Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

As described in a review article published in Nutrients, healthy diets, as opposed to western-style diets, have been proven to reduce cardiovascular risk factors and cancer. Healthy diets are those rich in vegetables, fruits, whole greens, seeds, legumes, nuts, and low in animal meats and saturated fats. 

According to The 2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, adults should eat 1.5 to 2 cups of fruits and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables every day. However, The CDC recently reported that only 10% of American adults consume enough vegetables, while only 12.3% eat enough fruits.

Although the best way to incorporate fruits and vegetables is through the diet, we acknowledge that it can be challenging for many of us. Supplements are a simple solution that can help us achieve nutritional goals. Flora and Athletic Greens are two recognized brands that offer dietary supplements for those who need some extra greens.

About Flora

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Flora’s story started back in 1965 in Burnaby, BC with Thomas Griether. While owning his own health store, Griether set out to create products that were superior in quality to what was currently on the market, so he bought land in Lynden, WA and began to grow and manufacture herbal supplements.

The brand’s mission is to provide “products and services for the purification and upliftment of the body and spirit.” Flora’s team of dedicated nutritionists and doctors develop highly effective formulas from potent, functional ingredients that include everything from teas and natural foods to sports nutrition supplements.

About Athletic Greens

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Unlike Flora, Athletic Greens has just one product, but when you take a look at its complete nutrient profile, one is all it really needs. The brand was created in 2010 by elite athlete Chris Ashenden. Its greens powder is made in New Zealand and used by athletes and active folks around the globe to help bridge diet gaps and boost health.

After Ashenden found that though he ate properly and exercised regularly, he still couldn’t avoid illness, he banded together with health experts and developed AG1, a greens powder with 75 vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and adaptogens. His mission was to “bring comprehensive and convenient daily nutrition to just about everybody.”

This Flora vs Athletic Greens review will be putting Flora Beyond Greens supplements head-to-head with Athletic Greens AG1. I’ll take a look at ingredients, how they’re developed, and what they can do for you.

After that, I’ll dive into the inner workings of the two brands and figure out what makes them unique. This includes comparisons of customer feedback, promotions, and policies. By the time I’m done, I hope you’ve learned enough about each to make your final decision.

There’s a lot of information to unpack in this Flora vs Athletic Greens review. So before getting started, take a peek at this short list of what you may want to keep in mind while browsing.

What to Consider

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

When it comes to your health, you probably want the best of the best. But, supplements aren’t typically one-size-fits-all. Instead, you’ll probably need to do a little research before finding your holy grail—thankfully, that’s what I’m here to help with.

Below, I’ve outlined some key points to keep in mind when making your final decision.

Product range

Sometimes, convenience is our priority. Being able to bundle multiple types of products in one order has its perks, but so does selecting a brand that specializes in just one effective formula.

This category is an easy one. If it’s more than one product you’re after, Flora is going to be your best option. You’ll find a range of wellness supplements, including teas, capsules, natural foods, and more in its selection. It operates as an online health store of sorts, whereas Athletic Greens offers just one solid product that brings a number of benefits.

Target audience

I know, the name Athletic Greens makes it sound like it’s just for active folk. And even though it’s used heavily within the athletic community (it’s NSF certified safe for sports), it’s for anyone who wants a convenient, daily product to help boost their health.

Even though the Flora Beyond Green supplement is similar, the brand has a more holistic health feel. Its virtual store is frequented by those living alternative lifestyles, and if you’re someone who prioritized organic, natural ingredients over chemicals and drugs, you’re probably going to like its products.

Subscription flexibility

Subscriptions offer convenience. Health supplements are something you’ll likely be adding to your daily routine, so the option to sign up for regular deliveries can be a game-changer for those of us who tend to be forgetful.

You can buy Athletic Greens AG1 supplements as a one-time purchase, but for the most part, the brand works as part of a subscription. You can choose your option and cancel anytime after your subscription term is through. Flora does not offer a subscription to its products—you can only buy them as one-time purchases.

Scientific credibility

Some of us like to know exactly how our products work, while others just need to know that they do work. Flora’s line of products is developed by experts in health, including doctors, holistic nutritionists, RHNs, and medical biologists. Created for function and efficacy, its line is organic and has won multiple awards.

Athletic Greens was developed by a team of top researchers and nutritionists, and though the brand is incredibly transparent, there doesn’t appear to be much information on the science behind its formulation. All I know is how much AG1 has changed people’s lives.


