JBL Speakers Review

About JBL

JBL Speakers Review

Popular since their start in the 1940s, JBL has led the way for strong and clear audio that’s guaranteed to satisfy. Working continually to better their drivers, speakers, and outputs, this company has yet to stop making improvements on the past and keeps pushing forward.

JBL stands strong with over 600k Instagram followers on their US page alone. Covered by Forbes and The New York Times on several occasions, this brand has constantly been one to watch.

This JBL speakers review will go over the brand’s history, products, prices, customer testimonials, and more to help you decide if their equipment is worth the buy.

Overview of JBL

JBL Speakers Review

Created in 1946 by James Bullogh Lansing, JBL prided itself on bringing the best audio to the masses. 

Despite a struggle for the first few years, this brand skyrocketed in the 1950s with their high-compression driver and its inclusion in Fender guitar amplifiers to strengthen the sound. 

Used for theaters and performances including the sound system for the Academy Awards after the 1980s, this brand became a regular for venues due to the sound clarity at higher volumes.

Now a standard for movie theaters, concerts, and radio equipment in addition to more portable avenues, this company is well-known for their quality and durable builds.

But what’s the full scoop on this ever-popular company? We’ve got some highlights to give you all the info:


  • Wide range of audio equipment from larger professional speakers to headphones, earbuds, clip-on speakers, and more
  • Crystal clear sound quality for all volumes
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Tens of thousands of 5-star JBL speakers reviews
  • Free ground shipping within the continental US
  • Klarna payments available to break down the costs into manageable installments
JBL Speakers Review

With all those points in mind, we’ll move this JBL speakers review into the most important part – the speakers (and other audio equipment you may deem essential by the end of this article).

JBL Speakers Review

This brand began with the mission of providing the masses with better audio for their favorite radio stations. 

Now, having expanded into music, movies, and so much more, JBL is all about making quality sound truly accessible. No matter where you are, the goal remains – providing you with the best sound possible.

JBL Flip 4 Review

Bring the party to your pool without any of the worry. The JBL Flip 4 is made to withstand water, warmth, and overall good times that will last all night long (roughly 12 hours).

Crafted with a waterproof casing, this portable Bluetooth speaker is designed to keep the smallest drop out. Whether you spill something or it takes a tumble in the pool, you’re still set for this speaker to keep the music pumping. 

Completely wireless, this speaker not only connects to your music, but features speakerphone elements as well.

Have a question while you’re soaking in a hot tub? Just call it out because this $100 speaker connects to Siri or Google with ease. Keep the good times going all night with this lasting battery and then charge it in the morning to prepare for your next night of debauchery.

JBL Flip 5 Review 

Looking to personalize the party? The JBL Flip 5 brings all the fun, party features of the previous model but with some funky new customization aspects that make all the difference.

This model comes in 12 different designs from solid colors to fun and flashy patterns. If none of those fit your style, you can design your own custom look to ensure there’s never any mix-up when it comes to whose speaker is whose. 

Whether you’re printing your name in block letters or you design a classically complex style, you can craft this standard speaker into your own creation with a few easy clicks online.

Featuring the same durable design, this speaker is made to outlast the elements with its hearty casing and waterproof capabilities

Sound will echo as the base booms across the air once you get your summer essentials blasting. Parties, backyard fun, or even just something to rock out to as you’re cooking, this $120 speaker can handle it all.

JBL Charge 3 Review

Add some audio to your adventures with the JBL Charge 3. Crafted from water-tight materials, this design is made to survive the worst the world can throw at it.

Blast your beat with a lengthy battery life that can not only support 20 hours of playing time but will also charge any devices on the go. Through a handy USB outlet, this Bluetooth speaker will give juice to any phone or tablet and keep the music going for longer.

Built to be all about that bass, this JBL speaker will make you feel the music with every bass drop. Need a break to call a friend? This speaker connects to your phone, Siri, Google Now, and more to give you the community support you need – all completely wireless.

Obviously a bestseller, this speaker is currently unavailable for purchase.

JBL Charge 4 Review 

Personalize your pool party with the JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker. The next model in the series, the Charge 4 carries over all of the best parts of the previous design but with some new, spicy elements.

Leave behind dreary, dull black and add a pop of color by choosing one of 12 original shades for this product. If those aren’t your idea of a good design, then personalize it up by crafting your own artwork to coat this casing.

Collaborate your craft by creating the ultimate playlist and connecting two devices to this speaker at one time. Don’t worry about who has the best music – just switch between devices to give a fuller playlist and sound to your party. 

Made with high-quality materials built to last, this $150 device will easily withstand the longest beach day with its 20-hour battery power.

JBL Boombox Review 

Add a bigger boom to your beat with the JBL Boombox. Designed to give you more power, more playtime, and more fun, this stereo is the perfect addition to any get-together.

Completely wireless, this waterproof design is perfect for the poolside or bringing along to the beach. With a simple handle crossing over the speaker for ease of travel, this Boombox can last up to 24 hours of use no matter how far you take it.

Built solely around sound, this box offers different modes to choose from, letting you select just how heavy you want the bass to hit. Indoor and outdoor modes allow for the best sound quality in your environment, letting you take the music anywhere you go.

