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Shine Armor Review

Shine Armor is a brand that offers a variety of car care products that protect the exterior of your car and repairs surface scratches. Their products have fantastic reviews from customers who attest to the near god-level effects. Not many things excite car nuts, but Shine Armor seems to have a cult-like following because their products are that good. 

What was once an ugly scratch on your new car is now smooth paint finish, a bold claim indeed! The site shows them erasing scratches from the surface of the car like magic. With over 100k likes on their Facebook page and 130k followers on their Instagram, they feature some pretty happy customers with their sweet, like-new vehicles. 

In our Shine Armor review, we’ll take a look at the company policies, their customer reviews, and diving deep into their best-selling products to see if they deserve to get close enough to your car parked in the driveway.  

Overview of Shine Armor 

Shine Armor Review

Shine Armor’s mission is to protect and restore your car so it keeps its showroom glow. The product is designed by gearheads for car lovers, and they know how much you love your vehicle. 

Founded in 2018 by car aficionado and CEO, Justin Kemperman, the company started with the goal of making great products that work and have kept true to their roots, offering a shortlist of products on their site. With its HQ in Jacksonville, FL, Shine Armor gets its ingredients from all over the world but it’s made in the US. 

That may be the story behind this brand, but it still doesn’t tell us if their products are good enough to use on your ride, so let’s cruise right into our Shine Armor review with a few pros and cons to start us off:     


  • Low cost 
  • Pleasant scent 
  • Brings the shine back to faded paint jobs 
  • Easy to use 
  • Some products work well
  • Refund or replacement within 30 days (with conditions)


  • Long shipping times outside of the US
  • Doesn’t work on deep scratches
  • Effect is temporary
Shine Armor Review 1

Some products back their claims so let’s take a look at which ones might work for you in the next part of our Shine Armor review. 

Shine Armor Review

It’s frustrating whenever you’re driving your new car out on the road only to get a few chips in the paint from some passing pebble. That’s why Shine Armor created their product to make sure you can take care of it yourself rather than paying too much money for an auto body repair shop to handle it. 

Let’s take a look at some of Shine Armor’s best-selling products and see which ones are delivering on their bold promises and which ones fall flatter than a flat tire on Route 66. 

Shine Armor Scratch Repair Review

The worst thing you can walk up to in the parking lot is seeing a scratch on the side of your car, left by some careless driver. But, instead of lamenting over the blemish, Shine Armor created the Scratch Remover Repair to help you fix it. 

Whenever your car is looking like it’s on its last legs, it might be time to break out the Scratch Repair to give it a refresh, especially if you’re about to sell it. This innovative formula will help take off any minor scuffs or scratches without you breaking a sweat and give you a brand new car. 

The Scratch Repair retails for:

  • Single bottle: $27
  • Two bottles: $24 each
  • Three bottles: $20 each
  • Four bottles: $18 each

Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat Review

The Fortify Quick Coat from Shine Armor is a great way to clean or detail your car. It will remove any dirt, oil, or grime from the exterior of your car and leave it shiny and looking new. This detailer leaves a long-lasting shine on the exterior of your car that turns a faded paint job into a glowing beacon while it sits in the parking lot. 

That’s not all the product does because it can actually improve your car’s endurance. It coats your car in a formula of innovative technology that will protect it from the elements, repelling water and keeping your car cleaner in the long run. No need for breaking out the hose every time every couple of days!  

The Fortify Quick Coat retails for:

  • Single bottle: $23
  • Two bottles: $22 each
  • Three bottles: $21 each (includes four premium microfibers)
  • Four bottles: $20 each (includes four premium microfibers)

This product is the most popular among customers but let’s get on with this Shine Armor review and give some love to that engine under your car’s hood with this next product.  

Shine Armor Performance Booster Oil Additive Review

The Shine Armor Performance Booster Oil Additive is not motor oil and cannot replace the actual oil your engine needs. The word additive explains exactly what it should be used for, to boost your engine along with regular motor oil, and Shine Armor recommends you add it after a fresh oil change. 

However, the oil booster can still be used between oil changes to extend the effectiveness of your engine’s oil. That means you can add it to your vehicle any time you want. You do not have to wait for your next oil change to gain the benefits. But, what exactly does the oil do though? That is what the next part of this Shine Armor review will look into. 

