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LL Flooring Review

Are you getting tired of your old carpeted floors? Tired of waiting for that spill to dry, only to leave an unsightly stain? Tired of your cat or dog scratching the fabric to ribbons? Face it, hardwood floors are the way to go. If you’re looking for flooring that will hold up to everyday life and make your home look amazing, keep reading this LL Flooring review.

LL Flooring provides DIYers and contractors all over the US with floor panels and padding that will not only make your space look incredible, but also hold up to everything you, your family, and your furry friends can throw at it.

Most of us don’t often think about the floors we walk on, but they’re actually a pretty big deal. LL Flooring is followed by over 19K people on Pinterest, nearly 28K on Instagram, and over 303K on Facebook. In addition the brand has been featured in media outlets like This Old House, Builder Magazine, and FloorDaily.

But do these hardwood floors really pull their weight (and hold up yours), or will they fall through on their promises? This LL Flooring review will inspect the brand’s products, promotions, policies, and customer feedback to help you decide.

Overview of LL Flooring

LL Flooring Review

The story of LL Flooring is a great example of the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Tom Sullivan started up the company (originally Lumber Liquidators) in 1996 as a reseller of scrap wood and flooring. The brand gradually expanded its inventory to include vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood, and even bamboo flooring. Twenty-five years later, a company that launched from the back of a trucking yard now has a whole network of stores across the US.

Renamed LL Flooring as of 2020, the brand now maintains its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. At any one of its 400 locations, you’ll find all varieties of wood flooring sourced from FSC-certified forests, with the wood itself being PVC-free and GreenGuard-certified for the low chemical emissions involved in its production.

Millions of people have found their dream designs thanks to the brand’s experts (who are available for consultations over video chat) and digital tools on the LL Flooring website such as “Picture It,” which allows you to overlay different flooring options over a photo of your current one.

Plus, the materials are easy to install if you want to DIY it. Or, if you don’t have the time (or talent) for that, LL Flooring has a network of independent contractors across the country to help you out.

That’s the foundation—now it’s time to build up the details on this LL Flooring review, beginning with a look at some of the brand’s top-line advantages.


  • Wood flooring made from eco-friendly, responsibly sourced materials 
  • Duravana line is waterproof, has a watertight seal to prevent leakage to the sub-floor, and also resists denting and scratching
  • Duravana floors come with limited lifetime warranty and a 25-year light commercial warranty
  • Easy installation with click-locking system
  • Best price guarantee
  • Special account and services for independent contractors
  • Get financing options with LL Flooring credit card
LL Flooring Review

In this LL Flooring review, you’ll find hardwood simulations of all types. Whether you’re a DIYer looking to improve your home or a contractor seeking to impress a client, you’ve come to the right place.

LL Flooring Review

For this LL Flooring review, we’ll be looking at flooring from the company’s new hybrid Duravana line. Everything featured here has GreenguardGold certification, comes with limited lifetime residential and 25-year light commercial warranties, is compatible with radiant heat floor warming, and doesn’t require acclimation time. 

LL Flooring Duravana Tuscan Range Maple Flooring Review

Have you ever looked at your floor and thought to yourself, “It’s just missing something?” If you’re bored of floors that look like blank, negative space, you can bring some character back with LL Flooring Duravana Tuscan Range Maple Flooring.

This warmly colored, beautifully textured flooring has a country-house feel that can fit equally well in a space with busier decor, or a more subdued, minimalist arrangement that lets its character really stand out. You can get it for $4 per square foot, or pick up a box of panels (23.92-foot coverage) for $96.

LL Flooring Duravana Sagrada Oak Flooring Review

The LL Flooring Duravana Sagrada Oak Flooring offers the perfect balance between a sleek, cosmopolitan look and the inviting appeal of the outdoors. The elegantly faded grey-brown coloring makes this great for a den, but it could work equally well in a dining room or home office.  

