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About FreshDirect

FreshDirect Review

FreshDirect merges the convenience of grocery delivery with the freshness of the farmer’s market, thanks to its fast, affordable, and quality service. Piling in tons of variety, you’ll have access to a range of local produce, top-choice meats, grocery, and specialty items.

The service is completely customizable, delivering fresh-picked groceries to your home or office on your schedule. Noticing the difference FreshDirect makes to healthy and vibrant eating, a slew of popular publications like Self and Bloomberg have featured the brand. 

The company’s social media community of over 120k followers speaks volumes. But can this service change the way you shop for groceries?

This FreshDirect review is here to help you figure that out. We’ll cover the brand’s history, details on bestsellers, and customers feedback, so all you need to do is prepare your shopping list.

Overview of FreshDirect

FreshDirect Review

Founded in 2002 by Jason Ackerman and Joe Fedel, FreshDirect is one of the many brands owned by international grocery giant Ahold Delhaize. It was one of the very first online grocery stores.

Over the years, FreshDirect has added to its robust variety of products, but its connection to local growers has remained intact. With a selection of in-season produce, deliciously prepared meals, and unique specialty products like wild mushrooms and bakery-fresh cupcakes, this Bronx, New York-based brand is dedicated to quality service across the board.

FreshDirect prioritizes great service, and that means telling you everything you need to know about the foods you buy. Whether it’s transparent sourcing or nutritional information, you’ll find it all online.

Backed by a Happiness Guarantee, your order is delivered where and when you need it—not on a restrictive subscription.

Ready to find out what this dedicated brand has to offer? It’s all coming up in this FreshDirect review. We’ll take you through its highlights first, then hit up its tasty selection.

FreshDirect Review


  • Amazing variety of fresh, in-season, specialty products
  • Tons of locally-sourced options
  • Transparent about sourcing
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • Consistently great prices
  • Fresh Deals
  • Free delivery for 60 days with Delivery Pass trial

The first thing you’ll come to know about FreshDirect after landing on its website is that it has a ton to offer. With options to shop by trends, occasions, peak-season produce, and more, navigating through its categories is informative and easy.

Helping you discover items you wouldn’t normally find in the typical store, FreshDirect lets you know what’s on sale and what ships quickly.

In the next section of this FreshDirect review, we’ll take you on a stroll through the service’s virtual aisles. We’ll pull out a sampling of meat, deli, produce, and meals to give you a taste of what you’ll find. Let’s dig in.

FreshDirect Products Review

FreshDirect Review

FreshDirect is all about options. Ensuring you get your food exactly the way you like, you’ll get the final say on the cut, packaging, and amount of your favorite products.

Up ahead, you’ll meet the best-selling FreshDirect grocery products the service has to offer. We’ve curated a selection of top-quality items across fruit, vegetable, meat, dairy, bakery, and grocery lines, so you can experience the vastness of what’s available.

FreshDirect Grass-Fed NY Boneless Strip Steak Review

FreshDirect Grass-Fed NY Boneless Strip Steak Review
FreshDirect Grass-Fed NY Boneless Strip Steak

There’s steak, and then there’s great steak. The FreshDirect Grass-Fed NY Boneless Strip Steak is the latter, sourced from the service’s 100% Grass-Fed Local Beef program. This antibiotic-free boneless steak cooks up juicy, tender, and full of flavor.

A truly versatile cut, throw it on the grill alongside local vegetable kebabs for a simple summer meal or pan fry it with parsley and butter for a gourmet, date night dish. Available in thin (¾”) or thick (1 ½”) cuts, you can have your steak vacuum sealed or wrapped.

Add conscious Strip Steak to your menu for $25/lb.

FreshDirect Local Vegetables Farm Share Review

FreshDirect Local Vegetables Farm Share Review
FreshDirect Local Vegetables Farm Share

The FreshDirect Local Vegetable Farm Share box lets you enjoy the tastes of a variety of in-season vegetables grown in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Curated to support local farmers, each week, you’ll enjoy five different organic vegetables along with the following items:

  • One dozen hormone and antibiotic-free eggs from pasture-raised chickens
  • ½ lb of goat, sheep, or cows cheese from a local artisan
  • 1 lb of organic yogurt from Seven Stars Farm
  • ½ lb of organic mushrooms

With so much variety, these cornerstone ingredients are the base of many delicious recipes. Cook up a delightful, fresh mushroom omelet and top with goat’s cheese, or enjoy baked ziti with local flair.

Infuse local flavor into your favorite recipes with a 7-9 item box (14.5 lbs) for $50.

FreshDirect Local Salted Mozzarella Review

FreshDirect Local Salted Mozzarella Review
FreshDirect Local Salted Mozzarella

You haven’t had mozzarella until you try local mozzarella. With an incomparable taste, this fresh, local cheese is salted to amp up the flavor. Cut it into chunks and serve with fresh basil and juicy, in-season tomatoes with balsamic vinegar for an authentic taste of Italy.

