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Uplift Desk Review

If you’ve worked in an office, you know back pain. Staring at your computer 8 hours a day, hunched over in your uncomfortable chair—in the next 20 years we’re all going to be hunchbacks. Thankfully, there’s a company that’s doing something about it. 

Uplift Desk designs ergonomic desks, chairs, stools, monitor arms, keyboard trays, and many more office furniture accessories to maximize efficiency and comfort in your workspace. Their award-winning standing desks have been featured in Forbes and other accredited publications. They’ve also been rated Best Standing Desk by Wirecutter for three years in a row. 

Their two-part mission is simple: to “Put an end to unhealthy work environments for good” and “Work Better. Live Healthier.” So without further ado, this Uplift Desk review will explore the brand’s products, customer ratings, FAQs, and more, to help you decide if a standing desk is your next best investment. 

Overview of Uplift Desk 

Uplift Desk Review

Uplift Desk CEO Jon started his first company, The Human Solution, in Austin, Texas in 2002, with the hope of creating top of the line adjustable standing desks and ergonomic products. Nine years later, the Uplift Desk was born. And it has been making waves ever since! 

The company not only cares about the impact their products have on consumers, they’re concerned about their long-term environmental impact as well. Their partnership with the National Forest Foundation allows them to plant five trees in national forests in the US with every solid wood desktop they sell. 

They use reclaimed wood, all-natural bamboo, and 100% recycled medium-density fibreboard. So far, it seems to be a company with good intentions and conscious decision-making. But before you commit to any purchases, our Uplift Desk review will provide some more highlights around the shopping experience:


  • Wide selection of ergonomic office desks, chairs, stools, and accessories 
  • Many options for customization 
  • Office design services and resources provided
  • Environmentally conscious company
  • Free delivery in 48 states
  • Multiple customer service contact options (chat, phone, email, contact form)

Uplift Desk High Adjustable Standing Desks Review

Our Uplift Desk review will now dive into the details of what these desks truly have to offer you. There’s many accessories like wireless foot switches, keypads, desk trays, and more, to help maximize your space and productivity. 

All desks come with a 15 year warranty and monthly payment options through Affirm. The only real question on your mind should be, ‘Which desk is best for me?’ Here are some of Uplift Desk’s bestsellers. 

Uplift Desk V2 Standing Desk Review

Uplift’s most popular standing desk, the V2 offers many options for customization to fit your needs. Choose between 6 1” desktop finishes, 5 desktop sizes, 4 frame styles, and more, to make your desk uniquely yours. 

These desks can hold 355 lbs with their strong 2 motor design and anti-collision sensitivity, ensuring you a safe and productive work day. The V2 starts at $599

Uplift Desk Curved Corner Standing Desk Review

This corner standing desk will help you maximize your work environment, giving you enough room for your laptop or desktop computer, storage space for important documents, and maybe even a few of your favorite succulents. 

The Curved Corner Standing Desk’s 3-leg design gives an even stronger frame than the brand’s award-winning 2 leg design, allowing for a higher weight capacity. Not only does this desk allow for more space, it allows the user to get closer to their workstation—designed intentionally to help your wrist feel better when you work. 

Starting at $1,399, the Curved Corner Standing Desk has 4 desktop finishes and 2 frame types to choose from.

Uplift Desk 120 Degree V2 Standing Desk Review

This unique style of desk can really spice up an office pod, encouraging a more organic and free form working space than traditional rectangle desks. The 120 Degree Standing Desk is slightly less customizable, with 3 desktop finish options and one frame choice. 

As Uplift says, with this cockpit style, “you might even feel like you’re ready to pilot to new heights of productivity and creativity”. Definitely a favorite in our Uplift Desk review, the 120 Degree Standing Desk starts at $999.

Uplift Desk Gaming Desk Review

In our Uplift Desk review so far, we’ve seen how desks can maximize productivity, but desks aren’t exclusively used for work. We all need a bit of time for fun, too! Want a bit of privacy while you stream? Grab yourself some acoustic or acrylic side panels and get lost in your own world. 

Need a break between sessions? Have a snooze in your hammock! Check out these next best-selling standing desks in our Uplift review and discover the perfect options for streamers and gamers alike. 

Uplift Desk Standing Desk (V2 & V2 – Commercial) Review

Like the first standing desk in our Uplift Desk review, this is one of their most popular designs with almost 200 ways to customize your desk, making it truly your space to thrive. The V2 Commercial offers a frame starting at 3” lower than the original. 

