Benisouk Rugs Review

About Benisouk Rugs

Benisouk Rugs Review

Benisouk Rugs celebrate the impactful nature of Moroccan rugs with its authentic and unique collection. Sourcing rugs from tribes across Morocco and offering them to customers around the world, the brand helps to keep the artistic trade alive while highlighting superior craftsmanship.

With its meaningful collections, Benisouk shows us that rugs are more than something to put your feet on. The brand has racked up a solid community of 50k followers on Instagram, a page that’s filled with gorgeous patterns, rich fabrics, and friendly faces.

Interested in learning more about this one-of-a-kind brand? Keep reading this Benisouk Rugs review. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand, reveal customer feedback, promotions, and more, to help you decide if its rugs are the right fit for your home.

Overview of Benisouk Rugs

Benisouk Rugs Review

Benisouk Rugs take you on an expedition through a rich and vibrant culture. Through the Atlas Mountains, down into the Sahara Desert, and into small, modest towns of the ones who skillfully source, clean, dye, and hand-weave its show-stopping rugs.

Founded by Sanaâ and Kawtar, the brand is located in Florida, but all of its rugs are made in Morocco. The duo created the brand after their constant travels to the country, making lasting connections with local artisans.

Partnering with women in these diverse communities, the brand is able to offer an array of designs and styles, helping to preserve the art form. But before we dive right into the brand’s exciting collection, this Benisouk Rugs review will shine some light on its highlights.


  • Thousands of rug styles
  • Offered in a range of sizes
  • Helps keep local trade alive and support low-income communities
  • Flash sale offers up to 70% off
  • Clearance section
  • Ships internationally
Benisouk Rugs Review

Looking for something to elevate your home? Benisouk’s inspiring collection may do the trick. Filled with impactful prints, moving colors, and uplifting details, each rug tells a story of the one who made it and the tribe they come from.

In the next section of this Benisouk review, we’ll showcase a selection of Mrirt, Boujad, Kilim, and Cactus Silk rugs, as well as the ever-provoking Ourain. Want to know the difference between the tribes and their styles? Skip ahead to the following section.

Benisouk Rugs Review

Ahead, this Benisouk Rugs review will introduce you to the brand’s best-selling rugs, a variety of colorful pieces made from natural materials, dyed by vegetables, and woven by hand. For those interested, all of the brand’s rugs can be purchased with four interest-free payments through affirm.

Benisouk Rugs Luxury Mirit Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Luxury Mirit Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Luxury Mirit Rug

With a true look of luxury depicted in diamond shapes and glistening blues, the Benisouk Luxury Mrirt Rug brings an air of clean energy and peace into your home. It’s made by highly skilled artisans who use uncommon weaving and knotting techniques not practiced by many, and measures 5.2’ x 8.2’.

Made with coveted New Zealand pure, virgin wool, the Luxury Mrirt Rug captures the peaceful essence of the Atlas Mountains, its grounding energy woven in. Transform your home with this enlightened rug for $1,290 (on sale from $3,200).

Benisouk Rugs Vintage Boujad Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Vintage Boujad Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Vintage Boujad Rug

Boujad rugs are plush, this one a fiery red fading into a passionate peach. Accented with tender green and blue, this moving Benisouk Vintage Boujad Rug features delicate flowers and tassels that radiate femininity.

The colors in this vintage rug have faded gently over the years, creating an impactful piece that’s perfect for the bedroom. Made from sheep’s wool washed with cleansing plants and laid out under the stars to ward off evil spirits, this stirring 3.7’ x 5.2’ rug is sold out, but you may be able to get one custom-made in its image.

Benisouk Rugs Cactus Silk Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Cactus Silk Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Cactus Silk Rug

Made from the Aloe Vera plant, the Benisouk Cactus Silk Rug has a soft, shiny texture that lends a softer look to bright rooms. Decorated in pastel-like hues, put this 4.4’ x 7.8’ rug in a warm-toned space, perhaps one with terracotta walls, to add a little coolness.

For the vegetarian home, the Cactus Silk Rug is $334 (normally $974).

Benisouk Rugs Kilim Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Kilim Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Kilim Rug

Rich browns and flecks of hot orange sit atop a cool taupe backdrop. Scattered with Moroccan characters, the Benisouk Kilim Rug tells the story of the one who handcrafted it.

