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Bloomist Review

Nature fans need to look no further. Bloomist is on a mission to make your home a “calm, natural refuge.” This online store offers dried botanicals, living plants, neutral textiles, and more.

Bloomist’s Instagram page is a virtual oasis full of relaxing environments and vibrant greenery—it’s no wonder the new company has already racked up more than 50k followers on the platform. Its products and business model have also earned features in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Country Living, and other media outlets.

Bloomist is clearly a brand to watch when it comes to home and garden décor. But can it transform your space into a calming sanctuary?

This Bloomist review will help you make that decision. We’ll guide you through the company, its mission, collection, customer ratings, and more.

Overview of Bloomist

Bloomist Review

What happens when an artisan goods-loving entrepreneur and an avid gardener team up? Bloomist, of course.

Michael Zung was interested in bringing intentional hand-crafted goods to the homes of many. Meanwhile, nature-loving Alex Bates had spent various parts of her life creating products with a “do good” mindset.

The two paired up and launched Bloomist in November of 2018. The goal was to build a global community that offers environmentally friendly, natural pieces to enhance your home. The founders worked endlessly to connect with small-batch makers to source products and materials for consumers that support local businesses in an eco-friendly way.

Indeed, the brand’s mission holds true today. Its team “[believes] in using natural materials and environmentally friendly, sustainable production to create meaningful things with a reason to exist, a rich story to tell, and a purpose woven throughout.”

Pledging a portion of its proceeds to Conservation International, Bloomist also matches any donations made by customers who use the link provided on its website.

Now that you know more about the company, its founders, and its mission, this Bloomist review will cover some important points:


  • Well-curated collection of natural décor, including sculptures, pots, dried botanicals, living plants, and textiles
  • Supports small businesses in their community by encouraging customers to shop from artisanal and small maker products
  • Supports environmental causes through the use of natural materials and sustainable production methods
  • Positive customer testimonials on the quality of products and shipping standards
  • Multiple ways to save
  • International shipping
Bloomist Review

In the next section of this Bloomist review, we’ll introduce you to some of the company’s top-selling items. From candlestick holders to botanical sculptures, each piece was intentionally curated to enhance your space.

Bloomist Review

This brand’s collection of meaningful and cohesive home décor helps you connect with the natural world. This Bloomist review will cover some of the most popular options, most of which are from small-batch artists.

Customers can choose to pay for their orders in four interest-free installments with Afterpay.

Bloomist Oval Stone Frog Review

Forget floral foams—the Bloomist Oval Stone Frog provides support for your floral creations. Placed as a centerpiece or a functional sculpture for the mantel, these stones will bring your home a showpiece.

From the brand Atuto, a group dedicated to producing natural pieces made from clay, stone, and wood, these stones are sourced from streams in Honduras. They’re smoothed and designed by nature rather than forcefully shaped in a shop. Each stone is hand-picked and unique in its character and appearance.

For $18, this Bloomist flower frog will act as the perfect base for any wildflowers you pick on your walk home.

Bloomist Beach Stone Match Striker Review

Subtlety and simplicity are key when it comes to natural Bloomist products. The Beach Stone Match Striker is cool and collected—perfect for any kitchen or outdoor bonfire setting.

This piece is formed from stones collected on the beaches of coastal New England. The water of the banks smoothed the stones to a perfectly pleasing texture and appearance.

Once collected, these stones are crafted in Maine. Hand drilled to the perfect width and depth, matches fit perfectly inside the stone container.

Ready to light up? Just swipe the match against the rough stone—no need to carry around matchbooks or boxes that are much less visually stunning. Don’t use matches much in your daily life? This product also fits toothpicks perfectly.

Add this unique Bloomist match striker to your home for $30. Note: matches are not included, but this piece works with any strike-anywhere matches.

Bloomist Stoneware Candlestick Holder Review

Let’s illuminate the topic of lighting with a Bloomist Stoneware Candlestick Holder. Form and functionality combine beautifully in this elegant piece, taking us back to a simple and vintage aesthetic.

Hand thrown by Grandmont Street in Illinois, this grey Bloomist Candlestick Holder is simple and subtle, perfect for a candlelit dinner or a flickering flame on a cold winter’s night. The time and effort put into the piece truly show as maker Julia Finlayson’s love for the art form shines as brightly as your candle’s flame will.

The lip of the candle holder prevents any wax from spilling onto nearby furniture. Available for $68, the beautifully thrown finish of this piece will make you believe it was designed just for you.

Bloomist Wood Flower Review

Nature steps in as the true designer behind the Bloomist Wood Flower. This piece comes straight from Guatemala and features four of their forests’ natural species.