Made right in the Bronx by Franco Spatola (called the Godfather of Cheese), the FreshDirect Local Salted Mozzarella is moist, bouncy, and the perfect addition to light summer meals and crisp pizzas. To enjoy your cheese the authentic way, let it come to room temperature before serving.

Enjoy a 16 oz pack for $10.

FreshDirect A La Mode Artisanal Ice Cream Cooks Review

FreshDirect A La Mode Artisanal Ice Cream Cooks Review
FreshDirect A La Mode Artisanal Ice Cream Cooks

What’s the excitement of dinner without a little dessert? The FreshDirect A La Mode Artisanal Ice Cream is the perfect finisher for an enjoyable meal. Made from creamy, all-natural dairy, this pick is 100% nut-free and safe for homes with allergies.

With dreamy vanilla and crunchy chocolate cookies, this ice cream pours on the indulgence with tendrils of gooey chocolate fudge to end the night right. Serve on its own or alongside a freshly-baked brownie.

Indulge with a 16 fl oz tub for $7.

FreshDirect Meals Review

FreshDirect Review

FreshDirect meals include a mouth-watering array of entrees, appetizers, and even breakfasts, with options to shop for specific categories like ‘Under 500 Calories,’ and ‘Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly.’ Up next, we’ll introduce you to the brand’s top two fresh and flavorful meal options.

FreshDirect Lemon-Herb Sustainable Salmon Fillets Review

FreshDirect Lemon-Herb Sustainable Salmon Fillets Review
FreshDirect Lemon-Herb Sustainable Salmon Fillets

FreshDirect makes choosing ocean-friendly fish easy. With a great selection, the Lemon-Herb Sustainable Salmon Fillets are just one of the company’s many seafood dishes that bring zesty flavor to weeknight meals.

Marinated with lemon and a melange of herbs, the salmon is pre-cooked and just needs to be heated when you’re ready to chow down. Add grilled asparagus and puréed garlic cauliflower for a light but satisfying fish.

A 4-ct pack of the FreshDirect Lemon-Herb Sustainable Salmon Fillets weighs 14.7 oz. Toss it in your cart for $19.

FreshDirect Cauliflower Florets w/ Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette Review

FreshDirect Cauliflower Florets w/ Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette Review
FreshDirect Cauliflower Florets w/ Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette

An incredibly versatile vegetable, cauliflower is packed with vitamins C and K, along with a handful of body-beneficial minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. As if you need any other reason to enjoy cauliflower, you can count on FreshDirect to deliver on flavor.

The FreshDirect Cauliflower Florets w/ Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette blend the vibrant tastes of the Mediterranean, including fresh lemon, bright parsley, and salty capers. Already prepared, all you need to do is steam the mix and serve it alongside your favorite fish or meat.

A 9.3 oz pack is $6.

Who Is FreshDirect For?

FreshDirect Review

FreshDirect serves customers in select locations in the US. Based in New York, if you live in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Delaware, the service is ideal if you want fresh, delicious produce, meat, and deli items delivered to your home or office.

With a range of peak produce, gourmet grocery, and items for special diets, FreshDirect has a ton of variety and is the perfect fit if you want to guarantee high-quality groceries picked with your satisfaction in mind.

FreshDirect Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

FreshDirect Review

Grocery delivery is awesome. With a few clicks, you can grab all you need for the week by letting someone else do the picking and delivery. As terrific as that sounds, delivering fresh food can come with problems, and that’s why this part of our FreshDirect review is so important. 

Here, we’ll look into feedback provided by customers around the web that mentions the delivery process, the quality of food delivered, and the service in general. Our first stop was Influenster.

On Influenster, 579 shoppers awarded the brand 4.3/5 stars. Here’s how that score breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 52%
  • 4 stars: 33%
  • 3 stars: 11%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 2%

In general, customers report that the service delivers great quality food, has amazing customer service, and that their orders arrive on time. One FreshDirect review read:

FreshDirect is my go to site when I need to send food to my parents in NYC. The food is always fresh, the prices are great and their delivery service is always on time.” This kind of review is common on Influenster, and overall, 85% of people said they received great or excellent service from the brand.

Our next FreshDirect review comes from The Kitchn. Going into depth about what the service offers and the quality it provides, this source was particularly impressed by the service’s variety:

FreshDirect Review

FreshDirect has a huge inventory of groceries — which is especially important for me. Some of the recipes I style call for specific products or brands, and FreshDirect always has them in stock. Whether that is frozen cornbread, wild mushrooms, Stove Top-brand stuffing, or whole vanilla beans, you can count on them to have it.

One thing we instantly loved about FreshDirect was its variety. Stocking foods for a range of diets, it’s great to know that it also carries hard-to-find items you wouldn’t normally see at the grocery store.