Bursting with fun and positive flair, this rug was woven in Taznakht, high in the Atlas Mountains, and captures the identity of the tribes that live there. It’s perfect for a living room filled with rich wood and spiraling foliage.

This 6.7’ x 10.6’ rug is $1,270, on sale from $2,830.

Benisouk Rugs Vintage Boujad Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Vintage Boujad Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Vintage Boujad Rug

Warm orange fades into a melting red with the Benisouk Vintage Boujad Rug. With a rustic-chic look, this rug would look fantastic in a room surrounded by crisp white as it’s one that demands attention.

With peculiar details, like uneven tassels, this rug has character and charm, a reflection of the woman who made it and the time it has spent in a Haouz family. Passed down through the generations, this vintage rug was made by a matriarch and gifted down the line.

Measuring 5.8’ x 10.2’, this breathtaking, meaningful rug is normally $1,900 but is on sale for $770.

Benisouk Ourain Rugs Review

Ourain rugs are traditionally all-natural. You usually don’t find a hint of dye here, but you will on one of the rugs below. Made from virgin sheep’s wool, they are extremely comfortable, thick, and feature simple shapes and patterns for an impactful look.

Ahead, this Benisouk Rugs review will showcase the brand’s best-selling Ourain rugs, one option that’s completely customizable.

Benisouk Rugs Hizam – Custom Beni Ourain Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Hizam - Custom Beni Ourain Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Hizam – Custom Beni Ourain Rug

This Benisouk Custom Beni Ourain Rug is made from the wool of herds in the Middle Atlas Mountains. It’s plush and ultra-soft, thanks to the pure, virgin materials it’s made from that are washed with plants in a nearby river.

This is a custom job, so you get your choice of 24 different sizes ranging from 3’ x 5’ to 14’ x 20. Each rug is a luxurious off-white with daring black trim. Get yours for $360-$5,900 (normally $600-$9,870).

Benisouk Rugs Ourain Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Ourain Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Ourain Rug

With this striking Benisouk Ourain Rug, hot orange contrasts against stark black with a peek of green, like a crisscrossing of mountains showing a glimpse of the meadows just beyond. It’s 7’ x 9.7’, making it the perfect addition to a warm-toned sitting room.

This particular design is sold out right now, but inquire if it speaks to you, as the brand does offer custom pieces and this one may come back in stock soon.

Benisouk Rugs Ourain Rug Review

Benisouk Rugs Ourain Rug Review
Benisouk Rugs Ourain Rug

Simple and elegant, this Benisouk Ourain Rug respectfully nods at the natural world, using virgin sheep’s wool and a classic pattern. A perfect piece for a creamy, natural theme, we’re envisioning wide windows shrouded with tall, black curtains, glass tables, and blooming bouquets.

Measuring 8’ x 10’, add it to your space for $1,950 (normally $3,900).

Who Is Benisouk Rugs For?

Benisouk Rugs Review

Benisouk rugs are for anyone looking to infuse a little culture into their home. The brand’s rugs hold meaning and tell a story—they’re not ones you’d just buy on a whim. They’re carefully handcrafted pieces made with centuries of skills and knowledge.

What Are The Different Types of Benisouk Rugs?

Benisouk Rugs Review

The Benisouk team traveled far and wide to bring you its diverse and intriguing collection of rugs. Procured from tribes across Morocco, each type is a reflection of the people who live in small and large communities, mountain and desert folk.

Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain is a tribe situated in the Middle Atlas Mountains. When translated, it means “free people.”

Said to be the most comfortable mat you will ever stand or sit on, they’re made from 100% sheep’s wool and are never dyed—a celebration of the natural world in its most basic state.

Boujad Rugs

Made of hand-woven natural wool colored with vegetable dyes, Boujad Rugs are crafted by women in Haouz, a small region in Morocco. No two rugs will be quite the same, each with a different color story, reflecting strong emotions in the bright pinks, purples, and reds.

Mrirt Rugs

Mrirt Rugs are thicker than other types, giving off more heat in the cooler months to those in the highlands of the Atlas Mountains. Using high-quality wool from tribal herds, the rugs are made with a pile and weave technique that’s then knotted with lined knots.

