Dollar Shave Club Review

About Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club is an American company that delivers personal grooming products to its subscribers by mail. It’s known for its affordable and well-made razors that appeal to both men and women, which have won the brand a combined 4M followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and spotlights in media outlets such as CNN, Forbes, and The Huffington Post.

Looking for a top-notch scrape? Our Dollar Shave Club review will fill you in on everything you need to know about the company, its subscription boxes, customer reviews, and more to help you figure out if this is the grooming brand for you. 

Overview of Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club was inspired from a very simple need: co-founder Mark Levine’s need to get rid of a warehouse full of razor blades he had acquired. When he met marketing professional Michael Dubin at a party and told him about his troubles, it sparked a conversation about the high monthly cost of blades. And from this seed, a mighty entrepreneurial tree took root.

In 2011, Michael and Mark launched Dollar Shave Club in Venice, California with a mission to deliver high-quality, highly affordable razors direct to consumers. Michael’s background in improv comedy made the new business’ ads an instant hit, and the brand’s popularity grew so much that a Dollar Shave Club ad even ran in a coveted Super Bowl spot.

Michael stepped down as CEO in 2016, when he and Mark sold the company to Unilever for a cool $1 billion. The brand has since expanded beyond razors into a whole line of personal grooming products, and it currently has an estimated 4 million subscribers.

Before we dig any deeper in this Dollar Shave Club review, let’s go over a few of the club’s pros and cons. 


  • Wide variety of grooming products to choose from, including 6-blade razors, shave butter, post-shave creams, skincare items, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste
  • Most DSC products are suitable for all skin types (note that some items contain nuts)
  • Subscription service sends regular razor refills, plus any other products you want to add
  • Reasonable prices in comparison to store-bought razors
  • The more products you order, the higher the discount
  • Non-subscribers can still shop for individual items
  • Free shipping for all orders that include refill blades 
  • New subscribers can take a quiz to get their own customized box, or opt for the Dollar Shave Club starter kit
  • You can cancel subscription at any time with no penalty fees
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Products are not certified organic
  • Marketing is mainly geared towards men, and info about unisex products is hidden in the FAQ on the brand website

How Does Dollar Shave Club Work?

Dollar Shave Club Review

If you’re interested in trying the DSC subscription, this Dollar Shave Club review will break it down for you. As the sign-up process to get your Dollar Shave Club login is pretty straightforward, we’ll jump straight to the quiz that the brand offers for first-time members. 

It begins with questions asking about what you shave, how often you shave, and your skin type. They also ask for your hair type and if you use deodorant. (Kinda personal, eh?) Based on your answers, the company recommends those products that will work best for your needs. 

These custom starter kits come with tester-size products so you can give them a try and see how they work. If you decide to stick with the subscription, Dollar Shave Club will continue to send you full-size products of your choice, and you can remove and add products to your box as you see fit.

You also have the option to choose how often you want your shipments. And remember, the brand’s “Handsome Discount” promises that the more products you buy, the more cash you’ll save. 

Now let’s say that you’re not into commitments right now, and are leery about subscribing to anything. In that case, you can still shop at Dollar Shave Club for bundles and other grooming products with no strings attached. What have you got to lose?

So that’s the basics covered. Next up, we’re going to talk about the standard starter kit that the brand offers if you pass on the customized kit, as well as other subscription options. 

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club Review

Upon joining Dollar Shave Club, you’re able to score a starter kit for your first order. This set comes with all of your shaving basics, including: 

  • Two Executive razor refill cartridges 
  • An Executive razor handle 
  • Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter
  • Dollar Shave Club Prep Scrub
  • Dollar Shave Club Post Shave Dew

At $5, this starter kit is a steal. After two weeks, you can get a partial restock with two razor cartridges and shave butter for $25. After that, the price varies depending on whether or not you decide to add their other products. 

