Beyond Body Review

About Beyond Body

Beyond Body Review

Beyond Body is an emerging weight loss program through an intimate and structured approach, tailoring its offering to each individual client. Turns out, this company is new, innovative, and has been getting great feedback from happy customers.

Founded in July 2020, the brand is owned by the Lithuanian company, UAB Kilo Grupé. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information about their origins, other than their Head of Nutrition is Christine Ellis and their CEO is Lina Jaisate. Based in Lithuania, this new enterprise is gaining worldwide attention — fast.

By using a finely-tuned quiz to create a specific program for each of their customers, they produce a book that showcases meal plans, recovery suggestions, weight loss techniques, and recipes, all tailored to suit your needs. 

So, sit back while my Beyond Body review sorts out the details and enlightens you on the product, the process, and the results of their program, so you can decide if it’s the right plan for you.

Pros and Cons

Beyond Body Review

To get you even more on board, I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to get this Beyond Body review started off on the right foot:


  • Wide range of products: BeyondBody offers a wide variety of products, which allows customers to choose the products that best suit their needs and preferences.
  • Emphasis on natural ingredients: Many of BeyondBody’s products use natural ingredients, which may be appealing to customers who are looking for more natural and sustainable options.
  • Comprehensive workout programs: BeyondBody offers workout programs that include meal plans, workout plans, and coaching, which may be helpful for customers looking for a comprehensive approach to fitness.
  • Positive customer reviews: Many customers have left positive reviews of BeyondBody products, indicating that they have had good experiences with the brand.


  • Limited scientific evidence: While many of BeyondBody’s products contain natural ingredients, there is limited scientific evidence to support the claims made about their effectiveness.
  • Expensive: BeyondBody products can be relatively expensive, which may make them inaccessible to some customers.
  • Emphasis on appearance: Some of BeyondBody’s marketing focuses heavily on appearance and weight loss, which may not be appealing or appropriate for all customers.
  • Lack of transparency: BeyondBody does not disclose information about where its ingredients are sourced from or how its products are manufactured, which may make some customers wary.

In the next section of this Beyond Body review, I’ll explain how this program really works. I want to make sure you get the full scoop on what this service is, how it could work for you, and what it’s supposed to do.

Beyond Body Review

Beyond Body Review

Okay, so now that you’re a bit more acquainted with the company, I want to talk about their core offerings, and break down the process, so that you can understand how it all works, and if you might be interested in their program.

As such a unique, intimate, and specialized service, I think it’s important for this Beyond Body review to offer seriously thorough research.

All you have to do is take a 3 minute quiz. The rest is history. With 28-day meal plans plus different recipes to keep you on your toes, the Beyond Body book is a wealth of information. And they’re not just in it for weight loss — they want your health to excel overall, body, mind, and spirit.

There are two options in using the Beyond Body program: 

  • Detailed ebook: $40 
  • Hardcover + ebook: $65 (regularly $85)

There’s also an option to add their Assistant App to your order, which requires a monthly payment, but the site doesn’t state how much it will cost once it renews. 

Who Is Beyond Body For? 

Beyond Body Review

Beyond Body is for folks who are looking to lose weight and keep it off. By empowering their customers with long-term solutions tailored to their body type, age, and other vital characteristics, Beyond Body has ensured their guidance doesn’t discriminate. They can literally design a unique plan for everyone out there! 

So, if you’ve ever tried a diet plan but it didn’t quite work, then Beyond Body is for you. If you prefer to not worry about finding recipes, they’re for you. If you want help with stress relief and mental health, they’re for you.

How Does Beyond Body Work? 

Beyond Body Review

The first thing Beyond Body requires is a 3 minute survey, where they’ll ask you a bunch of questions. The goal here is to narrow down a diet, fitness, and mental health plan that is specific to your body’s needs. Then, they’ll create a health analysis and plan, as well as a personalized meal plan to suit your lifestyle needs.

Once they’ve got all your information, they compile a book that showcases all your collected information, integrating it into a health plan. They’ll send you an ebook (PDF) in 24 hours, or if you prefer a physical copy of your Beyond Body book, it’ll arrive in about 14 days. 

Now that you’ve got your personalized book, the fun can start. This guide can help you lower stress, form positive habits, and increase your general health. By employing certified nutritionists and your health analytics, Beyond Body is confident with their unique approach to weight loss and healthy living.

Beyond Body Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Beyond Body Review

With an outstanding number of positive Beyond Body reviews found on their platform, I wanted to know what folks were saying on other helpful feedback platforms. And I gathered an honest collection of thoughts from happy (and maybe even some less enthusiastic) customers. Here’s what I discovered.

