Ryder Truck Rental Review

About Ryder

Ryder Truck Rental Review

Ryder is a major truck transportation company that operates throughout North America and Europe. Along with its fleet and supply management business, the brand sells and rents used trucks.

Plus, because it is a huge publicly-traded company, Ryder can offer great deals like no money down offers on big products. Its reliable service and diversity-focused hiring practices have been featured in Food Logistics Magazine, Forbes, FORTUNE Magazine, and more.

Its responsible business practices and charitable work have also earned Ryder accolades, like Newsweek’s and Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Responsible Companies and World’s Most Admired Companies awards. It is also considered an official Military Friendly Employer as of 2020, along with many other achievements.

Stay tuned as we examine the brand’s rental options, how much they cost, what customers think, the fine details of their rental policies, and more. By the end of this Ryder truck rental review, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed purchasing or renting decision.

Overview of Ryder

Ryder Truck Rental Review

Ryder was founded in the Sunshine State in 1933 by James Ryder. It started out moving concrete, with only one truck on the road. Today, it’s a major transportation company with 40k employees.

The brand’s headquarters are still in Miami, Florida. And, as of 2019, it has a 24 million annual net income. Ryder is also a publicly-traded company, with a diversified business model that works in supply chain management, transportation services, and fleet management.

A major company in the US (and in Europe, where it has over 1k employees) with a long history, Ryder developed a charitable organization in 1984 that funds initiatives like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, American Red Cross, Goodwill of South Florida, and many more.

Ryder is as far from a sexy Silicon Valley startup as a company can be. In a world of smartphone apps and e-commerce stores, it might seem impossible for a company with a small digital footprint to turn a profit—especially considering its tens of thousands of employees on payroll (another aspect of Ryder’s business that young entrepreneurs shudder to contemplate).

Ryder’s 9 billion annual revenue does all the talking—it doesn’t need a desperately engaged Twitter presence. It actually employs people, instead of sucking all revenue into a digital store owned by a small few.

With Ryder, you choose a service with decades of success and a robust network of customer and technical support. But, it also means its team has strict rules and doesn’t need to cater to its customers as much as other companies.

Now that you know more about the brand and its roots, this Ryder truck rental review will take a look at some pros and cons:


  • Maintains a fleet of over 200,000 vehicles with full-time staff
  • Over 37,000 vehicles of various types available for rent
  • Each used truck is DOT compliant and undergoes a complete inspection
  • Great long-term warranty options on top of a default 30-day warranty
  • Expert, regularly scheduled truck inspections and thorough cleaning
  • Ryder is widespread in the US, with over 425 physical locations
  • Emergency assistance no matter where you are, at any hour


  • Ryder only rents to commercial businesses, locking out ordinary customers
  • Truck rentals of any kind must be returned to the pick-up location

Up next, this Ryder truck rental review will take you through some of the brand’s most popular rental options. Varying in size, storage space, and type, there are options for a number of business needs.

Ryder Truck Rentals Review

The brand’s rental service offers premium brands like Isuzu and Ford with competitive pricing. No matter the type of vehicle, whether it’s a Ryder semi truck rental or a van, it will be reliable for transportation and looked after by its team of technicians.

To help you decide, this Ryder truck rental review goes over nine of the brand’s best-selling rental options and what sets them apart.

Ryder Box Truck Rental Review

Ryder Box Truck Rental Review
Ryder Box Truck Rental

The Ryder Box Truck Rental is a classic vehicle option. Suitable for a wide range of business needs, it’s lightweight (comparatively) and optimal for navigating urban centers.

Unlike bulkier options, this vehicle handles tight turns well and can fit into more parking space options. Plus, it is considered a more fuel-efficient truck.

The Ryder Box Truck Rental has 960 cubic feet of storage space and includes power steering and a loading ramp. You can rent it for a daily price of $107.

Ryder Straight Truck Rental Review

Ryder Straight Truck Rental Review
Ryder Straight Truck Rental

The Ryder Straight Truck Rental is a medium-sized vehicle that helps you meet your commercial goals, whether it’s a long-distance trek or within a city. As a high-quality truck, it comes with power steering, as well as a walking ramp and hydraulic gates for easy access.

Built with a Cummins B6.7 engine, the Ryder Straight Truck Rental has 1,600 cubic feet of storage space and a robust body that allows for safe loading by forklift. It is 26 feet long and costs $138 per day.