Flora prides itself on providing health information to those who seek it. Its website includes a blog for health news and tops, as well as a recipes section. Athletic Greens has a ton of information on its website, but it’s strictly about its AG1 supplement.


Not all of us have access to every product—sometimes where we live or our budget knocks one company out of the running. Aside from being able to purchase directly from each of the brands’ websites, you can find them in a variety of other stores as well. For Athletic Greens, that means Amazon and Walmart. For Flora, that means virtual health shops like Well and VitaSave.

Athletic Greens is the more expensive product, but it also contains triple the ingredients that Flora’s Beyond Greens does. If purchased as part of a subscription, the price of AG1 is easier to swallow, though Flora’s line is the more affordable one.

Flora Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens AG1 Review:

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Flora has a full selection of health supplements, but its Beyond Greens is the closest thing it has to its competitor. I’ll inspect these two products from head to toe to see what they’re made of—both literally and figuratively.

Flora Beyond Greens is a convenient way to add a few servings of green nutrition to your day. Made with a blend of all the greens you know are good for you, like broccoli, wheatgrass, and alfalfa sprouts, it uses young green plants that are packed with nutrition and don’t contain gluten.

Each scoop provides 2 servings of vegetables that have been fermented to aid in digestion and absorption. You’ll get 30 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein from every scoop, along with a range of vitamins and minerals.

Mix this formula into water, juice, or smoothies for an easy way to stay on target with your nutrition needs. A bag with 31 servings is $38.

Flora Beyond Greens

  • Contains eight super greens
  • Organic & non-GMO
  • Gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher
  • Low in calories and carbs
  • Contains fiber and protein
  • 2 servings of vegetables
  • Convenient
  • Fermented for easy digestions
Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Athletic Green AG1 boasts a whopping 75 beneficial ingredients that work together to support your immunity, gut, hormones, brain, and energy. 

A review article by M.F. Aslam and colleagues summarizes the role of vitamins in supporting the immune system. The authors highlight that vitamins enhance the skin barrier protection, participate in antibody production and boost the cellular mediated immune response. 

As highlighted in a narrative review published in Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are essential for the optimal cellular functions. Deficiencies may result in psychological and physical fatigue as they play a critical role in the neuronal function and energy metabolism.   

Probiotics can module the gut microbiota providing many advantages to human health. A literature review by M.J. Butel describes the beneficial effects of probiotics for different medical conditions such as diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and prevention of upper respiratory tract infections.

Packed with whole-food sourced ingredients (not isolated vitamins and minerals), this all-in-one supplement binds together antioxidants, superfoods, adaptogens, digestive enzymes, and probiotics to support whole-body health.

The ingredients in AG1 are digested easily and one look at the nutrition label and you’re likely to fall off your seat—there’s a lot packed into this daily powder that makes hitting top-level nutrition really easy. Mix in a scoop with your favorite liquid and enjoy it first thing in the morning to start your day right.

AG1 can be purchased one-time for $99, but you also have two additional subscription options that bring the price down to $75-$79 per 30-serving bag depending on if you choose the Single or Double subscription. Both come with a free starter kit.

Athletic Green AG1

  • Contains 75 functional ingredients
  • Gives you 5+ different supplements in one
  • Low in calories and carbs
  • Vegan & non-GMO
  • Subscription available
  • Convenient 
  • Bioavailable & easy to digest

Though the mission of these two supplements is similar, and though they’re both technically “greens powders,” it’s not hard to see that you’re going to get more from Athletic Greens AG1. Not necessarily more in terms of how you feel when taking it, but more ingredients, a greater array of nutrients, and benefits in multiple areas in your life.

Even though this may be true, Flora Beyond Greens packs a punch, providing 8 super greens in a convenient form for an affordable price. Athletic Greens are more expensive, but the price is understandable considering what’s inside.

Flora Beyond Greens vs Athletic Greens AG1: Ingredients

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

The ingredients are what make a supplement, and when choosing between two products that appear very similar, this is where things get real. Up next, this Flora vs Athletic Greens review will dive into each of the brands’ formulas to see what they’re made of.

Flora Beyond Greens supplements use 23 different ingredients (eight super greens). You’ll get a fermented blend of grasses (barley, alfalfa, wheat, and oat), along, flax, broccoli, dulse, spirulina, and chlorella. The powder also has ginger and cinnamon as well as a few seed types.

