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Smeg Review

In a world full of smart, futuristic appliances, Smeg stands out from the rest and brings a sophisticated simplicity to kitchens around the world. With classic Italian charm, the brand helps make little moments more enjoyable by creating small and large appliances that are attractive and functional.

You’ve probably bumped into the brand before. It’s frequently featured in notable publications like Vogue and Men’s Health, and its appliances even grace each guest room at the Grand Hotel Stark in Portland. Its US Instagram account has a whopping 219k followers, and if you’re into home design, I highly recommend following its page.

There’s much more to discover about the brand in this Smeg review, so join me as I check out its bestsellers, customer feedback, and more. 

Overview Of Smeg

Smeg Review

Founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni, SMEG (which stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla) is an Italian appliance brand known for its retro aesthetic and cool color options. If you look at its very first ever cooker developed in 1955, you’ll notice that, in terms of design, the brand hasn’t strayed much.

Smeg’s appliances are built on three pillars: color, design, and technology. And while the majority of them are retro-inspired, they’re all made to bring personality to your home and joy to your day. Based in Guastalla, Italy, each of the company’s products is designed with the planet in mind. 

Want to take a look at the collection for yourself? It’s all coming up in this Smeg review. Let’s read some highlights about the brand first, then jump right in. 


  • Gorgeous range of small and large appliances
  • Retro and modern aesthetic
  • Made in Italy
  • High-quality design
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Available around the world

Smeg Toaster Review

All of Smeg’s toasters have a retro aesthetic. Some can toast two slices while others can handle four. Made in an array of colors and finishes, finding one that suits your kitchen is fun as you’ll browse through pastel colors, iconic patterns, and even a collab with Dolce & Gabbana.

Below, you’ll read more about one of the brand’s bestselling models.

Smeg 2 Slices Toaster 50’s Style Review

Toasters are made to sit on your countertop, so the one you have should be attractive enough to enjoy looking at daily. A charming appliance by nature, Smeg’s 2 Slices Toaster 50’s Style has a vintage look and large enough compartments to handle two pieces of bread, croissants, or buns at a time. 

It also has a bagel function, and when your preferred carb is ready, it automatically pops up after you select one of the six browning levels. 

What’s the standout function? The defrost setting. What’s the standout feature? A polished chrome stainless steel base that gives it a high-quality look. Buy the Smeg toaster now for $200 (it’s marked down from $250).

Smeg Refrigerator Review

Refrigerators are what this brand is known for, and you’ll have a ton of options to sort through to find one that’s right for your kitchen. If you’re interested in its number one bestselling fridge, you’ll find all details just below in this Smeg review.

Smeg Refrigerator Classica Review

Designed in Italy, all Smeg fridges have a slim body. The company’s modern designs are taller than the average fridge, giving you ample space and adding a unique look to your kitchen.

I like that the Smeg Refrigerator Classica is a more simple design. Yet, it still has all the luxury features you’ll get from modern fridges—such as a door alarm, fast freezing, and LED lights.

Made from stainless steel with glass shelves, it’s designed with a freezer on the bottom as most European fridges are. Add it to your kitchen for $2,400.

Smeg Coffee Maker Review

With its concise line of stand-alone and built-in coffee makers, Smeg has both forward-thinking and retro designs in its collections.

Whether you’re partial to sleek metallic finishes or like a pop of color, you’ll enjoy the advanced functions each of its designs has to offer. Next up in this Smeg review, you’ll learn about one of its bestsellers.

Smeg Automatic Built-In Espresso Coffee Machine Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic Review

Though they’re user-friendly, Smeg doesn’t just make any old coffee machines. Take one look at the Automatic Built-in Espresso Coffee Machine Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic and you’ll understand. With functions that create rich espresso drinks, you can pour a total of 13 different drinks and froth liquids to your liking. 

Unlike many of the brand’s other designs, the Smeg coffee maker features a touch display. What’s my favorite part? It has options to have six user profiles, meaning everyone in your household can set their own preferences.

I also love that it’s 20% quieter than its predecessor, so grabbing a cup in the morning won’t disturb your family. 

It’s fast too. Espresso pours in 10 seconds flat, and thanks to an efficient design, it’s also eco-friendly. Create the kitchen of your dreams and install this built-in model for $3,800.

