Armstrong Flooring Review

About Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring Review

It’s time to say goodbye to those carpet floors from the 70s. Armstrong Flooring is designed to flip your old suburban home into a Pinterest dream. From wood paneling to vinyl tiling, this brand offers a glamorous assortment of modern-day alternatives fit for any living space. It’s worth noting that they provide their services to businesses and institutions as well. 

Despite its start in 1860, Armstrong Flooring has yet to gain some publicity online. As we wait for magazines to join the Armstrong hype, the brand does have a decent audience on social media. Currently, the brand has 10.6k Twitter followers and 9.7k Instagram followers. 

Flooring is typically the first step in house remodeling. On top of that, it usually takes a big chunk of your budget. For those unsure about this brand, I will take an in-depth look in my Armstrong Flooring review at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth the investment. 

Overview of Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring Review

Of the thousands of flooring services available on the market, it may be surprising to know that Armstrong is considered a pioneer within the industry. They’ve been around since 1860, as they initially started as a humble cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh.

Led by founder Thomas Armstrong, the brand managed to surpass many obstacles through the decades, including the American Civil War and multiple factory fires. 

Armstrong’s “play hard work hard” mentality was quickly picked up by his employees and predecessors. In addition, he was one of the first businessmen of his time to discredit the “let the buyer beware” principle, which made the customer solely responsible for double-checking the quality of the product.

Over the years, Armstrong’s cork company slowly evolved to include shoe insoles, acoustic paneling, and soon enough, flooring. With its headquarters based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the brand is considered a leading producer in premium boards and tiling

Armstrong Flooring promises that they’ll continue to produce high-quality products for years to come: While our company name is “new,” our 150-year legacy and continued commitment to providing customers with inspiring designs, unparalleled durability, uncompromising quality, and superior service remains the same.”

Armstrong Flooring services are organized into three different categories: residential, commercial, and building/property management. They typically offer the same products for each section, but it’s worth noting that website navigation is a bit different. 

For instance, the residential collection is more user-friendly for homeowners who want a slight taste of what they’ve got. On the other hand, the page for commercial flooring provides case studies, order samples, and additional helpful information first. 

Customers should also know that the brand does not disclose prices on its website. If you’re interested in a certain product, you’ll need to order a sample online. For residential flooring, homeowners will be redirected to one of their partnered retailers. 

In my Armstrong Flooring review, I will highlight a few of their best-selling models to help you get started. Before we get to that, let’s go over some highlights.


  • A curated selection of flooring to choose from 
  • Sells products for homes, commercial settings, and various institutions 
  • Made out of durable materials such as VeraStyle tiling
  • Some products are covered under a warranty
  • Recommended installation methods and products 
  • Implements sustainable initiatives, including accordance with the Environmental Management System

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Review

Not a fan of wood and carpets? If so, your next best option is vinyl flooring. Fortunately, the brand provides a great selection of designs to choose from. Styled for modern living, this section of my Armstrong Flooring review will spotlight three notable contenders that are worth a second glance. 

Armstrong Flooring Age Old Oak Vinyl Sheet Redwood Review

If you love the rustic look of antique flooring but hate its durability, the Age Old Oak Vinyl Sheet Redwood can act as an adequate compromise. Designed to look seamless and clean, this model has a slight honey tone that you can’t find with traditional dark wood.

As a bonus, this surface comes with Diamond 10 technology that helps prevent scratches and stains. 

Soft to the touch and easy to clean, there’s a good reason why the Age Old Oak Vinyl Sheet Redwood is considering an all-time best-seller. In terms of DIY level, Armstrong states that it’s meant for experienced installers. Unfortunately, their sample packs are currently sold out, but you can purchase this flooring pack at several stockists, including RC Willey. 

Armstrong Flooring Alvina Vinyl Sheet Brownstone Review

Instead of opting for clean square shapes and straight lines, the Alvina Vinyl Sheet Brownstone can help break the monotony of traditional boarding and tiling. 