Each serving gives you 30 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 20% of your DRI of iron. One scoop is equal to two servings of vegetables, and it’s been fermented for easier digestion. Beyond Greens are ideal for adding a healthy amount of greens to your diet to help you increase your energy levels and live more vibrantly.

Flora Beyond Greens

  • 22 nutritious ingredients
  • Eight super greens
  • Low carb & 3 grams of fiber
  • Two servings of veggies
  • Fermented for easy digestion
  • Gluten-free & vegetarian
  • Organic & Non-GMO

In comparison, Athletic Greens is all about complete nutrition. Its AG1 supplement contains 75 different, beneficial ingredients that include a range of vitamins and minerals. It’s a superfoods complex with 12 servings of fruits and veggies per scoop.

You’ll also benefit from dairy-free probiotics to help your gut flourish, prebiotics to make the most of the probiotics, and herbs, antioxidants, and plant extracts to give you mind and body support. And last but not least, AG1 also has an enzyme and mushroom complex to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.

Athletic Green AG1

  • 75 nutrient-dense ingredients
  • 12 servings of fruits and veggies
  • Vegan, keto, and low-carb
  • Easily absorbed in your body
  • Combines multiple supplements in one

Unlike Flora, Athletics Greens is not organic but it does contain 3x the ingredients and 6x the amount of veggies and fruits. In addition, AG1 is vegan, whereas Flora is vegetarian only (due to probiotic sources), and in general, it’s just got a whole lot more in its formula.

With that said, Flora is still a solid choice for two reasons: it contains a range of organic greens and it’s more affordable. If you’re looking for a simpler formula, it’s definitely a solid pick, but it’s hard not to be blown away by all that’s in AG1.

Flora vs Athletic Greens: Who Are They For?

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Before you consider which one of these products sounds good to you, it’s a good idea to figure out who they’re for. You may be able to tell just by looking at the ingredients label, but this part of our Flora vs Athletic Greens review is here to make things more transparent.

Flora offers a full line of health products, and its supplements are used by those looking for alternative methods to attain wellness that don’t involve drugs or surgery. Its Beyond Greens supplement is aimed at those who want to incorporate more greens into their life but don’t want to shove a bucket full of spinach, broccoli, seaweed, and sprouts down their gullet every day.

It’s convenient and mixes well with smoothies and contains a full range of different kinds of greens. Great for those looking to up their wellness game, increase their energy, and live a more vibrant life, it’s affordable and easy to incorporate into your day.

On the other hand, Athletics Greens sounds like it’s geared towards athletes only, but it’s for anyone who wants to get or stay healthy, easily. With 75 different beneficial ingredients, AG1 is like combining five supplements in one to help benefit your energy, immune system, digestion, brain, and metabolism.

Though it’s used by those in the athletic world, it can be used by people of all ages and lifestyles, even if it’s the only green thing you eat. Children or people who are pregnant or nursing should consult a medical professional before taking it, though. This also applies to those on prescribed medications and those with any medical condition.

But, do you need all these ingredients?. Micronutrients requirements can and should be met by eating a whole foods diet. Except for particular groups, most people don’t need vitamin or mineral supplementation. There is no evidence to support the beneficial effects of multivitamins in well-nourished populations.

Plus, exceeding the maximum tolerated doses may lead to harmful effects. You can always look for professional advice and do a lab test to identify if you have any nutritional deficiency before starting to take supplements.

Both Flora Beyond Greens and Athletic Greens AG1 can be used by the same people but they’re marketed differently. AG1 has more ingredients than Beyond Greens does and that may be a draw for those seeking complete nutrition. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable green powder then Flora may be the right pick.

Flora vs Athletic Greens: Scientific Backing

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

When taking a supplement, you want to know that it’s going to work, but also, that it’s been researched, tested, and is backed by those who know their stuff. In this part of our Flora vs Athletic Greens review, I’ll look into those very topics to help you better understand how our featured brands’ products were developed.

Flora is known for its innovation when it comes to product development and eco-friendly manufacturing. The winner of five separate Alive Retail and Consumer’s Choice Awards in 2020, its products are developed by a team of nutritionists, doctors, and experts in the field of wellness.

The brand employs strict standards when selecting ingredients, choosing full-spectrum and unrefined oils that are packed with nutrition. Each shipment of herbs is inspected by quality control and analyzed for microbes, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Certified by the NPA for dietary supplement and organic by Quality Assurance International, Flora is also a member of the non-GMO Verified Program and is kosher.

