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About Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet Review

As a wise man once said, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Cub Cadet, the Ohio-based lawn-care manufacturers, intelligently replied, “why settle for the other side?”

With over 15k Instagram subscribers and 50 years of experience, Cub Cadet strives to be one of the best names when it comes to lawnmowers, snowblowers, and seed sowers.

How do they stack up? This Cub Cadet review will look at everything the company has to offer, products, discounts, and deals so that you can decide for yourself.

Overview of Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet Review

Cub Cadet planted themselves as a trusted name in the lawn-care game all the way back in 1960. Their headquarters are located in one of America’s corn hotbeds, and the largest supplier of NASA astronauts, Ohio.

MTD Products is Cub Cadet’s parent company, and have been since 1981 when their original parents, International Harvesters, folded. 

Initially, they promoted their products as being field-honed by “boys – acknowledged by many as the world’s worst destructive force!” That means that the company was trying to promote themselves as a brand that can stand the test of time. And it looks like they have done so quite well.

This upcoming section of our Cub Cadet review will glance over some of the company’s highlights before we take a look at a few of their amazing products:


  • Offers powerful, efficient, and comfortable outdoor equipment
  • Locally-made goods
  • Financing options available
  • Free shipping on United States orders over $45
  • Nearly endless discounts for first responders, firefighters, military personnel, and equine club members
Cub Cadet Review

Cub Cadet manufactures and distributes lawn mowers, snowblowers, yard equipment, and spare parts along with attachments. What’s even better is that most of these options can be financed if you’re in a pickle with your expenses and your backyard.

Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers Review

Overgrown grass, beware! In this next piece of our Cub Cadet review, we’ll take a look at the company’s best-selling lawnmowers.

Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H Review

The Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H is a smaller, riding mower for tight lawns that still need love because every blade of grass deserves its fair share of affection. 

This mower comes strapped with a 344 cc engine as well as a single blade deck that disposes of all the sheddings out of the side. It’s suited for mowing lawns with up to an acre of surface area. Due to its smaller size, it’s not primed to handle obstacles or rugged yards.

But we haven’t even mentioned the best part. The Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H comes with a cup holder!

You can get your own for $1,799.

Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E Review

Gas? Forget it. Fuel? Consider it a thing of the past. Oil changes? Come on bucko, you’re better than that. This is one of the Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers that are battery-powered.  

The Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E only takes 4 hours to recharge and boasts a 90-minute battery life. 

That’s good for 2 acres of mowing, or a drive to the corner store and back if you love the handling.

You can recharge the 56-volt battery using any regular 110-volt outlet, so there’s no fuss over esoteric recharging rituals.

If you want to step into the future and leave fuel behind, grab your own Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E mower for $4,199.

Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT  ZT1 46 Review

The cops want to catch you riding dirty, so give them a reason to by cruising on the Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT ZT1 46.

This mower can offer precise clipping due to its AeroForce Deck. In addition, the steel frame provides durability and support so you can conquer those unruly bluffs. This beauty is powered by a 725 cc twin-cylinder engine. 

With an outfit like this, we’re not at all embarrassed to call this the Batmobile of lawnmowers. You can claim it as your own for $3,299.

Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT ZT1 42E Review

Electric doesn’t mean weak. The industrial revolution corroded society’s view on fuel, forever tying it to raw power and work rate. The electric mower Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT ZT1 42E laughs at that association.

Much like the Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E, this item plugs into any 110-volt outlet. But that’s not all it can do. It has a 0-degree turning radius, being able to turn, pivot, and pirouette on a dime. This bad boy’s strong steel frame is held up by 20 x 8-8 rear wheels.

Heard enough? If talk is cheap and time is money, then don’t waste another second. $4,999 is all that’s standing between you and owning a Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT ZT1 42E.

Cub Cadet Electric Mini Riding Mower CC30E Review

The Cub Cadet Electric Mini Riding Mower CC30E is cute but powerful. It’s the go-kart of electric lawn mowers, with fewer banana peels and green turtle shells.

