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About RepairSmith

RepairSmith Review

The freedom of driving makes the cost of any repair worth it. However, the amount of time repairs take is a whole other deal. RepairSmith saves you time and money by bringing the repair to you. Home or office, their service is all about convenience to make the day easier.

Covered by CNN, Forbes, Work Truck, and more, this local brand garners a loyal following of over 6,000 followers on Instagram with additional thousands on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Well-loved by their clientele, the brand diagnoses and repairs with plenty of time to spare. This RepairSmith review will cover the pros, service, reviews, and more to provide the full picture when it comes to working with this company.

Overview of RepairSmith

RepairSmith Review

Originally founded in 2018 by Joe Milne with a mission of providing quick service you can count on, RepairSmith came into the market strong. 

Operating out of their trucks with portable tools and machinery to get each job done, this company works by providing low prices, convenient repairs, and a warranty that anyone can depend on. 

With service available in Arizona, California, Georgia, Nevada, Oregon, and Texas, this brand is working hard to bring quick-fix solutions to a wider market.  

After only a few years in business, this brand has already won multiple awards, including Start-Up of the Year and the Business Intelligence Groups’ Customer Service Award for 2020.

As a growing service, this company’s pros and cons may not be as well known. We’ve laid a few highlights to offer a fuller picture in this RepairSmith review:


  • Expansive automotive repairs brought to convenient locations for fair prices and repair times
  • Quick quotes online
  • No-Contact Service
  • Wide list of cities serviced from six states with more expansion to come
  • Positive RepairSmith reviews posted online
  • One year warranty on all repairs

How Does RepairSmith Work?

RepairSmith Review

Repair on the Go sounds like a great concept, but how does it actually work? It’s a quick process that involves a few simple clicks to guide the technicians in their quick service.

  1. Go online to and select Repairs to begin whatever process you’re looking for
  2. Fill in the guided prompts such as zip code, car info, and any repairs or issues at hand
  3. Add in contact info to receive your quote
  4. Once your quote is in, simply schedule the repair time and place – the team will come to you!

After filling in the info and receiving your quote, the assigned mechanic might decide that more or fewer repairs are needed, so prices will be adjusted accordingly. This business is touted as being fair, meaning they won’t be adding extra fixes that you’ll never need.

For those who may not know what’s wrong with their car, you can use the Diagnosis Tool prior to filling out the Repair request to help determine what exactly is going on with the vehicle.

They offer everything from diagnosis to repair, so this RepairSmith review will dive into both options to help guide you through the process of using this convenient California company.

RepairSmith Repairs Review 

The list of things that can go wrong with a car is endless. So many small pieces work in tandem to get that car sailing smoothly down the street. When things go wrong, RepairSmith Repairs is the perfect service to step in and help get that engine going with ease.

Listing over 140 different common repairs on their website, this company brings the shop to you with their fleet of trucks and vans carrying all the tools they need to get you back in business. 

Locations vary depending on the state but you can check online to see if your city is one of several included areas. What’s better than avoiding those awkwardly long waits at the shop? Just schedule the repair online at an address that’s convenient for you.

The whole process works through an online diagnosis of the issue to schedule a time and place that fits your schedule. A quick quote is delivered to you online based on the repair options you select. 

The mechanic may adjust your diagnosis depending on the issues with the car which can alter prices, but all services are done to provide you a cost-effective and sturdy repair that will give the car its extra boost into the new year.

Prices are unavailable to list online due to costs being dependent on the work done.

RepairSmith Diagnosis Tool Review

Forget blind faith in mechanics and figure out the issue for yourself with the RepairSmith Diagnosis Tool. This guided process takes individuals through the simple steps to help narrow down the issues any car is experiencing.

Check engine light flashing? A bit of steam rising from under the hood? This tool will provide an analysis of the work to help you figure out what exactly you should be requesting for service.

If you’re freaking out at the thought of misdiagnosing the repairs needed, no worries. Mechanics come with cars equipped for multiple fixes and know to check the whole situation out before treating any repairs. 

Their quick search may find a simple solution that can bring down your bill by half.

Start the mechanical process by giving the technicians a firm idea of the problem and they’ll work from there to find out what’s going on and how to get it done. 

By throwing some details into a diagnosis tool, you’re not only saving the mechanic some time, but you’re making yourself part of the solution. You can basically say you fixed the car yourself, right?

Who Is RepairSmith For? 

RepairSmith Review

RepairSmith is a brand built to craft car repairs with ease. Anyone struggling and in need of an automotive repair can come to this brand for simple and quick solutions. 

No matter the make or model, these mechanics have been trained to identify and fix any concerns that may occur while driving.

Their method is simple, once you’ve booked your service they verify the repairs through their own look, fix it up, take it for a test drive, and leave with a warranty on the repair for the next year should anything go wrong.

Comparison: RepairSmith vs. YourMechanic  

RepairSmith Review

RepairSmith is relatively new to the mobile repair game, coming in a few years after other companies like YourMechanic. YourMechanic launched in 2012 as a mobile repair service that has since expanded to over 2,000 cities in urban locations of the US.

This brand offers 500+ repair services on the go. The main difference between this company and RepairSmith is the months in active service and the expansion that accompanies longer business times. 

YourMechanic is a larger company operating in far more locations and offering a greater number of services.

Prices are dependent on the services required and both brands offer a quote before booking to prepare you for the cost it’ll take to get going again. 

The one aspect that RepairSmith offers in addition is their Diagnosis Tool. YourMechanic offers to diagnose the car upon arrival, but there is no tool or guided process to aid you in identifying the issue at hand.

