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Hart Tools Review

Been dreaming of something that you really want to build? Have you finally found time in your busy schedule to tackle that home renovation you’ve been aching to do since you moved in? Whatever DIY project you have in the works, you’ll need the right tools to do it, Hart Tools can help you find them.

Hart Tools sells tools for anything that needs doing around the house, be it manual or electric handhelds, lawn and gardening, cleaning, automobiles, and more. Along with the know-how you’ll need to use these gadgets and an email newsletter to get the latest promos, the brand website also hosts a dedicated community of home-improvement enthusiasts.

Now based in Anderson, South Carolina, and sold exclusively at Walmart, Hart Tools is on a mission to make any household job a breeze with its line of reliable, lightweight, compact, and cordless tools.

Whether you’re going in for some home reno, gardening, cleaning, or even working on your car, this brand will have what you need.

In this Hart Tools review, I will take you through the brand’s bestselling products, current promotions, policies, and customer feedback, to help you decide if you should put them in your garage.

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Pros and Cons

Hart Tools Review

So now that you know a bit more about where this brand is coming from, it’s time to get to the hart of the matter. (Eh? Eh? No? You’re right, lame.) Let’s kick this Hart Tools review off with a top-line look at some of the brand’s most notable pros and cons.


  • Extensive line of durable, high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use tools
  • All 20V and 40V battery types are interchangeable with their respective systems
  • Great brand for DIY and home-renovation novices and experts alike
  • Standing promotions page on website featuring discounted items


  • Only available at Walmart
  • No international shipping

What Makes Hart Tools Stand Out?

Hart Tools aims to stand apart from other tool brands in a few key ways:

  1. Value for Money: Hart Tools positions itself as a brand that offers quality tools at an affordable price point. They strive to provide a balance between performance, durability, and cost, making their tools accessible to a wide range of customers.
  2. Durability and Performance: While being budget-friendly, Hart Tools aims to maintain a level of durability and performance that meets the needs of both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. They focus on designing tools that can withstand heavy use and deliver reliable performance over time.
  3. Innovative Features: Hart Tools incorporates innovative features into their products to enhance usability and efficiency. They aim to provide practical solutions and convenience through thoughtful design elements and technology integration.
  4. User-Focused Design: Hart Tools emphasizes ergonomic designs that prioritize user comfort and control during tool operation. They aim to create tools that are intuitive to use, reducing fatigue and improving overall user experience.
  5. Warranty and Support: Hart Tools typically offers a warranty on their products, providing customers with peace of mind and potential recourse in case of defects or issues. They strive to provide responsive customer support to address any concerns or questions that customers may have.

6 Hart Tools Bestsellers

Hart Tools Review

As you’ll see from perusing the brand website, this company has way too much on offer for me to go over in detail in this Hart Tools review. In the product reviews below, I’ll cover some of the basics that you’re going to want in your toolbox. 

Hart Tools STACK System Tool Box

It’s not just the quality of the tools themselves that make for either a pleasant or a painful experience on a DIY project. A cumbersome and poorly organized toolbox can have you cursing the heavens as you fumble with the latch, search vainly for a crucial implement, or bash the sharp corner of one of those old-fashioned metal boxes against your shin. 

Enter the STACK System Tool Box. This beauty weighs only 5 lbs. when empty, and the handle is cushioned to stop it cutting into your hand while you’re transporting it from workshop to yard to roof to wherever you’ve got to go.

The large bottom compartment gives you plenty of space for your bigger tools, and the removable top tray will help you organize the assorted screws, nails, and other small parts that your job will require. Plus, as you might expect from the name, this Hart box is also compatible with the three-piece STACK Modular Storage System. Get it at Walmart for $25.

Hart Tools Leather Tool Belt Review

There are, of course, some places your trusty toolbox can’t follow you. From the tallest ladders and smallest attics to the tightest cubby holes and deepest crawl spaces, some jobs will require you to keep your arsenal joined to your hip. That’s where the creatively named Leather Tool Belt comes in.

This handsome tool hauler has 11 reinforced pockets and a metal hammer holder, so you can port your essentials around with you. And, for the more ample gentleman, the adjustable nylon belt can accommodate up to a 54-inch waist. You can pick up this belt for a mere $25.

Hart Tools 20V 1/2” Hammer Drill Kit Review

Mortar, masonry, and other dense materials, you’ve met your match. The 20V 1/2” Hammer Drill Kit is a high-speed powerhouse that can get through the toughest substances in your home with its formidable motor, which can reach a top speed of 24,000 BPM.

Amazingly, that heavyweight power comes in a featherweight container: this top-of-the-line Hart drill weighs in at just a hair above 3 lbs. It also comes equipped with a secondary handle so that you can get a two-handed grip for those really stubborn surfaces, and an LED work light and bit storage built in.

