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Soundstripe Review

The perfect soundtrack can elevate art. It can take the mundane and make it unforgettable. We’re not just talking about cinema either. TikTok, Instagram reels, and viral Twitter videos have shown us that the proper song can jolt certain properties into our brains.

The folks at Soundstripe are experts in those jolts. They offer subscription plans for creators to access huge libraries of songs, videos, and sound effects that are licensed for use on any media platform.

Their music can suit nearly every mood, and they go the extra mile to help you discover exactly which mood you’re aiming for. They have curated playlists that cover various themes, occasions, genres, and instruments.

But what can Soundstripe offer you? What do they sell, what do customers think, are they legit, are they worth it, and who are they? We’ll answer all these questions and more in this Soundstripe review.

If you’re tired of copyright strikes and falsely flagged videos hindering your pathway to viral success then you’re going to want to take notes. Soundstripe might just be the medicine you’ve been searching for. 

Overview of Soundstripe

Soundstripe Review

Three Nashville boys, Micah Sannan, Travis Terrell, and Trevor Hinesley, founded Soundstripe in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. That city is considered one of America’s music hotbeds, so it’s not shocking that the three of them took influence from their surroundings.

Originally, the trio wanted to give local musicians a way to make a steady income. Music is a dog-eat-dog world. They realized that the best way to do that was to connect music with the people who will use it most: content creators. 

With that in mind, they hired an in-house team of composers and music writers to create tracks that could be licensed and freely used by YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other online media makers.

Soundstripe gained so much traction that they were able to expand their team and their offerings. Now, they have plans for video and sound effects as well as deep music playlists.

That’s not all. Globally-recognized companies like Amazon, Volkswagen, and Microsoft found the appeal in Soundstripe’s business model. They’ve signed up for the company’s corporate plan. 

But you don’t have to be a Jeff Bezos, a Bill Gates, or an Elon Musk to afford Soundstripe. Heck, you don’t even have to own a company. That’s the appeal of Soundstripe – anyone can use their products.

That’s what Sannan, Terrell, and Hinesley had in mind when they created Soundstripe. They wanted to give people the freedom to create while giving back to the music community.

If that was the only worthwhile feature then we wouldn’t have written this Soundstripe review. Let’s look at what else this company does that has earned them so much praise:


  • Offers a diverse collection of music, film clips, and sound effects
  • Over 200 songs join their library every month
  • All of their products are royalty-free and licensed for all platforms
  • Plans for many different types of creators, can cancel at any time
  • Copyright protection with any plan covers all social media channels and commercial uses
  • Integrations with Twitch, Adobe Premiere and
  • Ability to whitelist your YouTube channel within the app to easily prevent copyright strikes
  • Similar Song button helps you find similar songs to any that you like from our library
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Properties are chosen by Grammy-winning producers

We also found that the company provided access to music, video reels, and sound effects galore.

Soundstripe Review

The narrow-minded reader might assume that Soundstripe only grants access to audio because of the company’s name. Allow this section of our Soundstripe review to expand your vision by telling you about the brand’s hottest features. 

Not all of the Soundstripe plans include each feature. Here are the available plans and their associated costs:

  1. Soundstripe Music$13 per month
  2. Soundstripe Music & SFX – $21 per month
  3. Soundstripe Music, Video & SFX – $33 per month

With that out of the way let’s dig deeper into what you’re looking at with each offering.

Soundstripe Music Review

Here’s the main offering courtesy of Soundstripe. This product delivers an unmatched library of creator-made music that’s royalty-free, tasteful, and chosen with the deft hand of Grammy-winning producers.

The Soundstripe Music plan can also ease the stress of selecting the perfect playlist to suit the vibe. There are plenty of playlists to pick from for any mood, including cinematic songs, young and free tracks, chill pieces, and hip-hop bangers.

You can download any song you like in Soundstripe Music’s library. Just like that, you’re free to use it as often, or as little, as you please. 

Plus, you won’t need to sweat over getting hit with a DMCA. All of the music in the subscription has already been approved for use on nearly every platform.

Soundstripe pricing for this product depends on what else you want with it. However, the base plan alone offers a deep enough musical well that you could follow in Neil Young’s footsteps and abandon Spotify entirely. 

