Exploding Kittens Review

About Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Review

Games night doesn’t have to be every night, but it definitely deserves a bigger appreciation than it gets now. 

We believe the dying games nights correlate to the games available for play – that’s why we’re excited to introduce Exploding Kittens. This brand is all about new and inventive family games for all ages to enjoy.

Despite only coming to market in 2015, this brand quickly made a name for themselves due to their Kickstarter campaign reaching record-breaking numbers in the span of a month. 

It’s no wonder the business has 58k followers on their Instagram and coverage in Forbes, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and more. This name seems to be everywhere and they show no signs of stopping.

In this Exploding Kittens review, we intend to check out more than just the games. We’ll be going from products and prices to customer ratings, shipping services, availability, and more all to determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Review

Born from the brains of two friends in 2015, Exploding Kittens joined the leagues of popular board games thanks to the public. Ex-Xbox game designer Elan Lee joined forces with Matt Inman, known most commonly for The Oatmeal comics, and the two took to Kickstarter to find backers for their original game idea.

Launching with a single idea, their game Exploding Kittens raised an unprecedented $8.7 million dollars in only 30 days from over 219k backers. Originally seeking only $10k to get going, the excitement surrounding this game more than assured success prior to production.

Still their top-selling game, this brand ran with the success of the venture, naming the business after their original product before moving forward into new territory. 

Now with over 11 million games sold and over 10 original games and expansion packs available online (including mobile games), this brand name has yet to slow their speed. They continue working towards providing games that family and friends can dive into for fun nights together.

Their fun origin story isn’t the only reason we like this brand. In fact, while writing this Exploding Kittens review, we stumbled across a few more highlights that really make this one stand out.


Exploding Kittens Review
  • Fun, family-friendly board and card games
  • Games intended for all ages
  • Incredibly positive customer reviews
  • International shipping
  • Endless retail partners
  • Highly accessible with mobile versions available

Exploding Kittens Games Review

We really can’t make this an Exploding Kittens review without taking a look at the products that have made the company hit those record-breaking heights. 

Checking out their most popular products, we’re diving into the depths of the names that have made this business one to watch.

Exploding Kittens Poetry for Neanderthals Review

Ever have that one friend that speaks in thousand-dollar terms? Try breaking down that vocabulary with a bit of Poetry for Neanderthals.

This Exploding Kittens card game may not be decades old, but it certainly is a classic. Mimicking the style of taboo in which players try to get team members to guess the word or phrase without saying it, Poetry for Neanderthals takes it one step further by limiting the syllable count.

Speaking only in single-syllable words, players have to simplify the concept into small terms to get others to guess correctly.

While this is a challenge for everyone, the real fun here comes not from the frustration, but from the punishment. 

Any player caught using bigger words gets hit with the inflatable club, losing the team points. That’s not only fun for kids, but we all have to admit it’s pretty fun for adults too.

Grab the club and wind up a good hit with this one for $20.  

Exploding Kittens A Little Wordy Review

We’re going one-on-one with this next game. A Little Wordy brings word games to new heights.

This two-player classic is about more than just an expansive vocabulary – it’s also about creativity, cunning, and strategy to win the game. Working against each other, both players draw clue cards and seven letter tiles. 

Taking a minute to come up with their secret word from the tiles, the real game begins once the words have been written and set aside.

Forcing players to write and wrap their words on whiteboards (no cheating here), this game then sees players swap tiles and use clue cards to determine the opposing player’s secret word before their own is exposed. 

The winner gets three berries before moving to the next round, so work hard and fast to find the truth.

Get a little wordy in your free time for $15.

Exploding Kittens Expansion Barking Kittens Review 

No one can say we don’t respect the additional decks in this article. That’s why we’re giving the Exploding Kittens Expansion Barking Kittens Pack its own special segment.

Third in the list of expansion packs for the original game, this kit is all about introducing new experiences. Including 20 new cards for the game, this one also throws in a Cat Crown to really up the stakes – who wouldn’t want to be Cat King or Queen?

We have to admit though, there’s more to the crown than just being a fashion statement. In addition to the new Barking Kitten cards that let players combine hands, the Cat Crown allows for a secret hand of cards to be held and played.

Double chances of survival for $15 with these Exploding Kittens cards.

Exploding Kittens Happy Salmon Review

Ever in need of a game to break the ice? Do away with awkward conversations and instead introduce Happy Salmon into the space.