These stunning sculptures, also known as “tree ears” grow on mature trees. Each flower ordered is scrubbed clean upon harvest to rid them of any moss or lichens. After cleaning, the bark is delicately peeled off and the piece is finally left to be sun-dried for a few weeks.

Every one of the Bloomist Wooden Flowers is unique, and you’ll have a statement piece unlike anyone else’s with this $68 purchase.

Bloomist EcoFaux Dogwood Branch Review

Looking for a simple and understated piece that will elevate your room’s décor? The Bloomist EcoFaux Dogwood Branch is a classic and elegant product that looks stunning in any vase—but we suggest something on the darker side so that the white petals really pop.

These stunning faux branches were designed in collaboration with stylist Hilary Robertson. Made from upcycled fabric and bioplastic, this product was fashioned to include minute details such as rough bark texture, fading leaves, and fading petals to embody Spring. The materials promise a durable product that’s beauty will last for years to come.

Bloomist offers two different sizes, as well as bundle options:

  • 20.25” for $22
  • 36.5” for $28
  • Bunch of five 20.25” branches for $88
  • Bunch of five 36.5” branches for $112

We recommend a mix-and-match style arrangement with the Bloomist tallowberries.

Bloomist Kenzan Floral Frog Collection Review

You get three for the price of one when purchasing the Bloomist Kenzan Floral Frog Collection. These tightly pronged pin floral frogs are made from stainless steel. And, they’ll securely hold even the smallest of flower stems.

The Kenzan Floral Frogs are traditionally used in Japanese Ikebana flower arranging. Just set the object in the bottom of your vase, impale the flower stem on the spikes, and the water will enter the stem more easily. Although it may sound violent, this will keep your flowers alive and well for longer than before.

Three size options come with this $45 purchase: small (1.4”DIA x 0.75”H), medium 91.9”DIA x 0.75”H), and large (2.4”DIA x 0.8”H).

Bloomist Wrought Iron Planter Stand Review

Bring your plant décor to the next level with the Bloomist Wrought Iron Planter. Raise your plants up a notch and help them get the attention they deserve.

These Bloomist planter holders were designed by the company before being hand-forged by Atuto in Honduras. Made for easy studio styling, these wrought iron planters promise strength and simplicity to make sure your plants steal the spotlight.

The brand recommends pairing these stands with its Studio Planters. With six sizes available, you’ll be able to arrange a whole garden inside your home. Prices are dependent on sizes:

  • Small: $12
  • Medium: $16
  • Large: $18
  • X-Large: $22
  • XX-Large: $24
  • XXX-Large: $26

Who Is Bloomist For?

Bloomist Review

Bloomist products are geared towards those who find themselves styling their homes with natural products. Based on gardening, florals, and kitchen items, this business is for anyone looking to redecorate with sustainable products that incorporate the serenity of the outdoors.

For those not as interested in the natural aspect of the products, Bloomist also appeals to those looking to make a change in the world through eco-conscious consumerism and local business methods.

Comparison: Bloomist vs. Afloral

Bloomist Review

There are a lot of home décor brands on the market. So, how does Bloomist stand out? We chose to host a friendly competition between our featured brand and Afloral to see what they’re both made of. At the end, we’ll let you crown your winner.

Afloral launched ten years ago with a mission to upgrade tired bouquets into timeless memories that will last forever. No need to pay to preserve them when your natural-looking product will never retire.

Similar in nature to the floral side of Bloomist, quality is key in providing customers with top-tier artificial and dried flowers to fit any occasion. Not sure where to go for your botanical needs? Here are a few key points to keep in mind:


  • Quality products for more affordable prices
  • Offers a selection of artificial and dried flowers as well as vases, planters, and tools
  • Advertises to wedding events and parties for eternally memorable moments


  • Expanded product line offers more than just artificial plants, such as wooden floral décor, textiles, and live plants
  • More costly, but everything is crafted by small-batch artisans and makers
  • Supports sustainability practices

Bloomist Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bloomist Review

Although the brand only launched in late 2018, this Bloomist review found that testimonials are highly supportive of the business, products, and overall customer service. Below, you’ll find comments from the company’s website and Facebook. Let’s get into it.

On the company’s site, its top products have garnered dozens of reviews—most of which are very positive at 4.8/5 stars or higher. Here’s a sample:

  • Charcoal Wood Chain, Large Link: an average of 4.8/5 stars from 30 ratings
  • Pale Wood Chain, Large Link: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 80 ratings
  • Beach Stone Match Striker: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 62 ratings
  • White Marble Chain, Small Link: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 33 ratings
  • Tunisian Clay Beads: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 39 ratings
  • Pale Wood Chain, Small Link: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 388 ratings
  • European Recycled Glass Jar: an average of 4.9/5 stars from 30 ratings

We chose to take a closer look at the small Pale Wood Chain because it’s one of the company’s most reviewed products. Shoppers report being “impressed with the quality and the size” and the attention to detail in each link.

