Blackstone Grill Review

About Blackstone Grill

Blackstone Grill Review

The world is obsessed with barbecuing, but even the biggest fans of BBQ will say their grills have limits. That’s the beauty of griddles. Blackstones specialty is multipurpose griddles, and it offers sizes from 17” all the way up to 36”

Made from durable materials like stainless steel and cast iron, Blackstone has a reputation for providing high-performance products that won’t break the bank.

Just ask media outlets like CNBC, the New York Post, and Food & Wine Magazine which have all featured the brand. 

Its 193k Instagram following showcases the brand’s popularity as well. But is Blackstone really all it’s cracked up to be? In this Blackstone grill review, I aim to find out.

By looking into the brand, its bestsellers, and customer feedback, by the end, you’ll see for yourself. Let’s fire things up, shall we?

Overview Of Blackstone Grill

Blackstone Grill Review

After doing some light digging to find out about the brand, I learned that it’s one of the most talked about names in outdoor grills. But why?

It turns out that Roger Dahle, its founder, holds patents for all of his griddles which feature heating quadrants, electric starts, and convenient accessories for numerous types of cooking. 

Founded in 2008 to bring the entire family outside, Blackstone makes it possible to cook an entire meal on one machine instead of keeping the grill for meat dishes only.

Ready to see how these grills can transform your summer cookouts? It’s all coming up in this Blackstone grill review. But first, let’s go over some key highlights. 


Blackstone Grill Review
  • Offers griddles from 17” to 36”
  • Dual function models (air fryer, grill, etc.)
  • Made from durable high-quality materials
  • Deals of the Week promotions
  • Free shipping over $50

Blackstone Griddle Review

With electric indoor and gas-powered outdoor griddles from 17” up to 36”, Blackstone has models for every occasion. If you’re dreaming of perfect pancakes, sautéed onions, or juicy burgers, check out the brand’s bestsellers up next.

Blackstone Grill 36’’ Original Griddle  Review 

Blackstone’s most popular gill, the 36” Original Griddle is so much more than just a cooktop. It provides 720 square inches of cooking space, starting up instantly with the touch of a button and grilling with 60,000 BTUs of power.

With a grilling surface made from rolled carbon 7-gauge steel, you can cook a handful of different foods thanks to the four griddle zones. 

Perfect for your backyard, the Blackstone griddle grill is easily transported by the large grip handles and durable wheels.

Go ahead and invite your neighbors over, this mean machine can cook up to 72 hot dogs or 18 steaks. Get it on sale for $400 (down from $500).

Blackstone Grill Tailgater Combo Grill Review 

Looking for the perfect travel-friendly griddle? The Tailgater Combo Grill might just be the brand’s more versatile product.

Aside from the fact it can cook up anything from eggs to fish to veggies with 35,000 BTUs of power, it folds up and can be easily packed in your trunk for tailgating or camping. 

This combo grill features two burners (one stainless steel, one cast iron), a grill box, and a griddle plate.

You can fit nine burgers on either side of this grill with a surface that has 477 square inches of space. And with the extra large grease trays, you won’t have to worry about drips. 

The Tailgater doesn’t appear to be available on Blackstoneproducts.com right now. However, you can sign up with your email address to be notified when it’s back in stock or shop with one of the brand’s retail partners.

Blackstone Grill 22’’ Electric Tabletop Griddle Review 

Bring the fun inside with the 22” Electric Tabletop Griddle. With 1,200 watts of heating technology and 358 square inches of space, you can grill up diner-style breakfasts or simmer soups away from the stove when you need the extra burners. 

A perfect pick for small apartments, take your electric griddle outdoors and cook alongside your BBQ. With a clear LCD display, it’s easy to control, and if you aren’t a fan of clean-up (is anyone?) I think you’ll like the non-stick ceramic titanium surface that wipes clean with ease.

Other notable features include the glass hood that helps with steaming, a dishwasher-safe grease cup, and two cooking zones for different foods. Nab it on sale right now for $329 (down from $400).

Blackstone Grill Accessories Review

Blackstone grill accessories are to your griddle like butter is to bread. They make the whole thing better. Blackstone has a hefty selection of accessories and kits that bundle together grilling necessities. Just below, you’ll read all about the brand’s two bestsellers.

Blackstone Grill 2 Pack Cast Iron Seasoning and Conditioner Review

Rule #1 for using a griddle: it needs to be seasoned to cook properly. Without seasoning it, your food is going to stick big time. The 2 Pack Cast Iron Seasoning and Conditioner has got you covered and will even help stop the griddle from rusting. 

Made from a mixture of palm oil, beeswax, shortening, canola oil, and soy oil, it both seasons and protects your grill, helping to keep your cookouts as flawless as possible. Get it on sale for $20 right now (down from $25).

Blackstone Grill Accessory Toolkit Review

You can’t expect to cook without the right tools. The Grill Accessory Toolkit comes with everything you need to sauté, grill, and chop. You’ll get one flat spatula and one slotted spatula, a chopper, and two plastic squeeze bottles to help your grill stay greased up. 

Whether you’re using them to cook or clean, this handy set keeps things efficient. Grab one for $33.

Blackstone Grill with Airfryer Review

A Blackstone Grill with Airfryer…could you get a more perfect combination? Helping you cook up burgers and air fry potatoes, chicken, or literally anything else—your options are pretty endless with this powerhouse duo. 

Enjoy a 756 square inch cooking surface with four cooking zones for convenient grilling, sautéing, and sizzling, along with 60,000 BTUs.

The coolest part? You’ll get an extra 13,000 BTUs from the airfryer burners. 

Your kit will include a hood, accessory storage magnet and hooks, and two folding shelves. Plus, the grill itself is equipped with a grease management system. Purchase one and get grilling for $899 (down from $999).