This one is great for parties, events, and just general crowds that don’t necessarily know each other. It’s all about interaction and collaboration to reach that final goal. Perfect for 3 to 8 players, it all comes down to speed and stance.

This one can’t be won without the help of others. Each player gets a hand of cards that note actions on them from Fist Bump to High Five to everything in between. 

All actions require a partner, so it’s up to players to shout out and find a matching player in order to do the action and dispose of the card. The first one to complete all actions and drop all cards wins the game.

Break through awkward conversations with a fun round or two for $13.

Exploding Kittens Original Edition Review

We really couldn’t complete this article without taking a look at the one that started it all. That’s right, we’re talking about Exploding Kittens Original Edition.

Knowing that one game built a whole brand puts a lot of pressure on that product. Luckily, this one lives up to the reputation. Whether playing with 2 or 5, this game makes and breaks friendships in no time.

The whole premise here is to survive. Three Exploding Kitten cards exist in the deck and upon receiving one, it must immediately be played by the person who picked it up. This can kill them or, if they have the right card, they can diffuse it.

 The whole point is to survive by throwing others under the bus. Strategize – make others collect extra cards, form alliances, stock up on diffuse cards, do whatever it takes to be the last one standing.

Collect a classic for $20.

Exploding Kittens Throw Throw Burrito Review

Remember how we called Exploding Kittens a classic? Well, that one’s not alone as Throw Throw Burrito will soon join those ranks.

This one plays in two stages: cards and action. The cards part is incredibly easy. Players sit (or stand) around a table, each with their own deck and a starting hand. 

Players work to try and get matches of three in their hands. Every set of three equals more points which equals winning.

Now comes the action. Inspired by dodgeball, this game includes two stuffed burritos in the middle of the table. Amongst the standard cards, there are twelve burrito cards (four different designs). 

Match three of a kind, grab a burrito, and start a war. Dive, duck, dip, dive, and dodge the tosses as every burrito hit means a loss of points.

It keeps people moving, everyone on edge, and lets out some nice aggression, all for $25.

For those that really love it, look into Throw Throw Avocado to collect all four throwables for a full set.

Who Is Exploding Kittens For? 

Exploding Kittens Review

Games are for anyone and everyone. While some games require a more developed mindset or wider repertoire of knowledge, the Exploding Kittens game (alongside all other games from this brand) works well for individuals ages 7 and up.

These games are all about a fun experience rather than required knowledge. It’s not about the end result and all about the journey. Easy to pull out at any party, this business keeps their games understandable, simple, and above all else, fun.

Exploding Kittens Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Exploding Kittens Review

We couldn’t finish this Exploding Kittens review without considering the court of public opinion first. Despite personal accounts with the games, we needed an unbiased rating, so we took to the online world to settle how these games actually stand up.

First, we need to note that many reviews found were for games themselves rather than the company as a whole. A lot of this just comes down to the company operations and love of the individual products. 

So, we can’t really speak to shipping speed or customer service, but we found a lot on the actual games.

Starting with The Spruce and their 4.9/5-star rating for the Exploding Kittens LLC Game, we’re happy to say this one was loved. 

For those who couldn’t tell by star count alone, this review adored the game as it was “easy to learn [with] no setup required” while the “cards feature irreverent artwork.” 

Not only does the game enrapture the attention and strategy of players, but it also encourages family or friend time through short 15-minute sessions.

The beauty of this game is echoed across the internet with Amazon customers following through with their own Exploding Kittens LLC review of 4.7/5 stars based on over 57k ratings. 

This game seems to be a hit amongst everyone. Claimed as perfect for board games enthusiasts and casual gamers, there’s a lot of luck to this one meaning everyone comes in with an even playing field.

“Overall, the quality of every aspect of this game is on point, the game itself is simple to learn and fun to play, and for the price it’s worth every penny! You won’t be disappointed.

Easy to learn, quick to play, and fun to experience and admire, these games seem to be a hit with families and friends for a reason. 

In fact, one Exploding Kittens review noted the joy of simplicity by stating, “I bought Exploding & Imploding Kittens to sandwich between more strategically intense board games. It’s easy to learn and simple to play.

Perfect for all experience levels, this brand seems to offer up games that just about anyone can play. While not all games are for every age, most of them sit in the 7+ years range, making them popular choices for Games Night. 