Another customer favorite, this beauty is currently unavailable for purchase.

JBL Boombox 2 Review 

Whether your style is standard black or funky camo, the JBL Boombox 2 is the perfect fit delivering the strongest sound yet. Portable and full of power, this boombox was built to drive home each note with a strong kick that will fill the space.

Waterproof in design, this durable box holds power for up to 24 hours of straight playing (not that we’d recommend it, but it’s still good to know). 

Charge your phones and tablets as you go via USB port to the power bank. Keep your devices and your music rocking all night (and day) as you travel with this killer sound.

Add this to your audio kit for a hefty but worthwhile $500.

JBL Xtreme Review 

Craft the ambiance with the perfect playlist blasting from the JBL Xtreme. Designed to blast the beat while staying connected, this speaker will deliver on sound and quality with ease.

While it’s not made for deep diving, the Xtreme won’t die out at the slightest touch of water like some designs. Don’t throw it in the deep end, but it can handle those cannonball splashes that accompany summer. 

Connect it to up to 3 devices so you can take turns on who’s baring their soul through their playlist.

This product is currently unavailable. If you want the latest model, check out the JBL Xtreme 3 for new fun elements on the original design.

JBL Xtreme 2 Review

Working from the original design of the first model, the JBL Xtreme 2 adds new elements of style to an already killer speaker system.

Available in four solid colors in addition to a fun black camo pattern, this speaker delivers a powerful boost of sound to the system and is the perfect addition to any party. 

Crafted stronger than the previous model, this design can successfully be submerged in water without causing the slightest stilt or hesitation in the audio.

Keep the good times going for up to 15 hours with the battery life, with quick and easy charging to get it back to 100% in no time at all. Built with an adjustable shoulder strap, the Xtreme 2 is designed to live on the go and accompany you with ease.

This speaker is hopping off the shelves for $250.

JBL PartyBox 100 Review

Pack a punch with the JBL PartyBox 100 and control not only the sound but the lights with this showstopper. This massive (11.3 x 21.7 x 11.4 inch) speaker will take the party to new (volume) levels.

Whether you’re comfortable connecting your playlist via Bluetooth or you want to go old school and plug it in, this PartyBox accommodates either option with the addition of a USB playlist option. 

You get up to 15 hours on battery alone but can quickly plug it in for power to keep the music going as long as you need.

If you’re looking to make your own music, simply plug in your mic or guitar cords into the inputs to put on a show. Make a mark through pre-set light patterns to give your party even more flash.

Get this speaker for yourself for only $350.

How Long Do JBL Speakers Last? 

JBL Speakers Review

A standard question and concern in JBL speakers reviews regard just how long their purchases will last. The honest answer? It all depends on the buyer.

Proper care, location, use, and volume will all lead to a JBL speaker lasting a lifetime. If you’re taking it out to constantly be exposed to water and heat, or if you drain the battery without consistent charges, your purchase will deteriorate at a faster pace.

Basically, take care of your product and you’ll get the best results for the longest time.

Who Is JBL For? 

JBL Speakers Review

JBL products are for anyone looking for a quality sound to truly appreciate their music. 

Whether you’re blasting your playlist or listening to a new episode of your favorite podcast, you want clear words and notes soaring through those speakers to give you the best experience no matter where you are.

From travelers looking for some JBL wireless earbuds to use during transit to individuals wanting to blast beats at a pool party, this brand works for any age, any event, and any buyer. There’s no limit when it comes to this brand.

Comparison: JBL vs. Bose  

JBL Speakers Review

You want speakers that will blast quality sound for years to come. What’s the point in investing potentially hundreds of dollars otherwise? 

JBL speakers are one of the top brands in the business but there are others on the market like Bose that do a great job competing for the title of best audio equipment.

Bose was founded in 1964 and are known for their quality speakers and audio systems. So, what’s the difference between the two brands? Here are a few key points to keep in mind when shopping:

  • Price – Both brands are well-known and don’t exactly come cheap, but Bose does tend to be pricier than JBL on average. If you’re looking for quality speakers for more affordable prices, JBL is the brand for you.
  • Size – Bose wins when it comes to size and weight. Their products tend to be more portable than JBL, maintaining a good bass despite the smaller size.
  • Sound – JBL speakers reviews praise their accurate sound quality at all volumes, assuring a full and clear sound. While Bose offers great bass, their quality doesn’t always hold up for louder plays.
  • Quality – The build of Bose has always been made to last. Their products are built with durability in mind. That said, JBL products have longer-lasting battery life in addition to strong builds which gives them the slight advantage

The best brand for your buck hands down is JBL. When it comes to their audio, you get better sounds, lasting battery life, and better prices

The only downside is they aren’t quite as portable as Bose, but fingers crossed they’ll keep improving their stock to give us the travel features we want.

JBL Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

JBL Speakers Review

If you’re looking for firsthand JBL speakers reviews from verified buyers, head to the source. Retailer reviews on JBL products are easily in the thousands with most products listed above 4-stars.

Best Buy lists hundreds of JBL products in their stock, with an overwhelming number of positive reviews listed already and more joining every day.