The solid wood varieties of desktops have a 1.75” thickness, great for holding the weight of all your gaming equipment. Starting at $1,193, there are 26 desktop options to choose from and 3 frame styles. Most notably, this design comes in two builds: the V2 and the V2 Commercial. 

Uplift Desk 4-Leg Standing Desk Review

This 4-Leg Standing Desk is a great option if you’ve got multiple monitors or computer stands, because this sturdy frame is built to support the weight of your equipment. This ensures that the only thing you need to worry about is what’s happening on screen. 

Starting at $1,673, you can choose between 1” or 1.5” desktops. The 4-Leg Standing Desk is available in 30 different finishes and 3 different desktop sizes.

Uplift Desk L-Shaped Standing Desk Review

The last desk in our Uplift Desk review, the L-Shaped Standing Desk, is a multi-taskers dream. Taking a quick break from your work desktop to watch Netflix on your laptop? Just scoot your chair over to the other side of your desk and pretend you’ve left the office. Are you the ultimate gamer with a 50” monitor? Don’t worry about it! 

Starting at $2,271 customize your desk with 5 different desktop styles, 6 different desktop sizes, and 2 frame types. Even at 1” thickness, Uplift desks are 33% thicker than other desk manufacturers, ensuring your desk will support you on busy days when you need it the most. 

What Are The Benefits Of Standing Desks? 

Uplift Desk Review

There are many health benefits to using standing desks rather than traditional fixed desks. For instance, sitting burns 80 calories an hour, while standing burns 88. Who knew? Sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain, especially if you have bad posture. Standing helps to reduce the tension on your muscles—reducing the pain in your lower back.

It’s even been said that employees who worked at a standing desk were 45% more productive than people who sit while working. 

Who is Uplift Desk For? 

Uplift Desk Review

If you’re an employer looking to make your start-up trendy and inviting, a standing desk with a reclaimed birch finished desktop could be just what you need. But it isn’t just about how your office looks; it’s proven that employees work harder when they feel appreciated, and what better way to appreciate them than by providing them with a comfortable work environment?

The same could be said for those who work from home, which is a much more common arrangement in 2021 than it has ever been before. Even if your office is a few steps from your kitchen, you deserve to make your space as friendly as possible. 

Comparison: Uplift Desk vs. FlexiSpot

Uplift Desk Review

With companies starting to seriously invest in healthier, safer working practices for office spaces, ergonomically correct desk and chair sales are on the rise. One competitor of Uplift, FlexiSpot, has a wide range of products available that closely compare to the product line of Uplift. 

A few major differences: 

  1. FlexiSpot doesn’t offer the option to create your own custom desk, which is a big selling point for Uplift 
  2. For a standard standing desk, Uplift’s pricing is almost twice that of FlexiSpot, with Uplift starting at $599, and FlexiSpot starting at $310 (with a current sale price of $210). Though, Uplift does have a few more options for customization, even if some come at an extra cost. 
  3. Uplift has resources available to help design and maximize office spaces, unlike FlexiSpot
  4. Both companies are dedicated to being eco-conscious 

Overall, the biggest differences we’ve discovered in this Uplift Desk review is the price point, and the ability to customize products. Spending a bit extra to make sure you’re getting the exact finish you want for your desktop, or a 4 leg frame instead of a 2 leg frame, may be worth your while if you value aesthetics over function. That being said, if you’re looking for something simple and affordable, FlexiSpot seems to be a great option. 

Uplift Desk Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Uplift Desk Review

The company offers an incredible amount of resources on their website to help you get the most of your new office set up. But past user experience is invaluable. You’ve read what we have to think in our Uplift Desk review; now let’s take a look at what customers have to say. 

On upliftdesk.com, over 9,000 reviewers gave the brand a score of 4.9/5 stars. One customer left a 5 star review, stating: “Now I know why some of our techs have been raving about their Uplift Desks. Now that I’ve tried one for myself, I plan to modernize our office space with them–out with the tired old cubes, in with fresh, modern and mindful standing desks!”

Another buyer wrote: “Uplift Desk has been fantastic. I had a problem where my desk was damaged in shipping. Customer service was very quick to address the issue and I couldn’t be more pleased. Service was very personable and the customer service agent worked with me all the way through following and checking in along the way. I would definitely purchase from them again. 

The company scored 4.7/5 stars out of over 3,000 opinions on Google Reviews. Customers shared feedback along the lines of products being easy to install, sturdy, compatible with many accessories, and visually appealing. Many commenters also pointed out the brand’s attention to detail. 

