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Discount Electronics Review

Need a laptop at the drop of a hat, but don’t have the budget to spend on something fresh off the assembly line? Looking for a basic model without all the latest bells and whistles? If you need tech that gets the job done, take a look at this Discount Electronics review.

Discount Electronics is a Texas e-commerce and retail company that refurbishes and resells old and used technology to US consumers. Their selection includes laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, and even spare parts. 

The company has kept up a loyal Facebook following of nearly 21k users, has an A+ BBB accreditation, and has been featured in news outlets like The Ritz Herald.

Interested in a re-sale option for your next electronics purchase? Keep reading this Discount Electronics review as I find out more about the company’s best-selling products, policies, and customer feedback.

Overview of Discount Electronics

Discount Electronics Review

Discount Electronics was founded by Rick Culleton in 1997. Based in Austin, Texas, the company has an online store and a handful of brick-and-mortar stores across the state.

The company specializes in reselling refurbished no-frills electronics, ranging from computers to smart devices at lower prices than their first-hand counterparts

Discount Electronics has a longstanding agreement with Dell to refurbish and resell their laptops, desktops, LCD monitors, and computer parts. The company has also branched out to resell old and used Apple products, and carry products from a variety of other brands. 

Discount Electronics also offers you the option to sell them your old tech, regardless of where you purchased it or the brand. And, if you have an iPhone, iPad, desktop, or laptop in need of repairs, Discount Electronics also offers those services. There are also bulk-buy options for organizations and schools.

Want to check out some highlights of buying from Discount Electronics?  Check out the list below:


  • Refurbished and resale electronics from prominent brands
  • You can customize the hardware/software of certain products
  • Affordable prices
  • The brand will buy your old devices from you
  • Repair services for smart devices and computers

Now that this Discount Electronics review has learned more about the brand and the services they offer, let’s take a closer look at some of their products. 

Discount Electronics Review

As this company is best known for giving new Dell computers new homes, we’ll be looking at some of the best-sellers in this category. 

For this Discount Electronics review, we’ll go over the Dell Latitude 7280 i7 Ultrabook Windows 10 Pro Touch, Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Computer, and the Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP 19 Inch LCD Monitor.

Discount Electronics Dell Latitude 7280 i7 Ultrabook Windows 10 Pro Touch Review

If you’re always on the go and need an affordable laptop to accompany you, the refurbished Dell Latitude 7280 i7 Ultrabook Windows 10 Pro Touch might suit you perfectly. 

Its magnesium alloy skeleton and non-slip rubberized plastic case make it light yet durable, and the keyboard is designed to resist spills.

This machine comes preloaded with Windows 10 Pro, powered by an Intel Core i7-7600U processor that runs at 2.8GHz, ready to run all of your apps and programs seamlessly.

And, if you need to access the internet, this unit gives you the ability to choose between AC Wireless and Gigabit Ethernet.

The display is a 12.5-inch Full HD Touchscreen, giving you the functionality of both a laptop and a tablet. You’ll also find a combo port for a microphone and/or headphones, a webcam, an SD card reader, and HDMI, USB-C, and two USB 3.0 ports.

With the included power adaptor, 120GB SSD hard drive, with a base 4GB of memory this, Dell Latitude 7280 i7 Ultrabook Windows 10 Pro Touch retails for a reasonable $550

Discount Electronics also allows you to customize your devices. You can upgrade the Latitude 7280’s SSD memory and extra memory for an additional price and add on certain features. 

Your options include:

  • Upgrade to 240GB SSD for an additional $30
  • Upgrade to 480GB SSD for an additional $100
  • Get 8GB of additional memory for $40
  • Get 16GB of additional memory for $100
  • Add Bluetooth 4.0 for an additional $19
  • Get 1-year Avast Pro Antivirus protection for $25
  • Include a Dell WD15 USB-C dock with 130W adaptors for another $195

Discount Electronics Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Computer Review

If you’re working from home or running PC games and need an affordable desktop computer that you can customize to your needed specifications, check out the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Computer

This versatile refurbished unit is one of the brand’s most popular sellers. The entire unit is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor that runs at 2.93GHz and offers Gigabit Ethernet.

For exterior ports, you’ll find a VGA, DisplayPort, Serial port, Parallel port, and eight USB 2.0 ports. There are also an In/Out audio line and ports for headphones and a microphone. 

