AceBeam Flashlight Review

About AceBeam Flashlight

AceBeam Flashlight Review

Operating in the dark? Light the way with AceBeam. This online brand specializes in creating outdoor and indoor lighting products that are fit for the toughest environments. 

AceBeam was established in 2014 and has been recognized as some of the brightest and best-made outdoor lighting brand.

Their talented research, design, engineering and marketing teams work together to satisfy the most demanding end-users by constantly testing the limits of what can be achieved with the latest technology, without sacrificing durability, functionality or value.

The optically designed reflector or lens, the highly efficient circuit design, and the high-quality aviation aluminum shell makes AceBeam a world-class flashlight brand.

By prioritizing quality and performance as their fundamental values, their devices can easily withstand rock climbing, hiking, camping, or diving. According to the company, Acebeam’s collection isquickly sought after by a majority of professional media, sports athletes, and outdoor sports enthusiasts.” 

If you’re looking to buy a few lighting devices for your own adventure, perhaps this company is for you. Keep reading, as this AceBeam Flashlight review provides an inside scoop on the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you make that final decision. 

Overview of AceBeam

AceBeam Flashlight Review

Operating under its parent company YiNeng, Acebeam made its official debut in 2012. Established in Shenzhen, China, this brand quickly hit the ground running by producing a large collection of lighting devices. 

They boast the most innovative designs and best user experience/ performance in the industry. They have exploded onto the scene with world class products such as:

  • X70 60,000 lumens powerful searchlight
  • CRI H30 headlamps
  • L19 long range hunting flashlight
  • E70 4,600 lumens Carry Light

AceBeam continues to be on top of the latest advancements in the industry, with products designed to “illuminate the world and illuminate the future”. Today, they have a retail network with several other companies, which are found worldwide.

Their devices are also heavily used by the German Military Department, the Saudi Arabia Border Defense, and the French police. A statement made by the brand: 

Durable, safe, and calm to deal with harsh weather is the biggest feature of ACEBEAM products. ACEBEAM will continue to innovate and let the global ACEBEAM users feel the magic and charm of outdoor sports and nature with caring and high-quality services.”  

Before we get into this AceBeam flashlight review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • A wide variety of lighting apparatuses to choose from 
  • Flashlights are high quality
  • Their products can survive rock climbing, diving, and cave exploration 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Offers a side blog which provides in-depth information about their products 
  • Free shipping on all orders 


  • Pricier than other retailers 
  • Certain accessories limited to the US, Canada, and Australia 
  • Offers a short return window of only 15 days 

A flashlight is considered an all-time backpack necessity for those preparing for their next camping trip. To illuminate the way when it gets dark, it’s best to find a brand that won’t flicker out when you need it the most. 

AceBeam Flashlight Review

With that in mind, the company has a great selection of lighting products that are high-performance, efficient, and long-lasting. This includes the AceBeam K75 and the AceBeam x70

Their flashlight inventory includes: 

  • High power flashlights 
  • Tactile flashlights 
  • Headlamps
  • EDC flashlights 
  • Dive lights 
  • Bike lights 
  • Accessories (such as batteries and remote pressure switches) 

Whether you need a small light for your pocket or keychain, a massive light to light up an entire field, a green or red LED light for hunting hogs, predators or anything in between Acebeam has you covered. 

They have a large selection of the best and brightest predator lights, hog lights, varmint lights and scope mounted lights on the market.

In addition to their line of hunting lights they also carry EDC flashlights, tactical flashlights, weapons lights, headlamps, batteries, chargers, and more.

This AceBeam review will now take a brief look at some of their bestselling models. And who knows? Maybe you’ll pack a few of these to use in your next escapade.

AceBeam E70 EDC Flashlight Review

AceBeams bread and butter EDC light is their E70. With its slick style and small form factor it’s no wonder their customers have fallen in love with it. This AceBeam review will take a look at their two current models below.

AceBeam E70-AL Flashlight Review

Night hiking or biking comes with several benefits. One, there’s less traffic; two, it’s not as noisy outside; and three, you get to avoid the blistering sun. For those who choose to cycle or walk past 8 PM, make sure that your roads and paths are illuminated with the E70-AL

Complete with an EDC torch and an XHP70.2 LED, this nifty flashlight can shoot a strong, powerful beam from up to 240 meters away. 

Powered with 4600 lumens, this flashlight comes with a chargeable 21700 USB battery. Users can also change the brightness setting, as it ranges from moonlight, mid2, and strobe. 

AceBeam has integrated a double helix body slot to ensure a solid grip. Lastly, it’s waterproof in construction. Affixed with a clip to keep your hands free, the $79 E70-AL costs a cool $75

AceBeam E70-SS Review

The Acebeam E70 Stainless Steel edition carries over everything you know and love about the E70-AL but adds a layer of beauty with its fully stainless steel design.

This pocket sized flashlight boasts an incredible 4000 lumens in a 5.05″ compact frame. It’s powered by one advanced CREE XHP70.2 LED on a 21700 Li-ion battery. This duo is able to provide over 264 hours of continuous light with their moonlight setting.