You can choose between 22 unique patterns for this flooring so that you can find the best fit for your home decor. The Duravana Sagrada Oak Flooring is $4 per square foot, or $96 for a box of panels that covers 23.92 square feet.

LL Flooring Duravana Sydney Harbor Oak Flooring Review

Hardwood floors are great for bringing an aura of warmth and woodsiness into your living space, but the LL Flooring Duravana Sydney Harbor Oak Flooring transports you to the breezy openness of a pearl-grey beach at dawn with its dusted, light-reflecting surface.

This is an excellent way to bring extra illumination to a bedroom, or some much-needed brightness to a home office as you tap away at the keys all day whilst working from home. Would you be surprised to learn that the Duravana Sydney Harbor Oak Flooring is $4 per square foot, or $96 for a box? 

LL Flooring Duravana Silk Spire Oak Flooring Review

In the same grey-brown vein as the Sydney Harbor flooring above, the LL Flooring Duravana Silk Spire Oak Flooring is a more muted and reserved variation on the style. But the neutral tone still works to create the impression of greater space in a room, and the grain detailing adds a homey, natural feeling.

This flooring would fit well with serene, subdued color schemes like light pink, peach, or turquoise. You know the drill: it’s $4 for every square foot, or $96 for a box (23.92 square feet).

LL Flooring Duravana Urban Mist Oak Flooring Review

Looking for that bright, clean look the better to set off your ultramodern living space? The LL Flooring Duravana Urban Mist Oak Flooring is just what you need. The sheer blond coloring makes this great showcase-style flooring for that room you keep pristine for when company comes by, and will cast your tastefully and strategically arranged decor into even greater relief.

Rinse and repeat: the Duravana Urban Mist Oak Flooring will run you $4 per square foot, or you can shell out $96 for a box of panels that will cover 23.92 square feet.

LL Flooring Duravana Chapel Bridge Oak Flooring Review

Named for the famed wooden footbridge (locally known as Kapellbrücke) that spans the river Reuss in central Switzerland, the LL Flooring Duravana Chapel Bridge Oak Flooring brings that Old World atmosphere into your New World living space, with an attractively weathered look brings an air of tradition and rusticity without feeling old-fashioned.

Like the other styles spotlighted in this LL Flooring review above, the Duravana Chapel Bridge Oak Flooring comes in your choice of 22 different patterns, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your home. And, just like all the others, it’ll cost you $4 per square foot, or $96 for a box to cover 23.92 square feet.

LL Flooring Duravana Tacoma Oak Flooring Review

Lightness and airiness are great, but if you’re seeking a really solid, grounded feel for your home, the LL Flooring Duravana Tacoma Oak Flooring is the way to go. The dark-hued brown coloring and deeply etched grain patterning gives this the aura of old-growth forests and reserved but sumptuous Victorian-style opulence. 

That said, this flooring can work equally well with a clean, modern look, nicely complementing white walls and setting off modern, minimalist decor. There are no pattern variations for this one, but it’s still $4 per square foot or $96 for a box.

Who is LL Flooring for? 

LL Flooring Review

In the humble opinion of this LL Flooring review, this brand is for any homeowner looking to bring character and atmosphere to their living space, or a contractor seeking to give their client quality flooring or sprucing up a property to flip it on the market.

In addition to the many attractive styles on offer, all this flooring is waterproof, easy to clean, resistant to dents and scratches, and can be wet- or steam-mopped with no issue. So it’s not just suitable for showcase-style homes, but can hold up to all the trials and tribulations of everyday living.

LL Flooring Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

LL Flooring Review

The customer feedback that this LL Flooring review found was generally positive. People love the floors once they’re down and done, even if the experience of getting them installed seemed to differ from customer to customer. 

It’s important to keep in mind that this company has locations all across the country, and relies on private contractors for installation. This of course means that the experience you have will depend on how able and attentive the brand’s local representative is. 

On the brand’s Facebook page, LL Flooring receives an overall rating of 3.5/5 stars from 545 reviews. Several commenters had nothing but praise, as per this sparkling review: 

I was completely satisfied with the quality of the work done in my home office recently by LL Flooring. Their efficient service and professionalism exceeded all of my expectations.” 