It couldn’t be easier to mow your lawn with this product. Just press the on button and you’re slicing away. There’s also no need to shift gears as you can drive backward or forwards with the push of a pedal.

This product seems to excel in flat, small, confined spaces. If you want to take it for a ride, then it’s yours for $2,999.

Cub Cadet Cordless Lawn Mower SCP21E Review

When we think of lawnmowers, this is what we think of. Sunburnt dads pushing the machine while caked in sweat, fueled by aromatic barbequed burgers that act as his reward for beautifying his lawn. That’s what the Cub Cadet Cordless Lawn Mower SCP21E can provide.

This push mower has half an acre’s worth, or nearly an hour, of sustained power due to its 60-volt battery. It also features a versatile 3-in-1 side bag that can remove, capture, and mulch anything you mow.

This incredibly agile lawn mower is listed for a cool $459.

Who Is Cub Cadet For? 

Cub Cadet Review

This Cub Cadet review deems that the brand is best suited for anyone who falls into one or more of these categories:

  • People with small lawns
  • People with bumpy yards
  • People who want more control and comfort from their lawnmower
  • People who are tired of having to push their mower

If you have a decent patch of grass, chances are you’ll find something that catches your eye with Cub Cadet.

Cub Cadet Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cub Cadet Review

This section of our Cub Cadet review will set forth down a path forged by honesty, integrity, and goodwill. At least, that’s what we found when researching what the brand’s customers thought about their products.

It wasn’t difficult to find happy consumers on the Cub Cadet website. This review caught our eye by highlighting the Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H’s good handling and turning radius in small spaces: 

“Just finished my first mow. My backyard is rather tight in places. I have about 5′ between my fence and my landscaping. This mower worked beautifully turning around in that small space. The cut is perfect.”

Another 5/5 star reviewer loved all the features and the compact size of the Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H: I would definitely recommend this mower to anyone looking for a compact riding mower. The hydro drive and being able to mow in reverse is what finalized the sale for me.

This satisfied customer liked how little noise the Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E produced. “Super quiet and mows for a long time before requiring a charge. I live on a hill and this works great. Does require more weight if the grass is wet.

Peace and quiet sounds awfully comfy, doesn’t it? Speaking of comfort, many reviewers loved the comfort and the smooth-as-butter handling found in most Cub Cadet mowers.

Let’s top off the Cub Cadet website reviews with one last tidbit that mentions the brand’s great design: 

The frame quality is top-notch and the seat is super comfortable. The foot adjustment deck lift is convenient and the oversized tires really give you the traction you need especially on rolling hills like in my yard. I love the fact that cub cadet kept the mover sleek and simple, removing all the unnecessary plastic junk.

This Cub Cadet review found another hub for fan feedback, Consumer Affair. There, the brand earned a 3.8/5 stars rating from over 570 customer reviews.

Many positive reviews noted how the products persevered even in the face of uneven landscapes. One customer said, “My yard is not flat and that doesn’t stop my Cub, it cuts evenly no matter the slope. Clean-up and maintenance are both relatively easy.

Another frequently mentioned boon of the brand was how long their mowers lasted. This 5/5 star commenter said, “I have a Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Radius Mower that I purchased from a previous owner. I used it for years on a very rough lawn with lots of exposed tree roots, etc., and consequently beat it up pretty well. It has performed admirably with very little service required.

Lastly, let’s peer over at the Cub Cadet Canada Facebook page, where the brand has amassed a 3.6/5 star average rating based on nearly 100 customer reviews.

Of the positive reviews there, many described the company as speedy, efficient, and reliable. Here’s a customer who spares no expense when it comes to their experience with the Cub Cadet ZTX6

I am coming up to 1 year on having my ZTX6 with a 50inch deck and mulch kit/stripping kit.  It has cut my cutting down by half compared to my x320 John Deere with a 48inch deck.  It handles my hill no problem and I have no issues with feeling that it will tip with its low centre of gravity.

