Nexen Tires Review

About Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires Review

Nexen Tires are an all rubber, no flubber tire production company that annually rakes in over $2b in global sales, so it’s safe to say they’re doing something right. 

Their tires have received much acclaim, winning some of the world’s most coveted design awards like the IDEA in 2014 and 2017, the G-Mark in 2013, 2015, and 2018, and the Dot Design in 2012 and 2017. They’ve also gathered over 43k loyal Instagram followers.

With such a standout resume, you may be asking yourself, “Are these tires for me?” alongside other questions most people ask themselves over an early morning coffee. 

This Nexen Tires review will lay down everything we’ve gathered about the company, from their history to consumer reports, so that you can decide whether to purchase a set of tires for yourself, or whether you should save the money for another cup of joe.

Overview of Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires Review

Nexen Tires wasn’t always known as Nexen Tires. Under the name Heung-A Tire Company, the original iteration was created in 1942 as South Korea’s first tire company. Their headquarters remain in South Korea, situated in Yangsan. 

It wasn’t until 2000 that the brand renamed themselves Nexen Tires. “Nexen” is a combination of the words next and century, revealing that the brand is trying to build tires that not only represent the future of the industry, but that will last long enough on your vehicle to make it to the next century.

In 2005 the company expanded by creating their American branch, Nexen Tires USA. They currently export tires to more than 120 countries.

They are known for implementing innovative designs into their tires, like their patented tires composed of rubber and stratified silicate.

Before we continue deeper into the details, let’s take a detour to the pros and cons segment of our Nexen Tires review:


  • Offers an abundance of tires available for every occasion; all-season, seasonal, and off-roading
  • Award-winning designs
  • Extensive warranty coverage
  • Widely available in most countries
  • Trusted by big brands like Chrysler, Porsche, and Fiat
  • Offers a comprehensive list of which of their tires are compatible with which brands


  • No way to order directly from the company website
Nexen Tires Review

The brand offers plenty of variety in their tire selections, and we’ll be highlighting some of these as our Nexen Tires review approaches the product overview section.

Nexen Tires Review

The tires covered in this article are Nexen’s best-selling products. However, as the brand doesn’t list prices on their website, this Nexen Tires review will be referring to the prices found on QuattroTires as they carry the majority of the tires and offer an accurate price range. 

Nexen Roadian MTX Review

The Nexen Roadian MTX is an off-roading tire made for hauling and towing big loads. With that in mind, you’d think these would generate plenty of noise.

The tread block design demolishes the assumption that these tires would rile up a noise pollution complaint when they hit the highway. 

What’s better is that you can configure the tires’ look, adding in splashes of color or decals. They come in 35 different sizes from 15” to 22”.

Prices for these tires range from $172 to $345 depending on the retailer and size. 

Nexen N’Priz AH5 Review

This set of Nexen tires are silent, but not deadly. They are a standard set of all-season tires, but relegating them to that sounds like an understatement.

The Nexen N’Priz AH5 was designed with comfort and stability in mind. Cornering and handling should be a breeze in these broncos. In addition, their treads work to dispel water so you can keep your tires on the ground in wet weather conditions.

The tires are available in 45 sizes, all between 14” and 17”. As such, prices range from $73 to $130.

Nexen N5000 Plus Review

This is the fattest tire so far, but we’re all about body positivity in this Nexen Tires review, so let’s highlight this product’s longevity and tranquility.

The Nexen N5000 Plus’ grooved design improves balances, hoping to deliver a tranquil driving experience. The tire also spreads heat across its surface, meaning the treads should last longer as no particular morsel will be absorbing the damage. 

This all-season tire comes in 76 sizes. You can get anywhere from a 15” tire to a 22” tire. Grab your own starting at $67.

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 Review

This all-terrain tire was built to ensure reliable braking and bustling off-roading. It even earned a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification, brandishing its off-roading excellence. 

The creators of the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 knew those pesky pebbles would try and hitchhike in the tires’ grooves, so the tires block most stowaway pebbles.

It employs an open shoulder design so that off-roading goes from being a fantasy to a reality because you might start looking at every dirt road as a story waiting to be written.

There are 57 sizes to choose from, all between 15” and 22”. You can net your own in the range of $108 to $274.