As for Athletic Greens, its AG1 supplement is NSF Certified for Sport, meaning that it’s safe for athletes to consume. The brand manufactures in a TGA-registered, NSF Good Manufacturing Practice Registered facility in New Zealand. Every bag of its greens supplement is 100% traceable thanks to full batch manufacturing records.

The brand says that it bases the ingredients it includes in its supplement on scientific findings, created by health and fitness expert Chris Ashenden.

In general, certain ingredients in greens powders have been known to cause nausea and headaches, and in some severe cases when consumed in large quantities, organ damage due to heavy metal toxicity.

Plants naturally contain heavy metals, so when they’re concentrated into a powder, this amount is magnified more so than what you’d consume in a normal diet.

Some people report bloating, gas, and diarrhea when taking greens supplements, and though neither brand lists side effects on its website, some customers have reported these issues.

When comparing each brand in this category, it looks like Flora may have more certifications (it’s won more awards too). On the other hand, we’ve learned more about Athletic Green’s manufacturing facility.

Flora vs Athletic Greens: Price & Value

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Price and value are two very different things. It’s hard to compare different products side by side because often, they have different formulas, use ingredients from different sources, and are produced in different ways. This is the case for our two featured brands.

This part of our Flora vs Athletic Greens review will take a close look at the price of both the Beyond Greens and AG1, but an even closer look at what you get for that price. Let’s start with Flora.

A 255g bag of Flora Beyond Greens costs $38. That’s 31 servings (thanks for that additional serving Flora!) making each one of your daily greens drinks worth $1.22. So what do you get in a bag?

Beyond Greens has a blend of grasses, probiotics, spirulina, and seaweed inside, providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and gut-beneficial nutrients. Flora doesn’t go as into depth as Athletic Greens does about its formula, but it doesn’t have as many ingredients inside its supplement either.

There are a total of 23 ingredients in Flora Beyond Greens, whereas Athletic Greens AG1 has 75. That’s more than triple. So with that in mind, it’s no surprise that AG1 is almost triple the price.

A bag of Athletic Greens AG1 is $99. That’s 30 servings at $3.30 a pop. When you look at it that way, the price seems a little less intimidating, especially considering that’s the average price for a cup of coffee these days. If you subscribe to the brand’s supplement, you’ll get it for $79/bag, taking the serving price down to $2.60.

With AG1, you’re getting superfoods, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and a mushroom complex. It’s basically all you could ever want in one powder and combines several different supplements you’d normally buy individually, making its somewhat intimidating price easier to swallow.

Customers speak of the benefits of both of these supplements, but there’s more feedback about Athletic Greens. It’s the bigger and better-known brand and is backed by some pretty impressive science and certifications.

That’s not to say Flora isn’t. The brand is run by a group of doctors and nutrition pros, but Athletic Greens has a more new-age-trend kind of thing going on for it that’s propelled it into popularity. Its incredible formula may have something to do with that too.

Flora vs Athletic Greens: What Do Customers Think?

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Clean ingredients, transparency, scientific formulations…these brands have it all, but it’s all for naught if their products don’t actually work. This section of our Flora vs Athletic Greens review exists to find that out, and here, I’ve done all the digging in search of nuggets of feedback gold.

The ratings and comments I’ve collected aren’t just about the product though, they’re for the brands as whole entities from ingredients to ordering to customer service. Let’s kick things off with a few of Flora’s ratings.

  • Facebook: average of 4.8/5 stars from 26 reviews
  • Beyond Greens has an average of 4.5/5 stars from 8 reviews
  • BBB: A+

From the BBB rating, I learn that the brand deals with issues promptly or doesn’t cause them in the first place. From the other sources, after reading through, I learned a few common bits of feedback for Beyond Greens:

  • Gets rid of acne & increases energy
  • Stabilizes blood sugar

As for the Flora brand as a whole, its product line is thought to be superior, high-quality, and effective, and customers report pleasant customer service interactions and amazing benefits. Let’s see what buyers had to say about Athletic Greens:

  • an average of 4.6/5 stars from 8,488 reviews
  • Amazon: an average of 4.5/5 stars from 2,922 reviews
  • BBB: A+

Athletic Greens doesn’t have any complaints on the BBB, so that’s a good sign they take care of their customers. The feedback on the brand’s website and Amazon were similar. Here are the most frequent comments:

  • Helps with digestion, improves energy
  • Curbs appetite and helps with diet goals
  • Tastes good

It’s surprising that so many people said that AG1 tastes good. Usually, with greens supplements, bad taste is a common piece of feedback. Athletic Greens’s formula has so much more in it than Flora Beyond Greens does, so it’s kind of a no-brainer that it will have more positive effects.