A basic configuration of the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Computer which comes with a 250GB hard drive, 4GB of memory, and a Windows 7 OS – will cost you only $165

Of course, you can upgrade any of these specs for an additional price, and include necessary extras like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or optical drive with your purchase.

You’re options for hard drives include:

  • 500GB for an extra $10
  • 1TB for an extra $30
  • 120GB SSD for an extra $30
  • 240GB SSD for an extra $60
  • 480GB SSD for an extra $130
  • 960GB SSD for an extra $195

If you want to upgrade from 4 to 8G of memory, it will cost another $40. As for other OS options, you can preinstall Windows 10 Home for another $30 or Windows 10 Pro for an extra $60

Once you’ve personalized your machine, you can select from the following add-ons:

  • DVD-ROM optical drive for an extra $5
  • DVD/RW optical drive for an extra $19
  • Add a monitor:
  • 17-inch for $35
  • 19-inch for $50
  • 20-inch for $65
  • 22-inch for $85
  • 23-inch for $115
  • 24-inch for $130
  • Add an additional VGA or HDMI DisplayPort for an extra $19
  • Add a keyboard and mouse:
  • Refurbished Dell USB Mouse and Keyboard for $12
  • New Dell USB Mouse and Keyboard for $29
  • Logitech Wireless Mouse and Keyboard for $35
  • New Dell Wireless Mouse KM636 and Keyboard for $49
  • Add Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth 4.0 for $19 each
  • Add USB speakers for $29
  • Get 1 year of Avast Pro Antivirus for $25

Discount Electronics Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP 19 Inch LCD Monitor Review 

Looking for an external monitor for your laptop? Need an extra screen to keep tabs on multiple operations at once? Consider the Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP 19 Inch LCD Monitor as an affordable option. 

This convenient refurbished monitor’s 1280 x 1024 resolution will give you a clear, easy-to-see image, perfect for all your viewing needs.

You’ll also find a VGA, DVI-D, and four USB 2.0 ports (the last requiring USB A to B cables to activate). 

Alone, the Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP 19 Inch LCD Monitor monitor (with an included VGA cable) retails for $59

You can also purchase add-ons for an additional price; these include:

  • Video cables:
  • DVI cable for $15
  • HDMI to VGA cable (does not support audio) for $29
  • Dell Soundbar Speaker for $5
  • USB 2.0 A to B cable for $10

Who Is Discount Electronics For? 

My Discount Electronics review found that this company is ideal for those who are buying on a budget, need replacement devices quickly, or want to customize their gear’s specifications.

Discount Electronics has a wide selection of equipment, whether you’re looking for a basic desktop for casual browsing and a bit of word processing, or you need something with a little more power to handle streaming, gaming, or work.

They also have tons of well-priced accessories, and their site makes it incredibly easy to browse for exactly what you need. 

It’s also a great resource for those who tinker with computer hardware for personal or professional reasons and who need inexpensive units and parts to work with.

Discount Electronics also carries parts for older tech and provides repair services, if you’re hoping to salvage rather than scrap your more dated devices. 

Discount Electronics Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

This Discount Electronics review wanted to get a sense of what real customers are saying about the brand’s products and service, so I checked out shopper feedback from around the web, including the brand’s own site. 

While I found that reviews were generally mixed – something not uncommon with companies working with repairs and refurbished tech – many shoppers had great experiences with this Austin-based brand. 

Many Discount Electronics reviews suggest customers are finding great hardware for a reasonable price

In a Discount Electronics review from the brand’s site, a customer who purchased the Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Computer says, “I received it 2 days after purchase. It came with instructions regarding basic set up. Windows was already loaded with product ID- nice touch. The case is somewhat beat up, but the machine works perfectly and the price was great. Very pleased.” 

While I didn’t find any customer feedback online for the Dell Latitude 7280, I did find generally positive feedback on the OptiPlex and the Ultrasharp Monitor. Their star ratings from the Discount Electronics website looked like this:

  • Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop Computer – 5/5 stars based on 28 reviews
  • Dell Ultrasharp 1907FP 19 Inch LCD Monitor – 5/5 stars based on 13 reviews

Discount Electronics’ brick-and-mortar stores in Austin have also garnered some praise for their service and selection. 