Sitejabber showcases a rating of 3.7/ 5 stars out of 130 reviews for the brand. One customer purchased a desk for their daughter, writing of the experience with Uplift Desk: “I decided to go with Uplift because 1) it’s an awesome product and 2) my sales rep was simply the best! He was knowledgeable, personable, and patient, answering all of my questions and helping me understand all the available options and accessories.”  

The brand received an average score of 2.8/5 stars out of a small pool of 7 reviews on Trustpilot. One user shared the following testimonial: “Ordered V2 sit/stand desk and a bunch of accessories- everything was shipped on the same day. Received everything 3 days later except table top (that took 6 days)…Completely worth the investment! Highly recommend for anyone who is working remotely at home. I also recommend the Motion-X board and Motion stool. Bonus: my cat loves sleeping in the free under desk hammock I got!”

Our Uplift Desk review would not be complete if we didn’t look at some of the less favorable comments from buyers, all sharing a common theme of less than satisfactory customer service. All things considered, it seems that the products are still a hit. Plus, these complaints are few and far in between all of the praise the brand receives. 

Is Uplift Desk Worth It?

Uplift Desk Review

This Uplift Desk review strongly recommends the company to anyone looking to upgrade their office space. Creating the perfect work environment is not only fun, but a uniquely curated space allows you to feel more motivated to work everyday. The amount of customization available with Uplift ensures that you’ll be able to design something that fulfills your needs and wants. 

Though the price tag can be slightly intimidating, the option to finance monthly is worth investigating, as a desk like this would be a long-term investment. This is especially true for those who are now permanently working from home. Last but not least, being conscious of spending money on companies that are giving back not only helps us, but helps others as well. 

Uplift Desk Promotions & Discounts 

Uplift Desk Review

This Uplift Desk review found the following promotions currency offered by the brand: 

  • Receive free accessories with purchase of a desk 
  • Receive a free desk lamp after signing up for the newsletter 
  • Discounted accessories
  • $100 off a purchase of $999+ (use code: NEW100
  • $150 off a purchase of $1,499+ (use code: NEW150
  • $200 off a purchase of $1,999+ (use code: NEW200

Where to Buy Uplift Desk

Uplift Desk Review

Did something in our Uplift Desk review resonate with your needs? The entire collection is available at upliftdesk.com, with a few select models sold on Amazon. They also have a retail store named Human Solution in Austin, Texas.


Uplift Desk Review

Where are Uplift Desk’s products made?   

Uplift Desk products are designed and produced in the United States. More specifically, in Austin, Texas. 

Where is Uplift Desk based?   

Uplift’s headquarters are based in Austin, Texas. 

What are Uplift Desk feet made out of?  

Uplift Desk frames and feet are made of recycled aluminum and steel. The brand also sells feet separately in case you require a replacement in the future. For more specifics, we recommend checking out individual product descriptions on their website. 

Can someone help me design my desk?  

You can create a custom desk on the company’s website! This Uplift Desk review will outline the steps for you below: 

  1. Select the type of desk you would like to customize
  2. Choose the material for your desktop style, size, frametype, and more
  3. Add accessories to maximize your work experience

If you need further assistance, Uplift’s customer service team is available to help. 

What financing options does Uplift Desk provide?  

Uplift Desk offers financing with Affirm for easy monthly payments. This takes the stress out of making major investments when creating your home office. 

What is Uplift Desk’s Shipping Policy?

Uplift Desk offers complimentary delivery within 48 US states. Shipping is also available internationally, but duties and taxes will apply. A tracking number will be sent within a few hours of your order being placed.

Items shipping from different warehouses may be delivered on different days, unless the order is being delivered by freight, is outside of the US, or the receiving party is for a third party installer. 

What is Uplift Desk’s Return Policy?

Uplift Desk offers a risk-free 30 day trial with free returns in 48 US states. These are the exceptions: 

  1. The item must be shipped by FedEx (which they claim occurs 99% of the time)
  2. Anything that requires freight shipping or is expedited shipping results in the consumer paying return fees 
  3. No returns of 4 or more of the same item 
  4. No returns of Made-To-Order items 
  5. No return or exchange on open-box, discounted, or showroom pieces
  • Raynor / Kinesis / Evoluent / Goldtouch: These brands can be returned, but the consumer is responsible for the shipping costs both ways. 
  • Steelcase offers a risk-free 30 day trial as well with free return shipping, but items must be returned as they were sent
  • Humanscale and Lifespan products cannot be returned or canceled once an order has been placed

How to Contact Uplift Desk

We hope you enjoyed reading our Uplift Desk review! For any other questions, feel free to contact the brand through the following channels: 

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