Traditionally, Mrirt rugs are ornamented with fertility symbols to signify the importance of the herd and the tribe’s children.

Tuareg Rugs

Made by Saharan Berber tribes, Tuareg Rugs are made in very small quantities and are generally unknown in the world of rugs.

Named after an ethnic confederation not an actual place since the Sahara is one wide open space, the rugs are handwoven from reed affixed with leather trim. In the finishing steps, woven goat and camel leather pieces are attached to increase durability.

Azilal Rugs

Woven in the Atlas Mountains in Azilal, these rugs are handmade by women with raw wool. The pattern is usually the same, one single knotted line and then one or two woven lines, creating texture and variety.

Azilal Rugs are works of creative genius, with out-of-the-box patterns, Berber symbols, and diamond graphics. They usually are decorated with colored wool or cotton, tinted with purely natural vegetable dye.

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are all about color and story. Often, you’ll find different characters knotted into them, along with eye-catching colors that bring warmth and individuality to the home. A recent trend, Kilim Rugs have a boho style and are handmade by Berber women in Taznakht, the patterns specific to their tribe.

Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite Rugs translates to “rag tips” reflecting the low-income communities that make them. As wool can be hard to find, it’s now considered a precious commodity, and Tribes had to turn to something else. First created in the 60s, these knotted rugs are made across homes in the Moroccan plains.

Beni Mguild Rugs

Mguild Rugs are always changing. Exploring unique color palettes and geometric shapes, they’re made from virgin sheep’s wool and woven by the women of the Berber tribes. Each artisan weaves her own personality, emotions, and experiences into each rug, so no two are ever quite the same, and often, one end can look entirely different from the other.

Cactus Silk Rugs

Cactus Silk is used by Moroccan Desert tribes to craft soft, shiny fabrics. Derived from the Aloe Vera plant, rugs made from this hardy material are colored with vegetable-based dyes to create luscious colors. Known for its wrinkle-free qualities, Cactus Silk is also used to make formal attire like wedding gowns.

Comparison: Benisouk Rugs vs. Revival Rugs

Benisouk Rugs Review

Exotic rugs are pieces to be treasured. One of a kind and full of creativity and emotion, there’s a huge market for them and quite a few companies offer some pretty special pieces. In this section of our Benisouk Rugs review, we’ll compare our featured brand and Revival Rugs to see what makes each one so unique.

Revival Rugs specializes in restoring vintage rugs along with making brand new designs as well. Hand-crafted by artisans, the brand restores rugs from all around the world and like Benisouk, tells you where the rugs are made.

Since this is a Benisouk rugs review and our featured brand’s area of expertise is Moroccan, we scoped out Revival’s Moroccan collection to see how it differed.

Revival’s Moroccan collection has 1,280 restored and new rugs from the same array of Tribes our Benisouk carries. Under each rug, you’ll learn how many of it was made and even get some tips about its aesthetic and how to style it.

To do a quick comparison, we zeroed in on Revival Boujad Rugs, but more specifically, the Aigar, a 5’ x 11’ mat that costs $1,430. A similar design at Benisouk costs $770 (normally over $2k).

The main differences between the brands are what they offer, but of course, the price was a big change as well.

Benisouk Rugs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Benisouk Rugs Review

The brand’s Moroccan rugs are as authentic as they come, you can tell by the stitching, materials, and design. They just exude handcrafted love.

But since no Benisouk Rugs review would be complete without hearing from customers, in this section, we’ll show you what we found during a thorough web search for helpful feedback.

On the brand’s website, all reviews are pooled into one section, showing an overall 5/5-star rating from 36 customers. The most common Benisouk Rugs review is about the brand’s great customer service. We also found quite a few mentions of fast shipping, among the gushing comments about how gorgeous their rugs are.

One read, “This rug is amazing!! It looks so luxurious and expensive, and has definitely exceeded my expectations. I was also sent a 100% pashmina scarf, which was a really nice touch!

Most of the brand’s reviews were found on Trustpilot, which showed a 4.5/5-star score from 227 shoppers and the following snapshot:

  • Excellent: 86%
  • Great: 5%
  • Average: 0%
  • Poor: <1%
  • Bad: 9%

We found quite a few helpful comments on Trustpilot that spoke of the company’s quality, customer service, and shipping.