The 20V 1/2” Hammer Drill Kit is rounded out with a 20V battery (natch) and charger for said battery. The whole package will run you an absurdly affordable $79.

Hart Tools 20V 3/8″ Drill/Driver Kit Review

You’ve heard the phrase “great things come in small packages,” right? Well, the 20V 3/8” Drill/Driver Kit fits that old truism to a T. Weighing in at 3.5 lbs., this little beauty still packs a heckuva punch with its 600 RPM motor.

And just to make sure that this high-performance honey doesn’t get away from you, the good folks at Hart have given it a textured grip on the handle so it stays firmly and safely in your palm. 

For only $49, you get the drill, bit, battery, and charger. Wotta deal!

Hart Tools 40V Battery

It’s a jungle out there—we’re talking about your yard. And to keep that unruly vegetation at bay, you need to be packing some big power. The Hart 40V Battery keeps all your Hart-brand lawn and garden equipment running at max capacity with fume- and emission-free energy.  

Every size of the 40V has a built-in fuel gauge so you can see how much time is left before you’ll need to recharge. Whether you’re running mowers, trimmers, or leaf blowers, these batteries will give your outdoor equipment peak performance from full to empty. You can get the 2.5Ah version for $80, the 4Ah for $137, or the 5Ah for $157

Hart Tools 20oz. Steel Hammer

If you had a hammer, would you hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening, hammer all over this land? That’s a powerful lot of hammering, friend, so best that you get the best to hammer it with. Meet the 20oz. Steel Hammer.

This sleek, futuristic-looking take on the Hart Tools classic takes the finger-smashing danger out of nail-starting with a magnetized face that grips the nail by its head, so it won’t infuriatingly fall to the floor over and over and over again when you’re trying to get the damn thing into the wall. This next-gen reimagining of a handyman essential goes for $22

Who Is Hart Tools For? 

Hart Tools Review

Hart Tools are designed for the home handyman to undertake DIY projects, renovation work, or even just everyday maintenance around the home. The brand’s lightweight, easy-to-use tools make them especially good for novices who could use some added control and secure handling as they master those building basics.

Comparison: Hart Tools vs. Ryobi

Hart Tools Review

Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double… mostly. When I looked at the Home Depot-exclusive brand Ryobi, it found that the firm carried similar products to Hart Tools, which were similarly designed and similarly priced. That said, a perusal of Ryobi’s inventory revealed that it’s more angled toward outdoor and yard work than indoor jobs. 

I’d also note that Ryobi’s portable tool storage options leave a little something to be desired. Unlike Hart’s stackable, lightweight toolboxes, Ryobi goes in more for bags—which, let’s face it, are more susceptible to wear and tear.


If you’re looking for tool brands similar to Hart Tools, there are several options available in the market. Here are a few popular tool brands known for their quality and affordability:

  1. Craftsman: Craftsman is a reputable tool brand with a long history of providing reliable tools. They offer a wide range of hand tools and power tools, known for their durability and craftsmanship.
  2. Kobalt: Kobalt is a brand that offers a variety of power tools and hand tools. They are known for their quality products and are often available at competitive prices.
  3. DeWalt: DeWalt is a well-regarded brand that primarily focuses on professional-grade power tools. They are known for their ruggedness, durability, and performance, making them a popular choice among professionals.

Hart Tools Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hart Tools Review

You will be hard- (like really hard-)pressed to find any customer review of Hart Tools that dips below 4 stars. Hart might be one of the relatively new kids on the block in terms of DIY tools, but it’s apparently already garnered a good reputation with customers.

Just take a look at the ratings on the brand website (as of June, 2023) for some of the products featured in this Hart Tools review:

  • STACK System Tool Box4.8/5 stars based on 35 reviews
  • Leather Tool Belt4.6/5 stars based on 21 reviews
  • 20V 1/2” Hammer Drill Kit4.7/5 stars based on 205 reviews
  • 20V 3/8” Drill/Driver Kit4.6/5 stars based on 107 reviews
  • 20oz. Steel Hammer5/5 stars based on 20 reviews

Customers expressed a lot of admiration for the innovative and helpful design of the brand’s essentials. The 20oz. Steel Hammer in particular got a lot of love for its multiple nail-pulling options and other handy features, as per the review below:

I got one of these hammers a few weeks ago. I liked the magnet for starting nails [but] the offset face on the hammer is what sold me. It helps a lot to keep from bending nails over. I also like the comfortable grip of the handle. The 2 separate mail pulling options make pulling nails easy (sometimes you have to fix other people’s mistakes, lol). This is a great hammer.” 

