Urbanears Headphones Review

About Urbanears

Urbanears Headphones Review

Music is one of the most liberating, unifying, uplifting things that humanity has given birth to. Regardless of whether you are jamming out at the gym, on your way to work, or relaxing at home, a good pair of headphones is needed in order to give you the quality of sound you need to keep yourself immersed in the experience. 

Enter Urbanears, a Scandinavian brand that makes and distributes stylish and functional electronics to countries all over the world. The brand’s products have been featured in notable media outlets such as CNET, The Absolute Sounds, Fame Magazine, and Baller Status, and with their 42.1k followers on Instagram plus 106k likes on Facebook, they just keep growing!

Our Urbanears headphones review will provide you with all you need to know about the brand. We will give you a look at the company policies, practices, customer reviews, and product reviews to help you decide whether you want to invest in a pair of Urbanears. 

Overview of Urbanears

Urbanears Headphones Review

Founded in 2009 by Nora Zorr, an industrial design consultancy based in Stockholm, and Zound Industries Inc., Urbanears wanted to change the way we approach our audio lifestyle. As with any Scandinavian brand, the label is all about sleek aesthetics and user-friendly traits. And they have been encouraging people around the world to change their listening preferences.  

Urbanears products are manufactured in Sweden, and the brand ships to countries all over the world. It also has authorized partner retailers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Since they have been around for quite some time, it’s safe to say their reputation precedes them in a good way.  

With all the hype surrounding them, this Urbanears headphones review will take a deeper look at the brand to see if it still lives up to the extensive publicity. We’ll start with some pros and cons to prep you for the rest of the review: 


  • Ships to several countries all over the world 
  • Has partner retailers in several continents
  • Fair return policy 
  • 1-year limited warranty 
  • Carbon neutral shipping


  • No free shipping 
  • No notable discounts 
  • Pricey compared to competitors 
  • Limited compatibility options due to 5.0 Bluetooth protocol
Urbanears Headphones Review

Even though the brand has been around for more than 10 years, it appears they may have some kinks to work out. However, this Urbanears headphones review will break everything down to make sure you know what you’re in for when you invest in one of their audio experiences. 

Urbanears Headphones Review

Nowadays, listening to music or podcasts with headphones needs to be an actual immersive experience. But you can’t do that with shoddy headphones. Which is why Urbanears has worked hard from its inception to make sure people are hearing quality. 

Of course, not everyone wants to have the standard black headphones anymore—with all the ways to express your personality, so why not through a color that matches you? This Urbanears headphones review will take a look at some of the brand’s most popular listening devices from their collection. 

As Urbanears has so many options available, this review will not look at the brand’s other popular items, such as the Urbanears Hellas rush, Urbanears Zinken, or the Urbanears Reimers but we do encourage you to check them out! 

Urbanears Sumpan Review 

If you are looking for a sleek set of earphones, then you will want to check out Urbanears Sumpan Earbuds. These wired earphones focus the sound where it’s meant to go—in your ears. Add in the microphone, remote, cords you don’t have to fight to untangle plus great sound? It’s no wonder these earbuds are so popular. 

The earbuds come in four colors:

  • Black (currently sold out)
  • True white
  • Dark grey
  • Indigo

The Urbanears Sumpan Earbuds retail for $30.  

Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Review 

The highly popular Urbanears Plattan headphones are known for making people sit up and take notice. They were so beloved that the label decided to revamp them and brought in the Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones. 

The upgrade in the device includes 30+ hours of listening time, can fold up nice and neat, remote, and is vegan to boot. With all these great features, you can even coordinate them to your outfit with one of their six colors: 

  • Powder pink
  • Dark grey
  • Black
  • True white
  • Indigo
  • Tomato

The Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones retail for $70.  

Urbanears Humlan Headband Review 

Having great headphones is one thing but when the headband bugs you, it just ruins the whole audio experience, right? That’s where the Urbanears Humlan Headband comes into play. 

The perfect accessory for the also popular Humlan headphones, the headband has a minimal aesthetic combined with the perfect pop of color. When your other headbands are being cleaned, you can snap these on to give you the right amount of cushion for your listening pleasure. 

The headband comes in four colors:

  • Black
  • Tomato
  • True white
  • Indigo

The Urbanears Humlan Headband retails for $6.

Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Headband Review

Comfort is key when it comes to making sure your audio experience is in perfect form. That’s why Urbanears made the Plattan ADV wireless headband so you can enjoy your music or podcasts without having any discomfort. 

Perfectly compatible with the Plattan ADV wireless headphones, this fabric headband will let you forget you’re even wearing them in the first place. The bad news is that this headband doesn’t work with the Urbanears Plattan or Urbanears Plattan 2 headphones. 

The headband is available in six colors:

  • Dark grey
  • Indigo
  • Black
  • True white
  • Bonfire orange
  • Tomato

The Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless Headband retails for $11

Urbanears Stadion Earbud Tips Review 

It’s pretty clear by now that people come in all shapes and sizes, so why not earbuds? The brand listened to the feedback and provided their customers with the Urbanears Stadion Earbud Tips in three different sizes. 

You don’t ever have to worry about your earbuds falling out anymore because with the different sized options, you can be assured one will fit your ears perfectly. 

The earbud tips come in four colors:

  • Trail
  • Rush
  • Team
  • Black belt

The Urbanears Stadion Earbud Tips retail for $6 for three pairs.  

Urbanears Bagis/Kransen Earbud Tips Review 

If you’re stuck with one-sized tips, it’s pretty easy to lose them, especially when you yank them out too quickly. Not to worry, Urbanears has the solution for your Bagis and Kransen earphones. 

Made from silicone, these Bagis/Kransen Earbud Tips come in three different sizes so you can fit your in-ear headphones perfectly. And be reassured that they won’t fall out randomly. No one wants to have their earphones falling out all the time because they don’t fit properly. 

Available only in black, these three pairs of earbud tips retail for $4

Urbanears Speakers Review

Nothing brings people together like music, and although you can share your earphones, the best device to spread your amazing tunes is a speaker. Of course, people used to have massive speakers to play their music but it just doesn’t fit the current aesthetic. 

Urbanears came up with a solution to that, creating a speaker that’s sleek yet maintains the sound quality. This Urbanears headphones review will look at the brand’s most popular speaker and let you know why it’s so special.  

Urbanears Ralis Review 

It may be small but it is just as mighty as other larger speakers. Instead of having to lug around something big just to get the party going, Urbanears created the Ralis, a 6 lb device that fills the room with music. 

Even with its minimal cubic design, you can’t imagine how powerful this tiny device can be. It has 20+ hours of play (after a two hour charging time), and the Bluetooth can be used about 30 ft away—talk about an effective speaker! It even comes with a handy strap so you can carry it more easily. Hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth and you’re good to go! 

The mighty speaker comes in three colors: 

  • Mist grey
  • Haute red
  • Slate blue

The Urbanears Ralis speaker retails for $200

Who Is Urbanears For? 

Urbanears Headphones Review

This Urbanears headphones review found the majority of people who want to have an immersive audio experience when listening to their music or podcasts are prime candidates for the brand. And if you enjoy an easy and sleek aesthetic listening device, Urbanears would be perfect for you. 

Comparison: Urbanears vs. Treblab  

Urbanears Headphones Review

Now that you have an idea of what the brand is all about, this Urbanears headphones review will now look at one of their competitors: Treblab. 

Founded in 2015 by CEO and founder, Alexander Malamud, Treblab manufactures personal listening devices that are accessible for everyone. Treblab is headquartered in Miami, FL, and takes a customer-centered methodology to all their innovative designs. 

Some initial differences between the two brands is that Treblab has a much more generous warranty program—1-year, free gifts, 3-replacements over warranty period—as well as an extensive product line on its website. It sells products like earphones, headphones, massage guns, air purifiers, and speakers. 

Similar to Urbanears, all of Treblab’s earphones, except for the N8’s, are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. The brand also has more water-resistant options, which is appreciated depending on where you live. 

To compare a couple of products, the Treblab E3’s are compatible with all Bluetooth devices, equipped with voice assistants, ear hooks for security, and built-in mics. They can be used for 50 hours before they need a charge and retail for $80 on their site. 

On the other hand, the Alby earphones by Urbanears feature a lot of the same things, minus the ear hooks, plus a few hours of pre-charge playtime (15 hours). They are offered in a variety of colors and retail for $70 on the site. 

If you want to see what Treblab has to offer, visit our full Treblab Review.

