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Raycon Review

Raycon is an innovative American audio tech company that sells premium earbuds and headphones for affordable prices to listeners of all ages and lifestyles. The company also produces speakers and other tech accessories, but this Raycon review will explore their bestselling headphones and earbuds.

This new brand already boasts many celebrity users such as Drake, P. Diddy, and Cardi B, and has been featured in Forbes, Vibe, and Fox Business. Raycon products have convenient features which make them especially popular with athletes, working professionals, and music lovers.

This Raycon review will cover all of their most popular products, special features, customer ratings, and purchasing information so you can make an informed choice about how you listen to music. Let’s dive in.

Overview of Raycon

Raycon Review

Founded in 2017 by American musician and entrepreneur Ray J, Raycon’s mission is to offer high-quality, affordable audio tech to the active modern listener.

The company’s designs have been informed by celebrity musicians, artists, and tech experts. Raycon’s products all have multiple special features for specific uses such as gaming, fitness, and office work.

Raycon emphasizes that it is not a “big tech” company, but an artist-founded company that focuses on meeting consumers’ audio needs at a competitive price.

Raycon’s headquarters are located in New York City and their products are manufactured in China. This Raycon review will begin by taking a look at the company’s highlights.


  • Offers a range of audio products including wireless earbuds, wireless headphones, and speakers
  • Popular with professional musicians and artists
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Convenient features such as Noise Cancellation Technology, Vivid Voice Technology, and Water Resistance
  • Free domestic shipping and returns in the US over $30
  • 45-day returns

Raycon Headphones Review

This Raycon review will first look at classic bestsellers The Everyday Headphones and The Work Headphones. These popular wireless headphones boast several special features that make them convenient and enjoyable for working hard at the office or relaxing at home.

Raycon The Everyday Headphones Review

The Everyday Headphones were made for daily listening enjoyment. This Raycon review found that The Everyday Headphones boast a variety of special features including: 

  • Water and splash resistance
  • Three sound profiles for customized listening
  • Six built-in microphones for optimized phone calls

You won’t have to worry about constantly charging The Everyday Headphones either, as they have a reliable 22 hours of battery life, and just 15 minutes of charging will give you 2 hours of play time.

These headphones are conveniently wireless and can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Their noise cancellation technology will let you fully enjoy your music or podcast, however, you can always use the Awareness Mode feature to tune in to the world around you.

These sleek headphones come in two stylish colors, carbon black and rose gold, and can be folded together when stored. Boost your daily listening experience with The Everyday Headphones, currently available for $104.

Raycon The Work Headphones Review

Raycon’s The Work Headphones are made for busy days at the office. Their Active Noise Cancellation is essential for blocking out external distractions, and the headphones’ 32 hours of battery life will allow you to work for days before recharging. The Work Headphones also have the following office-friendly features:

  • Vivid Voice Technology to concentrate your microphone on your voice so your listeners hear more of you and less of your background noise
  • A detachable boom mic and mute button so you can communicate clearly and conveniently on your work calls
  • The Awareness Mode feature so you can tune back into your surroundings

While The Work Headphones are designed for a concentrated work experience, you can also connect them to any Bluetooth-enabled device to enjoy music, podcasts, and phone calls.

The Work Headphones have a classic, simple headphone design with a comfortable padded overhead arm connecting the cushioned earpieces.

You can fold up these headphones for easy storage. They are available in carbon black and jet silver, and come with a USB-C charging cable and manual booklet.

Make your daily work calls a breeze with The Work Headphones, currently selling for $156.

Raycon Earbuds Review

This Raycon review will now turn to bestselling earbuds, including The Everyday Earbuds, The Fitness Earbuds, The Work Earbuds, and The Gaming Earbuds.

These discreet, fitted earbuds are designed to stay in your ear and provide an optimal listening and calling experience whether you are exercising, gaming, or working hard at the office.

Raycon The Everyday Earbuds Review

The Everyday Earbuds by Raycon come with a ton of convenient features. Their water resistance helps them stand up to sweat and splashes. They also offer three personalized Sound Profiles for sharing between listeners, and an Awareness Mode so you can tune into your surroundings when necessary.