Soundstripe Video Review

Stock footage is often given a bad rap. It’s considered filler material akin to bland wallpaper in a boring countryside house. That’s not the case with Soundstripe Video.

Their deep library of footage has over 70,000 film reels to choose from. Subscribing to a Soundstripe plan that includes their video collection will provide you with unlimited access. 

That means you can download all the videos you want to turn your internet videos into viral films. The Soundstripe Video library includes footage that’s perfect for introductions, conclusions, transitions, long pauses, moments of chaos, and more.

All of their videos are sorted into playlists like lifestyle, outdoors, fashion, timelapse, and adventure. Plus, their footage comes in all qualities. We’re talking HD and 8K video footage

Soundstripe SFX Review

Have you ever seen those videos of sound engineers recording the effects for martial arts movies? They use objects like raw vegetables to mimic the cracking of bones, a flank steak for meaty punches to the stomach, and wet towels for disembowelment.

Sounds like a lot of work, eh? Save yourself the effort by using the Soundstripe SFX compendium. Their offerings go beyond fight scenes too. Soundstripe offers a diverse selection of sound effects in these categories:

  • Horror
  • Animals
  • Industry
  • Office
  • Sports

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Many of their sound effects transcend conventional situations and go into more abstract places. We’re talking about the effects in their movement, transitions, and elements sections.

Soundstripe Enterprise Review

This Soundstripe package is made for businesses. It’s an all-inclusive plan that grants companies unparalleled access to sound clips, music, and video footage.

What separates the Soundstripe Enterprise plan from other offerings is that organizations need to request a quote. That means that our Soundstripe review writers weren’t able to see how much this plan costs.

What we did find were all the nice bells and whistles this subscription provides. It delivers personalized contract terms, clearance rights so you don’t need to worry about copyright violations, prioritized customer service care, and more.

Soundstripe will also work alongside your company to help select the media pieces that are best suited for your vision. That’s probably why big brands like Amazon, Virgin, Whole Foods, and Microsoft make use of this plan. 

Soundstripe Twitch Extension Review

Where would the world be without Twitch? It’s a question that boggles our Soundstripe review writers’ brains on a daily basis. The platform revolutionized gaming, turned content consumption on its head, and shattered the idea that video games are only fun if you’re playing them.

With the platform’s proliferation also came the need for Twitch streamers to distinguish themselves among the crowd. Anybody can play Fortnight for 20 hours straight, but how many people can do it with enough gusto to earn a living off of it?

That’s where the Soundstripe Twitch Extension can prove its value. Its selection of music can be the perfect backdrop for your streams. The plan has three different options:

  • The Soundstripe Twitch Free Extension is free and includes royalty-free music playlists that are safe for Twitch
  • The Soundstripe Twitch Pro Extension costs $4 per month and packages all the free version’s features with the ability to shuffle songs, create your own playlists, and grants access to exclusively-curated playlists
  • The Soundstripe Twitch Standard Music Licensing Plan starts at $13 a month and combines all the features of their free Twitch extension with their Music Plan

Over 65,000 streamers use the Soundstripe Twitch Extension to elevate their content beyond the pack. Why settle into the herd when you can assert your individuality with the music you love?

Who Is Soundstripe For? 

Soundstripe Review

Soundstripe is great for freelance filmmakers, advertisers and content creators who want to add personality to their online presence with peace of mind. There have been too many stories of Twitch streamers, popular YouTubers, and Instagram stars falling into legal battles because of copyright claims and licensing dilemmas.

Soundstripe removes those shackles by giving creators a bounty of royalty-free and fully licensed materials. 

Soundstripe Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Soundstripe Review

Setting the mood refers to more than just picking the right scented candles for Valentine’s Day. Soundstripe claims to give their consumers all the tools they need to establish themselves online.

However, our Soundstripe review writers wanted to see how well they helped customers accomplish this goal. We’re assuming we’re not the only curious ones, seeing as how you’re reading this article.

So, we put our ears to the metaphorical windows of the internet to eavesdrop on what the online denizens said about their Soundstripe experience.

The brand has an aggregate 4.5/5 stars rating from more than 730 pieces of customer feedback on Trustpilot. Their customer appeal can be summed up by this fan’s review: “The service that gives me the absence of worries about my projects’ soundtracks. Affordable price + super friendly atmosphere.