It’s a prime example of trencadís mosaic art, which utilizes broken fragments to create something beautiful. Filled with faux grout, this model acts as a more user-friendly alternative than regular tile. Plus, it’s made with Diamond 10 technology for added protection. 

Meant for experienced DIY-ers, I recommend adding floor adhesive and a seam coating kit for installation purposes. If you’re looking to invest in the Alvina Vinyl Sheet Brownstone, you can find it at stores such as Gold River Flooring America. 

Armstrong Flooring Amalfi Vinyl Sheet Black Review

With a crisp design, the Amalfi Vinyl Sheet Black flooring is meant for minimalist and modernist homes. It belongs in the stark black section in interior design, as this theme typically caters to dark tones and simplicity. 

Meant to mimic onyx or marble, this model can do wonders in elevating your living space. It’s a nod to sophistication, especially when paired with silver or gold decals. 

Constructed with Diamond 10 technology, this set is recommended for experienced DIY-ers. As a bonus, Armstrong states that this product can be installed over sanded wood subfloors.

Finished with a low gloss, the Amalfi Vinyl Sheet Black is sold at various stockists, including Carpet Club Inc. 

Armstrong Commercial Flooring Review

In charge of your company’s remodeling project? If so, this brand provides several flooring options ranging from Asana Heterogeneous Sheet and Terra LVT. As a brief introduction, in this section of my Armstrong Flooring review, I will look at three of their best-selling models for commercial flooring. 

Armstrong Flooring Luxury Vinyl Tile Altitude Argyll: ST150 Review

Made with an ashy and earthy hue, the Luxury Vinyl Tile Altitude Argyll: ST150 can help make your workspace warmer and inviting

According to the brand, this model is partly inspired by the great outdoors, as it’s intended to “strengthen the human connection with nature in the built environment.” It’s made entirely out of oak, which is known to be super durable and smooth to the touch. 

For those in need of interior design inspiration, I recommend pairing this model with creme or coffee-brown walls. If you are interested, you can get samples of the Luxury Vinyl Tile Altitude Argyll: ST150 free of charge. 

Armstrong Flooring Rigid Core Inari Lodge Baltic Blue: A6545 Review

YouTubers, singers, and bands all know the importance of acoustics and proof padding. This bodes especially true for those who live in apartments, where sound can easily travel through walls and floors and annoy neighbors.

Thankfully, the Rigid Core Inari Lodge Baltic Blue: A6545 can help block noise. It can also improve audio for those keen on recording music or podcasts. Enhanced with Diamond 10 technology, there’s no need to worry about dragging your drum kits and microphone stands around. 

If that wasn’t already enough, the Rigid Core Inari Lodge Baltic Blue: A6545 requires no installation expertise. Each board features a lock mechanism to ensure a seamless design. If you’re interested in this specific model, you’ll need to contact the brand directly for details. 

Armstrong Flooring Homogeneous Sheet Evening Waves: H6018 Review

The Homogeneous Sheet Evening Waves: H6018 is specifically meant for hospitals and healthcare institutions. It’s meant as a PVC alternative, as it’s relatively free of plasticizers, halogens, and other harmful materials.

Designed with a calming speckle of dark and light spots, this model exudes a relaxing, meditative aura that’s needed for clinics and health centers. 

Designed with Armstrong Flooring’s patented Diamond 10 technology, this model is constructed to bear the grunt of everyday wear. As a bonus feature, it also comes with slip resistance, which is an important asset to have for health centers.

Currently, customers can get a free sample of the Homogeneous Sheet Evening Waves: H6018 on the brand’s official website.

Who Is Armstrong Flooring For? 

Armstrong Flooring Review

Given its user interface, Armstrong Flooring appears to be for customers who own a larger living space. While they do offer options for residential buyers, it seems that they cater to commercial settings and businesses as their targeted demographic. It would explain the lack of pricing, which is usually shown on store websites such as Lowe’s.

The main benefit of choosing Armstrong Flooring is the amount of detail provided in each product description. If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it on the brand’s website. They include information on experience level, item specifications, installation, and recommended accessories.