On TrustPilot, they’ve got a whopping 2170 Beyond Body reviews, with an average of 4.4/5 stars. That includes this happy customer, who gave a 5-star rave:

“Beyond Body, I took a few minute questionnaire , personalized my book, signed up for beyond body app, had a few questions, I reached out to the support team and was prompt in replying to my questions and were very helpful. I am looking forward to receiving my hard copy book, in the meantime I have the downloaded version on my phone! I highly recommend.”

Meanwhile, the trusted platform Health Insider ran a feature article on Beyond Body, to give it an overall review. Their house nutritionist gave them a score of 9.3/10, with this to say:

“Beyond Body offers a wide variety of tips for improving your overall well-being, mental health, sleep routine, and coping with stress (breathing exercises). If you want to lose weight and tone your body without cutting out whole food groups, then the Beyond Body personalized book is something that you should invest in!”

Lastly, let’s check out this review from Exercise with Style. This collective of health gurus are all about the Beyond Body program, saying: “The personalization and the Assistant app of Beyond Body is what makes this stand out from the crowd of other weight loss programs.”

They went on to compliment the longevity Beyond Body results:

“Most weight loss programs are designed for the masses and never really get you any long-lasting results. Beyond Body addresses the root cause of weight gain in a personalized program and is really simple to follow for fast and long-lasting weight loss. After just 28 days, most people report feeling healthier, energy levels are high and most importantly, fast fat loss!”

Okay, so people love to give great Beyond Body reviews. I get that. And to be honest, I can’t find fault with them either. For this kind of intricate program, and at such a low price, I’m sold! The verdict is in — for a healthy, long-term way to lose weight, Beyond Body is here for you.

Is Beyond Body Legit?

Beyond Body Review

So far, Beyond Body reviews from nutritionists, health professionals, and fitness gurus all seem to be giving this company the thumbs up. Since they’re in it for the health, rather than specifically weight loss, they aren’t trying to recommend a crazy starve-yourself approach or workout-till-you-hurt-yourself motto. 

Overall, this company has been endorsed and supported by some prime audiences, and given their cost and how intricate their service is, there isn’t too much to worry about. 

Is Beyond Body Worth It?

Beyond Body Review

If you’re interested in Beyond Body, it’s likely because you’ve tried out a few other diet platforms, programs, or methods, and they either haven’t worked or they don’t suit your lifestyle.

I get it because we’ve all been there. But Beyond Body is unique in that it’s capitalized on modern science and health expertise to provide an individual experience for customers.

Considering the cost of most dieting programs, and the commitment required to ensure success, this program is kind of a bargain.

With tons of customers sharing their experiences and Beyond Body reviews, it appears that, well, it works! And at the end of the day, they have a fairly agreeable return policy if the product doesn’t live up to its description.

Beyond Body Promotions & Discounts 

Beyond Body Review

At this time, Beyond Body isn’t offering any promotions or discounts. But perhaps they’ll surprise us with a flash sale or deal on their Assistant app, to show us what it’s all about and let us sample it!

Where to Buy Beyond Body

Beyond Body Review

Since Beyond Body is a detailed and intimate system of health advice that employs an intricate quiz to create a personalized book for each individual, their website is the only place you can currently purchase their product.


Beyond Body Review

Who owns Beyond Body?

Beyond Body is owned by the Lithuanian company UAB Kilo Grupé. Their Head of Nutrition is Christine Ellis and their CEO is Lina Jaisate.

Does Beyond Body have workouts?

Beyond Body does provide health and fitness routines, but does not make their workouts a mandatory part of their programs.

Does Beyond Body ship internationally?

Since their top-selling product is a PDF of the Beyond Body book, yes, it is indeed available internationally. As for the physical copy, they do ship internationally, but have some limitations. 

What is Beyond Body’s Shipping Policy?

Depending on your location, Beyond Body can ship your physical book, arriving in 8-14 days for the most part. To request a physical copy, you must contact [email protected].

They don’t mention where they ship to, but I can guess that they’ll send your book anywhere, so long as you pay the postage and are happy to wait for its arrival.

What is Beyond Body’s Return Policy?

As each book is individual to the person who submitted all the information, it is hard to return a book if you simply changed your mind. 

However, depending on the problem with your Beyond Body book, you may receive a partial or full refund.

To find out if you qualify under their criteria, you’ll need to reach out to the company within 14 days of your order to let them know along with visual proof. Note that any and all inquiries regarding refunds must be sent to [email protected].

How to Contact Beyond Body

I hope you found my Beyond Body review useful! These are the best ways to get in touch with the company with any further questions:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Call them: +370 663 19 127

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