American Floor Mats Review

About American Floor Mats

American Floor Mats Review

I can’t stomp on the notion that flooring really does make an impression – unfortunately, the things we do in each space can leave their own physical marks that just refuse to disappear. 

Whether using a chair on hardwood flooring or working to protect the surface while working out, American Floor Mats offers a variety of mats and coverage to keep those floors looking prime at all times. 

I’ll be honest here, this brand isn’t widely known or followed. Currently, they only have 222 followers on Instagram supporting the name. With that being said, they have been covered by The New York Times, so there’s still hope that the brand will come forward and step into the matted spotlight. 

I know that flooring isn’t the typical fun research-driven subject that people like to spend time on, so rather than doing all the work yourself, for this American Floor Mats review I’ve compiled all the basic info on products, prices, services, ratings, and more to determine whether this brand is worth the buy. 

Overview of American Floor Mats

American Floor Mats Review

Since 2007, American Floor Mats has been on the market, protecting premium flooring materials from the marks of everyday use. Manufactured in Rockville, Maryland, this brand is all about using their expansive knowledge to help customers find the fit they need. 

Customers are key to the business (and not just in the typical paying-the-salary way). This brand is all about reaching out to their customers and working with them on ideas and initiatives. 

American Floor Mats encourages customers to reach out if they’re in need of items not available to make sure they can have that category covered in the future. If one person needs something, chances are at least one other customer will have the same desire.

Success in business, communications, and customer relations are all central to this brand’s goals. Whether new to the party or a long-time returning fan, this company wants to welcome each individual and help them alongside their journey. 

It’s nice to see a business so centered on customers, but we can’t forget that this brand offers so much more. Check out just a few of the highlights I’ll look at in this American Floor Mats review:


  • Incredibly wide range of matting, rugs, and floor coverage
  • Price match guarantee
  • Free shipping on floor mats
  • Based around customer service
  • Open communication

American Floor Mats Review

I can’t make this a true American Floor Mats review without checking out some of their most popular products. Anyone who turns to this website will get lost in the options available, so I’ve selected the best of the best to show off just what this brand has to offer. 

American Floor Mats Carpet Entrance Mats Review

Start off on the right foot with the Carpet Entrance Mats welcoming impression. Too often overlooked, entrance mats get the raw end of the deal as a surface used solely for cleaning off shoes and getting cozy inside. 

This transitory space has more to it than a place to wipe off wet dirt – it’s the first sight inside the home and a space that welcomes visitors from the cold world to the covered and comfortable indoors. 

American Floor Mats understands this purpose and provides 30 different sizes in 12 different colors to make that welcome as warm and stylish as it can be. Perfect for hard flooring, these solid or two-tone options have been prepped for the worst. 

Quick to dry while being resistant to stains and mildew, these mats know what the elements throw at them and they’re prepared to win the battle every time.

Prices range depending on the size, so the cost can sit anywhere from $24 to $480

American Floor Mats Oriental Floor Mats Review

Solid can be stunning, but so can the patterned beauty of Oriental Floor Mats. I’m moving this American Floor Mats review from that front entrance into the warmth of the living room, bedroom, study, or anywhere else you feel this piece would fit. 

While they offer a patterned design on each piece, colors and fashion are muted enough to avoid overtaking the space entirely. You can change up not only the size and color but also the backing and border to make this mat truly yours.

Create that perfect piece and take pleasure in knowing that its encapsulating design still maintains the integrity of the entrance mats, sure to hold up with constant use. Plush fabric, heavy backings, and a grip to hold things tight to the floor to avoid slipping – what else is needed for indoor rugs?

Pricing for these mats depends on sizing, ranging from $52 to $410.

American Floor Mats Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats Review

Just because someone works out doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice sensational flooring. The Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats keep things protected during the most demanding exercise routine. 

The worst fear of home gyms comes from the damage that machinery can cause. Falling weights, heavy equipment, why risk the damage when precautionary measures can take place? 

The rubberized texture and material of the Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mat understand the pressure that exercising can cause and provide durable layering between those shining floors and the weights resting above them.