If you opt to take the quiz, Dollar Shave Club offers several different products depending on how you get ready and what your shaving experience is like. For example, if you have issues with ingrown hairs, Dollar Shave Club includes an exfoliating scrub. 

Depending on how often you shave, the brand will recommend appropriate Dollar Shave Club razors. If you shave every day or every few days, DSC will point you toward the regular 6-blade razors, which would come to $18 if you don’t include any additional products in your box. 

Maybe you don’t shave as often and have an issue with hair growing back quickly. In that case, Dollar Shave Club recommends the Executive 6-blade razor refills for the Executive razor, the brand’s most popular option for a clean, smooth shave. These blades cost around $10. There are also 4-blade and 2-blade options for $8 and $4, respectively. 

After receiving your starter kit, you can choose to get blade refills only for every delivery, which means that you’ll only be paying for the blades. In terms of delivery frequency, your Dollar Shave Club box can ship out every two, three, or four months, depending on how often you need a razor and product refills. 

If you shave almost every day, this Dollar Shave Club review recommends choosing the two-month option. The three- and four-month options are best for people who shave every 3 days, or one day a week or less

You are billed for each box on the day it ships out. So, for example, if you choose the four-month option for The Humble Twin 2-blade razors, you’re billed $4 when it leaves the company warehouse, not ahead of time. 

As we noted above, the total price of your subscription box will vary depending on which and how many products you sprung for. And remember that, as long as every box contains refill razors, shipping is free. 

Who Makes Dollar Shave Club Razors? 

Dollar Shave Club Review

This Dollar Shave Club review found an article from 2016 that said that DSC razors are made by a company in South Korea. This may have changed since the brand was bought by Unilever, but the brand website does not include any further information.

Who Is Dollar Shave Club For? 

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club primarily markets to men on social media, but women can use these products as well. There is no designated Dollar Shave Club women category on the brand website, although determining which products are specifically unisex can be a little difficult.

Comparison: Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry’s 

Dollar Shave Club Review

DSC isn’t the only game in town for subscription-based grooming services. Like Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s is another subscription service that offers personal grooming products and starter kits to its members. 

There aren’t many truly significant differences between the two companies, apart from the fact that Harry’s does not allow you to add any additional products to your subscription boxes. Dollar Shave Club does have this option, but it doesn’t have any set prices for its kits.  

For example, Harry’s offers a Family Plan with 16 razors and 2 full-sized Foaming Shave Gels for a clear price. Dollar Shave Club does not provide bundles such as this, apart from the starter kit. This means that it’s up to you to determine how much money you want to spend, and which products can fit within your budget.

How Much Is Dollar Shave Club?

Dollar Shave Club Review

As we said above, Dollar Shave Club subscription prices vary based on the types of razors and other products that you choose. The price can range between $25-$45, including your blade refills and the Handsome Discount. 

If you just want to get razor refills after your first order, here are the different blade options and prices: 

  • The Executive (6-blade)—$10
  • The 4X (4-blade)—$8
  • The Humble Twin (2-blade)—$4

Depending on the subscription plan you opt for, you will be billed every two, three, or four months. 

Dollar Shave Club Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dollar Shave Club Review

Now, onto a big question: What do customers think about the company? This Dollar Shave Club review scoured the internet for testimonials about the brand, and found that the company receives some mixed reviews.

DSC receives praise on the brand website and other sites like Influenster for both its products and its communicative and charming customer service reps. We’ll go over the positive reviews first. 

Dollar Shave Club’s starter kit products get glowing reviews at dollarshaveclub.com. Here’s an overview of how the starter products rate online: 

  • The Executive Razor4.5/5 stars from 17.3K reviews 
  • Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter4.6/5 stars from 7.1K reviews 
  • Dollar Shave Club Prep Scrub (Trial Size)—4.9/5 stars from 12 reviews 
  • Dollar Shave Club Post Shave Dew (Trial Size)—4.9/5 stars from 165 reviews

Our Dollar Shave Club review opted to take a closer look at comments on the Shave Butter. One reviewer writes, “This is the best product DSC offers. Much better than foamy products. It’s gentle and lightly moisturizing.” Another concurs, saying “Love this shave butter. It’s so much smoother than the cream I used before. I would recommend it to my friends.” 