Armstrong Flooring Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Armstrong Flooring Review

Any good review should tell you what customers think after spending time with the featured products. How else can we know for sure if they deliver on what they promise? Especially when a product is built to last like flooring, we need to make sure it stands the test of time. Since the official website was lacking in Armstrong Flooring reviews, I looked elsewhere.

On Consumer Affairs, Armstrong Flooring holds a 4/5 star rating. Based on 133 reviews, it seems that the brand’s selection of vinyl and wood paneling passed the quality control test. Others stated that it was relatively easy to clean thanks to its Diamond 10 technology. 

“We had it installed with grout and looks just like actual ceramic tile. Very durable, easy to clean, and can handle lots of foot traffic with no wear,” one user wrote on Consumer Affairs. 

Another said: “We absolutely love our Armstrong Luxe Plank flooring. Two years ago, our local flooring company did a beautiful job installing this product…I came home to a beautiful living room, hallway and bathroom. Looks like real hardwood…I couldn’t be happier.”

For more in-depth feedback, I also looked at independent blogs such as The author there was relatively impressed with the brand’s line of products, as categories like durability, affordability, range, and style were scored with an average of 8.5 to 9/10 stars

They wrote: “The brands’ pricing rates are mid-range, you get what you pay for. The more durable the product the more you have to pay. Armstrong also offers very some affordable ranges for the budget customer.” 

Of the dozens of positive Armstrong Flooring reviews around the internet, you’d think that this would come to a solid conclusion. Unfortunately, I did find a few negative remarks on the company’s Facebook page complaining about product quality and customer service issues. I’ll be sure to discuss this more up next. 

Is Armstrong Flooring Legit?

Armstrong Flooring Review

It appears that some buyers aren’t ‘floored’ with Armstrong’s level of quality control and customer service. In a few instances, users reported breakage and chipped products. Others weren’t happy with the installation process, as some areas started to pop off, shrink, and shift after assembly.

To the brand’s credit, Armstrong Flooring is relatively active in responding to customer complaints online, with an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau. You can also relax knowing that the number of negative reviews pales in comparison to the number of positive experiences shared. 

Is Armstrong Flooring Worth It?

Armstrong Flooring Review

If you’re prepping for a major house flip, Armstrong can help with flooring. Easy to install and chic, the brand offers a glamorous selection of options to choose from. By popular opinion, it seems that vinyl is the top choice for many residential customers. The click and lock feature helps to alleviate some assembly frustration, especially for inexperienced DIY-ers. 

Since the brand does not provide pricing on its official website, I recommend using websites like The Home Depot as a reference point. 

Armstrong Flooring Promotions & Discounts 

Armstrong Flooring Review

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any promotions or discounts at the time of writing my Armstrong Flooring review.

Where to Buy Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring Review

Looking to invest in Armstrong Vinyl flooring? If so, customers can visit to see what they have in store. You can also find their product sold at:

  • The Home Depot 
  • FloorTrends 
  • Gold River Flooring America 
  • Wayfair 

It’s worth noting that services like Armstrong commercial flooring can only be accessed through the brand’s official website.


Armstrong Flooring Review

Who owns Armstrong Flooring?

Armstrong Flooring is owned by American Industrial Partners and is currently led by CEO Michel Vermette. 

Does Armstrong Flooring ship internationally?

Armstrong Flooring is available around the world. To select your country, access the menu in the top right of the website.

What is Armstrong Flooring’s Shipping Policy?

Armstrong Flooring doesn’t provide an official shipping policy on its website. If you’re interested in a certain model, the brand will redirect you to one of their partnered retailers. But for those looking to order a sample, they do offer some delivery information for customers to read.

What is Armstrong Flooring’s Return Policy?

Armstrong Flooring does provide warranties on some of its products. They offer a wide selection of guarantees, so it’s best to double-check the item specs before committing at checkout.

Unfortunately, they don’t have an official return policy on their website, as buyers will need to purchase their products at one of the partnered retailers.

How to Contact Armstrong Flooring

If you have any more questions after reading my Armstrong Flooring review, you can contact the brand by phone at 1-800-233-3823. They are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm ET.

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