Available in a range of thickness (when in doubt, go thicker), this flat material resists bacteria and odors, making it a clean and satisfying surface to work on during that daily routine. Alongside size, customers can select from a range of 8 colors to really make the mat fit the space.

Depending on the selected size, prices can range from $40 to $330.

American Floor Mats Ahoy There Hand Woven Coconut Fiber Doormat Review

I couldn’t just stick with the basics in this American Floor Mats review, so I had to bring in the fun of the Ahoy There Hand Woven Coconut Fiber Doormat.

Greet every visitor with a welcoming Ahoy! This piece is all about vintage style, so it’s no wonder that the design is based on an 1830’s ship and simply calls out to the sea. Any ship-loving, ocean-swimming fanatic will adore this call to the simplicity of setting sail for international waters. 

Based on soothing blue and white tones, the warming words and ship come surrounded by classic checkerboard patterning to really complete the homey feel. Battling dirt (as the ship battled the waves), nothing gets by this one as it sets its sails for a clean home. 

Every purchase of these not only adds to the welcoming space of the porch but also makes a donation to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, supporting education and preservation of this historical space. 

At the time of writing this review, this doormat is currently on sale for $65 (regularly priced at $74). 

American Floor Mats Deluxe SoftStep Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

I’m wrapping up products in this American Floor Mats review by taking a look at their Deluxe SoftStep Anti-Fatigue Mats. There’s a lot to cover in that title alone, so let’s dig in.

This one really comes in clutch for those who are standing constantly. Doesn’t matter if it’s for employees or a work from home standing desk space, but the Deluxe SoftStep Anti-Fatigue Mat was made for lightening that load of constantly being on your feet.

Available in way too many sizes to count, these mats’ spongy texture provides bounce-back with each step.

Wake up to the world while understanding how to stand with a lightness in life. Any dry space will benefit from an extra soft step.

Due to the number of sizes, these pieces are available from $20 to $260 with custom sizing options also available. 

Who Is American Floor Mats For? 

American Floor Mats Review

Who actually benefits from a fancy mat? The answer is everyone. While some mats are more for function rather than form, American Floor Mats provides such a range of mats, rugs, floor protection, and more that there’s something for any household or workspace within its (virtual) walls. 

From standard and solid to patterns and logos, there’s something here for every person and space to warm things up and keep the flooring clean at all times. All it takes is patience to go through the endless options to find that ultimate fit. 

American Floor Mats Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

American Floor Mats Review

Before providing that final recommendation, I needed to turn to online American Floor Mats reviews to ensure that I was getting all facts straight. I found hundreds of ratings to pull from ending in what I hope to be a pretty comprehensive overview of the reality of this brand.

I’ll start off by saying that reviews aside, the scores that this brand garners come in exceedingly well. The Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating while Find This Best gives them 4.3/5 stars based on over 425 ratings. 

While neither of these businesses has many customer reviews on site, the numbers (and letters) alone show off just what customers think of this business. 

Google Reviews score for American Floor Mats sits comfortably in a similar area, rating the brand 4.2/5 stars based on over 335 ratings. Customer comments via this platform speak to the expansive selection available and overall quality prevalent in these products. 

One American Floor Mats review stated, “Tiles arrived in perfect condition and are of excellent quality. Fit together nicely and lie flat. Can’t really see any of the seams unless I get down on my hands and knees within a few inches of the floor. Very attractive and professional look.

Uniform in appearance, easy installation, and a quality that lasts, these mats are known for their durability. Redditors tend to agree as this company commonly pops up in the home gym channels where people show off their personal set-ups. 

One post specified their use of the brand claiming the tiles were “ laser-cut, so you can’t really tell, but they are puzzle piece style. Fit-Lock Rubber Tiles. 10% Gray. They were a bit pricey, but I sent him a quote I got from elsewhere that was cheaper, and he matched it.

Not only do the tiles and mats fit nicely together, but the brand’s ability to price match with other companies saves customers quite a lot in the end. Those who make the effort to fully research all options tend to leave satisfied with reduced costs and top quality. 