The company and its starter kit also get lots of love on Influenster, where they also average 4.6/5 stars based on 6,580 reviews. One female subscriber writes, “I’m in love with the whole package! From the scrub to the butter to the aftershave to the razors….My skin is so soft. No nicks and cuts. Also, NO RAZOR BUMPS! I’m overjoyed with this company!” 

Is Dollar Shave Club Worth It?

Dollar Shave Club Review

Store-bought razors and shaving products can be expensive, regardless of gender. That’s why this Dollar Shave Club review does recommend this company and its products. With the customizable boxes it offers and the many positive customer reviews, it’s hard to say no. 

Even though prices do vary if you choose additional products, this isn’t a requirement for your subscription. So if you have the means and the inclination, you can go ahead and toss more items into the mix; if you don’t, you can still get high-quality razors for extremely reasonable prices. 

Plus, DSC products are unisex, so if you’re a gal in search of shaving products without typical retail markups, this is an excellent option for you. And let’s face it, for some of us, having smooth, shaved legs is kind of the best feeling ever. 

Dollar Shave Club Promotions & Discounts 

Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club offers the Handsome Discount when you sign up to receive a box. The more products you decide to add on top of your razor refills, the higher your discount will be. 

The following is a list of the discount rates and the number of items needed to get them: 

  • 5% off with 2 to 3 different products 
  • 10% off with 4 to 5 different products
  • 15% off with 6 or more different products

Apart from this regular discount plan, we couldn’t find any other special deals or Dollar Shave Club promo codes. 

Sign Up For Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club Review

This Dollar Shave Club review will now give you a brief rundown on how to sign up for DSC: 

  1. Tell DSC how you get ready with the quiz on the brand website
  2. Review DSC recommendations and decide which products to keep in your box 
  3. Decide on a subscription plan (delivery every two, three, or four months)
  4. Enter your email, shipping, and billing info
  5. Kick back and wait for your package to arrive


Dollar Shave Club Review

Who owns Dollar Shave Club? 

Dollar Shave Club is owned by Unilever. Co-founder Michael Dubin stepped down as CEO upon selling the company (though he still remains as a board member), and was replaced by Jason Goldberger. 

How do I cancel my Dollar Shave Club subscription?

You can cancel your Dollar Shave Club subscription at any time by following these simple steps: 

  1. After using your Dollar Shave Club sign in, go to “My Account”
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Membership Settings”
  3. Click “Cancel Membership” and then “Continue”
  4. Pick a reason why you’re ending your subscription

And that’s it! It’s quick and easy, and there aren’t any cancellation fees attached. 

What is Dollar Shave Club’s Shipping Policy?

Dollar Shave Club currently ships to the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia, but is looking to expand its service in the near future. 

Depending on your subscription plan, your Dollar Shave Club box will ship out every two, three, or four months. You will be billed on the day your order ships out. Subscription boxes ship for free as long as they contain razor refills

DSC estimates that your order will arrive within 3-5 business days after it ships out. Note that you may experience delays due to COVID-19. If you don’t receive your order in 14 days, you can contact the brand’s customer service team. 

What is Dollar Shave Club’s Return Policy?

If you’re not happy with your products, Dollar Shave Club offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact the customer service team within that window to initiate your refund.

How to Contact Dollar Shave Club

If you have any questions that weren’t already addressed in this Dollar Shave Club review, you can contact the company through the following channels: 

  • Live chat on brand website (expect reply ASAP)
  • Contact form on brand website (expect reply in 1-2 days) 

Live chat response hours are 10:30am-2:30pm PST, Monday-Friday. Replies to contact form submissions will arrive between 6:00am-6:00pm PST.

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