One read, “The rugs are so beautifully made, soft and thick. The shipping is always so quick as well and their customer service is amazing.” And of the accuracy of online pictures, another wrote that “their images online represent exactly what you get.”

From our time on Trustpilot, we learned of the high quality of the brand’s rugs and that what you see online is what you’ll get in person, which is pretty rare.

To get one final bit of information, we turned to a Benisouk rugs review on Reddit that showed a beautiful picture of one of the brand’s rugs in the home of a customer. The buyer said that their rug was “hand woven to orderfeels well made and has a bit of rustic charm.”

From the Reddit user’s photo, the rug looks amazing, plush, and luxurious, and everyone in the thread agreed.

From what we read, Benisouk rugs are of incredible quality, and the brand’s customer service is consistent and responsive, and shipping is quick.

Is Benisouk Rugs Worth It?

Benisouk Rugs Review

Benisouk rugs are more than just attractive rugs. They’re a story, a long history of craftsmanship, support for Moroccan communities, and a way to keep local art alive.

The brand was created to help local artisans thrive while helping their stories get into the hearts of households around the world. Loved for their impeccable detailing, hand-crafted feel, and striking colors, Benisouk rugs are a wonderful addition to any home space, and something we think is definitely worth the buy.

Benisouk Rugs Promotions & Discounts

Benisouk Rugs Review

The care, tradition, and craftsmanship that goes into each rug mean that these fine pieces are going to be a little more than cheap knock-offs. But during this Benisouk Rugs review, we spotted a few ways that the brand helps to make those prices a little easier to swallow:

  • Clearance section
  • Spin + Win promotion with discounts up to 10% off
  • Flash sale with discounts up to 70% off

Where to Buy Benisouk Rugs

Benisouk Rugs Review

You can only buy the brand’s stunning rugs directly from


Benisouk Rugs Review

Who owns Benisouk Rugs?

Sanaâ and Kawtar own Benisouk Rugs, although we couldn’t track down their last names.

Is Benisouk Rugs ethical?

Benisouk appears to have an ethical mission, but it does not go into depth about how it pays artisans. We appreciate its mission of keeping the artistic trade alive and helping those in struggling communities.

How does Benisouk Rugs choose its artisan partners?

Benisouk says that its team works with artists in the hopes of keeping traditional art alive as well as helping struggling communities. The company doesn’t say exactly how they choose their artisans other than that they have made strong connections with local Moroccan artists.

Where are Benisouk Rugs made?

All Benisouk rugs are made in Morocco.

Are there custom rugs available?

Yes! Just get in touch with the brand and let them know what you have in mind. From there, the brand will submit the order to one of their Artisan partners and your custom rug will be on its way.

What is Benisouk Rugs’ Shipping Policy?

Benisouk ships within the USA and to most international locations. For a full list, head to the shipping information page.

Once you get to the checkout page, your estimated shipping times will be shown before you confirm your payment. Here, you’ll also see the delivery total, and if the brand has any running shipping promotions, they’ll be automatically applied.

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to keep an eye on your order’s journey. Upon delivery, all orders will require a signature. If you’re not home, the courier cannot leave your order at your door.

What is Benisouk Rugs’ Return Policy?

Although we’ve heard that Benisouk rugs look just as good in person as they do on the screen, getting the thing home and into your own environment may change how you feel about it. If you need to, you can return your rugs within 14 days of the delivery date.

To make a return, follow these steps:

  1. Email [email protected] with your name and order number
  2. They’ll send you an RMA number
  3. Package up your item securely in its original packaging along with your RMA number
  4. Send it to the following address:
  • USA: EDesign Pro / Ahmed Chahboun, 6422 20th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204
  • Everywhere else: Tamazirt Deco, Rue 1 N°51 Lalla Soukaina Sidi Maarouf, 20240, Casablanca, Morocco

You’ll be responsible for all return shipping fees, and this Benisouk rugs review will note here that as soon as you ship the item back, send the brand another email with the tracking number.

How to Contact Benisouk Rugs

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Benisouk rugs review, the brand’s friendly customer service team can be reached by using any of these methods:

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