Who Are Blackstone Grills For? 

Blackstone Grill Review

Blackstone makes versatile outdoor griddles for any occasion. With a variety of sizes and twoinone options, they’re a great pick for those who want to cook more than just meat and vegetables since all models have a flat top surface.

If you’ve found your current BBQ limiting, this brand may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Blackstone Grill Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blackstone Grill Review

To understand what any brand is like, it’s crucial to hear from customers. So in this part of my Blackstone grill review, that’s what we’ll do.

After scoping the web for feedback, I’ve compiled a mix of ratings and comments to help you learn what the brand’s products are really like. We’ll start with some bestsellers on blackstoneproducts.com.

  • 36” Griddle with Airfryer: 4.2/5 stars from 87 reviews
  • Griddle Accessory Toolkit: 4.7/5 stars from 436 reviews
  • 2 Pack Cast Iron Conditioner: 4.8/5 stars from 833 reviews
  • Blackstone Tailgater: 4.1/5 stars from 244 reviews

After checking out the comments for the Tailgater, I learned that this smart grill is loved for its versatility. One customer left this glowing Blackstone grill review:

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, grilling and griddling, this is by far the best product out there! I even have modified it for some charcoal grilling in the box and works great as a third option to use the burner to cook a pot of chili or fry up some fresh caught fish!

The Tailgater appears to be a must for outdoor entertaining on the go, and shoppers are really thrilled about what they get for the price. 

For my next round of feedback, I turned to Amazon. There, I looked at the 4 Burner Flat Top Gas 36” Outdoor Griddle that was rated 4.7/5 stars by 8,777 shoppers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 87%
  • 4 stars: 6%
  • 3 stars: 2%
  • 2 stars: 1%
  • 1 star: 3%

One customer wrote this positive Blackstone grill review: “…I have been using [this grill] for over a year now. Overall I have found this griddle to be an outstanding value, especially for its price point. You might be able to find a better griddle, but you will spend a LOT more money.” 

It seems that the majority of customers think Blackstone produces excellent quality products for the price, and overall, they say they perform well and have all the necessary features. But still, let’s check out one more Blackstone grill review for good measure. 

This one is from a blog called Smoked BBQ Source, and it’s, again, for the 36” Gas Griddle.

The reviewers say that it has a “huge grill surface that is able to cook a range of food, from steak to pancakes, for a large number of people.” That’s something a lot of people admire about this brand’s products. 

And while the grill is substantial, it’s made with userfriendly features. The Blackstone grill review continued to note its “four solidly-made wheels [that] make it much easier to move this, admittedly heavy, griddle around.”

From what I’ve learned from the brand itself, Amazon, and the folks at Smoked BBQ Source, Blackstone produces quality grills for affordable prices.

While they may not be the most advanced grills on the market, they have stand-out features and performance that rivals more expensive models.

Is Blackstone Grill Legit?

Blackstone Grill Review

Part of my job when writing this Blackstone grill review was to keep an eye out for red flags. That meant checking in with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and reading negative comments to look for common complaints.

Since Blackstone has an A+ score on the BBB and consistently high ratings, I’d say the brand is as legit as they come.

Is Blackstone Grill Worth It?

Blackstone Grill Review

After everything I’ve learned from reading Blackstone grill reviews that customers have left, I can confidently say that the brand’s products are worth buying. More affordable than other comparable options, they’re versatile and cook like a dream.

Blackstone Grill Promotions & Discounts 

Blackstone Grill Review

No Blackstone grill review would be the same without telling you about the deals, so I scoured the brand’s website to see what it offered shoppers.

It turns out it has deals every week and you can browse through a large selection of grills and accessories with discounts of up to 20%

Where To Buy Blackstone Grills

Blackstone Grill Review

You can get your new grill directly from blackstoneproducts.com or shop with any of the brand’s retail partners. There’s quite a long list of them so I’ll just share a few:

  • Wayfair
  • Walmart
  • Lowes
  • Ace
  • The Home Depot
  • Target 


Blackstone Grill Review

Who owns Blackstone?

Roger Dahl is the founder and CEO of Blackstone

How To Season A Blackstone Grill

Ever had a cast iron skillet? You’ll need to season your Blackstone grill the same way. Don’t worry, it’s a really easy process and I’ll walk you through it step by step.

  1. Fill up a bowl with warm soapy water and use a dish towel to wipe down the top of your griddle
  2. Rinse it clean
  3. Heat your griddle on high until it starts to change color
  4. Use tongs to hold a paper towel to spread 2-3 tbsp of seasoning across its surface
  5. When it stops smoking, it’s done
  6. Repeat this process 3-4 times

Does Blackstone ship internationally?

No, Blackstone only ships its products within the contiguous US. Its warehouse is located in Utah. 

What Is Blackstone’s shipping policy?

All Blackstone accessory orders over $50 ship for free. Orders under that amount will ship for $10. For items that weigh over 150lbs, shipping costs $200

Once your order ships out, it can take about two business days for you to get a tracking number. Heavier orders take up to five business days to be shipped. 

What is Blackstone’s return policy?

If you purchase your grill from Blackstoneproducts.com, you’ll have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it. Here are a few more guidelines around making a return:

  • Contact customer service to start the process and get an RMA
  • All items must be in their original packaging
  • You must include a copy of the invoice or a packing slip with your return
  • Return shipping fees are your responsibility

Your refund amount will be issued within 10 days of Blackstone receiving your product (with a 10% restocking fee subtracted from the final total). 

How To Contact Blackstone 

Blackstone Grill Review

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Blackstone grill review, you can get in touch with the brand’s customer support team by calling 1(435)252-3030 Ext. 1.

The company’s hours of operation are 7:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, Monday – Friday. 

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