Smeg Blender Review

Smeg has two styles of blenders—one with a full pitcher design and the other with a bottle-style design made to be mixed, lidded, and taken with you on the go. Below, I’ll tell you all about its bestselling style. 

Smeg Blender 50’s Style Review

Like most small appliances, a blender will likely sit out on your kitchen countertop for easy everyday access. If you have a classy kitchen, a clunky all-plastic design certainly won’t mesh well with your decor. Instead, you can add some charm to your kitchen with the Blender 50’s Style

It has an 800W motor (higher than your average household blender) and four different speeds. Pick from eight classic and pale vintage colors in glossy finishes and enjoy simple control by way of a circular side knob.

Right now, you can get the Smeg blender for $300 (down from $375).

Smeg Microwave Review

Smeg’s microwave line may just be the largest one in its catalog. With an array of built-in and stand-alone designs, you’ll find both modern and retro microwaves to match the feel of your kitchen. Just ahead in this Smeg review, I’ll introduce you to the brand’s bestseller. 

Smeg Built-in Microwave Universale Aesthetic Review

Custom kitchens are becoming more popular than ever. What’s one of their main features? Built-in appliances that lay flush against your kitchen cupboards and keep countertops free from clutter. 

Made of finger-proof finished, brushed stainless steel, the Built-in Microwave Universale Aesthetic is one of the brand’s more modern designs. Here’s something I love about this design: even though it’s modern, it’s simple in a sophisticated way. 

With actual buttons and knobs instead of digital controls, you’ll push through five different functions and eight automatic programs to get the perfect cook time. Add the Smeg microwave to your home for $359.

Smeg Kettle Review

Smeg has just one style of kettle in its collection, but one is all it needs when it looks and performs as well as it does. Available in a matte finish, you’ll pick from a range of retro colors and limited edition designs. Up next, I’ll tell you all about it. 

Smeg Kettle 50’s Style Review

Having a cup of tea is somewhat of a ritual. It’s a special time to unwind and spend on yourself. So, it’s no surprise that countless teapot styles exist on the market. Choosing an electric kettle that matches your style may just infuse a little more joy into your daily routine. 

I’m kind of nuts about the Smeg Kettle 50’s Style, but not only because of its vintage aesthetic. Even though its charming rounded features and knob-like switch have stolen my heart, it’s the sturdy stainless steel construction and polished chrome base that make it worth the money.

You can get it on sale right now for $189 (down from $240). 

Who Is Smeg For? 

Smeg Review

With Smeg’s retro aesthetic and design simplicity, it’s a brand best suited for those looking for a unique and high-caliber appliance for their kitchen. 

The brand’s product lineup has both small and large appliances, and while the majority aren’t complicated with high-tech features, they have a certain sophistication due to their quality materials and luxury design.

And if this type of design and aesthetic appeals to you then Smeg could be just what you’re looking for.

Smeg Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Smeg Review

The way Smeg’s appliances look is the reason why so many people gravitate towards the brand, but how do they perform? To find out what they’re really like, I set out in search of customer feedback. My first stop was Amazon.

No matter which product I checked out on Amazon, all of them had scores above 4/5 stars. Looking into the 4×4 Retro Style Toaster, it was rated 4.7/5 stars by 238 shoppers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 89%
  • 4 stars: 3%
  • 3 stars: 3%
  • 2 stars: 1%
  • 1 star: 4%

Again, the number one comment people make about Smeg products is that they love how they look. What’s the second thing they mention? Their quality. For instance, one return customer wrote this Smeg review:

I’m in LOVE with SMEG products. They are just beautiful and great quality. So far I’ve had the SMEG Kettle for a couple of months and so far so good.

Regarding the toaster specifically, others stated that “it’s easy to both use and clean,” and toasts like a dream. You might not think that the quality of a toaster could affect your meal, but getting the perfect level of browning isn’t always a given with toasters. 

So what about Smeg’s other products? Heading over to Wayfair, I checked out the Retro Style Tea KettleB. It was awarded 4.8/5 stars from 465 buyers. The comments about the kettle were similar to those about the toaster. For example, a customer left this positive Smeg review:

Before screaming at the price, think of this purchase as a piece of functional art and design for your kitchen. SMEG is wonderful with color and worth every penny!