If you need more light, you can switch to any of their six lighting modes to keep you path or campsite lit. The great part is the AceBeam E70-SS is only $159!

AceBeam Tactical Flashlights Review

Do you pull the trigger or not? In the midst of the night, tactical flashlights are great to use if you want to identify a shadowy target. Best used for night hunting, this AceBeam Flashlight review will go over some of their most popular models to try out. 

AceBeam L19 Long Range Flashlight Review 

It’s hunting season. Whether you’re off to kill some wild turkeys or deer, make every shot count with the L19 Long Range Flashlight. Designed to strike a beam as far as 1300 meters, this handy accessory also comes with tail-switches and crenelated strike bezels. Hunters can easily mount this apparatus onto their gun of choice. 

Powered by a mighty 21700 battery, this AceBeam long range hunting flashlight is best paired with a charging unit for added convenience. In order to increase maximum visibility, this lighting unit can switch from white to green. 

Complete with a textured grip, holster, lanyard, spare button cap, and other attachments, the L19 Long Range Flashlight costs $149

AceBeam High Power Series Flashlight Review

When you need more power look no further than AceBeams high power series flashlights. These flashlights boast an impeccable range, brightness and battery power. Best used for search and rescue, these flashlights are sure to get the job done. This AceBeam review will take a look at some of their top models below.

AceBeam X80 Brightest Flashlight Review

The AceBeam X80 GT, is a powerful searchlight that has a small form factor and is extremely easy to carry around outdoors.

The 18 25,000 lumen LED’s are driven by a high-efficiency circuit which allows it to reach up to 322 meters. When used in narrow spaces such as caves, the light performs exceptionally well.

The 3,100mAH lithium-ion rechargeable batteries allow for long term continued use while the water proof rating provides exceptional performance at up to 30 meters deep.

This all new trailblazing “soda can” sized flashlight in all its glory can be purchased for $314.

AceBeam K75 High Power Flashlight Review

The Acebeam K75 is a throw king unlike any other. With an incredible, unprecedented throw of over a mile, this flashlight will take your search and rescue operations to the next level. To put it into perspective, the K75 can reach as far as 27 football fields. The perfect tool for long-range spotting, the Acebeam K75 emits up to 6300 lumens for a scorching beam that can easily illuminate any setting thanks to the LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED.

Run by 4 high discharge 18650 batteries, this flashlight can run for over 7.5 days – great for extended search and rescue ops. AceBeam aimed to provide a flashlight that provides a throw that professional search and rescuers need and they’ve succeeded with the K75.

Featuring a onboard tripod receptacle for mounting in a fixed position. The AceBeam K75 can be had for $279.

AceBeam EDC lights Review

No amount of carrots will enable you to see in the dark. EDC lights are a crucial safety accessory for those active at night. This AceBeam EDC lights review will take a look at some of their customer favorites for this category down below. 

AceBeam TK17 AL EDC Flashlight Review

Ideal for camping and hiking, the TK17 AL EDC Flashlight shoots a wide beam that covers 290 meters worth of ground. Built to beam 2,300 lumens in total, this is definitely the accessory to have for those late-night bathroom trips or if you forgot something back at the tent. 

It’s also available in 3 different LED settings that vary in terms of brightness. There’s no need to run over to your local convenience store to buy a one-use pack, as it runs on a rechargeable 18350 battery. 

This AceBeam mini LED flashlight is made out of an oxidation-resistant exterior that can brave the elements. Set with a handy clip on the front, make the TK17 AL EDC Flashlight part of your next camp excursion for $92

AceBeam TK17-TI EDC Flashlight Review

Caves do not come with street lamps or fluorescent ceiling lights. They’re filled with ditches, stalactites, and sometimes, bats. The TK17-TI EDC Flashlight can help you prevent future accidents. 

With a sturdy titanium body, this bad boy runs on a 18350 rechargeable battery that generates a mass output of 2300. Depending on what LED model you purchased, this device can shoot up to 290 meters. 

Made to last 120 hours, there’s no need to worry over your ‘candle’ flickering out. Due to its small, compact design, this AceBeam device can easily fit in a pocket or backpack

Complete with a snap-on clip for when you need your hands, the TK17-TI EDC Flashlight rings up to a total of $269

AceBeam Headlamps Review

Sometimes its crucial to keep your hands free. When doing so only the best headlamps will cut it. This AceBeam headlamps review will look at some of our favorite picks below.

AceBeam H50 Headlamp Review

AceBeam headlamps are dedicated for outdoor cave exploration. The H50 headlamp is designated by the Chinese outdoor women’s expedition team. It has three side-by-side lamp beads, so that the light-emitting angle can exceed that of ordinary LED headlights.

There are also three high color rendering lamp bead versions available, these allow for sufficient brightness when in dark caves. It also has an adjustable headlamp clip to meet your multi-angle lighting needs.

As a professional outdoor adventurer the H50 headlamp is everything you need and is priced reasonably at $89.90.