On Trustpilot, the brand scores 2.9/5 stars, but this LL Flooring review should note that that total comes from only 6 ratings. Once again, local variation yields some unfortunate issues with customer service, and also sterling reviews like the one below:

What a great experience it was dealing with Peter Berens of the Staten Island store for lumber liquidators. He wasn’t just professional and answered all my questions, he made me feel like I had a friend who cared about the project I was working on.” 

Assuming the people serving you in your area are good, you’ll probably agree with the 4/5-star rating that the brand received from the 77 reviews on the Consumer Affairs website. The professionalism and helpfulness of the staff was shouted out again in comments like this:

I spoke with a representative first in the store to get an idea. They were real informative and helpful when I went in there. They answered any questions I had and didn’t seem perplexed by what I was trying to figure out.

This LL Flooring review should also note that the brand has responded to a lot of the complaints found online with offers to make things right.

Is LL Flooring Worth It?

LL Flooring Review

On the whole, this LL Flooring review would say that the brand is worth it for the quality of its products. Many reviews concluded with the admission that, once the flooring was installed, the commenter was very happy with their purchase.

The nature of the brand’s business model means that there will be some unavoidable regional variation in the quality of customer service. But the brand has shown itself to be responsive to customer complaints, so even if you experience some issues with the local representatives, the head office can still make it right.  

LL Flooring Promotions & Discounts 

LL Flooring Review

This LL Flooring review is pleased to report that there are all kinds of ways you can save money when you buy from this brand. First off, when you apply for an LL Flooring credit card, you have your choice of 12, 18, or 48-month financing options for your installation, and right now you can also take advantage of a free installation estimate before the holiday season.

The brand also offers different cashback rebate offers for every month of the year. And, once your floor is complete, you can rest easy knowing that most of the floors come with some manner of long-term residential warranty.

Contractors can sign up for a Pro account with LL Flooring that will give you access to exclusive inventory and supply privileges, along with services to help you with the business end of things.

Finally, if you happen to be active or veteran military personnel, you can get 10% off your purchase year-round on regularly priced and clearance items.

Where to Buy LL Flooring 

LL Flooring Review

Looking to pick up some LL Flooring on Amazon or Walmart? Tough luck, chum: all LL Flooring products are available exclusively from the brand website or one of its physical locations.


LL Flooring Review

Who owns LL Flooring?

LL Flooring is owned by the brand’s parent organization, Lumber Liquidators Holdings. The current CEO is Charles E. Tyson. 

Where is LL Flooring made?

Though we searched high and low, this LL Flooring review couldn’t nail down the exact location where the brand’s products are manufactured. According to Updweller, the brand collaborates with wood processing plants both within and outside the US.

What is LL Flooring’s Shipping Policy?

LL Flooring offers a flat shipping fee of $199 for any size order. Delivery times vary depending on what’s in stock at the time; while the brand website doesn’t give an estimate, Updweller claims that the general delivery window is 2-5 business days.

Of course, if you want to skip the shipping costs, you can always just pick your order up at one of the brand’s physical stores within 15 days of placing your order for no charge.

What is LL Flooring’s Return Policy?

This LL Flooring review found that you can return or exchange a product within 90 days of purchase, so long as you still have the receipt and don’t mind paying for the return shipping.

Refunds for products paid for with cash or check will generally be issued via check within 5-10 business days. Those who paid with their credit card will have the payment refunded back to their card.

LL Flooring does not accept returns on opened boxes, special orders, close-outs, or odd lots. You also can’t return flooring once it’s been installed, as that is a pretty clear signal that you have already accepted the product.

How to Contact LL Flooring

If you have any questions after reading this LL Flooring review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

  1. Phone: 1-844-4-LLFLOOR 
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Snail mail: 

LL Flooring

4901 Bakers Mill Lane

Richmond, VA


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