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About Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer Review

We live in an era of fascination with crime. The high media profile of notorious serial killers like Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy has given rise to an entire subculture of people who are obsessed with uncovering the ugly side of humanity.

To them, there’s nothing more intriguing than a case gone cold. If you find yourself in this group of people then Hunt a Killer may scratch an itch.

The company makes murder mysteries that you can solve at home. Their products combine aspects of murder dramas, escape rooms, and true crime writing into one irresistible product.

Companies like Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, the Baltimore Business Journal, and the New York Times have all touted the company’s unique brand of immersive storytelling and cutting-edge narratives. 

But don’t just let the big brands turn your head towards Hunt a Killer, also consider their strong Instagram following that’s composed of over 97k blood-starved beasts.

With all this praise and hype, you might begin looking into whether this story is one worth sinking your teeth into. Allow my Hunt a Killer review to aid you in that decision as I cover the brand’s history, what their game includes, how their payment system works, what their customers think, and more. 

Overview of Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer Review

Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith set about redefining the ways people interact with stories in 2016. Traditional stories are usually delivered to customers as full narratives with a beginning, middle, and end. The audience’s role is only to consume, not interact.

Hunt a Killer flips that script on its head by placing participants in the driver’s seat of the story. The American company makes the player as central to the story as the clues and conundrums they include in each story installment.

As of now, the brand has netted over 100k monthly subscribers. These folk salivate every month for their next shipment to hit their mailbox. 

Thankfully, Hunt a Killer doesn’t prey on our current societal fascination with unsolved mysteries without conscientiousness. They donate a portion of the profits from every Hunt a Killer game episode delivered to the Cold Case Foundation. 

In that sense, every purchase of a Hunt a Killer episode helps solve real-life crimes.

While there are still many unsolved cases lining every local police department, the main mystery I’ll be solving today is whether Hunt a Killer is worth your dollar. To help expedite that decision-making process, here are a few noteworthy highlights of the game:


  • Immersive story-telling mystery games that can be played solo or with a group
  • Free shipping to the continental United States with some subscription packages
  • Multiple stories to choose from
  • Discounts are available by referring friends
  • Ships internationally

While some of the Hunt a Killer games are mystery and true crime-based, others plunge into the realm of horror and the supernatural. That means there’s some hot variety among topics. 

Hunt a Killer Review

This section of my Hunt a Killer review will provide a brief glimpse into what the game is all about.

Each game is a story told through six episodes. However, what distinguishes Hunt a Killer from, say, a television drama or a good book, is that you become an active participant in how the story unfolds.

You’ll solve puzzles and piece together clues to unravel the mysteries of each Hunt a Killer episode. It’s up to you to solve the crime, detective.

The narratives can suck you in more and more because it’s up to you to figure out what’s happening. The story is not being told to you, it’s partially being written by your role as the principal investigator.

Who Is Hunt a Killer For? 

Hunt a Killer Review

While writing this Hunt a Killer review, I’ve realized that this item has a broad appeal. Its target audience isn’t limited to those who are bored after spending the umpteenth night in their apartment during a lockdown.

This is a great social game for those who love escape rooms but hate their expensive price tags. It’s also a great way to spend a night for people who have become obsessed with true crime podcasts and wish to live out their own detective fantasies.

I also believe that Hunt a Killer would make a killer experience for anyone looking to deepen their connection with stories. The game’s ability to combine multiple mediums into one story could make it a more satisfying experience for those who want to feel that they’re in control of where the narrative goes.

What Does Hunt a Killer Come With? 

Hunt a Killer Review

Each immersive set of Hunt a Killer episodes includes the following:

  • Game instructions
  • Physical clues like newspaper clippings, maps, and pamphlets
  • Audio clues like voice recordings
  • Written transcripts of conversations between characters
  • Background information on each character
  • Some physical belongings that deepen the plot

These items all come in differing quantities depending on which episode you’re playing through. For instance, the company might hold out on delivering crucial pieces of evidence until the fourth or fifth episode.

Hunt a Killer strategically selects which breadcrumbs to include in which month to provide you with an addictive story-telling experience that should have you counting down the days until your next episode arrives.

The shorter, single-session Hunt a Killer game boxes include everything you need to solve that mystery in one sitting. That being said, the brand believes in the idea that shorter doesn’t necessarily mean easier.

Their self-contained stories might be just as hard to crack as their episodic tales.

How Much Does Hunt a Killer Cost? 

Hunt a Killer Review

There are three pricing options for a Hunt a Killer box:

  1. A month-by-month subscription that costs $30 monthly
  2. A six-month subscription that costs $28 monthly
  3. A year-long subscription that costs $25 monthly

The last two options are paid in full at the start of everything membership. They include free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

Finally, all of these subscriptions automatically renew. That means it’s up to you to cancel the memberships if you don’t want to help solve crimes anymore. But really, what’s a better use of your time? Think about it.

Hunt a Killer Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hunt a Killer Review

I’m admittedly an enthusiastic game night supporter. There’s a beauty in people gathering around a physical game to laugh, collaborate, and occasionally compete that cannot be matched by other mediums.

I wanted to see if other people felt the same way and if they felt that Hunt a Killer provided those good vibes. That’s why I combed through hundreds of Hunt a Killer reviews written by real customers to discover what people thought.

It seems that many fans loved the Hunt a Killer experience. The company earned a 4.7/5 stars average score from over 4,600 pieces of customer feedback on Trustpilot.

Customers frequently reported feeling both challenged and entertained by the games. They thought that the puzzles were difficult enough to keep them intrigued without being so obtuse that they wanted to give up. 

Others enjoyed how the brand included hints if they ever did need a helping hand. However, most of the time customers liked having to flex their cranial muscles more than they normally would to connect the dots in a Hunt a Killer mystery.