Plus, one customer confirms that the chain looks exactly as it does in the product pictures: “What a beautiful piece of artwork. The coloring is true to picture online and the beauty of this piece shows in its grain. You will not be disappointed.”

Other pieces receive positive feedback, too. For example, the Tunisian Clay Beads are of fantastic quality. And, we learn from this product’s reviews that orders arrive quickly:

Excellent quality. Exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic quality, fast shipping and packed very well. Arrived in perfect condition.”

Because the Bloomist reviews on the company’s site were so positive, we turned to other sources to see how well those sentiments hold up. On Facebook, the brand earned a respectable 3.9/5 stars from 7 users.

Here, one woman reports that the company offers “excellent service and products.” Meanwhile, another customer’s products broke during transit. But, she was delighted when Bloomist sent her a replacement at their expense:

Outstanding customer serviced guys! My dried goods showed up rather broken and damaged from shipping…they replaced it for free and even sent me a size UP from what I ordered. Very fast response via email and very empathetic and courteous!

But, that’s where our research ends. With such a new company, limited testimonials are to be expected. As Bloomist grows, we hope more customers will share their honest opinions.

To summarize, shoppers report a beautiful curation of high-quality products. Orders arrive quickly and are packaged well. And, when people have had a problem, the company’s team has been quick to make it right.

Is Bloomist Worth It?

Bloomist Review

For people interested in natural décor and the calming enhancements it brings to your home, this Bloomist review thinks that this brand is worth it. Though the prices are higher than what you’d see at HomeGoods or Target, you’ll be supporting sustainability practices, as well as artisans who put care and thought into each and every unique piece.

In particular, we appreciate that each vendor has a profile on Bloomist’s website so you can read exactly who you’re buying from. The brand also encourages its customers to donate to Conservation International to protect our natural environment.

The overwhelming support from news outlets, journals, and customers all point to a well-run business that cares to make a difference in the world.

Bloomist Promotions & Discounts

Bloomist Review

This Bloomist found a few ways for customers to save on the company’s products:

  • Check out the Sale section for discounts on select merchandise
  • Use the promo code CHEERS25 for $25 off of $125+ (and free shipping!)
  • Enter the Instagram contest for a chance to win a $500 gift card

Where To Buy Bloomist

Bloomist Review

Shoppers can head to the brand’s website, Bloomist.com, to shop its collection. Plus, there are occasional pop-up locations around the USA—Keep an eye out to see if it’ll pop up anywhere near you!


Where is Bloomist Located?

Bloomist is an online store with occasional pop-up locations in the United States. The founders work from the USA but source products from international creators.

Where Is Bloomist Made?

Bloomist’s products are sourced from artisans and sustainable suppliers worldwide. The business works to make connections with small-time suppliers to bring local businesses the attention they deserve.

What is Bloomist’s Shipping Policy?

Free shipping is offered within the continental US for orders of over $100. Orders below the $100 mark require a shipping fee of $7.

Your order should be processed in 1-2 days, with Ground Shipping taking an average of 4-5 business days. Expedited shipping will deliver your item in 1-3 business days for an extra cost, which will be determined by the order total.

For orders below $50, expedited shipping costs $16. Rates increase by $10 for every additional $50 spent with a max of $150+ costing $46 for shipping.

International shipping fees are calculated by the order total. These costs do not cover duties or taxes.

What is Bloomist’s Return Policy?

Bloomist wants only the best for its customers. The brand offers returns for new and undamaged items up to 30 days from the delivery date.

Live plants require a different return policy due to the nature of the item. Plants can be returned within 7 days of the delivery date for a full refund.

To return an item:

1.    Send the company an email (address listed below) and tell them why you want to return your product.

2.    You can choose to return your item with the carrier of your choice and pay shipping fees, or you can choose to request a label from Bloomist. If you choose to use Bloomist for your shipping label, $12 USD will be deducted from your refund as means of shipping fees.

3.    An email will be sent to notify you of your refund once the return has been accepted by Bloomist.

Exchanges are offered on damaged or defective items. To request an exchange, email Bloomist explaining the damage and attach a photo of the product. If no product is available to replace your item, an option is available for alternative exchanges.

How to Contact Bloomist

If you have any questions after reading this Bloomist review, you can reach out to the brand via:

The company’s customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

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