Ryder Sprinter Van Rental Review

Ryder Sprinter Van Rental Review
Ryder Sprinter Van Rental

Ryder cargo vans are small and fast with plenty of space for quick deliveries or small moves. As the company’s most fuel-efficient vehicle type, you will find savings at the gas station—as well as in your daily rental cost.

Also known as a panel van or cargo van, the Ryder Sprinter Van Rental is an excellent choice for short-distance commercial transit. It has 547 cubic feet of storage space and 6.4 feet of height inside. You can walk through the back to the front set and make full use of the 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine to hold up to 3,005 lb of goods.

The rental charge for this versatile van is $101 per day.

Ryder Sleeper Tractor Rental Review

Ryder Sleeper Tractor Rental Review
Ryder Sleeper Tractor Rental

The Ryder Sleeper Tractor Rental is an elite machine for long-distance hauling. Built with standing-room sleepers and a double-up bunk bed, it will help you reach your destination in maximum comfort.

Everything from the driver’s seat to the fuel tanks on the Ryder Sleeper Tractor Rental is meant to help your journey be as seamless as possible. This vehicle also features a tremendous 80,000 GCW maximum capacity, letting you move pretty much any kind of goods you want. It costs $218 per day.

Ryder Tandem Axle Semi Truck Rental Review

Ryder Tandem Axle Semi Truck Rental Review
Ryder Tandem Axle Semi Truck Rental

The Ryder Tandem Axle Semi Truck Rental is the quintessential option for long-haul trucking. Its large gas tanks and air shields, not to mention its air-ride suspension, ensure your ride is as smooth as possible.

With double-up bunk beds and a standing-room sleeper cabin, the Ryder Tandem Axle Semi Truck Rental provides every feature necessary to move large loads across the country. Its carrying capacity maxes out at 80,000 GCW.

This vehicle can be paired with the Dry Van Trailer Rental for a great Ryder tractor trailer combo. The daily rental cost for this truck is $191.

Ryder Single Axle Semi Truck Rental Review

Ryder Single Axle Semi Truck Rental Review
Ryder Single Axle Semi Truck Rental

This Ryder truck rental review found this single axle semi truck option ideal for moving heavy equipment (or just a huge amount of supplies) in a relatively local environment.

The vehicle’s 65,000 GCW limit is significantly less than that of Ryder’s other semi-trucks, and it doesn’t have a sleeper cabin. But, it’s much easier to manage in an urban environment and has a hydraulic gate and air-suspension seat.

The Single Axle Semi Truck Rental also comes equipped with power mirrors, power steering, and air conditioning. It costs $173 per day for rental use.

Ryder Refrigerated Truck Rental Review

Ryder Refrigerated Truck Rental Review
Ryder Refrigerated Truck Rental

The Ryder Refrigerated Truck Rental is not just for moving vast quantities of ice cream. Any goods that need to be kept at a specific temperature would be best put inside this machine. With a maximum carrying capacity of 13,000lb, it has automatic electronic controls keeping stored goods in premium condition.

This Ryder truck rental review also found that this vehicle comes in two sizes: 22 feet and 26 feet. Plus, both options have a huge range of temperature controls available. Renting this vehicle costs $193 per day.

Ryder Flatbed Trailer Rental Review

Ryder Flatbed Trailer Rental Review
Ryder Flatbed Trailer Rental

This Ryder Flatbed Trailer Rental is a standard and robust option that comes with the company’s great reputation for well-maintained equipment. It comes in two formats: 45 feet long and 96 inches wide or 48 feet long and 102 inches wide. No matter which size you choose, the maximum carry weight is 73,000 GVW.

The Ryder Flatbed Trailer Rental comes in a default aluminum build, but “steel construction” is also available for extra capacity. It costs $49 per day as a rental option.

Ryder Dry Van Trailer Rental Review

Ryder Dry Van Trailer Rental Review
Ryder Dry Van Trailer Rental

This Ryder trailer is a standard option for long-haul transportation of goods. You can get additional features like air-ride suspension, but default features include rollup access doors and E-Track loading, along with an all-important electronic system that measures your tire pressure.

The Ryder Dry Van Trailer can hold up to 65,000 GVW. It’s 53 feet long and 102 inches wide, with an interior height of 110 inches. You can rent it for $49 per day.

Ryder Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ryder Truck Rental Review

Ensuring that the company you’re renting from is reliable and trustworthy is incredibly important, so we turned to the web to see what real customers thought of this brand. And, readers will be happy to hear that this Ryder truck rental review found a few hundred positive comments about the ease of making reservations, knowledgeable staff members, and quick service.

