Blume Skincare Review

About Blume 

Blume Skincare Review

Blume is an e-commerce brand that specializes in selling self-care products targeted towards women. Their collection ranges from skincare, body products, and hygienic items such as tampons and pads.

Marketed as a clean and sustainable company, Blume has amassed a fan following of over 92k on Instagram and has been featured in numerous media publications such as Teen Vogue and Allure

For all that you need to know about this female-led brand, this Blume skincare review will provide all the necessary details. We will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy. 

Overview of Blume 

Blume Skincare Review

Founded on the belief that young girls didn’t have access to quality education about their bodies, Blume ‘bloomed’ in the summer of 2018. You may have heard of this company before, as it was originally known as Blume Ellebox before its rebranding.

With Blume headquarters located in Vancouver, British Columbia, owners Bunny and Taran Ghatrora sought to de-stigmatize periods, puberty, and other female-oriented topics within their company mission. With their products being completely biodegradable, clean, eco-friendly, and vegan, Blume states that they are a safe space for all women.

Blume has a blog dedicated to all things related to female empowerment and social justice. This includes articles dealing with climate change, Black Lives Matter, and information surrounding the Blume Woman campaign.

Blume is also partnered with Days for Girls, an organization founded to improve the lives of women through accessible menstrual health solutions around the world.

“We’re building young women a safe space to learn, grow, and become their badass selves. A place to celebrate womanhood and give advice on the good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly that comes with it.”

Blume Skincare Review

Next in this Blume skincare review are the pros and cons of the brand.


  • Wide selection of health and wellness products directed for women including menstrual products, skincare, and body care items 
  • All of the ingredients used to make their products are clean, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, 100% chemical-free, BPA free, and FDA approved 
  • They offer period guides that contain useful info and advice that’s free to download
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Offers Quadpay as a payment option 


  • Only ships within Canada and the US

Blume Skincare Bestsellers

From whole organic cotton tampons, soothing cramp oil, to hydrating moisturizers, Blume has various products tailored to your every need. Moving forward, this Blume skincare review will provide a selection of their bestsellers down below. 

Blume Meltdown Acne Oil Review

Waking up to a face full of acne is never considered a warm morning greeting. Instead of further irritating your zits with harsh cleansers and face washes, opt for the Meltdown Acne Oil from Blume.

Made out of all-natural Blue meltdown ingredients such as essential oils, this facial product helps you to achieve clearer skin in one single finger dab. This Blume acne oil can also be used as an effective cystic acne treatment.

You can also use this as a protective oil base before you put on your makeup. This vegan, cruelty, and paraben-free Meltdown Acne Oil encourages you to not throw in the towel just yet when it comes to acne-prone skin.

The Blume meltdown acne treatment comes in two different sizing options:

  • ½ oz bottle: one-time purchase is $27 (subscription option costs $22)
  • 1 oz bottle: one-time purchase is $45 (subscription option costs $36)

Blume Hug Me Deodorant Review

It’s no secret that sweat stains aren’t attractive. Whether you’re stressing about your impending exams or in the midst of your intense workout, ensure your pits are protected by using the Hug Me Deodorant.

This all-natural antiperspirant stick is made out of baking soda, coconut oil, and probiotics, in order to keep your pits dry, moisturized, and healthy. Scentless and made for all skin types, this Blume deodorant works with only one swipe- meaning no reapplications.

Optimally used as soon as you hop out of the shower, or tucked discreetly in your gym bag before your next exercise session, the Hug Me Deodorant has your back. Well, actually, it has your pits. For a 75 gram stick, you can get it as a one-time purchase for $11 or $9 if you sign up for a Blume subscription. 

Blume Cloud9 Cramp Oil Review

Getting your monthly period can easily be described as one of the worst feelings in the world. Some “fun” symptoms include headaches, mood swings, strange cravings, heaviness, exhaustion, and of course, cramps. Instead of crying yourself to sleep in a fetal position every night, the Cloud9 Cramp Oil is here to wipe those tears away. 

Made out of its key ingredients clary sage, peppermint, lemon, bergamot, and geranium, this Blume Cloud 9 oil will fight muscle spasms while soothing your skin. To apply, users are to roll this oil stick in 5 or 10 circular motions where it hurts while rubbing it in.

The Cloud9 Cramp Oil smells great too, which helps a little in diverting your attention away from the pain. Created for any skin type, you can say goodbye to those knife-stabbing cramps. Measured in a 10 ml container, you can either buy it as a one-time purchase for $14 or save 20% when you sign up for a subscription for $11

Blume Daydreamer Face Wash Review

Do you ever want to feel like those skincare models that splash water in their faces in those silly advertisements? The closest that you’ll ever get to feeling that refreshed is by using the Daydreamer Face Wash from Blume. This super gentle face wash helps to hydrate, plump, and calm your skin using its blend of chamomile, lavender, rapeseed oil, and grapefruit extract

Scented with the lovely aroma of springtime lavender, this Blume skincare face wash also fades out redness and evens out your skin tone by using the power of combined antioxidants. Blume recommends using two pumps for the morning and three before you go to bed.