With over 4,000 reviews, the JBL Clip 3 is one of their highest-rated products. Sitting comfortable with a rating of 4.7/5 stars, this product has over 3,000 reviews listed as 5-star

Designed with a conveniently small size and a crisp, clear sound, the Clip 3 is perfect for taking your music anywhere you go, according to many customers:

Great sound quality (I’m an audiophile so yeah) perfect portability and the battery is exemplary. We had a 6-hour drive across provinces, and it kept us entertained throughout the drive and more hours in.

Battery life, sound quality, and portability are the key features of this product, and in relation, this brand. One other 5-star commenter hammered this point home:

I love the size of the speaker and how I can take it anywhere and clip it on anything. I carry it in my backpack and have it ready to use at any time. It’s small but packs some power. It’s loud enough to have it at work in a large warehouse and still enjoy my music.”

Other high-rated products from JBL sold at Best Buy are:

  • JBL Charge 5: 4.6/5 stars based on over 200 ratings
  • JBL Flip 5: 4.6/5 stars based on over 2,500 ratings
  • JBL Charge 4: 4.7/5 stars based on almost 4,000 ratings
  • JBL PartyBox 300: 4.8/5 stars based on almost 350 ratings
  • JBL Wireless Headphones: 4.5/5 stars based on 775 ratings

Looking for bigger numbers? Amazon has almost 35k ratings for the JBL Flip 5 and the product still comes in with a 4.7/5-star rating. Reviewers comment on the size and battery life, praising the quality of the build for every product:

This speaker is awesome! It’s so loud and clear, the woofers on the sides are effective, I am very happy. Coming from a 6-year-old Bose Soundlink, comparatively this wins, hands down. I am dedicated to JBL from now on.

This brand seems good to go when it comes to their products, as seen through the overwhelming love showered on the brand by tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

Is JBL Worth It?

JBL Speakers Review

Tens of thousands of product reviews in the 5-star range suggest that this brand is one worth buying. 

We can safely recommend this brand as one to check out if you’re in the market for some quality audio equipment, whether you’re looking for standard speakers or a more portable sound.

This brand seems safe when it comes to their stock – crafted with materials and battery life built to last. 

This JBL speakers review thinks that the brand’s products are easily worth the buy.

JBL Promotions & Discounts 

JBL Speakers Review

When it comes to discounts, JBL offers both a promotions and sale section on their website to help you find deals that won’t break the bank but will still supply you with those sweet JBL Bluetooth speakers you’ve been eyeing.

Promo codes are subject to change, but new items are always being added to the sale section, so make that your number one stop while shopping (after finishing this JBL speakers review, of course).

You can sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest information on deals and promotions as well as new products being released. Not much better than an insider scoop.

Where to Buy JBL

JBL Speakers Review

Looking for a place to buy those JBL earbuds you’ve been checking out? Head over to to ship them to you directly from the source. 

If you’ve got a PO Box or don’t qualify for shipping through the company, check out these additional retail partners who happily supply this brand:

  • The Source
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

Electronics retailers in your area may sell JBL, so be sure to check out your local stores and their latest stock.


JBL Speakers Review

Where are JBL speakers made? 

JBL products are made in China, Mexico, and Hungary.

What is JBL’s Shipping Policy?

If this JBL speakers review has you ready to order, we’ve got some info you may need on price and delivery times. 

Ground shipping within the continental US is free (sorry Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico!) so no worries about additional fees there. Delivery times are calculated based on the shipping location, so add in your zip code to verify how long it’ll be before seeing your items.

For those vying for faster delivery service, you have a few options you can choose from:

  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • USP 2nd Day Shipping
  • UPS Next Day Air

The cost will differ depending on your location, but for speedier service, it may be worth it. You can track your package as it goes, with order numbers being sent out once your item has shipped.

International shipping comes through their international sites. At JBL, you can set the website to over 45 different countries for available shipping. Check out their full list of countries to see if yours qualifies for shipping.

What is JBL’s Return Policy?

Have a JBL product that didn’t stack up as you’d hoped it would? No problem, you have 30 days from delivery to send it back for a full refund. All you need to decide is if you want your money back or a quick and easy exchange.

  1. Ready to start your return? It’s a super simple process:
  2. Head online to the Order Status page on JBL’s site
  3. Enter order number, name, and zip code
  4. Select Return for Refund followed by the item you’re sending back
  5. Package up your item with the prepaid shipping label and send it off

Once you send the package back, you’re good to go and your money will be back in your account within a few weeks. Or go through the same process for an exchange and grab yourself a new pair of JBL headphones instead.

How to Contact JBL

Have some questions after reading through our JBL speakers review? Contact the company with any additional inquiries or concerns about their products. Their FAQs section covers a lot of content, but if you’re curious about anything not being covered, call or chat at,


  • (800) 336-4525
  • Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm (EST)
    Sat – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

Live Chat

  • Found on their Contact Us page
  • Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm (EST)
    Sat – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

Looking for more options? Then check out TREBLAB, a tech brand that specializes in making sound gear, focusing on earphones, headphones, and speakers.

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