Shine armor explains that their Performance Booster helps your engine withstand the test of time and increases the horsepower of your car. Since your engine has tiny fractures in it from all the previously driven miles, the Performance Booster Oil works its way into those small stress cracks to fill them which can improve your engine speed.

If getting a speed power-up for your car wasn’t good enough, the booster oil is also environmentally friendly so it won’t add extra emissions to your vehicle. There is also the added benefit that it will increase your engine’s lifespan.    

The Performance Booster retails for:

  • Single bottle: $40 
  • Two bottles: $24 each
  • Three bottles: $23 each
  • Four bottles: $21 each
  • Five bottles: $20 each

Shine Armor Plastic Restorer Review 

When you want to find a way to revive the life of your car’s interior, you don’t want to reach for plain soap and water—that won’t cut it for any true car enthusiast. You need something that will actually bring the plastic’s life back. That’s why Shine Armor created their Plastic Restorer

The cleaner can help revitalize the interior parts of your car, especially those made from synthetic leather. The restorer will also leave a shiny finish on any surface for at least a few days after application. Your car will be ready for its showroom debut in no time with this product. 

The brand also suggests that it will protect plastic surfaces against cracking and fading—things both caused by sitting out in the sun. This is great if your parking spot is stuck outside for a large portion of the day. It should also give some protection against rain and snow for those living in wetter climates. 

Plus the product will not harm your car’s surfaces because it contains zero harmful preservatives so it is pretty risk-free to use on your precious car. 

The Plastic Restorer retails for: 

  • Single bottle: $21
  • Two bottles: $20 each
  • Three bottles: $19 each
  • Four bottles: $18 each

Next up in this Shine Armor review, we bring your tires back to life because if the body and interior are shiny and new, your tires also need to glow. 

Shine Armor Pristine Tire Shine Gel Review 

It is all well and good when your car appears shiny and new but if your tires look like they belong on some old VW bus, then it might be time to look into how to renew your tires. Which is why the Pristine Tire Shine Gel definitely lives up to its name—it will make your tires and rims shine. 

The product is made from a gel infused with a lubricant to make it easier to bring the gloss back into your rubber. It even guards your tires from the harmful UV rays that can wear your tires out in the long run. 

If you want the original shiny black rubber look on your tires, then this Shine Armor gel will definitely do the job. 

The Pristine Tire Shine Gel retails for $15.    

Who Is Shine Armor For? 

Shine Armor Review

Shine Armor is for anyone who wants to detail their ride and cruise down the street with a fresh showroom look. If you are looking for a way to clean your car and leave a lasting shine, then these products will help you achieve that much-needed shine. 

Even if you do not care how shiny or dirty your car looks, these products will still protect the surface of your car from harsh weather and UV lights that tend to fade the plastic and rubber parts of your car. 

But, how do other products stack up? Let’s shift gears in this Shine Armor review to see what else is on the market for your car’s shine. 

Comparison: Shine Armor vs. Armor All 

Shine Armor Review

Now that you have an idea of what the brand offers, this Shine Armor review will take a look at one of their most recognized competitors: Armor All. 

First up, Armor All has a ton more products than Shine Armor, so we will only focus on the places where the two companies’ products overlap. Also depending on where you live, Armor All is a household brand that has been around for decades at this point so you may already be familiar with some of their products. 

Let’s first look at Armor All’s Ultra Shine Total Vehicle Detailer

It is not exactly easy to know what active ingredients are in their products but as long as something is water-based it is relatively friendly to the environment. Without listing all the elements contained in each respective product, our research does show that both Shine Armor and Armor All products are non-toxic and safe for the environment. 

The price of Armor All products is much lower than that of Shine Armor. For their Ultra Shine Total Vehicle Detailer, it costs about $7 for a 22 oz spray bottle, while the Fortify Quick Coat from Shine Armor costs $23. The two products leave your car looking shinier and protect it from grime for the next few days. 

Both companies also make a silicone tire gel that has the same effect, and again Armor All is much more affordable at about $10 dollars per bottle while Shine Armor is $15.  