Just take a look at some of this brand’s other popular titles that families adore:

  • Throw Throw Burrito: 4.7/5 stars based on over 24k ratings
  • Exploding Kittens Recipes for Disaster: 4.7/5 stars based on over 140 ratings
  • A Little Wordy: 4.6/5 stars based on over 280 ratings
  • You’ve Got Crabs: 4.5/5 stars based on 3,165 ratings
  • A Game of Cat and Mouth: 4.7/5 stars based on 705 ratings
  • Poetry for Neanderthals: 4.7/5 stars based on 2,620 ratings

It’s safe to say that this name has made an impact on the world of board games in a short span. 

Known for their fun and interactive methods as well as the original artwork, these games bridge the gap between those who live and breathe board games to those who love a nice, casual game every now and then.

Reddit says it best when one user posted, “Great game for lazy evenings with friends or family who are not into actual board games. Or simply don’t want to think a lot at that time.” 

Taking little time and thought process, these games are inclusive for all skill levels and keep the night interesting.

While we don’t know much about their independent shipping and customer service habits, it’s safe to say that products are a winner with this brand.

Is Exploding Kittens Legit?

Exploding Kittens Review

We’re happy to say that this one passes all the tests with flying colors. No red flags were spotted in the duration of our research period for this article. This legitimate name exists in multiple locations in the market and they’ve made a name for themselves for a reason.

Is Exploding Kittens Worth It?

Exploding Kittens Review

Our Exploding Kittens review team would argue that it’s always a good idea to have a game or two at the ready. 

Whether for those in the home, visitors, holidays, or any other last-minute request for a fun time, it’s great to have a game to pull out when in need. That’s why the colorful and simple games of this brand really make an impact on buyers.

We’ll admit, it’s not ideal that we don’t know much about shipping and the like when it comes to this brand, but we would argue that anyone concerned with those aspects can simply buy the products from outside retailers. 

It’s incredibly easy to find these games in the market due to their popularity, so we believe the good times are well worth the cost.

Exploding Kittens Promotions & Discounts 

Exploding Kittens Review

At the time of writing this Exploding Kittens review, we only managed to find one standard promotion for customers: Subscribe to newsletters for 10% off

This is honestly the best start to saving as not only does that slight discount kick in to cover taxes, but the newsletter will update readers about any new promotions and products.

Where to Buy Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Review

We’ll admit that we were a little overwhelmed by the expansive availability of this brand while writing this Exploding Kittens review. 

Aside from their brand site at, this business name pops up in most gaming stores around North America. Even Superstores tend to carry it.

The list was almost endless, but we’ve copied down the top six names to note when searching for this company:

  1. Walmart
  2. Best Buy
  3. Indigo
  4. Barnes and Noble
  5. Target
  6. Amazon


Exploding Kittens Review

Who owns Exploding Kittens?

Exploding Kittens comes from a heavy gaming and art background. Founders Elan Lee and Matt Inman came from Xbox designing and comic design, respectively, to found one ultimate company.

Does Exploding Kittens ship internationally?

Exploding Kittens happily ships internationally. The only thing to know here is they don’t ship to all countries – for locations they don’t ship to send an email and they’ll help find a solution.

What is Exploding Kittens’ Shipping Policy?

We understand that once the idea is in mind, we all want those Exploding Kitten Cards to arrive as soon as possible. There’s no shame in impatience every now and then. That’s why we’ve put together a quick shot of the delivery details for everyone ordering to know:

  • Free shipping on orders over $25
  • Shipping rates are based on weight and speed selected
  • The costs for locations outside of the US depend on weight and address
  • If the desired country isn’t listed, contact customer support for a solution

That’s really all there is to know – well, that’s all the info provided online anyway. For more information on any lingering questions, reach out to customer service for more defined answers (more on that below).

What is Exploding Kittens’ Return Policy?

Our Exploding Kittens review team searched high and low, but we have to say we came up short for this one. This brand doesn’t accept direct returns. The best option for those who aren’t sure about a purchase would be buying from a partner retailer that offers returns. 

We can’t offer up much more than that, so we’re sorry to say that any purchase made from the direct business site will be a permanent one.

How to Contact Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Review

We don’t want to leave readers without any lingering questions after going through this Exploding Kittens review. Luckily, the company makes it easy to reach out and get a quick response:

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