In the end, customers said that both products were beneficial, both have customer service teams that are on it, and both are rated highly.

Flora vs Athletic Greens: Promotions & Discounts

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Supplements are just that: something we add to our life on top of our regular diet. The keywords here folks are “on top.”

That means in addition to what we already spend on groceries, the gym, water filters, and everything else we do to honor our bodies. And it’s great, there’s no doubt our bodies thank us for all of the things we do to help it feel its best, but it gets a little hard to keep up sometimes when said supplements are costly.

Both of these brands understand that, and while they’re certainly valuable, high quality, and worth it, they get that it can be a little hard to pull the trigger and commit to buying daily supplements.

I get it too, and that’s why in this Flora vs Athletic Greens review, I got to the bottom of the bag in search of discounts. Here’s what I found:


  • Join the mailing list to get 15% off
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Free returns

Athletic Greens

  • Refer a Friend: Get $15 off
  • Subscribe & Save $20 and get a free Starter Kit

Both of these brands have great deals, but let’s look at Flora’s first. A one-time offer of 15% off is tremendous, but it’s the free shipping and returns that steal our hearts because those offers apply to all orders.

As for Athletic Greens, saving $20 on your monthly greens is massive. That’s something you can do every month to save money. You can also invite as many friends as you want—another unlimited offer.

While Athletic Greens certainly looks like the more appealing offer, its AG1 is like 3x more expensive than Flora Beyond Greens and you’ll still need to pay for shipping. Both have attractive deals, but depending on what your interests are, one may look better to you.

Flora vs Athletic Greens: Shipping & Returns

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Shopping online for new products is super convenient. But before you can dream up all of the amazing benefits your new green powder will bring you, you actually have to get the stuff to your front door.

Shipping is usually the last thing people think about before choosing a brand, which is exactly why I’ve included all the specs for both in this Flora vs Athletic Greens review. It’s not as important as say, ingredients, but if the company you’re eyeing up has repetitive reported shipping issues, then why take a chance?

Thankfully, I’m happy to say that neither Flora nor Athletic Greens has reports of sluggish shipping. I’ll walk you through the policies of each so you’ll know exactly what to expect, starting with Flora.

  • Ships to all 50 states
  • Free delivery on orders over $50

You’ll also get free return shipping as well, along with 30 days to return a product should you have second thoughts about it. When it comes time to return something though, make sure it’s in its original packaging and that you’ve requested and received a RAN from Flora.

Athletic Greens offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, but only for subscribers. The guarantee applies to your first bag of the green stuff only, but you can go ahead and try it for a full two months before deciding if it’s right for you. Here’s the low down on shipping:

  • Shipping is $9
  • Offers shipping to the USA, Canada, Australia, and Europe
  • Available in China through

You can find both brands at other retailers. For Athletic Greens, that means Amazon and Walmart, for Flora, you’ll find a variety of its products at quite a few online health stores like Well, VitaSave, and Pharmaca.

Does one brand seem more appealing to you? If you’re looking for free delivery and reside in the US, Flora is a great pick. Live abroad and love a good money-back guarantee? Athletic Greens is all over it.

Who Will You Shop With?

Flora vs Athletic Greens Review

Both of these brands have impressive certifications, formulas, and customer service teams, but as you’ve probably learned throughout this Flora vs Athletic Greens review, everything else is pretty different. If you’re still having trouble coming to a decision, I’ll lay things out here for you.

If it’s an affordable and convenient greens powder you’re after from a brand that you’ll most likely want to order other supplements from, Flora is an outstanding choice. Developed by health experts, its organic formulas are rooted in science and loved for their purity.

Athletic Greens supplies just one product. Its AG1 powder is a nutrient powerhouse that combines more than five supplements into one. It’s the more expensive pick, but if you’re taking separate probiotic, superfoods complex, and greens powder supplements, you’d be saving money and doing yourself a favor.

Both solid choices in their own right, your decision may come down to what you want from your greens powder: a simple bump in nutrition or an all-in-one product.

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