Like all Raycon products, The Everyday Earbuds have a long battery life and promise 8 hours of continuous use at a time. To charge them, simply put them back in their wireless charging case, which can hold up to 32 hours of battery life

The Everyday Earbuds are wireless and connect to any device with a Bluetooth connection. These earbuds have a fresh, modern look, and are made in eye-catching black, blue, red, rose gold, and white. When set in your ear, they have a sleek, circular appearance.

If you are interested in buying basic earbuds on a budget, The Everyday Earbuds may be right for you. At $83, The Everyday Earbuds are the least expensive earbud option from Raycon, and are intended for customers’ daily listening enjoyment. 

Raycon The Fitness Earbuds Review

Whether you are in downward dog or training for a marathon, The Fitness Earbuds are designed to provide you with an optimal listening experience while you work out.

To ensure a secure fit while exercising, Custom Ear Stabilizer Hooks are included with these earbuds. Another important feature is the IPX7 Water Resistance, which helps The Fitness Earbuds function even when faced with sweat or rainy weather. 

These earbuds come with a little extra, including a carabiner and four perfect fit stabilizers along with a charging cable, lanyard, and five gel tips. They are available in black, red, blue, white, and rose gold, and boast 54 hours of battery life.

Step up your fitness game for $124 with The Fitness Earbuds.

Raycon The Work Earbuds Ultra Review

The Work Earbuds Ultra include a variety of features to make office life easier. While these earbuds are small and compact, they contain six microphones for clear communication on work calls.

Perfect for those busy open offices, you can choose whether to block out distractions with noise cancellation technology, or use Awareness Mode to hear your surroundings.

Three pairs of memory foam tips and five pairs of gel tips are included in this purchase so your ears stay comfortable even with long-term use.

The Work Earbuds have 32 hours of battery life and come with a charging cable, a wireless charging case, and a lanyard. These earbuds have a modern look and are available in carbon black and rose gold. Their regular price is $156, but they are currently on sale for $145.

Raycon The Gaming Earbuds Review

This brings us to the last specialized earbud this Raycon review will cover. The Gaming Earbuds have special features that will help you get the most out of your gaming experience, including:

  • An Optimized Microphone so you can easily communicate with your squad as you game
  • A Hypersync Low Latency feature that helps to prevent annoying lags and delays while you play
  • Touch controls for quick access to The Gaming Earbuds’ different options
  • IPX5 Water Resistance to ensure these earbuds are resilient to sweat

The Gaming Earbuds have an angular, futuristic aesthetic and come in black, silver, purple, or blue. They come with a stylish wireless charging capsule that matches the earbuds, and 5 pairs of replaceable gel tips. This purchase also includes a charging cable and manual.

Level up your gaming setup with The Gaming Earbuds, available for $104.

Who Is Raycon For? 

Raycon Review

Raycon earbuds and headphones are made for active kids and adults who enjoy wireless listening that is made for working and playing hard. This Raycon review looked at how they customized their earbuds and headphones with special features to appeal to active casual listeners, gamers, and office workers.

The Fitness Earbuds are especially convenient for athletes, as they are made to reliably fit in your ears while you jog or shoot hoops, and their waterproofing feature helps to guard them against sweat. This also means they are safe to use by the pool for music lovers who want an uninterrupted listening experience.

Raycon The Work Headphones and The Work Earbuds are convenient for professionals who need effective noise cancellation and are frequently on phone calls and Zoom meetings. Likewise, because all Raycon earbuds and headphones are wireless and hands-free, they are safe for drivers who need to take calls on the road.

Raycon Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Raycon Review

As we suspected from the jump, Raycon reviews are overwhelmingly positive. To kick things off, let’s take a quick look at some of the star ratings on the bestsellers we featured in this review: 

  • Raycon The Everyday Headphones4.8/5 stars based on 943 reviews
  • Raycon The Everyday Earbuds4.4/5 stars based on 48,778 reviews
  • Raycon The Work Earbuds4.5/5 stars based on 1,384 reviews

Many customers appreciate Raycon earbuds and headphones for their excellent sound quality for music and phone calls, calling it “crisp” and “clear”. Raycon reviews by verified Amazon purchasers often mention the earbuds’ excellent fit.