Of the quality and freshness of the products, the FreshDirect review on The Kitchn continued, “I’ve never experienced any spoilage issues or less-than-ideal products. The herbs are always perfectly fresh and the greens are crisp and camera-ready and I’ve grown to trust FreshDirect to deliver top-quality products.

As a food stylist, freshness is super important. The fact that the folks at The Kitchn rely on FreshDirect regularly says a lot.

Our last bite of feedback comes from The App Store. FreshDirect was awarded a 4.8/5-star score from 16,474 shoppers. Of the convenience the service provides, one customer wrote:

I recently had an injury which has kept me homebound. FreshDirect is the only way to go. It is the only online shopping I use and I know there are a lot of” options.

From the reviews we found, it sounds like there’s a difference between normal grocery store delivery and FreshDirect. Providing a service that’s consistently fresh and high-quality, people trust and rely on this brand for top-notch produce and unique items.

Is FreshDirect Legit?

FreshDirect Review

Though the majority of customers are very pleased with what they get from this service, there were a few comments from frustrated customers.

For an issue to be alarming, it needs to have been reported multiple times. This wasn’t the case for any of the issues shoppers had with the brand and so we feel confident in recommending its service.

Since FreshDirect deals with fresh food and delivers via UPS, though it’s not any less frustrating, it is understandable that delivery issues can happen. Delivery issues are the number one problem customers have with any food delivery service, not just FreshDirect.

So while the feedback for this brand wasn’t flawless, it’s still really good despite the occasional issue. From what we can see, FreshDirect is a completely legit and reliable service. If you do encounter an issue, get in touch with customer service right away.

Is FreshDirect Worth It?

FreshDirect Review

FreshDirect is so much more than an online grocery store. Instead of having someone (who doesn’t care about freshness) randomly pick items off of a shelf, this smart service is all about quality and getting you exactly what you pay for.

From the feedback we checked out for this FreshDirect review, customers report high-quality items, tons of variety, and great prices and sales, along with on-time delivery and responsive customer service. In terms of grocery delivery, there isn’t much more you could ask for.

FreshDirect Promotions & Discounts 

FreshDirect Review

There’s no question that shopping for your groceries online is the way of the future. More convenient than in-store browsing and with a great variety, choosing this service already comes with built-in perks.

But while making our way through this brand’s virtual aisles for this FreshDirect review, we found a basket full of other ways it helps you save. Take a look:

  • Delivery Pass Free Trial: 60 days of free deliveries and get $5 off every order Tuesday-Friday
  • Fresh Deals: shop weekly deals (no FreshDirect promo code required)

Where to Buy FreshDirect

FreshDirect Review

This brand operates online only, giving you access to tons of variety and great prices. To start filling up your shopping cart, head over to


FreshDirect Review

Who owns FreshDirect?

FreshDirect is owned by parent company Ahold Delhaize. The company serves over 55 million consumers every week across the US, EU, and Indonesia.

Does FreshDirect ship internationally?

FreshDirect delivers to select counties in select states only. These include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington D.C. During the summer months, the service will also deliver to The Hampton and Jersey Shore.

What is FreshDirect’s Shipping Policy?

FreshDirect delivers 7 days a week with options for morning and evening drop-offs. It also offers express delivery in select areas. We’ll walk you through the details for all deliveries below.

  • Schedule for Next-Day delivery or up to a week in advance
  • Same-day delivery is available for select areas
  • Express delivery is available for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and some parts of Queens and Washington, D.C.
  • Delivery fees range from $6-$17 depending on your location
  • Order minimums vary from $30-$100 depending on your location

If you prefer, you can pick up your order for free or choose Delivery Pass. With a Delivery Pass, you’ll pay a one-time fee for 6-12 months of unlimited deliveries. Here are your options:

  • Anytime: $80 for 6 months
  • Anytime: $130 for 12 months
  • Mid-Week: $40 for 6 months

What is FreshDirect’s Return Policy?

FreshDirect deals with perishable food and prides itself on delivering fresh items. Should an item ever land on your doorstep that isn’t up to snuff, just give them a call or email and they’ll send you a new one.

We’ll give you a rundown on how the return process works and your options:

  1. Contact customer service by calling or emailing
  2. Do not throw out the item until after contacting FreshDirect
  3. They’ll send you a credit for the item or a replacement in your next order
  4. You can use that credit towards your next purchase

Alternately, you can request a store credit online by scrolling to the bottom of the web page and clicking ‘Request Store Credit’. It’s quick and you don’t even have to speak to anyone. 

If something arrives in your box that you didn’t order, let them know and a team member will pick it up on your next delivery day. A credit will be applied to your account after pickup.

How to Contact FreshDirect

If you need any other information not included in this FreshDirect review, you can reach the brand via:

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