When it comes to deciding between these brands, both offer similar pricing and services as well as (and most importantly) trained and knowledgeable mechanics fit to do the job. 

YourMechanic has more history and services in the business, but RepairSmith brings the diagnosis to you.

Both companies will get the car going with ease, but we think RepairSmith is the better option due to the use of their diagnostic tools.

How Much Is RepairSmith?

RepairSmith Review

RepairSmith costs are dependent on the work required for each individual vehicle. Luckily, quotes are available and required as part of the booking process to give each customer a good idea of what they’ll be spending to get their car in working order. 

We will say quotes are subject to change depending on the status of the repairs and any additional work that may need to be done.

This company ensures fair prices for their work and guarantees all workers are looking out for their clients. That means that only essential repairs are done in a timely manner. Their work ensures an efficient repair without any unforeseen costs.

RepairSmith Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

RepairSmith Review

This brand is quite pleased to show off their ratings on their website. RepairSmith reviews online hit the 4+ star mark every time with over 75 reviews per platform making up their customer base.

Ready for some top ratings? Here are the most well-rated listings from platforms online:

  • Google Reviews: 4.4/5-stars based on 85 ratings
  • Yelp: 4.5/5-stars based on over 225 ratings
  • Reseller Ratings: 4.6/5-stars based on almost 800 ratings

Customers are reportedly quite pleased with the arrangement of this service. The online aspect relieves the typically painful process of organizing schedules and provides stress-free solutions at a fair price.

One Reseller Ratings reviewer stated, “Made an appointment online, Keven showed up and got the battery and starter changed in an hour. Price is what I was expecting. The entire process was extremely easy and stress free!

Numerous RepairSmith reviews will call their mechanics out by name for fantastic service. These workers arrive quickly, explain the issue without overwhelming jargon, and get the problem fixed up in a short time span.

One such reviewer commented, “Showed up at my house, diagnosed my problem really quickly, replaced my rotors and pads, and had me drive it around. I will definitely hire them again. Excellent service at an excellent price.

Spurred on by the 12-month warranty of their services, this brand works hard to hire mechanics who know what they’re doing and get the job done without fear of unfinished business. 

Through thorough checks, test drives, and more, these mechanics isolate the issue with ease to help you feel comfortable driving a beloved vehicle down the block.

“Used them a couple of times now and am impressed with the thoroughness of the work they do.”

This company’s stress-free service brings the fix to you rather than forcing clients to wait around the shop for hours. We’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Is RepairSmith Worth It?

RepairSmith Review

Based on numerous RepairSmith reviews and ratings, we’d say this company is one to check out when struggling with automotive issues

Mechanics bring the fix to your doorstep and are trained not only to fix up the vehicle, but to openly communicate the issue, how they’ll fix it, and the steps moving forward. 

Removing any worries about being scammed, this company provides a quote prior to meeting and gives clients a straight and honest answer about repairs.

Despite not being available in every US state, for those where this brand operates, we’d recommend checking out RepairSmith if you’re ever in need of a quick, reasonably priced repair job.

RepairSmith Promotions & Discounts 

RepairSmith Review

According to RepairSmith reviews online, this brand offers few promotions and discounts. One good deal to check out is through their referral program. For any customer who refers a friend that uses this company’s services, the original client receives $25 off of their next repair job.

Though $25 may not sound like a lot when it comes to automotive repair costs, every cent counts in the long run. Refer numerous friends and that discount can quickly add up. 

There’s no limit on this deal, so put down as many people as you can and start cashing in the codes when others turn to this service.


RepairSmith Review

Who owns RepairSmith?

RepairSmith is owned and operated by Joe Milne. Milne’s company has been backed since 2019 by Daimler AG, a German company listed as one of the top automotive manufacturers in the world.

How do I cancel my RepairSmith?

RepairSmith is not a subscription-based service, but cancellations are available prior to the delivery of repair. 

To cancel an order, clients have up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled service to change their order for no applied fees. Anything within 24 hours of planned service may require additional costs.

To alter a service, there are several ways to get in touch with the company or mechanics directly involved. 

The easiest way to reschedule or cancel an appointment is by calling the Customer Success Team about the booked service. They will provide new information on bookings to the mechanics and change the service time to whatever works for you.

For those wanting to avoid any phone calls or direct communication (no judgment, we’ve all avoided phone calls in our day) there is an online element available for rescheduling

Upon booking an appointment, every client creates a profile with the company. To reschedule an existing appointment, simply log on to your account at and check out the appointment tracker to see the listed rescheduling or cancellation options available.

What is RepairSmith’s Shipping Policy?

Delivery of services with this brand comes at the client’s scheduled time. As it is a service, time windows are selected with a span of a two-hour range for each service for the mechanic to show up. 

Although it may not be as convenient to wait around during that two-hour window, this allows the mechanics necessary travel time in addition to completion of any previous jobs scheduled for the day.

What is RepairSmith’s Return Policy?

RepairSmith offers an expansive automotive service, making returns ineligible. That said, their warranty on all work covers 12 months from the date of repair. 

Should you find errors in any work done during service, simply contact the company about the defect or manufacturing issue with the receipt of repair for a mechanic to come and check out the new issue.

The RepairSmith warranty is listed in full on the brand’s website, so be sure to read through to study up on what exactly is covered by this company when it comes to repairs. Their belief in their work keeps you covered, it’s just always good to know what that coverage means.

How to Contact RepairSmith

When it comes to needing to contact the brand, this RepairSmith review has all the info needed to get a mechanic on the line. Two methods of contact are available:

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