And now for some concrete numbers. Here’s a quick rundown of the customer review scores of Cub Cadet’s best-selling items according to their website:

  • Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT  ZT1 46: 4.6/5 stars based on over 70 ratings
  • Cub Cadet Mini Riding Mower CC30H: 3.8/5 stars based on over 50 ratings
  • Cub Cadet Electric Mini Riding Mower CC30E: 3.6/5 stars based on over 25 ratings
  • Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series XT1 LT42E: 3.1/5 stars based on over 25 ratings
  • Cub Cadet Ultima Series ZT ZT1 42E: 2.9/5 stars based on over 40 ratings

With all of that in mind, it sounds like Cub Cadet and their products are practically perfect for most lawns. While there might be a few issues here and there, more often than not, the brand’s customer service is willing to work with you to get that optimal cut.

Is Cub Cadet Worth It?

Cub Cadet Review

If you’re looking into riding or high-powered lawn mowers that use gas, Cub Cadet is a great outlet. Their products that fall into this category garner strong customer feedback based on this Cub Cadet review’s research. With all of that being said, we think they are definitely worth a try. Besides that, happy mowing!

Cub Cadet Promotions & Discounts 

Cub Cadet Review

Cub Cadet is kind enough to offer a financing option on most of their products. As the costs are different for each item, you’ll need to check the individual product page to find out their payment plan.

The big story here is how many promotions the brand offers. These include:

  • A $500 rebate for current first responders, equine club members, and current and former military personnel. Note that this rebate is only available on certain Cub Cadet Pro products.
  • National Association of Landscape Professionals members can receive a 15% discount on their purchase
  • Landscapers can hop on the Fleet Discount Program and earn a 20% discount

Where to Buy Cub Cadet 

Cub Cadet Review

This Cub Cadet review has assembled a reputable list of places where you can purchase Cub Cadet goods. They include;

  • The Cub Cadet website,
  • Retail stores like Rona, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Tractor Supply Co., etc.
  • Using the website’s store locator tool to find a more convenient retail location


Cub Cadet Review

Who owns Cub Cadet?

The brand’s parent company, MTD Products, owns Cub Cadet.

Who makes Cub Cadet?

MTD Products owns the company. All of the Cub Cadet’s products are made in their Ohio-based warehouses.

What is Cub Cadet’s Shipping Policy?

We should begin this Cub Cadet review segment by mentioning that orders placed outside the continental United States (so any US territories) should call 1-800-782-2700.

For all orders to the US, delivery can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. It’s also worth mentioning that Cub Cadet offers expedited shipping at a higher cost.

Here are the shipping costs for orders of various prices:

  1. $0.01 to $14.99 cost $5 for shipping
  2. $15 to $29.99 cost $8 for shipping
  3. $30 to $44.99 cost $9 for shipping
  4. Any orders over $45 receive free shipping.

Cub Cadet also offers Less Than Truckload (LTL) delivery for bigger orders. These orders take 5 to 7 business days to arrive, and their associated costs are collected below:

  1. Below $500 costs $29 for LTL delivery
  2. $500 to $999.99 costs $69 for LTL delivery
  3. $1,000 to $1,999.99 costs $99 for LTL delivery
  4. Orders over $2000 cost $119 for LTL delivery

This all refers to United States orders. Any international orders are subject to their own delivery options and fees depending on the location.

What is Cub Cadet’s Return Policy?

This Cub Cadet review found that you have a 14-day return window on new products. You must return them in the same condition they arrived in, new and unused. 

Unfortunately, it’s up to you to cover the shipping costs.

How to Contact Cub Cadet

You can reach Cub Cadet through their customer service number at (877) 428 2349. They’re available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EDT on Mondays through Fridays.
It’s possible you’re not much of a phone talker. In that case, you access the live chat feature on the company’s website,, where a representative will be happy to speak with you. The live chat is open every Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm EDT.

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