Though the brand offers some services online, a lot of its interactions happen in person. So, we randomly selected a few of the most commented-on locations to get a feel for Ryder as a whole.

Using Google as one source, we discovered that the company has a 4.3/5-star average in one Buffalo, NY location from 52 ratings. Customers greatly appreciated the pleasant customer service, along with the speed and skill of the Ryder technicians.

A “local guide” to the area writes, “Super friendly and they had better prices and insurance options for businesses than some of the other competitors. Highly recommend.” Zooming out to other regions of the US—and also into Canada—we find hundreds of more locations with the same type of feedback.

For example, one Hamilton, ON location with a 4.2/5-star average from 29 renters has all positive comments. One customer reports that the “staff is great and pricing us reasonable,” while another notes the “mechanics are great here.”

We next looked at Ryder truck rental reviews on Hire A Helper, where the brand earned a 4.84/5 star rating from 19 users. Most customers say that the brand is very affordable and has a stress-free system for making reservations and, if need be, canceling them too.

The reviewers on Hire A Helper still gave the brand an excellent rating. They were happy with the service they received, despite the minor flaws: “Perfect. Truck was ready when we arrived for pick up. No problems in 600 mile trip. Easy drop off.

We expect that some locations might be better for certain services. So, this Ryder truck rental review recommends checking out the locations nearest you before making a purchasing or renting decision. Thankfully, most facilities are reported as offering helpful staff members, good vehicles, and quick service.

Is Ryder Worth It?

Ryder Truck Rental Review

Ryder truck leasing is undoubtedly worth it. It sells and rents top brands like General Motors, Isuzu, Ford, and Freightliner at great prices that only a billion-dollar company is capable of providing.

As a publicly-traded company, it must operate optimally in order to satisfy shareholders. So, it offers perks like roadside assistance in the case of an emergency. This is an extra burden of responsibility and a standard that many other brands simply do not have.

The brand offers a lot to its customers. Its rental facilities are widespread in the US, as well as in Canada and Europe. Plus, the trucks are DOT compliant with long warranties and customizable financing options.

The brand is a mainstay juggernaut of commercial truck rentals, and Ryder used trucks are the best way to afford to purchase your own.

Ryder Promotions & Discounts

Ryder Truck Rental Review

As a major multi-billion-dollar brand, it is in a great position to offer discounts and savings on Ryder moving truck rentals, as well as commercial trucks and vans.

There are three major discounts at the time of this Ryder truck rental review:

  • Spring into Summer Savings Event: 25% discount on light to medium-sized truck rentals
  • First-time renter deal: 20% off the entire fleet for new Ryder customers
  • Select rentable refrigerated trucks are currently discounted by 25%

Where to Buy Ryder

Ryder Truck Rental Review

You can find the brand’s rentals and purchasable vehicles at Or, visit the Locations page to see the closest facility to you.


Ryder Truck Rental Review

What is Ryder’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately, the brand cannot ship its vehicles to your home.

What is Ryder’s Return Policy?

Ryder commercial trucks for sale come in three different classes. Depending on the one you get, you will have no warranty, a limited warranty, or options for an extended warranty. Balancing between price, willingness to facilitate repairs, and warranty options is a personal decision for each customer.

The Ryder Certified class of vehicles undergoes what the brand calls a “rigorous 140-point inspection.” Additionally, it comes with a free 30-day limited warranty. Buyers also receive the vehicle’s complete history of maintenance, as well as options for long-term warranty purchase.

The Ryder DOT Verified class of vehicles undergoes a basic inspection and meets the DOT standards. You can buy them without any kind of warranty (except where laws demand one), but the brand may offer long-term warranties for the vehicle.

Finally, the Ryder As-Is class of vehicles is exactly what the name says—there are no warranty options and you will have to make some repairs for it to meet the DOT criteria.

The next Ryder sprinter van for sale may be fully ready to drive or require extensive repairs. So, be sure to pay special attention to its class and warranty options. That way, you’ll know exactly what your options are.

How to Contact Ryder

Before you are registered as a customer, the best way to get in touch with the Ryder rentals customer support team is through its website contact form. Then, someone from the company will reach out to you ASAP to set up your rental.

Or, you can call 1-888-997-9337 to talk to someone about renting a truck, or Ryder semi trucks for sale, over the phone.

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