The majority of other shoppers agree and write that it’s both sturdy and works well. On Amazon and Wayfair, pretty much all of the comments were positive, but that’s not 100% true across all the websites I checked out. 

I noticed that on Trustpilot the brand has a 2.4/5 stars rating and most negative comments were about mechanical or cosmetic issues. With that said, there are many positive comments about the brand’s customer service, and it looks like if you do bump into an issue, it will get resolved. 

Plus, Smeg’s service center Trustpilot page has been rated 4.7/5 stars by 143 customers. Here’s one Smeg review that discusses the brand’s superb customer service:

I contacted Smeg when I had problems with my dishwasher. The service I received from start to finish was superb. My telephone call was answered promptly and rep. appreciated my problem in a friendly manner and arranged for it to be solved.

Overall, customers love what they get from Smeg—whether it’s a great looking appliance, attentive customer service, or smooth operation. So, I can understand why this brand is as popular as it is. 

Is Smeg Legit?

Smeg Review

Part of what I do when writing this Smeg review is look out for red flags. After combing the web for feedback, I noticed a few reports of issues with the brand’s appliances, but truly, there weren’t enough to raise alarm. 

Smeg’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile shows an A+ score and only six complaints over the past three years. And while its main US Trustpilot page has a lower score, the brand’s Trustpilot profile for its service department has been rated 4.7/5 stars

Plus, I came across hundreds of positive reviews about the brand’s customer service, and it appears that those who do run into issues get them resolved easily. So, to conclude, it appears that Smeg is a legit company and has been for many years.

Is Smeg Worth It?

Smeg Review

People choose Smeg because of its reputation for quality appliances, and of course, how they look. Its products are designed to bring personality to your kitchen. I love this brand’s entire aesthetic, but more so, I love the little touches each of its appliances has—such as circular knobs and the absence of digital displays. These details, though simple, exude luxury and class. 

Are they worth the escalated price tag? If you can swing it, definitely, because the majority of people who buy a Smeg appliance say they have it for years. And if they’ve ever run into trouble, the brand’s customer service team is responsive and quick to help. 

Smeg Promotions & Discounts 

Smeg Review

Deals are one of the reasons this Smeg review exists, but here’s the thing: since US customers can’t shop directly with this brand online, it doesn’t offer much in the way of savings on its website. 

There is a silver lining though. If you shop with the right partner retailer, you’ll be able to nab one of its retro appliances for much less. 

Where To Buy Smeg

Smeg Review

Smeg appliances are available through the brand’s showroom and partner retailers. Even though you can check out its full collection at, you must head over to Wayfair, Amazon, or Williams Sonoma to shop for products. 


Smeg Review

Who owns Smeg?

Smeg was founded by Vittoria Bettrazoni Sr who passed the company down through the generations. The brand is still currently owned by the Bettrazoni family. 

Does Smeg ship internationally?

When shopping online with Smeg, you’ll notice that the brand has several different versions of its website depending on which country you live in. Many of them do not enable customers to purchase directly from the site, instead suggesting retailers in your area. 

If you happen to live in Singapore or the UK, however, you can shop directly with Smeg online. On the other hand, USA shoppers will need to visit partner retailers.

What is Smeg’s shipping policy?

If you live in the USA or Canada, to buy a SMEG appliance, you’ll have to shop with either Wayfair, Amazon, or Williams Sonoma. The brand also has a showroom in NYC.

Because of this, shipping policies vary. To find out more, read the policy of the partner retailer you’ve chosen to shop with.

What is Smeg’s return policy?

While you cannot purchase your SMEG appliance directly from the brand’s online US website, in general, the brand has guidelines about what’s acceptable when it comes to returns and what’s not. 

  1. Your items must be in brand new condition
  2. You cannot have used, damaged, or altered the products in any way
  3. They must include all of the original packaging

Return policy time frames vary from country to country and they also depend on the partner retailer you’ve chosen to shop with. Refer to their unique policies for more information.

How To Contact Smeg

If you have any questions that weren’t answered in this Smeg review, feel free to contact the company. Here’s how you can get in touch with its customer service team.

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