Make sure to include the Daydreamer Face Wash in your skincare routine for just $12 for a 120ml bottle. You can also subscribe to save 20%, in which this product only costs $10

Blume Air Hug Review

Winter and autumn can bring forth both the cold and the seasonal flu. To help protect ourselves from both ailments, some of us keep a hand sanitizer and a bottle of hand lotion with us to help keep our skin from drying out.

Designed as a two-in-one product for those on the go, the Air Hug hand sanitizer and lotion handles both jobs. Containing 70% of ethanol alcohol, aloe, and vitamin E, this nifty hand sanitizer kills germs while keeping your hands smooth and soft.

For a minute 80ml bottle, this product can easily fit in your carry-on bag. This essential Air Hug hand sanitizer can be yours for just $8

Blume Whirl Moisturizer Review

Moisturizers are integral in every good skincare routine. With that being said, the Whirl Moisturizer from Blume is the quintessential face lotion designed for all skin types.

This light and creamy formula hydrates, soothes, plumps, heals, prevents acne, protects, and nourishes your skin. This is thanks to its mix of ingredients such as prickly pear seed oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, rosehip oil, and much more. 

Scented with pleasant notes of coffee, coconut milk, and vanilla cookies, this Whirl Moisturizer melts deep into your skin in order to result in smooth and soft skin. It also ensures that it doesn’t clog your pores as it keeps acne at bay.

You can also use this to rejuvenate acne-blemished complexions. Take this Whirl Moisturizer for a whirl for just $34.

Blume First Period Starter Kit Review

Designed for those who just got their first period, the First Period Starter Kit contains all the essentials to help you get through the month. It contains a box of Blume’s 100% organic cotton pads, their Cloud9 Essential Oil to help you get through those crampy moments, and a heat pack that further soothes the pain.

The First Period Starter Kit also includes a deck of their 152 gentle conversation cards, which feature discussions on topics dealing with puberty, body science, consent, healthy relationships, body positivity, and self-care.

This is a great product to give to your teenage daughter in helping her to become self-informed about her own body. Seen as a guiding hand to educate those about the nuances of menstrual health, the First Period Starter Kit costs $44, which is the reduced price of the original $74

Blume Glowy Skin Bundle Review

For those who aren’t exactly sure about what to buy and where to start when it comes to skincare, the Glowy Skin Bundle makes the shopping experience much simpler. This collection includes three Blume glow products including the Meltdown Acne Oil, the Daydreamer Face Wash, and the Jade Roller self-care tool. 

Altogether, this Blume glow skin trio helps to fight breakouts, reduce inflammation, soothe the skin, and prevent scarring. Some of the ingredients used in the oil and face wash include skin-loving additives like black cumin seed oil, rosehip oil, rosemary leaf extract, comfrey root extract, and Blume sunflower oil for skin.

Treat your skin to this special edition Glowy Skin Bundle for $48, available in limited quantities.

Blume All In, Skin Gift Box Review

The All in, Skin Gift Box is the perfect present for that skincare-loving friend or as a little treat for yourself. This gift set includes the Meltdown Acne Oil, Daydreamer Face Wash, and the Stargirl Face Mist.

With this winning trio of skincare products, your complexion will thank you later with smooth and glowing results. While this Blume skincare review has already gone over the Meltdown Acne Oil and the Daydreamer Face Wash, let’s focus on the Stargirl Face Mist.

This product contains rose water, radish root ferment, basil oil, and other essential ingredients to help rehydrate and freshen your complexion. For acne-free, smooth, and hydrated skin, this limited edition All In, Skin Gift Box is all yours to snatch for $58

Blume Subscription Review

With thousands of skincare and hygienic items readily available on the market, it’s fairly easy to get lost in the sauce. Fortunately, Blume came up with a simple solution. Customers can sign up for the Blume Subscription in which they can be recommended a box that’s curated for their specific needs. 

Every month, customers can receive Blume products directed towards skincare and body hygiene. In order to build a Blume box, buyers must fill out a simple questionnaire on their website. Queries include what kind of skin or body type you identify with and how often you get your period.

Depending on your answers, Blume will recommend a specialized box for you. If monthly deliveries aren’t a viable option for you, customers can also choose to go for quarterly deliveries instead. 