Our Discount Electronics review noticed as some loyal customers, like this Reddit user, are able to find unique parts there: “I lived in Austin Texas […], and if I didn’t need ‘top of the line’ this was my go to place […] and they carry a lot of hard to find [and] weird cables.. Need a 100’ DVI to HDMI cable? They’ll have it.

The company’s device repair services have also received positive feedback. One of the 7 reviewers on, who rated Discount Electronics a total of 4.9/5 stars, says:

My iPad 2 had a dent in the chassis near the volume button. They took it apart and straightened out again for 1/5 the cost of the Apple store. They returned it in good working order.

Is Discount Electronics Legit?

My Discount Electronics review can confirm that this store is a legitimate retailer of resale and refurbished electronics, operating both an online shop and several physical retail locations in the Austin, Texas area. 

This Discount Electronics review noted a number of customer complaints on BBB, Facebook, Trustpilot, and Reddit, which, while relatively few in the larger scheme of the company’s history, do point towards varied experiences with customer service and reliability of refurbished products.

Some customers found that the lifespan of their equipment wasn’t what they’d hoped, or that their devices didn’t work as expected. Some were also dissatisfied with the brand’s return policy, which offers store credit for returned devices rather than a direct refund.

Buyers should always proceed with caution when buying discount electronics that are either old or used. Every device has been used differently, has incurred different damage, and has different issues, and it’s not always possible to find and fix every quirk. 

These devices are often older and, like a used car, may experience other age or use-related issues beyond what was there during the refurbishing process – a risk you take when buying any second-hand device. 

It is likely because of this risk that the company only gives refunds of store credit. It’s understandably frustrating for some, but in terms of trustworthiness, it’s not a red flag and very common with any refurbished, used, and deeply discounted goods. 

Discount Electronics does have a 1-year parts, labor, hard drives, and RAM warranty on all of their laptops and desktops, and offers exchanges if there is a problem.  

Is Discount Electronics Worth It?

This company offers a variety of customizable refurbished products at affordable prices and is quick with deliveries and repair.

In the opinion of this Discount Electronics review, it is definitely worth it if you’re looking for cheap or hard-to-find computer parts and accessories, or are in need of a quick repair

For reliable and affordable electronics, making a purchase can be worth it. With any refurbished product, we suggest you proceed with caution as your purchase may not turn out as expected, or if you’re concerned about not being able to get a monetary refund. 

That said, many refurbished products turn out to be wonderful buys. Many of Discount Electronics’ reviews are from customers who’ve had great experiences with their products, and their prices, selection, and customization options are hard to beat. 

Discount Electronics Promotions & Discounts 

Discount Electronics displays many of their deals on their homepage. While all of their merchandise is already discounted from the standard retail price, they regularly offer even deeper discounts of up to 80% off – especially in their Deals of the Day section. 

Discount Electronics also has a newsletter you can sign up for to stay updated on upcoming promotions and sales. 

Where to Buy Discount Electronics

You can buy Discount Electronics’ products from their official site and from their Facebook store. The company also has several physical stores located in Austin.


Who owns Discount Electronics?

Based on the information available at the time of our Discount Electronics review, the company is still owned by founder Rick Culleton.

Does Discount Electronics ship internationally?

Discount Electronics only ships within the US and US territories. 

What is Discount Electronics’ Shipping Policy?

Discount Electronics gives you the option to ship with UPS or USPS.  Shipping rates and arrival times are based on carrier and destination.

Orders are typically processed within one business day, or on the same day if ordered before 3:30 p.m. CST. Once your purchase has been shipped, you’ll be emailed tracking information. 

What is Discount Electronics’ Return Policy?

If you wish to return an item that is unsatisfactory (not a broken or defective item, but rather simply something that isn’t working out for you or not what you’d expected), Discount Electronics offers two options:

  1. Email the customer service team with your order number to initiate an online return
  2. Go to a physical location and return it with a receipt or other accepted proof of purchase

Items must be returned in their original condition and packaging.

Discount Electronics does not offer monetary refunds for any returns. However, you may exchange the returned item for another or get store credit to put towards your next purchase.

How to Contact Discount Electronics

If you have any questions after reading this Discount Electronics review, you can get in touch with the customer service team via phone or email:

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