Another aspect people loved was how authentic the experience felt. One 5/5 star review said, “The game is awesome and they really go above and beyond with the immersive experience, especially as it pertains to the evidence!

This happy customer sounds like she was ready to propose to Hunt a Killer, based on her ecstatic review: 

I am completely in love with both their premiums and subscriptions. These games are the perfect amount of challenging and storytelling. I’ve played almost all of their games (I’m a bit addicted haha!) & I can honestly say it is 100% worth it. Also, the most recent games have been of such good quality, it is impressive.

Not all of the reviews were positive. Some customers were disappointed that the Hunt a Killer game was spread out over months on end. They didn’t realize they needed to subscribe for a longer period of time and chastised the company for not publishing that information more prominently.

However, Hunt a Killer clearly lays out their payment plans and cancellation policies on their website, so these complaints are possibly the product of overzealous customers purchasing the product before reading what they’re buying.

I didn’t stop the search on TrustPilot. Our quest for informed consumer feedback lead us to the Better Business Bureau, where I found some inspired customers who left some interesting reviews.

This buyer touted the game’s unique experience in her 5/5 star review. She said that Hunt a Killer was, “A lot of fun and a great way to spend couples night! If you’re a fan of who-dun nits, Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, CSI, this is definitely the game for you! The physical evidence is definitely a boon, makes you feel like a real detective. Great customer service to boot! Thank you very much!

Other fans mentioned that they loved how the games made them feel like real detectives by forcing them to analyze clues, cross-examine cases, and think outside of the box. 

It’s worth mentioning that some of the Better Business Bureau customer reviews felt slighted by the company’s automatic subscription renewal, and that Hunt a Killer didn’t properly communicate with them when they reached out for help.

But, once again, it’s unfair to limit our customer coverage to two sites. That’s why I went to Reddit to see what board game lovers thought of Hunt a Killer. 

One impassioned customer felt that the item has improved over time. They cheered at the fact that, “I’ve been doing these for a few of their “seasons” and I have to say they really improved with the new one. It’s more of a solve a murder/eliminate a suspect every month deal and I’m really digging it. I’d recommend trying it at this point.

I’ll conclude this section of my Hunt a Killer review by reminding you of the main aspects fans enjoyed about the item:

  • Intricately detailed stories
  • The perfect difficulty level
  • High-quality clues and puzzles

Is Hunt a Killer Worth It?

Hunt a Killer Review

It’s nice to be able to gather a group of friends and spend some time with a physical game. In those regards, we believe that Hunt a Killer holds some merit in the current market of innovative board games.

Their episodic structure and eloquently woven narratives could be as exhilarating as any television crime drama, except that they make you an active participant.

Hunt a Killer Promotions & Discounts 

Hunt a Killer Review

Hunt a Killer has a friend referral program that rewards both the gifter and the giftee. These are tangible rewards too; not that bogus “goodwill and sentiments” type of rewards peddled out by lesser companies.

If you refer a friend to Hunt a Killer then you’ll receive a $15 Amazon gift card in return. Your friend, in turn, will receive a 30% Hunt a Killer discount code off of their first Hunt a Killer box. This offer only applies to subscriptions. 

Oh, and I should mention that you’ll have to wait 10 days after your friend has purchased their first game box for you to receive the Amazon gift card. 

What are you going to do during that agonizing 10-day wait? If I were you, I’d get started on our next Hunt a Killer episode.

Where to Buy Hunt a Killer

Hunt a Killer Review

Did this Hunt a Killer review pique your interest? There’s only one way to get the true game experience – by purchasing the game through the company’s website,


Hunt a Killer Review

Who owns Hunt a Killer?

All the time of this Hunt a Killer review, the company founders, Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith, own the brand.

Who creates the physical cues and stories?

Hunt a Killer isn’t an underground narc operation to help real-life authorities solve real cases. Each story is crafted by the company’s in-house staff who each come from a distinct background.

How many stories are there?

There are three stories that can be solved in a single play session and three stories that are delivered on an episodic basis. These episodic stories each contain 6 chapters.

Does Hunt a Killer ship internationally?

You can hunt a killer no matter where you live. The company claims to ship internationally, and while that’s a vague answer, you can find out whether your country is eligible to receive their products by contacting Hunt a Killer directly.

I’ll tell you how to do so at the end of this article.

What is Hunt a Killer’s Shipping Policy?

Hunt a Killer ships their goodies to all places in the United States and beyond. They use DHL shipping to deliver their packages.

All shipping and delivery fees are calculated at check-out. You can also find a better shipping timeframe estimate at check-out if you happen to live outside the United States.

For our readers located within the glorious 50 states of the star-spangled banner, expect your Hunt a Killer game to reach you within 5 to 7 business days.

What is Hunt a Killer’s Return Policy?

You cannot return any Hunt a Killer physical goods to the brand. With that being said, you can cancel your membership.

You will need to cancel your membership at least 3 days before the next box is due to ship out if you don’t want to receive it. 

Where their subscription and cancellation fees get sticky is if you subscribed for a longer period of time, like 6 months or a year. In those instances, you will still receive all of the episodes associated with that length of time.

Unfortunately, I found that the brand cannot offer you a refund on any of those items. Only after you’ve received the entirety of your subscription’s episodes will your membership end.

How to Contact Hunt a Killer

Even though my Hunt a Killer review may be coming to a close there are still plenty of cases left open for you to solve. To learn more information about them, or about the Hunt a Killer game, then you can speak with a company representative through the chat function on the brand’s website.

Visit to speak with a customer service employee. It typically takes them around a day to respond at this point in time.

Otherwise, you can email the company at [email protected]. They respond to emails between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST from Mondays to Fridays. Happy hunting!

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