One customer explained that, These earpods fit perfectly in my ear, this is no easy feat since I constantly find other buds falling out.” Another Amazon customer complimented the earbuds’ compact charging case, which is, “sleek and well engineered with great magnets to ensure that they don’t fall out.”

Several customers have reviewed Raycon earbuds favourably over Apple’s Airpods in terms of both fit and sound quality

This Raycon review found that customers who rely on The Work Headphones for their office tasks compliment its multiple features and ability to connect to a wide range of devices, which is especially useful for their countless Zoom calls.

One verified buyer on Raycon’s website shared in her review, “I have tried many wireless headsets and this is the only one that has worked consistently.”

Another customer, who purchased The Everyday Headphones, reported to the official site, “What I really love about my Raycons is that I got an amazing feature set at a very reasonable price.” 

While a small number of customers had problems with delays and customer service communication, Raycon has a strong 4.2/5 star review rating over almost 600 reviews on

Many of these reviewers note the value of Raycon’s products and appreciate that all of the earbuds and headphones are hands-free, and safe for use while driving.

Others love their long battery life, with one customer writing, “I have had them for about 2 weeks and used them probably 10 times without having to recharge yet. So far, they are amazing!”

Is Raycon Worth It?

Raycon Review

This Raycon review has found that if you are looking for high-quality earbuds or headphones and have $75 or more to spend, Raycon is worth a try. All Raycon products offer simple wireless connection and compatibility with many different devices.

Raycon earbuds and headphones are stylish and colorful, well-reviewed by customers, and have unique features such as Water Resistance, Noise Cancellation Technology, and Vivid Voice Technology.

As this review has shown, Raycon designs its products with everyday function in mind. They understand that modern listeners need the convenience of features such as portable wireless charging capsules, long battery life, and different Sound Profiles so you can share your audio tech with family.

While international customers may have to pay more in shipping fees for their Raycon products, American customers can rest easy knowing they will get free shipping and free returns.

Even better, Raycon’s 45-day guarantee and one-year warranty show that they respect your right to try before you buy, and are confident that you will appreciate their product. 

Raycon Promotions & Discounts 

Raycon Review

As mentioned, The Work Earbuds are currently on sale for $145. In addition, there is currently a sitewide Buy One, Get One 40% Off sale.

Where to Buy Raycon

Raycon Review

You can purchase all Raycon products directly through their official website,


Raycon Review

Who owns Raycon?

Raycon was co-founded by American artist Ray J and electronics distributor Cowboy Wholesale in November 2017.

How to clean Raycon earbuds?

Raycon earbuds can be wiped down with a damp cloth or scrubbed gently with a clean toothbrush, and then carefully dried. Do not use volatile compounds to clean your earbuds.

Are Raycon products compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices?

Raycon products are compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices including computers, tablets, and phones.

Does Raycon offer warranty?

Raycon offers a one-year warranty which applies only to manufacturer’s defects.

Does Raycon Offers Repairs?

No, Raycon does not offer repairs, but will replace your product if it is still under warranty or within their 45-day satisfaction guarantee timeframe.

What is Raycon’s Shipping Policy?

Raycon will ship your product and a return shipping label for free if you spend over $30 and live in the U.S. Their estimated delivery time for U.S. customers is 4-8 business days, and Raycon does not ship on weekends or holidays.

Raycon also ships to Canada, the U.K. and numerous European countries within 6-14 business days, but international customers are responsible for paying shipping costs and duties.

What is Raycon’s Return Policy?

Raycon offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee during which time you can return your Raycon product for a full refund, store credit, or product exchange. All you need to file a refund request online is your order number and Zip Code.

American customers can use their free return shipping label, while international customers must mail their product to Raycon’s U.S. address.

They are responsible for any necessary shipping charges. Once Raycon receives the product, they will process the return in 7-10 business days.

How to Contact Raycon

You can contact Raycon using their online contact form, by emailing them at [email protected], or by messaging them on Facebook.

Raycon has customer service agents available from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

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