Urbanears Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Urbanears Headphones Review

Now that you have seen some of the brand’s products and how they compare with a competitor, this Urbanears headphones review would like to show you what their customers really think. 

PCMag writer Tim Gideon writes in his 2020 Urbanears Luma Review that the headphones have a stylish and sophisticated look, which is offered in a variety of colorways. He also enjoyed how the earphones are water-resistant, adding that the mic provided lots of clarity. 

Jon G on Trustpilot mentioned, I bought these about two years ago (November 2018) and I doubt I’ll need to get another pair of wireless headphones anytime soon. They sound fantastic with powerful bass and clear mid and treble tones, and even after two years, with daily use I still only need to recharge them about once a week.”

Even Lena agrees, I was looking for some headphones like the ones from Urbanears for a while and I was so excited to see them available for such a reasonable price. I bought them right away and I’ve been using them for 3-4months now and so far the experience is great.”

MMc, a satisfied customer, boasts about the sporty Urbanears Hellas headphones, stating, “Sound quality is exceptional for the price, wayyy exceeded my expectations. The ability to wash the ear covers and headband makes these THE BEST workout phones I’ve ever had.”  

Is Urbanears Worth It?

Urbanears Headphones Review

If you prefer modern and cutting-edge aesthetic, and aren’t put off by the price, then Urbanears is worth it. The company takes the Scandinavian style and creates a timeless look with different colors to fit anyone’s mood. Their speakers appear to be of good quality and can project a lot of sound for their tiny size. 

However, if you are on the fence, feel reassured that the company does offer a 30-day return policy. If you feel you’re not happy about the sound quality or device, then you can return it. Check out how the brand’s return policy works below. 

Urbanears Promotions & Discounts 

Urbanears Headphones Review

At the writing of this Urbanears headphones review, the only notable discount on the brand’s site is the 10% off on your first order by signing up for their mailing list. 

That being said, you may be able to find promotions and discounts if you were to purchase Urbanears through their authorized retailers. 

Where to Buy Urbanears

Urbanears Headphones Review

This Urbanears headphones review found you can purchase the brand through a variety of ways:

  1. The brand’s website
  2. Amazon
  3. Best Buy
  4. B&H


Urbanears Headphones Review

Who owns Urbanears?

Urbanears was founded in 2009 by Nora Zorr and Zound Industries. 

How do you turn on Urbanears?

Urbanears wireless headphones can either be turned on by taking them out of their case, pressing and holding power buttons, or touching and holding control surfaces. Wired headphones can be turned on by simply inputting them into your device. 

Are Urbanears iPhone compatible? 

Yes, all iPhones are compatible with Urbanears

Are Urbanears waterproof?

Overall, the headphones are not waterproof, however, they are sweat- and splash-resistant. 

How do you charge Urbanears?

All of the Urbanears headphones can be charged using a USB-C charging cable. The wireless earphones must be placed in their case to charge, while the wireless over-ear headphones must be plugged into the socket via cable directly.  

How long does it take to charge Urbanears?

The time it takes to fully charge a pair of Urbanears headphones depends largely on the model of headphones. If you look through the headphone user manuals of the various devices in the Urbanears catalogue, you will find that charging times range from 2-2.5 hours.  

How do you check an Urbanears battery?

For the chargeable Urbanears headphones, red indicates that your battery is empty. Some of the headphones will make a sound to notify you. When your headphones are fully charged, depending on the device, the red may turn white or green. 

Where are Urbanears made? 

Urbanears products are manufactured in Stockholm, Sweden.  

What is Urbanears’ Shipping Policy?

Urbanears ships to several countries, including (but not limited to):

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • US 

To see shipping fees and times for each country, tailor the website to your destination. 

For the US, Urbanears ships:

  • UPS SurePost Carbon Neutral Shipping for a flat rate of $10 (free for orders $99+

Arrival times depend on the state being shipped to, but range between 1-6 business days. 

What is Urbanears’ Return Policy?

This Urbanears headphones review found that if you are not completely satisfied with your item, you have 30 days (from the time you receive your order) to exchange or return it. However, return shipping is not covered by the brand. 

How to Contact Urbanears

The following methods of contact are available to customers: 

Live chat hours of operation are: 

  • Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm PST
  • Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm PST

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