Shine Armor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Shine Armor Review

Customers praise most Shine Armor products and they really do leave a shine on any surface you use them on. Since the aftereffect of each product leaves a nice glow on your ride this also reflects the glowing customer reviews we will look at in this section of our Shine Armor review. 

That being said, TrustPilot still has the Shine Armor website rated as 4.6/5 stars with 86% of reviews being ‘Excellent’. That is exactly how Rick Smolarski feels on TrustPilot, “Applied shine armour fortify on my 2010 Mazda pick up with original paint. Easy to put on and looks great. Hope it lasts for a while.” 

The products are simple to use and look great, but do they have any other added effects on your car? Let’s move on to the next satisfied customer and see what your car could benefit from.

The products also double as a great cleaner according to Antony Fraser on Amazon, “Awesome product car went from filthy to lookin like new instantly best I’ve used will be getting more quick and easy to use”. Many others feel the same way and the multiple 5-star reviews on Shine Armor’s site also ring a similar truth. 

When looking at similar products, Shine Armor outshines them all and this is exactly what customers also say about the company’s products. 

Gregory Saldanha only had good things to say, “I have tried various products before and I was sceptical about Shine armor product (Fortify quick coat), but decided to give it a try anyways. I don’t regret it at all. It far surpasses any of the other products I have tried.” The Quick Coat seems to be one of the more popular items among the Shine Armor catalog.

The product seems to be well-reviewed on Amazon but how does it fair if we go to other sites. The story is much the same, but let’s take a peek.  

Jumping on over to you-buy, we also find the reviews to be quite good and highly rated. This user from the site had this to say about the Car Scratch Remover, “Great for getting out lite scratches. I recommend.” If your car is suffering from nicks, then time to pick up a little magic bottle of Car Scratch Remover to see if it takes off that unsightly mark.

The company has the bulk of its reviews on Amazon, let’s take a look at how customers rated the products covered in this Shine Armor review so far: 

  • Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat 684 reviews: 4.3/5 Stars  
  • Shine Armor Car Scratch Remover 10,981 reviews: 3.7/5 Stars
  • Shine Armor Pristine Tire Shine Gel 908 reviews: 4.2/5 Stars
  • Shine Armor Performance Booster Oil Additive 684 reviews 4.5/5 Stars 
  • Shine Armor Plastic Restorer 766 reviews 4.3/5 Stars 

Is Shine Armor Worth It?

Shine Armor Review

Many attest to The Scratch Remover working out great for them. Other Shine Armor products in this review also do work, while they are a bit more expensive than other alternatives on the market you surely wont be disappointed..

The detailing products work well and do exactly what they say. That alone makes it worth it.  

Shine Armor Promotions & Discounts 

Shine Armor Review

As previously mentioned, Shine Armor offers discounts on bulk orders where you could save up to 15% off your order. However, in contrast to most bulk buying options, it would be better to purchase the products individually to get real value for your money.   

You can also sign up for the website’s mailing list and get $10 off your next order.  

Where to Buy Shine Armor  

Shine Armor Review 2

You can buy Shine Armor through their website or from the following sites:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot


Shine Armor Review

Who owns Shine Armor?  

Shine Armor is owned by Justin Kemperman.

Do Shine Armor products come with a warranty?  

Yes, however, only hard goods come with a 1-year warranty. Anything that involves chemicals as well as their towels have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Where are Shine Armor products made?  

Shine Armor products are made in the USA. 

Do I have to wash my car before I use Shine Armor? 

Thankfully no—you can actually use Shine Armor products to clean off any dirt or grime. 

Does Shine Armor remove water spots? 

Yes, Shine Armor will remove any water spots and leave a spotless surface. 

What is Shine Armor’s Shipping Policy?

They offer free shipping within the continental US if you purchase enough products and this feature is only available at checkout. Any duties or taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. 

It would also be good to check if products are available on your region’s Amazon for better rates. 

What is Shine Armor’s Return Policy?

You can return any product in an unused condition within 30 days after you receive your order for a full refund, minus shipping fees. To start your return, you need to reach out to [email protected]

How to Contact Shine Armor

There are three ways to contact Shine Armor

  1. Phone: 1 (408) 528-2764
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Contact form on their website

The company’s hours of operation are from Monday to Sunday, between 10 am to 6 pm EST.

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