Customers that opt for the Blume Subscription save 20% on their orders compared to buying it as a one-time purchase. For more information pertaining to their subscription plans, such as how to cancel a recurring membership, you can visit their website. 

Blume Skincare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blume Skincare Review

Does Blume really work? According to thousands of customer reviews on their website and other outsider sources, this Blume skincare review seems to think so. On their website, they have over 8,283 customer reviews with an average rating of over 4.5/5 reviews.

There are several comments that state that their products worked to improve the appearance and texture of their skin. For instance, many Blume meltdown reviews report that it helped them with their acne breakouts, with many accompanying before and after photos. 

I absolutely love this product. I have suffered with adult cystic acne caused by PCOS For over 5 years and this has helped my skin so much. I will be a lifetime user of the Blume skin oil, for sure! Love the fresh herbal smell also,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

Blume Skincare Review

There are also continued positive reviews on their Sephora page and on Influenster. On their product page for Meltdown Acne Oil, there are over 238 reviews posted with a ranking of 3.8/5 stars.

Customers have noted that it helped to reduce blemishes and redness. On Influenster, there are 61 reviews posted for their acne blemish treatment with an overall customer ranking of over 4/5 stars.

“This is one product I can definitely roll with forever. It literally zaps zits away like it never happened. You can definitely smell the cumin and root ginger in it but I like the smell. It’s very earthy and doesn’t linger. I only get pimples maybe 1x a month but when I did I was glad that this was near,” one reviewer wrote on Influenster. 

This Blume skincare review found a few customer complaints and red flags. Some Influenster reviewers that used the Meltdown Acne Oil state that they didn’t see any visible improvements on their skin after using it. A few commented that the smell was too strong.

Other products like the Hug Me deodorant and the Daydreamer Face Wash were met with some complaints found on Sephora. Customers have noted that some of the products didn’t apply well or didn’t react positively to the skin

Is Blume Skincare Worth It?

Blume Skincare Review

For affordable and clean skin and body care products, this Blume skincare review readily recommends this brand. What’s especially refreshing about this particular brand is that they are solely committed to spreading awareness about menstrual health through their products.

This is very much reflected in their First Period Starter Kit, their free downloadable period guide, and their 152 gentle conversation cards that help address any queries and concerns related to the female body. 

Taking care of your body is usually something up to you to figure out on your own. Fortunately, Blume realizes that this can produce misguided and uninformed thoughts and opinions. They have a blog where customers can educate themselves about periods, sexual wellness, and puberty. 

It’s great to see a brand that really cares about making a difference in women’s lives and it also doesn’t hurt that their products are clean and environmentally healthy. If you want to support a company that’s all about female empowerment, make sure to keep Blume in mind. 

Blume Skincare Promotions & Discounts 

Blume Skincare Review

This Blume skincare review found that the brand offers a promotion in which customers can save 20% on their items if they spend $40 or more. However, this offer ends soon, so make sure to take full advantage of it.

Blume has a rewards program called Blumetopia where customers can accumulate points to get access to exclusive deals and perks. For their refer-a-friend program, customers can give their friends $10 off their first purchase to receive $10 in return. 

Select items, such as the Air Hug hand sanitizer, have a Blume discount code worth 15% off if customers buy four. Use code AIRHUG15 at checkout to access savings.

Where to Buy Blume Skincare

Blume Skincare Review

Customers can shop skincare by visiting or through:

  • Blume Sephora 
  • Amazon 
  • Indigo
  • Nordstrom 
  • American Eagle 
  • Walmart 


Is Blume cruelty free? 

Yes, Blume products are cruelty-free. They are also vegan, BPA-free, paraben-free, and certified organic. 

How do you use Blume? 

This answer varies for each product. You can find a detailed list of instructions in terms of the application by looking at the product description for each item. 

How do I cancel my Blume subscription? 

This Blume skincare review found that customers can cancel their Blume subscription by logging into their account or emailing their customer service team. 

How long does Blume take to ship?

Customers can expect to receive a shipping confirmation email within 3 to 5 business days once they place their order. All of their products are shipped from North America and are delivered to those only located in Canada and the United States.

Their standard shipping within the US typically takes 5 business days while shipping within Canada can take 7 to 10 business days. This is because their products are made in Canada and in America. The couriers that they use are USPS and DHL. 

Shipping is free on all orders above $30. Anything below that amount is charged $6. In terms of Blume subscriptions, shipping is always free. 

What is Blume’s Return Policy?

Blume’s return policy states that customers can email their customer service team within 30 days to help process a refund. Tampons and pads are considered final sale and are ineligible to return. 

How to Contact Blume

For any inquiries that are unrelated to this Blume skincare review, you can contact the company through:

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