The good vibes keep vibing over at the brand’s Facebook page, where Hart brings in a strong 4/5 stars based on 140 reviews. Even construction professionals are impressed by both the quality and the affordability of these tools, as per this remark from a 5-star reviewer:

I bought the 20 volt drill and impact set and they seem to work great. Been taking them on the job everyday. They for sure hold their own. Extremely happy for the price.

Another pro who writes reviews for the website Tool Box Buzz stressed that, while these tools are not truly professional-grade, they are still more than ideal for the brand’s target market of home handymen and DIY enthusiasts. As he concludes, after testing out several of Hart’s 20V power tools:

I was initially skeptical of HART’s new lineup of 20V cordless tools. I knew that they were going to be priced low and I fully expected them to be one-time use and throw away-type tools. However after spending time with these tools in hand and performing common construction tasks with them, I found that I was absolutely wrong.

The Hart lineup represents a solid range of options for anyone who wants to get into cordless tools for minimal investment. I can think of countless people in my life who would be well suited using Hart tools for common projects around the house.

That certainly seems to be the prevailing sentiment over at the brand’s home base of Walmart. The very first review that pops up for the 20V 3/8” Drill/Driver Kit declares that these tools are perfect for newbies to the handyman game:

I am a beginner when it comes to do it yourself and I’ve had to hang up quite a few things in my household. This girl has so far helped me out with a lot of hanging [and] it was quite easy to use…it was a little bit tough to figure out what I was doing [at first] but luckily the instructions were clear and it was easy to do the torque of the drill.”

While doing my research for this Hart Tools review, I did come across some negative reviews from customers who declared that the products they purchased malfunctioned right from the start. But judging by the brand’s prompt replies to these complaints, it appears to be ready and willing to help make things right for its customers.

Is Hart Tools Worth It?

Hart Tools Review

Hart Tools is definitely worth looking into if you are in the market for affordable tools for home construction projects or everyday use around the house.

These tools are durable and effective enough to meet the demands of more experienced DIYers, and their easy use also makes them perfect for those just starting out.

Hart Tools Promotions & Discounts 

Hart Tools Review

At the time of this Hart Tools review, I’m happy to report that the brand has a standing “Promotions” page on its website that directs you to marked-down products. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on offer right now:

  • 20V 6-Tool Combo Kit—originally $298, now $198
  • 215 PC. Mechanics Tool Set—was $148, now $98
  • 20V 4Ah Battery 2-pack—was $129, now $79
  • 20V 4-Tool Combo Kit—was $178, now $138
  • 20V Brushless 1/2” Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit—was $178, now $138
  • 20V Brushless Impact Driver Kit—was $128, now $88

The brand also runs an annual contest where you can win $10,000 in tools. You can enter by registering or reviewing a tool that you’ve bought from the brand.

Where to Buy Hart Tools 

Hart Tools Review

Hart Tools are available at Walmart or through the Hart Tools Facebook store. I also found a few of the brand’s products on Amazon, but it appears that these might be resale items. Our advice is, stick to the brand’s official retail sites.


Hart Tools Review

Where are Hart Tools made?   

Most of the brand’s manufacturing is done in China. The brand maintains a facility in Hong Kong, as well as other locations on the mainland.

What company makes Hart Tools?   

Techtronic Industries (TTI) acquired Hart Tools in 2007, and continues to run the brand under its partnership with Walmart. TTI’s global headquarters are located in Fort Worth, Texas.

What warranty options does Hart Tools offer?  

You can get a 3-year warranty on all power tools and outdoor products.There’s also a 5-year warranty for all 40V outdoor tools, with an added 3-year warranty on 40V batteries. A limited lifetime warranty is also available for all Hart hand tools.

Is Hart Tools a Walmart brand?  

Walmart is the exclusive retailer for Hart Tools, under the partnership deal launched in 2019. As noted above, the brand itself is owned by Techtronic Industries.

What is Hart Tools’ Shipping Policy?

As with all the products it carries, Walmart will ship Hart Tools orders anywhere in the US, with orders of $35 and up qualifying for free shipping. Free next-day shipping is also available for select items and eligible ZIP codes. Walmart also offers 2-day and 3- to 5-day shipping options, with price varying according to location. 

What is Hart Tools’ Return Policy?

As long as you have a receipt for the item(s) you purchased, you can get a full refund or exchange from Walmart within 90 days of the original purchase. You can return your order directly to a Walmart location, or by mail with a shipping label you can print from

How to Contact Hart Tools 

Still got questions after reading this Hart Tools review? No worries, we’re not offended! You can contact the brand through the following methods:

  1. Live chat on brand website (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST)
  2. Phone: 1 800 776-5191 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST)
  3. Snail mail: Hart Consumer Products Inc., 100 Innovation Way, Anderson, SC, 29621

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