Nexen Aria AH7 Review

The Nexen Aria AH7 is the brand’s premium touring all-season tire, touting a tread-forward philosophy. The treading focus makes them good on dry roads, rocky expeditions, and wet slip and slides.

The attention to detail imbues these tires the ability to handle well around corners, even at high velocities. They also wear evenly so you should have a ride as safe as it is relaxing.

As there are 25 available sizes from 15” to 18“, the Nexen Aria AH7’s price range is anywhere from $93 to $145.

Nexen Roadian HP Review

This Nexen Tires review knows it’s hard to be quiet when you’re a truck. Thankfully, these tires are as smooth and low-key as the world’s best pick-up artist.

The Nexen Roadian HP employs anti-hydroplaning technology so that you can enjoy a silky smooth commute while saving money on fuel. No point wasting gas money by slipping all over the road. 

Speaking of handling, these tires can offer more control so that you won’t have to fret about toppling over like a Toy Tonka Truck carrying too much sand on the playground.

You can outfit your truck with one of 22 different sizes. As these sizes range 17” to 24”, expect the tires to cost between $110 and $206.

Who Is Nexen Tires For? 

Nexen Tires Review

Nexen Tires are for car wheels.

Apologies for being pedantic but the brand’s extensive product line is for anyone who values improved vehicular mobility and control. Whether you like going off-roading, you spend most of your free time clocking up interstate highway miles, or you’re a moonlight drag racer, this Nexen Tires review can see a set of the company’s goods fitting into your life.

Nexen Tires Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Nexen Tires Review

This section of our Nexen Tires review will unclog the clutter of marketing and faulty promises in order to ruminate on what we deem to be the most quintessential aspect of any good, service, or operation, customer reviews.

Allow us to bring forth reliable feedback from the confusing interwoven digital realm so that you can see what real people are saying about Nexen Tires.

An easy entry point is the company’s website. Their products are frequently complimented for being quiet and reliable

Customers felt Nexen Tires delivered a great purchasing value. One 5 star reviewer said, “Really impressed with this tire’s durability and looks! I chose the beast sidewall on mine and couldn’t be happier, love how it looks on my Silverado 2500! Fair price too for the quality of the tire.

Another happy customer mentioned how peaceful driving on Nexen Tires felt: “Very smooth and quiet ride. Good profile appearance. Put them on an ’06 Fusion. Good enough for a beater but would not hesitate using on the wife’s new Escape after wearing out the factory set.

It’s common for Nexen customers to go on about how well the tires handle. Let this review tell it like it is: “These tires are a perfect balance between firm and soft and offer great handling in wet and dry conditions. My all-wheel drive Subaru feels balanced and strong with spirit, not boredom.

Through their goodwill and prime manufacturing, the company has earned themselves plenty of brand loyalists and even converted a few naysayers. This tangent sheds some light on Nexen’s appeal: 

This tire not only completed my marriage, but simply gave me the best possible off road ability I could ask for. Lately, me and my wife have been fighting over who has the best mud tires. I simply ignore her when she claims that the Mastercraft MTX tires are better,(she knows nothing). The Nexen MTX are just fantastic! She even agreed that they are superior. Would buy again!

Our consumer report crystal ball is redirecting this Nexen Tires review towards the customer reviews found at Amazon. 

There, over 40 consumers rated the Nexen Roadian HP All-Season Radial Tire 4.7/5 stars. One fellow said they were “Wonderful tires for an extremely good price! I purchased these for my 22″ rims on a Chrysler 300. Great fit and look.”

Not to be outdone, the Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8 All-Season Radial Tire holds a 4.8/5 star rating from over 75 Amazon reviews. They were quoted as being great for winter weather. Fans also loved the tires’ good traction and low volume. 

One winter traveler said, “They are holding up great through the winter snow. I haven’t found any condition they don’t perform well in yet. I’ve had them since November 2019 and can’t complain about anything. They are quiet to my ears, they don’t vibrate the truck, the wear isn’t showing, and my coworkers are impressed.

This 5-star review touched on how quiet the tires were: “400 miles on the Nexen AT’s so far and I’m impressed. I feared they would be noisy with such an aggressive tread pattern. Much to my delight, they are extremely quiet. To be honest I can’t hear them at all. Ride quality is excellent. Wet traction is excellent.” 