Soundstripe’s prices were often praised for being fair and affordable. Customers felt spoiled that they gained access to so much content for the attached price tag. 

The brand’s customer service also earned some high scores. This 5/5 stars reviewer spoke kindly of Soundstripe’s ability to solve problems:

I love Soundstripe. Especially their support. They are easy to get in touch with. They reply to messages within minutes especially within their duty time. They have no excuses, and answer the questions straight to the point.

The negative reviews on TrustPilot spoke about the difficulty some customers faced when canceling their membership. However, many of these reviews were from two years ago, so it’s possible that Soundstripe has remedied these issues.

After looking at TrustPilot, we found that Soundstripe has a fair share of fans on G2 as well. Over 15 customers gave the company an average score of 4.6/5 stars.

The only thing we could find that customers craved there was more options. That’s a good sign, because if your customers are asking for more then that means they already like what you’re offering.

One small business owner was head-over-heels for Soundstripe: 

I appreciate how Soundstripe offers the licensing trifecta of music, video, and sound effects. They offer options for picking 1, 2, or all 3 options. The music choices are decent and not very “corporate” like. The sound effects options are decent and fairly extensive. If you’re looking for video clips, they offer enough clips without overwhelming you with too many choices.

Customers loved that the brand was always adding more music to their platform and that – for the most part – that music was much better than what other royalty-free brands offered.

Finally, we consulted with the 9 lovely buyer testimonials on ProductHunt. They gave Soundstripe an average score of 5/5 stars.

Once again, those customers complimented how much music Soundstripe provided with their plans. They called the selections diverse and affordable.

Here are the main takeaways our Soundstripe review gathered from what customers said:

  • Soundstripe is affordable, especially considering how much each plan provides
  • Soundstripe’s customer service was responsive and helpful
  • Soundstripe’s licensing agreements removed any fear of rogue copyright claims 

Is Soundstripe Legit?

Soundstripe Review

The main issue with many stock music, footage, and sound effects providers is that their offerings aren’t actually licensed. That can lead to sticky legal situations which could derail would-be content creators.

Luckily, our Soundstripe review writers are happy to report that this company is as clean as a whistle. We weren’t able to find any customer reviews about buyers getting their hands slapped by the law for using media provided by Soundstripe.

The company includes a deep dive into the inner workings of music licensing and copyright if you want to investigate. The main point is that they’ve already done the work of agreeing to licensing plans with each song’s copyright owner. 

That means you can use any piece of media you get through your Soundstripe purchase with total freedom.

Is Soundstripe Worth It?

Soundstripe Review

Our Soundstripe review writing squad holds that this brand is worth it for a few reasons. Their biggest advantage is that all of their items have already been licensed for use by any of their subscribers.

Additionally, Soundstripe’s multiple plans have a broad target audience. Everyone from large companies to up-and-coming Twitch streamers can find something in Soundstripe’s media archives.

Soundstripe Promotions & Discounts 

Soundstripe Review

At this current time Soundstripe does not have any promotions. However, as soon as one pops up we will let you know!

Where to Buy Soundstripe

Soundstripe Review

It’s not very surprising that Soundstripe is only available through the company’s website,


Soundstripe Review

Who Owns Soundstripe?

Micah Sannan, one of the founders, owns Soundstripe.

What is Soundstripe’s Privacy Policy?

After scouring through the company’s privacy policy, our Soundstripe review writers can happily say that they’re not going to do anything malicious with your information. They will not be selling it to any government hive-mind.

They will not collect any of your personal information unless you allow them to do so. Furthermore, they don’t distribute, trade, or disclose your information to any third-party corporations.

What is Soundstripe’s Refund Policy?

You’ll only be able to request a refund from Soundstripe within the first 30 days of signing up. Additionally, you cannot have used any of their material in any of your projects.

If you cancel your plan after those 30 days you will not be able to receive a refund nor will you be able to use any of the materials you downloaded from them in any new projects. 

You’ll still keep all of the songs, videos, and sound effects you acquired through Soundstripe after canceling your membership, you just won’t be able to use them unless you buy a Lifetime License for that particular item.

How to Contact Soundstripe

We’ll wrap up our Soundstripe review by telling you how you can get in touch with the company. You can chat with a brand employee directly through the help chat feature on their website or call them at 855-224-0847.

Otherwise, you can shoot them an email at [email protected].

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