to customer service to follow up.

How to Contact California Baby

Have any lingering questions after reading this California Baby review? Customer service works from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm PST. At any time, reach out through the following methods of contact:

  • Online contact form
  • Physical Address:

California Baby HQ

5933 Bowcroft St.

Los Angeles, California 90016

  • Phone: (310) 815-8201

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