AceBeam PT40 Multipurpose Work Flashlight Review 

If your job requires working outside, the PT40 Multipurpose Work Flashlight will help make each task more manageable. This versatile device features a unique, L-shaped headlamp that can be affixed to a hat. 

It can cover 110 meters of ground with its 18650 battery. Users can also choose from 3 different LED models that are all equipped with 6 lighting modes. For added convenience, this apparatus comes with a single switch, a magnetic tail, and a durable aluminum body (for those accidental drops).

It also doesn’t hurt that it’s water and shock-proof as well. Including a headband strap with a silicone holder, work safely with the PT40 Multipurpose Work Flashlight for $119

AceBeam H30 Brightest Headlamp Review

The AceBeam H30 is a high-powered headlight and is one of the brightest LED headlights driven by a single 21700 battery on the market. Suitable for industrial and mining exploration, outdoor search and rescue, along with casual use and cave exploration. The H30 comes in various configurable options allowing it to suit different environments..

This headlamp is also suitable for hunting. The red light can map the area in the dark and scout out prey while keeping them unalerted to your whereabouts. The blue light can view animal bloodstains in dark environments, allowing you to track your target even at night.

With its powerful constant current circuit design scheme and efficient operation the H30 Headlamp is built to provide you with long term continuous use for all situations and is only priced at $137.90

AceBeam Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

AceBeam Review

Is AceBeam a good brand? Based on what we’ve seen so far, they earn an approving green-light. While there are only a few reviews posted on their company website, we found a majority of positive ratings on Amazon

On the product page for the AceBeam LEP flashlight, several customers were impressed with the performance of this device. This included the intensity of the beam and its compact design.

Powerful! Previous “super” flashlights have left me searching for the real deal. This is it. I was more than willing to pay the $122 for the highest quality, as long as it was the most powerful thing I could get my hands on and it is. I am not disappointed at all. This thing lights up my entire neighborhood – leaves no dark anywhere you point it,” one Amazon reviewer wrote for the L30 Gen II

This AceBeam Flashlight review also uncovered several independent blogs that wrote favorable testimonies. Online journals such as 1Lumen and J2 LED Flashlight analyzed the performance of the L16 and the L35 models. 

Both authors stated that these flashlights did a decent job in covering large areas. The two writers were happy with Acebeam’s long run-time and wide inclusion of settings in each device. 

“The Acebeam calls the L35 a long distance, super-bright tactical flashlight. And it absolutely lives up to everything that Acebeam claims…What really impresses me is the 101-minute 1800-lumen High mode.  Oh yeah, that and the build quality,” reads the review by 1Lumen.

With that being said, this AceBeam Flashlight review found a few ‘red lights’ that some customers found the pricing a bit high. It’s worth noting that higher quality products tend to be a bit more expensive that what would be considered ‘regular’ price.

Are AceBeam Flashlights Worth It?

AceBeam Review

If you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, AceBeam is the brand to go for. This is because of their durable, compact, and high-intensity flashlights. We were generally impressed with the rechargeable feature throughout most of their products. 

There’s nothing more dreadful than finding out that you’re out of batteries in the middle of the wilderness. Not only are the rechargeable devices environmentally friendly, but this stand-alone component can also act as a life-saver.

This Acebeam Flashlight review also appreciates that their flashlights can withstand tough environments. Some of their flashlights are constructed to be water, shock, and drop-proof, which can be especially helpful for those who have butter-fingers. 

AceBeam Promotions & Discounts 

AceBeam Review

This AceBeam Flashlight review found that AceBeam has a rewards program in which customers can accumulate points to gain access to exclusive deals and perks. Additionally, if buyers subscribe to their newsletter, they automatically receive 5000 points or $10 off their first purchase. Customers who write a review will be given 2500 points ($5).

Lastly, some of their products are also on sale, such as the E70-AL flashlight. 

Where to Buy AceBeam

AceBeam Review

At this time, customers can purchase AceBeam products by heading over to


AceBeam Review

Where are AceBeam flashlights made? 

Products like the AceBeam X80 are made in the ShenZhen Zenbon Technology manufacturing facility. This is located in Shenzhen, China. 

What is AceBeam’s Shipping Policy?

This AceBeam Flashlight review is happy to report that they offer free shipping on all orders. They use four different couriers: EPacket, USPS, EU, and AirMail. It usually takes between 5 to 15 days for packages to deliver. 

They also provide express delivery at a set rate. To help monitor packages, customers will receive a tracking number in a confirmation email. So far, we learned that they do offer international shipping

What is AceBeam’s Return Policy?

AceBeam offers a 15-day window for customers to return their products. Items must be in new condition and in original packaging to be considered eligible. 

They also offer a warranty on some of their flashlights. For more details on this, or to initiate the return process, buyers must contact their customer service team for specifics. 

How to Contact AceBeam

For inquiries unrelated to this AceBeam review, you can contact the company through:

  • Phone number: +00 (867)552-3036 ext. 551 (Monday to Friday from 8 AM–5 PM)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing address:

Dalang, Shenzhen, China 

Floor 4th Building #3

YiJiaYang Industrial Park

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