Outside of the brand’s own site, Amazon is the next bestseller of the brand, their top product being the Fit-Lock 3/8 Inch Heavy Duty Rubber Flooring – Interlocking Rubber Tiles, which hold 4.7/5 stars based on 1,060 ratings. 

Thousands of individuals have reviewed this product to be “Well worth the money. Durable and heavy. Fits together tight and each square is flush with one another.”

These interlocking tiles are huge in the fitness community and many would argue that the puzzle-like shaping adds to the overall environment as well as ease of assembly. With little rubber smell to it and a protected surface to walk (or drop things) on, these tiles make the day that much brighter by knowing the area is secure.

Leave behind questions of a lifespan as one American Floor Mats review made note of exactly that: “We’ve had these for several months now, and love them! This brand is truly heavy-duty, was easy to lay down…and if we ever have a serious moisture problem underneath, will be easy to disassemble with no damage to the tiles.

This product is far from the only item of the brand listed online. Other top-rated American Floor Mats items sold on Amazon are as follows:

  • Premium Glass Chair Mats: 4.5/5 stars based on over 60 ratings
  • Ultimate Stand-Alone Gym Mats: 4.3/5 stars based on over 125 ratings
  • Fall Day Designer Light Green: 4.7/5 stars based on 520 ratings
  • Masterpiece Windmill Designer Mid-Brown: 4.8/5 stars based on over 70 ratings
  • 3/8in Thick Hi-Color Rubber Rolls: 4.6/5 stars based on over 65 ratings

It’s easy to see that this brand holds up with their quality, price matching, and materials. Durable, well designed, and easy to assemble – that’s all anyone would want from a good floor mat. 

Is American Floor Mats Worth It?

American Floor Mats Review

Rounding out this article (before the final FAQS that is), I’d give this brand a happy recommendation. 

Their variety in products alone makes them worth taking a look at, but beyond that, the ability to price match solves all kinds of dilemmas. Saving money and effort, it’s simple to purchase a selection of sizes from this single location while knowing that customization still sits within reach. 

New designs appear constantly, adding to their expansive range, so there’s sure to be something for anyone in the stacks of categories available. It’s worth a quick glimpse at the very least. 

American Floor Mats Promotions & Discounts 

American Floor Mats Review

At the time of writing this American Floor Mats review, there aren’t many running promotions. The best way to currently save would be to subscribe to the newsletter for 10% off your next purchase.

Despite the lack of current discounts, I will say that American Floor Mats coupon codes do pop up from time to time, so subscribing (and saving) ultimately ends up being the best move for those hunting for a deal. 

Where to Buy American Floor Mats

American Floor Mats Review

The absolute best place to find this brand is on their own site at Other than that, I’d recommend checking out their selection on Amazon for international options for this domestic brand. 


American Floor Mats Review

Who owns American Floor Mats?

American Floor Mats was founded in 2007. The brand is currently owned by Brian Blumberg.

Does American Floor Mats ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t currently ship worldwide. They stick within the US for the time being.  

What is American Floor Mats’ Shipping Policy?

I don’t want to spend too much time going over all the details, so I’m giving a quick glimpse into the most important takeaways for shipping and delivery:

  • Shipping is free over $100
  • A flat rate for orders below $100 is $15 with a handling fee depending on sizing
  • All orders come via UPS or FedEx
  • No signatures are required

Currently, only domestic shipping is available, so that includes customers within the US.

What is American Floor Mats’ Return Policy?

Don’t get scared off by this brand regarding returns. American Floor Mats accepts returns on everything but custom orders within 10 days of delivery. Customers must:

  • Call or email customer service with the reason and authorization number
  • Repackage items 
  • Take responsibility for return shipping
  • Pay 25% restocking fee

That’s all there is to it. Ideally, no returns will be needed, but it’s good to have the info just in case.

How to Contact American Floor Mats

Ready to get in touch and order your own selection after reading through this American Floor Mats review?

For those wanting to make a purchase or just get more information on questions and queries, this brand is all about open communication via the following channels:

  1. Phone: 800-762-9010 
  2. Fax: 301-881-7840
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Fill out their Online Contact Form
  5. Address: American Floor Mats, 152 Rollins Ave #102, Rockville, MD 20852

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