Our final destination is the Canadian Tire customer review section. The Nexen CP671 Tire was noted for its great traction, stellar performance, and ease of control.

One customer put it oh-so-nicely by saying, “I have these on my 2014 ford fusion AWD and they are great. I used them on the highway all winter as well and they performed beautifully!

This Nexen Tires review returns from the information cosmos to give you a snapshot of their best-selling products’ average review scores. Check out these absolutely stellar ratings:

  • Nexen Roadian MTX: 5/5 stars based on over 10 customer reviews
  • Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8: 4.8/5 stars based on over 90 customer reviews
  • Nexen Aria AH7: 4.7/5 stars based on over 19 customer reviews
  • Nexen Roadian HP: 4.7/5 stars based on over 130 customer reviews
  • Nexen N’Priz AH5: 4.7/5 stars based on over 10 customer reviews
  • Nexen N5000 Plus: 4.6/5 stars based on over 130 customer reviews

With all that in mind, what can we really say about the brand? They’ve been in the business for quite some time and it truly shows. Customers are over the moon about almost every aspect of Nexen tires, so it’s all looking good from our end after all this positivity.

Is Nexen Tires Worth It?

Nexen Tires Review

Tires are like refrigerators, air conditioning, and stable familial connections with your dad: they’re worth the investment because you’ll be a sweaty wreck without them.

Putting it that way, Nexen Tires are the tires to beat. Circling back to what real-life customers have said, they’re dependable and affordable. You’ll want to invest in a solid set to keep your vehicle cruising down life’s highway.

Nexen Tires Promotions & Discounts 

Nexen Tires Review

Although this Nexen Tires review must, unfortunately, report that the company has no current promotions or discounts, that’s no reason to lose faith. 

Keep your ear to the ground and your pedal to the metal as one of the brand’s local dealers may have something in store in the near future.

Where to Buy Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires Review

Our Nexen Tires review wants to stress that the company’s website does not directly sell their tires, Instead, you’ll have to turn to some of these fine establishments:

  • Online retailers like Amazon, BlackCircles, QuattroTires, and 1010 Tires
  • Store locator shows retailers like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and other tire companies 
  • Use the company’s dealer locator to find more mom and pop tire shops that stock Nexen Tires


Nexen Tires Review

Does Nexen Tires offer Warranty?

Friend, Nexen Tires offers warranties on warranties. Here’s a short run-down of the company’s warranty coverage for each product:

  1. Treadwear Mileage Warranty
  2. 2-Year Limited Road Hazard Warranty
  3. 36- Month Road Assistance
  4. Free Trial Period

The Treadwear Mileage Warranty gives you credit on miles you weren’t able to reach because of early tire degradation.

Nexen Tires’ 2-Year Limited Road Hazard Warranty covers damages by various unexpected occurrences like potholes, electric wires, broken glass, snakes, and ladders.

The company provides roadside towing and tire replacements under their 36-Month Roadside Assistance Warranty. 

Finally, we reach everyone’s favorite warranty, the Free Trial Period. You’ll have 45 days (or 500 miles) to return your Nexen tires to the same location you purchased them from in order to receive a new set. 

What is Nexen Tires’ Shipping Policy?

You won’t find any shipping options on the company’s website. Trust us, this Nexen Tires review did some scouring. That means you will have to get a set of tires through a local dealer. 

Thankfully, the Nexen Tires dealer locator covers individual products as well as the entire brand. You can find specific tires from specific dealers, because we know there’s nothing worse than researching a product’s availability only to discover the in-person retailer doesn’t carry your desired item.

What is Nexen Tires’ Return Policy?

You’ll have 45 days or 500 accrued miles to return or exchange your Nexen tires for another set under their Free Trial Period. That can be a generous amount of time for you to learn whether the tires you purchased are right for you, or whether you need to get a tune-up.

How to Contact Nexen Tires

After leafing through the entirety of this Nexen Tires review, you may be left with a few hyper-specific questions. If that’s the case, you can contact the company through any of these methods:

  • By phone, 1-909-923-4011
  • Their toll-free technical support phone line, 1-800-57-63639 or 1-866-70-63639
  • The Contact Us page on their website,

Please note that Nexen’s customer services lines are open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

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